Review of American Airlines flight Saint Martin Philadelphia in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2312
Class Economy
Seat 26F
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 04:19
Take-off 18 Apr 19, 14:41
Arrival at 18 Apr 19, 19:30
AA   #26 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 526 reviews
Published on 23rd December 2019

Hi there,

welome to a new translated serie from Guadeloupe to Seattle, WA. All reports are avalaible in french.


I'll don't explain the construction of the routing, already avalaible in french.

The routing


  • Pointe-à-Pitre -> Saint Martin Grand Case - Air Caraïbes (TX300) 18/04 Past
  • Saint Martin Juliana -> Philadelphie int'l - American (AA2312) 18/04 You are here
  • Philadelphie int'l -> Omaha - American (AA4398) 18/04 Coming soon
  • Omaha -> Seattle/Tac. - Alaska (AS757) 19/04 Coming soon
  • Seattle/Tac. -> Philadelphie - American (AA564) 30/04 Coming soon
  • Philadelphie -> Saint Martin Juliana - American (AA2312) 01/05 Coming soon
  • Saint Martin Juliana -> Pointe-à-Pitre - Air Antilles (3S251) 01/05 Coming soon

At least, this routing allows me to discover Alaska, and Omaha airport. Also, it'll be 6 ,exclusivities on 7 for our data base.

Le vol

After an hour traveling by bus between Grand Case (SFG) we arrive at Princess Juliana Airport, Saint-Martin main's airport (located on dutch side-Sint Maarten). As you see, the airport suffered a lot during Irma, and only the left side of the airport is open, making chaos.

photo img_6454

Outside, nothing excepted an expansive foodtruck

photo img_6455

Inside.. judge yourself. Only the 1st floor is open, and on his left side, not entirely. 2nd floor is close.

photo img_6456

The airport is just totally overcrowded. Jetblue flight to Ft-Lauderdale has been cancelled, passengers are waiting to be rebooked (Jetblue sent an other airplane from JFK).

photo img_6457photo img_6459photo img_6460

Waiting for ou AA flight, we eat (food we brought from Guadeloupe)


photo img_6461photo img_6462

I think that if you have a long time to wait, you can go to Maho Beach, but on other hand, we never really know when check-in begin.

At 1pm, the signs are changed (there is no electronic FIDS) and airport members call passengers for AAs flights. Problem is that there are 3 AA flights, to Charlotte, Philly and Miami…hundred of passengers are standing in front of the only door.. On the other side of the airport, Westjet flight to Toronto and Delta flights to Atlanta and JFK are also checking-in.

photo img_6463-30844photo img_6465-92291

It doesn't move fast and at 1:30 pm, AA agents announce that they'll pass in priority passengers for Charlotte (flight in less than an hour). But there are only to check-in counters : one which only take PAX to Charlotte, and the other for priority passengers. However, after 30/40min waiting, (2pm) passengers to Philly strated to protest, our flight is in 40minutes…
The agent who is in charge of first/business accepts to take lambda passengers too, which is totally normal, some of us are here since 11am and being afraid of  miss the flight is unbelieveble with this margin.
Finally, nearby 2:15pm we obtain our BP (for Philly and then Omaha) and we run into customs, our flight is in less than 30min.

photo img_6466

Against all, it was  fast because  Pifmen were very helpful, to fluidify. But they were not looking at anything : I crossed customs with a full bottle  of water.We reached airside at 2:25pm, it's the jungle as  u can see:

photo img_6468-14118

Everybody is stored in a small room usually used for Caribbean flights; international flights are boarding on the upper floor (as it was the case in PTP before the opening of Terminal 2, it's very common in our islands in fact,  because regional flights are boarded  in PAXBus), but here there is no upper-floor, so everebody's in here.

photo img_6469photo img_6475-78276

I wanted to buy a bottle of water (water is non drinkable in Saint-Martin), it was of course really expansive. And water was disgusting

photo img_6483

At least, the airport is really spotter-friendly.
737 Sunwing going to Punta Cana then Montreal, QC

photo img_6471

320 Jetblue which was supposed to operate the flight to Fort Lauderdale, cancelled.

photo img_6472

A Delta 757 going to New York JFK. 3 757 today in SXM : Philly (AA) and Atlanta & JFK (DL).

