Review of KLM flight Mexico City Amsterdam in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL686
Class Business
Seat 01A
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 10:35
Take-off 06 May 19, 21:05
Arrival at 07 May 19, 14:40
KL   #36 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 848 reviews
By GOLD 954
Published on 12th December 2019

A short reminder of the routing:

As I landed with more than 75'' delay, I don't waste anytime and go straight to the train station.

mex in transit

No airside connections in MEX between T2 and T1, you need to exit through the luggage delivery hall:

photo dsc_0710_resultat

Pretty empty:

photo dsc_0711_resultatphoto dsc_0712_resultat

The station is one level above:

photo dsc_0713_resultat

My ride would arrive in less than 2 minutes, but as stated in the previous report, as there is only one track, there is only one train and the wait can be over 12 minutes to catch the train.

photo dsc_0714_resultatphoto dsc_0715_resultat

Back at T1:

photo dsc_0716_resultat

This part of the building seems to be newer and is still acceptable:

photo dsc_0717_resultat

But the way to go to the international gate has a very low ceiling and no natural light.

photo dsc_0718_resultat

And again, the signage is just more than poor. The signs alternate with "Salida International" or "Migrationes" and none go to the same place. Shall I proceed to security or shall I go the the departure? I choose departure and cross the fingers that it is ok :)

There are also several security checks but none of them indicates clearly which gates it goes to. To add confusion, neither my boarding pass nor the screens show anything.

I eventually asked an agent that tells me that each security leads to the international airside part. So I am free to choose whichever. And for the gate, he tells me that the gate number will be displayed on the FIDS inside. Fair enough.

I pass security pretty quickly and it leads directly to the duty free. 

photo dsc_0719_resultatphoto dsc_0720_resultat

The agent was right, the first screen I saw indicated the gate and also informs me about a delay of an hour. That's ok, I'll have time to visit the lounge. Guess what, there is no signage on where the lounge could be. I decided to walk towards the gate area, in all logic the lounge should be close or at least in this direction.

I am absolutely not impressed by the terminal that looks shabby at best said: 

photo dsc_0721_resultat

The corridor is narrow and when there is a boarding in progress, the small gate area you see right begins to be crowded and the crow has no other choice than to also wait in the corridor, making the walkway almost inaccessible. 
To add to this, the air conditioning seems not to be working, it is hot as in an oven. 

photo dsc_0722_resultatphoto dsc_0723_resultat

I found the way to the gate awfully long, given the heat and the darkness.
I was then surprised to arrive in a renovated area that looked ways better: 

photo dsc_0724_resultat

But this wasn't my final stop :)

photo dsc_0725_resultat

At least they now had automated walkways and a bit of natural lights but still not great.

photo dsc_0726_resultat

Eventually I reached the gate area where daylight is also missing a lot. It is a very sad looking area. Worse, it is even hotter here. If you look at the ceiling you see holes, air conditioners should have been installed there but they seem all out for maintenance (or something like that)

photo dsc_0727_resultatphoto dsc_0728_resultat

I think I found the lounge, at least!

photo dsc_0729_resultat

Yes but no. Even if the gate is exactly next to the AF and KL boarding gates, it is an Avianca and Star Alliance lounge only. I head to the KLM gate to ask but there is nobody yet there. I then ask the Air France people next door as their flight was just closing. I was about to ask the question but the agent asked another question first :)

- Are you arriving from Cancun?

Me a bit perplex: 

- Yes but why?

- You just missed your flight to Paris. You should go back to the Air France counter to find a solution.

- Oh thank you but I am flying with KLM tonight!

- Lucky you. Lots of Air France passenger missed their flight tonight but you will get yours. Your plane is delayed by an hour and boarding will start in around 40 minutes.

- Thank you! Can you please let me know where the lounge is? I was looking for it but can't find.

- Of course, it is just after the security control before the duty free.

OK, that means it was actually from exactly where I came from. 15 minutes walk from here. I would then need a good half an hour to go and be back. Not really worth it. I decided to stay next to the gate area.  It was a wise idea as I would see some interesting scenes that will help the in passing the time.

Because of the heavy thunderstorm, almost all flights (apart the Air France flight to Paris) have been delayed. Lufthansa did even better as their 747-8 couldn't land and was diverted to Guadelaraja. As the announcements only mention an indeterminate delay. After two or three announcements like that, people begin to gather at the gate to seek more information. At some points, the agents announced that they were sorry but "we don't know where the inbound plane is right now". A bit funny to see they "lost" the plane. FR24 showed it as landed, but not in Mexico :)

Then arrives a group of passengers, running and sweating. They ask where the boarding for Paris is, but the A380 was already being pushed back. The gate agents tell them they just missed their flight. Those passengers were also on my flight but further in the back meaning they couldn't leave as fast as I left. In fact, even if they were also in business, I think they would have missed it also.

