Review of KLM Cityhopper flight Mulhouse / Bâle Amsterdam in Business

Airline KLM Cityhopper
Flight KL1986
Class Business
Seat 02A
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 01 May 19, 10:15
Arrival at 01 May 19, 11:30
WA   #45 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 510 reviews
By GOLD 390
Published on 10th December 2019


This year was the year to Central and South America, after my trip to Chile and Peru, I wanted to see Mexico.

A fantastic deal was available with KLM to Cancun for around 1'400€ in business class, via Mexico and onward to Cancun with AeroMexico. Plus the flights to MEX were on the queen of the skies, and this beauty is slowly fading away.

The routing looks like this: 


  • KLM Cityhopper - EAP > AMS - E90 - J You are here
  • KLM - AMS > MEX - 74E - J Coming soon
  • AERO MEXICO - MEX > CUN - 738 - J Coming soon
  • AERO MEXICO - CUN > MEX - 738 - J Coming soon
  • KLM - MEX > AMS - 74E - J Coming soon
  • KLM Cityhopper - AMS > EAP - E75 - J Coming soon

euroairport bale mulhouse fribourg

That morning the check in area was super quiet, so was the security and in no time, I go straight to the business lounge. 

photo dsc_0168_resultatphoto dsc_0169_resultat

No matter which filter you take (there a three different inspection filters at the EuroAirport), you'll have to walk through the duty free if you want to access the international part or the lounge.

photo dsc_0170_resultat

A view of the part right after the Duty Free, my gate will be the gate 20 but this is for a bit later.

photo dsc_0171_resultatphoto dsc_0172_resultat

Not that much people, but we are at STD -90'

photo dsc_0173_resultat

As said, this is for later. As there is plenty of time left, let's go to the lounge.

photo dsc_0174_resultat

Work in progress with the automated walkways being removed to make space for the gate and an additional passport control.

photo dsc_0175_resultatphoto dsc_0176_resultat

This is the passport control zone, soon to be fully extended with automated kiosks.

photo dsc_0177_resultat

Entrance to the Skyview lounge:

photo dsc_0178_resultat

skyview lounge eap

There are around 10 people waiting in line, not that common here. The first five people have paid accesses meaning it takes a bit of time. The passenger in front of me begins to be impatient and shows it. Frankly speaking it wasn't a big deal, it wasn't more than a matter of 5 minutes.

When it is his turns he literally slams his BP on the desk and begins to complain that the wait was far too long and that he just waist his time in waiting.

The agent keeps on smiling, scans his BP and asks for his Priority Pass card. He answers he doesn't have any. She says that as he is travelling on EasyJet, he should either have a Priority Pass card or he would need to pay access or have a voucher for the lounge. The guy has nothing of the above and begins to shout that he has paid for Speedy Boarding and that Speedy Boarding gives him the right to enter the lounge. The agent stays super calm and shows him a paper with who is allowed with what and ends the discussion by asking him either to pay or to leave or the security will be called. He leaves, fulminating and I just smile. 

I am next in the line and warmly welcomed as if nothing just happened :)

This is the ground level of the lounge: 

photo dsc_0179_resultat

The offer is slightly lighter there:

photo dsc_0180_resultatphoto dsc_0181_resultat

Upstairs there is a cold cut / cheese buffet:

photo dsc_0182_resultatphoto dsc_0183_resultatphoto dsc_0184_resultat

Also bakery items and hot dishes:

photo dsc_0185_resultatphoto dsc_0186_resultatphoto dsc_0187_resultat

That was my selection: (I mostly take the same when I am there in the mornings)

photo dsc_0188_resultat

This area is pretty empty:

photo dsc_0189_resultat


photo dsc_0190_resultatphoto dsc_0191_resultatphoto dsc_0192_resultat

The toilets are clean:

photo dsc_0193_resultatphoto dsc_0194_resultat

The best part of the lounge is the terrace:

photo dsc_0195_resultatphoto dsc_0196_resultat

There isn't that much to see apart from the above EasyJet A320 and some freighters with this 734 at the background, the FedEx 757 hidden by the A300 flying for DHL in the foreground. 

photo dsc_0197_resultat

Work in progress:

photo dsc_0198_resultat

A320 taking off:

photo dsc_0199_resultatphoto dsc_0200_resultatphoto dsc_0201_resultat

The highlight of the day was this AMAC MD87 taking off. A rare sight:

photo dsc_0202_resultatphoto dsc_0203_resultat

And a beautiful bird:

photo dsc_0204_resultatphoto dsc_0205_resultat

See you!

