Review of Royal Jordanian flight Kuala Lumpur Bangkok in Economy

Airline Royal Jordanian
Flight RJ181
Class Economy
Seat 30K
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 05 Nov 18, 22:20
Arrival at 05 Nov 18, 23:20
RJ 52 reviews
By 752
Published on 11th December 2019

Hello and welcome all lovely readers to my first flight report <3<3
I'm a newbie here. based in Bangkok, Thailand. And I had visited Kuala Lumpur for short holidays. My flight from Bangkok to KL was Thai Smile Airways, and I decided to fly back home by the jordanian flag carrier which operate flight stop at Bangkok Airport (BKK).

before starting, I'm sorry with my photo quality. I took from my phone and I resized it smaller TT^TT 

photo img_1267

Okie! Let's start at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Royal Jordanian Airlines is in KLIA1 as the same as all other full services airlines. The check-in counter is at row H.

photo img_1273

Row H airline members. And ofcourse! my RJ is here, Royal Jordanian :)

photo img_1289

I a bit surprised mostly passenger are big groups. They're going to Amman (at group check in counter) as what you are seeing in the photo. But…

photo img_1287photo img_1292

Economy Class check in counter was no one in queue! My flight is RJ181 KUL-BKK-AMM. I asked the staff about load factor. She informed me 90% full. And only 12 passenger will only stops at Bangkok Airport (BKK). Yepp, one of them is me :) 

photo img_1332

I got my beautiful boarding pass! here is some of my flight info;-

Airline company : Royal Jordanian Airlines
Flight number : RJ181
DEP-ARR station : KUL-BKK
Aircraft Type : B787-8 Dreamliner
Aircraft Registration : JY-BA… sorry I forgot, it was a year already TT^TT  
Boarding Gate : C1 (Satellite Terminal)
Boarding Time : 21:50 Local Time
Schedule Departure TIme : 22:20 Local Time (GMT+8)
Schedule Arrival Time : 23:20 Local Time (GMT +7)
Flight Duration : 2.00 hours
Seat : 30K 

photo img_1344

My boarding gate was C1 which is on the satellite terminal. So I need to take shuttle services…

photo img_1357

Skip to boarding. All cabin crew on this flight are Thai females with 1 Jordanian flight purser. (Bangkok base cabin crew are only thai females and they only operate flight from Bangkok (BKK) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and Hong Kong (HKG).

photo img_1361

Look to the left, Business Class. Not my place tonight. I immediately turn right to Economy Class <3

photo img_1363photo img_1366

Economy Class cabin looks so clean due to the light grey seatcover color. and some are red seats. This is one of my favorite cabin color as I have flown with many airlines.

photo img_1369

Here is my 30K. A pillow and blanket are well prepared on the seat.

photo img_1374

To be honest I don't like its color which is not matched with airlines concept. It should be red, grey, or white… shouldn't be orange. but nevermind :)

photo img_1403

32 inches seat pitch as other full service airlines. I am 170 cm tall. Still left some free gap for me :)

photo img_1372

The IFE screen was OK. But no remote control. Under the screen is headphone port and USB port.

photo img_1407

Seat pocket has nothing much, B787-8 safety instruction & air sickness bag are well contained in plastic cover. And airline's magazine royalwings.

photo img_1410

Boarding completed, cabin crew are starting to givaway in-ear headphone and adaptor for using onboard. The sound quality was quite bad. So  unsatisfied for me :(

photo img_1411

Aircraft pused back with safety video demonstration. Starting from Arabic, follow by English.

photo img_1420

Due to it was a short haul flight, cabin crew started serving meal immediately after seat belt sign has been off. Let's see what meal onboard was :)

photo img_1427

This flight served by only one menu. noodles with shrims, seasonal fruits, bread and water. The catering has been loaded from Bangkok (as the cover of water cup)

photo img_1428

Follow by beverages. Hot tea, coffee, fruit juices and some alcohol bevs. I didn't order anything.

photo img_1429

After finished dinner, Cabin lights has been turned down for passenger to rest. Which means no more services onboard.

photo img_1529

Bangkok night view before landing…

photo img_1534

Landed on time! Thank you Royal Jordanian for a nice journey! <3<3

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Royal Jordanian

Cabin crew5.0

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Bangkok - BKK



my pro and con for Royal Jordanian Airlines
- flight operates by B787-8 dreamliner
- cabin is clean and its concept color makes me feel relax.
- beautiful & luxury aircraft livery (my personal pleasure ^^)

- cabin crews are not ready for service. they only did their duties til finish then no more helping.
- nothing interesting for IFE. and headphone is bad quality.
- meal loaded from bangkok airport is not tasty. (I'm not sure which catering company but probably be Thai Catering)

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The airline with the best average rating is Thai Airways with 8.2/10.

The average flight time is 2 hours and 3 minutes.

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  • Comment 533298 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5399 Comments

    Hi Burtshhh, thanks for sharing your first FR here with us! Definitely a cool report on a rarely reviewed 5th freedom route. The cabin looks nice, I agree that the colours are relaxing. Too bad the service was lackluster, though.

    Welcome to Flight-Report!

  • Comment 533411 by
    CaptainElie 90 Comments

    Thank you for your FR and welcome! Nice and rich first post. However I must say, for such a generous meal for a 2hrs flight, don't you think it deserves a bit more than 5/10? Unless the taste was mediocre? I think it is more than generous, as most airlines serve nothing more than a sandwich and a drink on outstation domestic flights :) Many happy wings and welcome to Flight-Report

    • Comment 536726 by
      burtshhh AUTHOR 6 Comments

      Hello CaptainElie :)
      Sorry for late reply.
      As your suggestion about meal ranking, I was concidering and that's correct as what you said, So now I have changed it too 8.0.
      Somehow thank you for visiting and suggestion! <3 <3

  • Comment 534000 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 520 Comments

    Sawatdeekrap :)
    Welcome to Flight radar and a nice flight to report on as your first report.
    If you fancy to discover what registration you were flying on, you always can find it on here: it tracks most flights down to october 2017 or so, so in this case you've flown on JY-BAG :)
    Glad to see a new face among us!

    • Comment 536727 by
      burtshhh AUTHOR 6 Comments

      Sawasdeekrap ThomasDutch :)
      Sorry if I reply too late :(
      and thank you so much for visiting and for your help finding my registration <3
      Now I have to bookmark the on my browser.
      Hope my FR will make you enjoyable!

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