photo img_6473

Passengers still arriving in the room which is already full.

photo img_6476-72278

And then appears a 343 Joon. I didn't know that AF flights were operated by Joon

photo img_6477


photo img_6478

coming on us

photo img_6479

just in front of me

photo img_6480photo img_6481photo img_6482

We're talking, but it's time to board!! finally! It's 2:35pm

photo img_6484

But the unique PAXBus is in use for an other plane more far : it'll be a foot boarding today! love it

photo img_6485


photo img_6486

And our bird !  At the beginning when we book, the flight was supposed to be operated in 738, but then it changed; what else ?
Flights to MIA and Charlotte are still operated in 738 (with up to 2flights/day in some days to Miami)

photo img_6487photo img_6488

Delta is departing for JFK, with an unknown plane on the left (and jetblue after)

photo img_6489

Behind Jetblue plane, we can see a 767 Eastern Airlines (I didn't know this company) ,, from and to Toronto Pearson.

photo img_6490

Delta in the background and behind WestJet

photo img_6491

Again, what else?

photo img_6492photo img_6493

Domestic first

photo img_6494


photo img_6495

fuselage shot with my finger

photo img_6496

After a warm welcome from the  crew, this is  the  "main cabin"

photo img_6497

Pitch is excellent

photo img_6498

but no logo

photo img_6500

Clean carpet

photo img_6502


photo img_6503

Safety card of a soon-former plane (but I don't know what is make now with the 737MAX, maybe they keep a little more the 757)

photo img_6504photo img_6505

Joon views

photo img_6506

You can see the rear  of the 767 Eastern Airlines

photo img_6507

what a beautiful place to take-off

photo img_6508


photo img_6509

Then a Jetblue plane landed : I think that it was the plane they sent for passengers traveling to FLL

photo img_6510photo img_6511

Delta taking-off heading New York, then it's gonna be Liat's turn, to Barbados

photo img_6512photo img_6513

737 to Charlotte is pushing-back

photo img_6514

1O min later, it's  our turn, it's 3:25pm..

photo img_6515

JetBlue and Eastern

photo img_6516photo img_6517

as you see, the 2nd floor is still destroyed, the footbridges are broke

photo img_6518

757 Delta bound to Atlanta

photo img_6519

ATR42 Liat

photo img_6520

On the taxi-way

photo img_6521

We waiting again, and then, it's our turn. We have an hour late
We're waved from Maho Beach, they are waiting for our take-off

photo img_6522

Braking maximum, thrust maximum, and finally we're accelerating. Take-off are really short at SXM

photo img_6523

We're just glued to the seat

photo img_6524photo img_6525

Simpson beach

photo img_6526


photo img_6527

We're taking some altitude over Simpson Bay

photo img_6528

And then, we're turning on our right. It's typical of the SXM take-off, because of the hills just in front of the runway, planes are forced to make a tight right turn. In the lower right corner, Pelikankey, in the midde Caybay (with the hills) Koolbay on the left of the wing;  annd in the background, Philipsburg, Sint-Maarten (dutch side) capital city, inhabited by less than 2000.

photo img_6529

We're still both turning and taking altitude

photo img_6530

 Simpson bay, Pelikaankey et Caybay

photo img_6531


photo img_6532

Main view, with SXM airport in the background

photo img_6533

Still turning, overseas

photo img_6534

Crossing clouds

photo img_6535photo img_6536

South side of Saint-Martin island, so it's Sint-Maarten, the dutch side. On the extrem right, Philipsburg.