The agents say the same as they told me earlier: proceed to the AF counters to get re-booked. And this is almost where they came from. Some passengers go, others stay and begin to scream against the staff and a young couple stays by the side saying nothing. They are clearly backpackers and seem lost without options. As they are standing just next to me, I engage in a conversation in French and suggest them to ask the KLM agents as I knew the plane wasn't completely full.

They thank me and go to ask. I overhear the agent saying that they are very lucky as they had a handful of free seats. They are immediately re-booked onto CDG via AMS. They came back to me to thank me  for what I did (actually nothing, it was just an advice ^^).

In the meantime the screaming group didn't get heard by the AF people and were sent back to the counters. What to learn from that: remain calm, ask quietly if there is an alternate and cross your fingers :)

With this everything I haven't seen the time passing by and boarding was launched.  

the flight

Priority boarding is called first, here is the Queen of the Sky door:

photo dsc_0730_resultat

Very nice welcome at the door, this is a blurry pic of the jumpseats:

photo dsc_0732_resultat

The cabin:

photo dsc_0733_resultat

From the front:

photo dsc_0734_resultatphoto dsc_0735_resultat

My friend is already there:

photo dsc_0736_resultat

The shoe box :)

photo dsc_0738_resultat

As I am pretty thirsty, Orange juice is the best option tonight. Kits are also being handed out:

photo dsc_0739_resultat

No changes in the content:

photo dsc_0740_resultat

I had a second glass as I was really, really thirsty :)

photo dsc_0741_resultat

Menus being handed out:

photo dsc_0742_resultat

In detail:

photo dsc_0743_resultatphoto dsc_0744_resultat

Doesn't look fantastic to me :(

We pushed back 30' late and taxied for almost 40 minutes. I am not really worrying about my connecting flight as I had a 02H30 layover. Eventually, we only landed 5 minutes late.

After take off, I took a glass of sweet wine for the aperitif and a glass of water together with the nuts. 

photo dsc_0745_resultat

A warm towel to start with:

photo dsc_0746_resultat

I took the duck as a starter:

photo dsc_0747_resultatphoto dsc_0748_resultat

It was good without being memorable.

photo dsc_0749_resultat

The salt and the pepper paper bags are … no comment.

As a main I had the beef:

photo dsc_0750_resultat

It just did its job. Nothing to write a home about.

Then the dessert: 

photo dsc_0751_resultat

That were really good.

The service took this time "only" 02H15.

Then blackout until the breakfast that was served two hours prior to arrival. An apple juice to start with:

photo dsc_0752_resultatphoto dsc_0753_resultat

I took the frenc bread, together with a hot croissant, cheese and fruits:

photo dsc_0754_resultat

A closer look at the french bread:

photo dsc_0755_resultat

Together with a coffee:

photo dsc_0756_resultatphoto dsc_0757_resultat

The little hot dish was more than ok, so was the whole tray, but the croissant was hard as rock and uneatable.

We are over UK:

photo dsc_0758_resultatphoto dsc_0759_resultat

Today's route:

photo dsc_0760_resultat

This is for me one of the main reason why I still choose KLM:

photo dsc_0761_resultat

This one is number 35 in my collection.

Slowly arriving : 

photo dsc_0762_resultat

The coast:

photo dsc_0763_resultatphoto dsc_0764_resultat

Almost there:

photo dsc_0765_resultat

OMG … Glasgow and only Glasgow thanks to the million code shares :)

photo dsc_0766_resultat

Almost there:

photo dsc_0767_resultat

Delta 333:

photo dsc_0769_resultat

More A330:

photo dsc_0770_resultat

KL 332 + 772:

photo dsc_0771_resultatphoto dsc_0772_resultat

Delta 763:

photo dsc_0774_resultat

And the Queen:

photo dsc_0775_resultatphoto dsc_0776_resultat
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Cabin crew8.0

Mexico City - MEX


Amsterdam - AMS



Being in a solo seat, the flight was really comfy. The crew was nice and smilling but the cabin and the IFE clearly shows its age.

The catering was so so, but acceptable at best.

MEX is a plague, I hated it.

The very last part of this trip will be posted soon, so stay tuned!

As usual a big thank you for reading!

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