Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Chiang Mai in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG102
Class Economy
Seat 69K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 28 Dec 18, 07:50
Arrival at 28 Dec 18, 09:10
TG   #9 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 360 reviews
Published on 11th December 2019


Hello and welcome to another FR,
Today, I take you on a short domestic flight which I was looking forward to for a very long time!

During my times while I was in high school (2015) I would remember how I would go to jet and look at photos of B777-300ER of Thai Airways wondering when I would ever get to fly this beauty, fast forward four years later, here I am publishing my FR on it.

Having been in Bangkok for the Christmas holidays, part of my plans was to do a day trip rotation in Chiang Mai, having the options of Phuket & Chiang Rai, I felt like Chiang Mai would be more interesting since I hadn’t heard of it before thus resulted to me booking the ticket.

There were other options including Bangkok Airways and Air Asia but as usual I opted for the 5 star, star alliance member :D. Reservation for a return eco class ticket costed me roughly an interesting 120$

To check out my other flights I took to get to/from Thailand, they are located below :D


Fast forward to travel day, having been super tired after a mixture of jet lag and a full day Bangkok city tour, I woke up early for the 0750am and headed straight for Suvarnabhumi airport.

Since I had already checked in online as TG has a reservation seat policy upon check in, I had to do that quite early so as to reserve my preferred seat, FOR FREE :D. The crew printed both my return boarding passes and within a record 30 seconds I was done and headed for Security where I proceeded to have a quick breakfast snack.

photo 5665565

By this time, FR24 still displayed that my operating aircraft would be a B7773 which I was really looking forward to, since I wanted to see how this old aircraft was keeping up with the fleet having last flown the aircraft with Emirates in 2015.

photo 5668765432

After arriving the gate, I was caught with the surprise of the year, yet a wonderful one.
Mysteriously or not, the aircraft at the gate was this beautiful B777W which was been prepared for boarding and I couldn’t contain my excitement and began taking series of photos with all the awe and excitement :D

photo 002

The 5 year old aircraft would be taking me to Chiang Mai today and my day couldn’t have been brighter :D

The sun continued to rise in the Gate A5 as we prepared for boarding,
The boarding call was soon announced, beginning with the mother & children, business class & lastly the economy class (zone wise)

The economy class product of this aircraft which is really aesthetic. I must say :)

Sitting is the glorious 3-3-3, one of the few remaining operators who do this extra levels of comfort for its passengers.

photo 77777777-58122photo 888888-22418photo 9999999

Upon settling on seat 69K, I was greeted by this pleasant 10inch (approximate) screen and a VISIBILY spacious 3-3-3 cabin with adequate legroom.

photo 1111111111photo legroom

Wing check as loading process continued, beside as, an A330 to probably another domestic route :P
Don’t you just love this wing view :)

photo 1313131313

Boarding continued for the better part of the flight as we were expecting a full flight to CNX today, comprising of Thai locals, British Bag Packers and me ;)

The screens continuously showed videos of different cities in Thailand and it was functionable from gate to gate which was a plus.

photo 14141414-65514

Soon boarding was complete and the captain announced the flight would be exactly 50 minutes, making it my shortest flight ever on a wide body since 2004 when I was a child :D

Inflight video safety began with the whole “orchard” theme in it :P

photo 15151515

Pushback since began and the wonderful spool up of the GE engines was done and soon took a tour round the terminal prior to take off, which took roughly an hour,
For now I will say less and take this time to enjoy the beautiful montage of the early morning take off with a bunch of heavies like B787 &B777 in it ;)

photo 1616161616photo 171717photo 181818

No idea what happened to this one :(

photo 19191919

I spotted this A350 for Finnair on its short final from Helsinki-Vantaa

photo 2020202020

Line up on runway & off we go to Chiang Mai!

No sooner or later, we broke through the skies and when cruising at 32,000 feet, the crew service began and for it been a quick flight, the service was equally quick and efficient

photo 21212121photo 2222222photo 23232323

There was an option of chicken or beef, and as usual, I opted for the chicken pizza roll and it was served together with water bottle. There were further options of tea or coffee of which I declined since I was kinda satisfied from breakfast I had airside :D. The pizza role was very good and satisfying for this short flight

photo g

The IFE was relatively fine, not too deep but just average for an 8 hour flight to say the least, though I wasn’t really bothered as I took my time to admire the beautiful view that Thailand had to offer, however I settled on music playlist of Kelela’s “Take me apart” album which was pretty much fine with me for the rest of the flight.

photo a


photo b

“Coffee or tea please?” :D

photo c-97265

Initially had a minor diversion before Lopi Buri, presumably because of weather patterns down there, but continued straight afterwards

photo d

Sooner or later, captain announced that we would begin descent into CNX, as the descend pattern began, the crew began preparing the cabin for landing,

photo e

Just magnificent…

photo kphoto l

And after a calm FA into Chiang Mai, with the spectacular views, we had a kiss the ground landing into CNX and the night 777 Heavy roared down the runway :D, an experience I will definitely not get tired of!

photo m

After taxiing into the terminal with the view of the airlines I opted out of, we finally began the disembarkation of the aircraft and headed into the terminal

photo n

Last view of probably one of the best economy cabins I’ve been to, and maybe, even the best flight I’ve been to  this day

photo o

See you again Khemarat <3

photo ddd

Soon proceeded to the tour and agent desks at the arrivals hall and were able to secure a tour guide who showed us round the city and returned us to the airport  (Photos to be included in next flight report ;)

With that,
I conclude by saying what a product that was!

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Thai Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Bangkok - BKK


Chiang Mai - CNX



Thai Airways continues to show that it continues to deliver quality product on its domestic routes, the airline clearly been a 5 star carrier has lived up to the expectations it has set, and this raises further concern/ call to the other so referred to as "5 Star" carriers to live up to the experiences that TG is offering. On the B777W case, as more airlines diverse to the 3-4-3 in the name of profits, I'm glad that TG remains uptight to the 3-3-3 configuration, however, time will tell if anything new develops or changes. But I highly recommend TG for both Domestic and long haul routes as it continues to improve its services day by day and with its new fleet of advanced aircrafts such as the Dreamliner, A350, it is definitely a leader in world class airline service, just as its saying goes, "Smooth as Silk" ;)

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