Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Buenos Aires in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL 701
Class Business
Seat 02G
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:50
Take-off 08 Feb 19, 20:55
Arrival at 09 Feb 19, 06:45
KL   #68 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 763 reviews
By GOLD 1522
Published on 4th December 2019

Hello again,

Now the most interesting part of the report can start with the long haul flights!  


non schengen klm lounge

At the time of my visit, only the first part of the lounge was opened, mainly the right side of it. Since then, the lounge is now fully operational.
The entrance looks really great with lots of Delft houses on display. 

photo dsc_0684_resultatphoto dsc_0685_resultatphoto dsc_0686_resultat

There is no real welcome desks, the agents are standing behind pods to help customers  but there are also self checking kiosks.

The first impression wasn't that great as the room looked almost the same as the former lounge, with the same kind of old chairs. Plus, it was pretty crowded. I didn't take that much pictures from here.

At the back of the lounge there was a communal table: 

photo dsc_0687_resultat

That part of the lounge was far more nicer.

photo dsc_0688_resultat

A few sofas before going upstairs:

photo dsc_0689_resultat

Water and fruit station:

photo dsc_0690_resultat

This is the part of the lounge that is the less nice, with the old chairs and sofas. The entrance of the lounge is below the blue arch.

photo dsc_0691_resultat

Hot food zone:

photo dsc_0692_resultat-43639

Salad bar:

photo dsc_0693_resultat

And some, not that bad, pizza slices on the right side:

photo dsc_0694_resultat

The hot dishes are being poured in the plates by service personal. The waiter was kind enough to offer to move to the right in order for me to have a nice shoot:

photo dsc_0695_resultatphoto dsc_0696_resultat

There is nothing to write a home about the offering but the presentation is pretty nice.

Juices and wines:

photo dsc_0697_resultatphoto dsc_0699_resultat


photo dsc_0698_resultat


photo dsc_0703_resultat

Soft drinks fountain:

photo dsc_0700_resultat

Beer fountain:

photo dsc_0701_resultat


photo dsc_0702_resultat

Back to the communal table, I head right to explore the upper part:

photo dsc_0704_resultat-74229

A nice kind of amphitheater to watch TV (no sound):

photo dsc_0705_resultat

I liked the AvGeek decorations:

photo dsc_0706_resultat

It was super quiet upstairs and I really liked the benches separated by the white curtains. Looked very intimate:

photo dsc_0707_resultat

Still work in progress:

photo dsc_0708_resultat

This is the Blue Bar:

photo dsc_0709_resultat

An overview of what is called the "Dutch Mountain" see the guy taking picture at the back of the picture: lots of people were taking photos and the staff seemed very proud about the new lounge.

photo dsc_0710_resultat

Upstairs there is more bread and that awful board of processed cheese. I would never understand why KLM continues to offer that industrial thing given that the Netherlands produce one of the best cheese of the world (after France, of course !)

photo dsc_0711_resultat

Another salad bar:

photo dsc_0712_resultat

The terrace was closed at the time of the visit but is fully operational now:

photo dsc_0713_resultat

View from above:

photo dsc_0714_resultat

There are also rocking chairs close to the Delft houses:

photo dsc_0715_resultatphoto dsc_0726_resultatphoto dsc_0734_resultat

As well as a few exhibitions:

photo dsc_0716_resultat

The toilets are brand new and I liked their design;

photo dsc_0718_resultatphoto dsc_0717_resultat

Elevators are located in the middle of the lounge:

photo dsc_0719_resultat

Another exhibition:

photo dsc_0720_resultat

The Sky side was fully opened at that time, the other part called Sea was due to open soon and is now fully open.

photo dsc_0721_resultat

I really like those illuminated tables:

photo dsc_0722_resultat

Working space:

photo dsc_0723_resultat

An overview of the lounge:

photo dsc_0724_resultat

Drinks upstairs need all to be asked at the bar. The staff was happy to please and serve and again, seemed delighted to work there.

photo dsc_0727_resultat

Vegetables and dips:

photo dsc_0725_resultat

I wasn't that hungry so settled for a Campari orange, a few vegetable and cheese. Upstairs the crockery is all plastic and wood, while downstairs you have real plates and real cutlery.

