Review of China Southern flight Harbin Changsha in Premium Eco

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ6271
Class Premium Eco
Seat 32K
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:21
Take-off 25 Jul 18, 09:26
Arrival at 25 Jul 18, 12:47
CZ   #40 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 132 reviews
By 397
Published on 14th December 2018

After two pleasant days in Shanghai exploring the city, I am now heading to Changsha and Zhangjiajie in China.

CHINA SOUTHERN Premium Economy Airbus A320

photo img_2378

29 hours later, I'm back at the airport again.
This time I'm flying premium economy.
For a total of 3 segments, PE cost $30 extra total, on average $10 per flight, which is quite a steal. 
Usually China Southern premium economy ticket price is much more expensive, however I was able to purchase these tickets through China Southern's "peral economy" promotion.  

photo img_2381

Departure hall
Terminal 2 is so beautiful 

photo img_2380

Self check-in kiosk available for Chinese residents with national id card only.
Going to the check-in counters… 

photo img_2379

Because I'm flying premium economy, I can check-in via the dedicated premium economy line.
Check-in was very quick since there wasn't anyone waiting in line. 
Nice job China Southern 

photo img_3751

There are 3 rows onboard CZ's premium economy in 3-3 configuration (total of 18 seats).
 I will be seating at 32K today.

photo img_2382

Security Check took 15 minutes

photo img_2385


photo img_2383

Apron View. HRB Terminal 1 is being refurbished

photo img_2384

HRB's terminal 2 is quite clean and modern, since it had just opened in April 2018

photo img_2386

Love this new terminal…
so unnecessarily spacious…

photo img_2387

Walking to my departure gate

photo img_2388

Priority boarding included in premium economy ticket

photo img_2389

Flying B-6680, the exact same Airbus A320 that I flew to Shanghai on 4 days ago. Seriously, what are the odds to fly on the same aircraft within 4 days span?

photo img_2390

Cabin shot

photo img_2394-91

Here is my seat today: 32K in premium economy

photo img_2396

Blanket and pillow upon boarding

photo img_2395

Welcome drink
This was a pleasant surprise… 

photo img_2392

seatback pocket content

photo img_2393

Legroom is looking GREAT at a generous 35'' pitch. Now I realize how short I am…
Only thing to complain:
The premium economy section was about 60% occupied, while economy was completely full.
The FA moved 3 people up in premium economy so that they can sit together…
Also, 2 people moved themselves up here and FA didn't do a thing…
If people can move around and sit in the premium economy section, then these seats just extra legroom seats like Economy Plus on United. However, China Southern defines this "peral economy" as a higher class of service than economy.
If they value this product as a different class than regular economy, passengers shouldn't be able to "upgrade" themselves as they wish.  

photo img_2398

Qingdao Airlines Airbus A320-214SL

photo img_2405-25


photo img_2407-26

Off the ground
Same airport
Same runway
Same aircraft
Different destination… 

photo img_2411

Beautiful view outside

photo img_2413-2

View is great up front

photo img_2414-49

FA distributed tablets to premium economy passengers

photo img_2415

and headphones too

photo img_2417

The tablet is quite useless.
The system is outdated, it is extremely slow, and there weren't a lot of choices. There was no western movies/TV shows. 
Entertainment rating 4/10. Nice try China Southern, appreciate the effort.

photo img_2418

Hot towel service

photo img_2412-73

Waiting for food…
I pre-ordered the seafood meal for free.
I had very little expectation given what happened with my fruit platter 4 days ago… That gave me airplane food PTSD

photo img_2419

Served in a tray. Looking good so far!

photo img_2420

Seafood option. Looks way better than last time

photo img_2421

Breakfast/Lunch seafood meal
Cabbage salad…
Mixed fruit
Cold bread roll with butter
Warm bread roll
Shrimps and veggies with rice
Overall, this was a surprisingly nutritious and delicious meal loaded with tons of carbohydrate.
Nice job China Southern, I'm impressed by premium economy catering. 7.5/10

photo img_2422

Bathroom tour. I'm not sure which one to use, since there wasn't a restroom dedicated for premium economy passengers. However, the aisle was blocked by 2 carts. I asked the FA if I can use the bathroom upfront since I can't walk through the economy cabin, and she consented. 

photo img_2423

first class bathroom amenity

photo img_2424

On CZ's Airbus A320, the first class section only has 4 seats… On my flight, there was only one passenger total…
Pax rate 25% (1/4) 

photo img_2426

Here's the regular meal

photo img_2428

Beautiful weather outside
The rest of the flight went uneventfully.
The lack of in-flight entertainment (except for the pathetic tablet) isn't a huge problem onboard this short 3 hours hop, but it can be a pain when flying 6 hours from Harbin to Sanya 

photo img_2429

Almost there…
Although I can't tell where I am because there's no airshow  

photo img_2433


photo img_2438

Near Changsha (CSX)

photo img_2439-0


photo img_2443


photo img_2445-72

crossing runway

photo img_2447

At gate

photo img_2450

Disembarking via jet bridge

photo img_2451-42

Hainan Airlines Boeing 787 Dream)liner

photo img_2453

Baggage Claim
Wow a CCTV monitor…Just making sure that there isn't any monkey business going on…
My checked bag was the first to come out as a perk of premium economy 

photo img_2454

Changsha Airport Arrival

photo img_2456-83

Stinky tofu…It tastes better than it looks…

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China Southern

Cabin crew8.0

Harbin - HRB


Changsha - CSX



This 3 hours and 21 minutes flight onboard China Southern's domestic premium economy was a pleasant experience. Everything was great except for the fact that there wasn't any form of entertainment or airshow other than that extremely limited tablet...
Since I only spent $30 more on 3 segments to upgrade myself to Premium Economy, the value was exceptional.
I would certainly fly China Southern premium economy again if the price is good.



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    toyion 47 Comments

    Hi Harry, thank you for your report on China Southern. I expected at least a different seat when they call it "Premium Economy" lol
    You made me think of my trip to Changsha in the good old day (by local train from Shenzhen, not flight or high-speed rail, it took me over 10 hours!)
    I visited the Fire Palace (火宫殿) and had some local Hunan style cuisines. I miss the stinky tofu that black in color too! Looking forward to your next flight!

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