photo img_6537

Big bay on the left is SimpsonBay (where is located the airport) the one on the right is Philipsburg bay

photo img_6538

Philipsburg and its bay

photo img_6539

We're ending our turn

photo img_6540

Sea olor is exceptional here in Caribbean, and particularly Saint-Martin/Sint-Maarten

photo img_6541

SXM. We were here a few seconds ago

photo img_6542

We see Delta flight to ATL on the taxi-way

photo img_6543

Sandy ground on the right (french side), in the middle it's Marigot, french side capital, and the largest city of the island.
At the bottom you see a rich borough of Saint-Martin frenc side, Terres-basses, which contrasts with Sandy-Ground which is (with Quartier d'Orléans) one of the poorest.

photo img_6544

Grand Case (french part) and his regional airport where we landed a few hours ago

photo img_6545

we are flying over Anguila after that; with the Rendez-Vous bay.

photo img_6546

Capital city, The Valley, and its airport, J. Loyd

photo img_6547

the Anguilla Channel, very tight between St-Martin (on the right) and Anguila island (below us)

photo img_6548

Grand Case

photo img_6549


photo img_6550

beautiful little island

photo img_6551


photo img_6552

We're leaving Caribbean  area, by the north.

photo img_6553

Trying to spot an R2R

photo img_6554

And this, is Mika, the beautiful Creol dog of my front neighbor. He'll sleep during the entire flight ! He drooled on me a little, but nothing serious

photo img_6556photo img_6558

At 5pm, catering is served, between salty and sweety I chose speculos, American are my favorite (even if they are made in Belgium!)

photo img_6559

wiith many ice

photo img_6560

Cabin is really calm. Wi-fi was proposed but without free access (except for t-momo customers)

photo img_6561

nothing outside,

photo img_6562

Sun is going down

photo img_6563

WC are clean

photo img_6568photo img_6569

More clouds

photo img_6570

Views from an other time

photo img_6572

Mika decided to come with us; he will be welcomed a few minutes before landing start

photo img_6573

We're starting our descent over Philly nearby 7:15am, with strong turbulences

photo img_6575

We're entering on US territory over Ocean City, south of Atlantic City

photo img_6576

Atlantic City

photo img_6577

Ocean City, and Atlantic city with the buildings

photo img_6578photo img_6579

We're flying over  inland meawhile sun goes down

photo img_6580photo img_6581

We're waiting to continue our descent. It's 7:25pm

photo img_6582

New Jersey

photo img_6583

Moon comes up

photo img_6584photo img_6585

the approach on Philly is long

photo img_6586

We see the Delaware River, which means that Philly isn't such far.

photo img_6587photo img_6588


photo img_6589

We're on final

photo img_6590photo img_6591

We're passing by the south of Philly's CBD, and omg, what a  beautiful vie. I'm totally in fond of City center view from plane, the reason why I chose a right side seat .

photo img_6592photo img_6594

Airport isn't far from city center

photo img_6595

Quality isn't  good, but it was good!

photo img_6596photo img_6597

Touchdown at 7:35am

photo img_6598

Strong braking, we exited quickly the runway, other plane are waiting after us

photo img_6599photo img_6600

American taking off

photo img_6601

Our third flight of the day to Omaha (yes, from Philly to Seattle we have to stop at Omaha) is departing at 9pm, we just have one hour to cross US border and cross the airrport, it's gonna be short!

Flight Radar 24

photo img_6610

Approach on Philadelphia

photo img_6611

see u soon for the others flights, sorry for the mistakes I could make, Louri.

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American Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Saint Martin - SXM


Philadelphia - PHL



SXM : overcrowded, that's te word. The situation here seems hard to handle, they are quite good , plane departing more or less on time.

PHL : nothing to say, a long landing because it's the evening east coast rushtime.

AA : correct product, the crew was nice and cabin comfortable, but the catering isn't good for this flight lenght. I was happy to board on a 757



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    Jett Tyler SILVER 258 Comments

    Nice review! When I was in SXM during February- the PHL flight was a 737, and the MIA flight (which I took) was a 757. Hopefully the airport terminal gets back to full swing soon- would be great to enjoy a SXM departure with a full working Terminal, I know its going to take a while given the damage caused by the hurricane. Funny enough I was at SXM the one day the switched a 757 for a 767!

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