photo dsc_0206_resultat

Austrian E95 ex and to VIE:

photo dsc_0208_resultat

And my plane just landed, that means, time to go!

photo dsc_0209_resultatphoto dsc_0210_resultat

Sun Express 738 to AYT:

photo dsc_0211_resultat

Two last pics of my plane:

photo dsc_0213_resultatphoto dsc_0214_resultat

Not travelling alone this time:

photo dsc_0207_resultat

the flight

The boarding process starts on time with a strict respect of the priorities. We can board via the jetty but the arrival passengers are transferred via bus as the main luggage delivery hall is under construction.

photo dsc_0215_resultat

EasyJet A319:

photo dsc_0216_resultat

The door and the jetty controls:

photo dsc_0217_resultat

We are greated by the purser, the cabin is the standard E90 cabin, and I like that much ways better over the shabby hard seats of the E-75:

photo dsc_0218_resultatphoto dsc_0219_resultat

Safety Card:

photo dsc_0220_resultatphoto dsc_0221_resultat

On-board magazine: 

photo dsc_0222_resultat

The pitch is more than ok:

photo dsc_0224_resultat

Good Bye EAP!

photo dsc_0223_resultatphoto dsc_0225_resultat

Water bottles are handed out:

photo dsc_0226_resultat

This E90 comes and will return to CDG:

photo dsc_0227_resultat

It's still a quiet day, some Easy birds and TK that arrives from IST with a 738:

photo dsc_0228_resultatphoto dsc_0229_resultat

Take off from runway 33 today:

photo dsc_0230_resultat

Just after this arriving A319:

photo dsc_0231_resultat

Our turn:

photo dsc_0233_resultatphoto dsc_0234_resultat

V1, take off:

photo dsc_0235_resultatphoto dsc_0236_resultatphoto dsc_0237_resultat

Overflying runway 26:

photo dsc_0238_resultat

This is Basel:

photo dsc_0240_resultatphoto dsc_0242_resultat

The countryside is really green:

photo dsc_0243_resultat

The Alps:

photo dsc_0244_resultat

The Matterhorn, middle left:

photo dsc_0245_resultatphoto dsc_0246_resultatphoto dsc_0247_resultat

Mt Blanc:

photo dsc_0250_resultat

The Vosges:

photo dsc_0251_resultatphoto dsc_0252_resultat

Then the Cityhopper box is served with the menu here:

photo dsc_0253_resultat

As received:

photo dsc_0254_resultat

Without the lids:

photo dsc_0255_resultatphoto dsc_0256_resultat

Together with an orange juice and a coffee:

photo dsc_0257_resultat

It was good, nothing to complain about for the food, what I hate, is the use of a carton box and plastic cutlery. This isn't business at all and KLM mainline serves the same products but in proper dishes. Why is there a need to make such a difference? 

Air to Air with an other KL or KL Cityhopper flight, I wasn't able to identify the aircraft. 

photo dsc_0258_resultatphoto dsc_0259_resultat

I handed my box back like this. Easy ;)

photo dsc_0260_resultat

I took a quick nap and awoke just at the end of the descent, the weather isn't that nice at all here. What a change!

photo dsc_0262_resultatphoto dsc_0263_resultat

The landing was really, really hard. One of the hardest I had.

photo dsc_0265_resultatphoto dsc_0269_resultat

The new terminal work is progressing:

photo dsc_0271_resultat

We parked at the terminal:

photo dsc_0272_resultat

A very last view over my seat:

photo dsc_0273_resultatphoto dsc_0270_resultat

Followed by a lengthy walk through AMS:

photo dsc_0274_resultat

Thank you for reading and following this new series, the next part will be online very soon!

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KLM Cityhopper

Cabin crew7.0

Skyview EuroAirport Lounge


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP


Amsterdam - AMS



A flight that does the job, nothing more. By biggest complain here was that it is impossible to access Air France press on the phone when you have a KLM ticket. I don't see the point in installing another app (that has exactly the same content) just for KL while both airlines are the same group. A non sense.

Nothing to say about EAP that is always a pleasure to fly to and from. AMS was also very good.

The lounge was great, the only concern is that the food offering doesn't change. It is mostly always the same.

Stay tuned for the next flight with the Queen of the Skies.

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