photo dsc_0728_resultat

A bit later I tried the chicken wings and the pizza. Both were good. USB and power plugs are available at each table on the left side.

photo dsc_0729_resultat

Work in progress on the terrace:

photo dsc_0730_resultat

More lounging area upstairs:

photo dsc_0731_resultat

The time really flew and it was almost time to head to the gate. E22 for me! 

photo dsc_0732_resultatphoto dsc_0733_resultat

Bye Bye cute little Delft Houses:

photo dsc_0735photo dsc_0735_resultatphoto dsc_0736

ams transit

The terminal is also being renovated:

photo dsc_0737

Here the whole roof is missing:

photo dsc_0738

This way to the gate:

photo dsc_0739

It wasn't exactly the closest gate to the lounge.

photo dsc_0740

OK, if you are a regular passenger you can go to EZE/SCL but if you are a priority one, you'll have to go to Jakarta :)

photo dsc_0741_resultat

inflight to eze

Boarding was launched on time with business passengers first:

photo dsc_0742

In AMS some of the gates can pass over the wings allowing a boarding via jetty from the rear:

photo dsc_0743

But not for me today :)

photo dsc_0744

A/C door:

photo dsc_0745-31273

Very nice welcome and another door:

photo dsc_0746_resultat

Heading to my seat, 2G. For such a long night flight I don't want to be seated next to a window as I will stand up a lot of time and don't want to always bother my neighbor.

photo dsc_0747

The headrests are not well fitted and this doesn't help to give a nice premium look. 

photo dsc_0748

Sadly, the 777 and the 747 are not full access and the cabin is configured as 2-2-2. But still, very nice.

photo dsc_0749

The safety card is about to reach its end of life :)

photo dsc_0750photo dsc_0751

The pitch is great but the feet box a bit on the small side. Did not really bother me though.

photo dsc_0752

Front view:

photo dsc_0753

I wasn't able to use the handset for the whole flight, I was happy that the screen is still touch screen but still, absolutely not convenient.

photo dsc_0754

The purser apologized and offered either a voucher for 80€ to be used for on-board duty free or a travel voucher of 180€. I took the future travel voucher. That was pretty generous, given the inconvenience was only on the handset.

Champagne as welcome drink:

photo dsc_0755

The amenity kit:

photo dsc_0756

The content is more than adequate, there is also a pen, something I really like.

photo dsc_0757

Menus and wine cars are handed out:

photo dsc_0758_resultat

Dinner menu:

photo dsc_0760


photo dsc_0761


photo dsc_0762_resultat


The conversion € / miles is outrageous!! 159'600 miles for 399€. Forget it.

photo dsc_0767photo dsc_0768

To date, this was my longest flight:

photo dsc_0769_resultatphoto dsc_0770_resultat

Actually, the real flight time was 13:22.

photo dsc_0771

We departed on time and the service started with a hot towel: 

photo dsc_0772

Followed by a Flying Dutchman cocktail and cheese. I usually don't like gin but in that cocktail it really goes well.

photo dsc_0773_resultat

Before dinner, a quick wash room break. Clean and with appropriate lotions:

photo dsc_0774_resultatphoto dsc_0775_resultatphoto dsc_0776

I took the trout as a starter:

photo dsc_0777

With the cutlery:

photo dsc_0778

And a closer shoot:

photo dsc_0779

It was good without being really good. KLM used to serve more elaborate and better starters. For the entree, I went with the veal:

photo dsc_0780_resultat

Here it was just ok. The presentation wasn't great and the taste was just average.

The cheeses were bland, only the fig bread was really good. The citrus mousse was meh at best:

photo dsc_0781_resultat

I had the sweet wine for the whole dinner, and really like it. I find it sad that Air France doesn't offer sweet white as KL or DL do.

Then water bottles and chocolates were handed out: 

photo dsc_0782

I watched a few movies before reclining the bed in sleep mode and was able to get a good 8H rest.

Two hours before arrival, the second service starts with a hot towel:

photo dsc_0783

Followed by cranberry juice and a custom form for Argentina:

photo dsc_0784_resultat

There is clearly a cost cutting on the second service. The yogurt was offered in addition to the hot choices, now it is either yogurt or hot dish and not both.  There used to be a cheese plate also which is now replaced by a piece of cheese wrapped in plastic.

photo dsc_0785_resultat

As hot dish I took the french bread that wasn't that good unfortunately. Furthermore the portion is really, really small given the length of the flight.

photo dsc_0786_resultat

The croissant was ok, the fruits not so fresh nor sweet.

After breakfast we are here: 

photo dsc_0787

Almost landed:

photo dsc_0788

And arrived!

photo dsc_0789

Some last cabin shoots before leaving the plane, I'll be back in a bit more than an hour for the second part of the flight.

photo dsc_0790_resultatphoto dsc_0791_resultat

First steps in Argentina!

photo dsc_0792

I will only stay for 2H on Argentinian soil, heading further to Chile with the same bird.

The next part will be online soon :) 

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Cabin crew8.0

KLM Crown Lounge 5 - Non Schengen


Amsterdam - AMS


Buenos Aires - EZE



The seat is really comfy but I regret not to have a full access as this becomes to be the norm in the industry.

The crew was nice but not as nice as I already had. The crew on the next flight would be ways better. But the 180€ comp for the inop handset was a really appreciated gesture.

The meals were sub-part and not appropriate for business class standard. That's a bit sad.

I was very please with AMS and even more by EZE where transit is a breeze.

Really liked the new crown lounge.

Thanks for reading, don't hesitate to drop a comment if you'd like.

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  • Comment 532436 by
    saintpiev SILVER 820 Comments

    Merci pour ce FR Stephan, même si je ne pige rien à l'anglais !
    J'ai quand même remarqué, d'après l'IFE, que tu as volé à 26 km/h à 6 mètres du sol (lol !)
    A bientôt

  • Comment 532534 by
    YGeorgeW SILVER 183 Comments

    Hi Estban, thanks for the report!

    I recently flew with KLM in their J and agree with you on their catering: food was okay, but not great. The completed non-Schengen Crown Lounge looks great, it's too bad they did not complete it earlier. In my case, I was 3 days before they opened it (I went to the Schengen lounge anyways because of time). Otherwise, the 2-2-2 layout looks very old and tired. The footwell in particular looks tight.

    Do they not offer a house on this leg? Or is it because this is continuing on, it is offered the next leg?

    Thanks again!

    • Comment 532544 by
      Esteban TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 12505 Comments

      Thank you for the nice comment! Actually I forgot to take the house in picture on that leg but they offered it even to passengers on connecting flights. Three years ago I flew with them AMS SIN DPS and upon landing in SIN only the passengers with final destination SIN got one. Which, in my opinion isn't fair. This time I got two houses :)

  • Comment 532536 by
    757Fan 595 Comments

    Great report. My wife and I just passed through AMS and I enjoyed seeing photos of the Crown Lounge. It looks like you had a great flight with KLM!

  • Comment 532562 by
    atco 134 Comments

    Hello Esteban,

    What a great report and very complete coverage of the KLM lounge in AMS. Looks like an enormous lounge with a lot to do.

    I enjoyed my KLM 777 flight but it was only a very short SIN-DPS leg so the 2-2-2 seating wasn't an issue, nor was the very tight looking footwell. Not sure how well I would sleep with my feet squeezed into such a small space. I'm glad KLM went with a better product on the 787 though. I also found our crew missed on some things, this despite only have 9 pax to deal with which was disappointing.

    That breakfast looks truly dreadful.

    Thank you for the excellent report, enjoyed it very much.

  • Comment 532681 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5361 Comments

    Thanks so much for the thorough review of the new Crown Lounge which looks really great--a huge improvement! It's good they expanded the lounge because it could get very crowded in there...probably what earned the nickname "Frown Lounge" haha

    I find it odd that KLM installed new J seats with full aisle access on some a/c (787), but not others. KLM have never tried to position themselves as a premium carrier, so the lack of aisle access isn't surprising, but it's just odd that they decided to do a full access product on the 787s, but not others. Either way, KLM J is vastly improved over what it was just a few years ago with those awful angled WBC seats.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 532698 by
      Esteban TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 12505 Comments

      Thanks Kévin for the nice comment ! Yep, the WBC really improved in terms of comfort but when it comes to catering there is no improvement though. The new lounge is really great but I read that it is also really crowded sometimes.

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