Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Jakarta Makassar-Celebes Island in Business

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA612
Class Business
Seat 8K
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 29 Nov 19, 17:55
Arrival at 29 Nov 19, 21:25
GA   #23 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 203 reviews
Eric V P
By 2882
Published on 1st February 2020

Report #74: GA612 - Flying on Indonesia's most scandalous plane

This will be my review on flying on Garuda Indonesia business class from Jakarta CGK to Makassar UPG, a short-haul domestic flight within Indonesia, on board their Airbus A330-900neo.


Excluding GA's ill-fated 737 MAX 8, which I had reviewed before on both economy and business class, GA took 3 years from their previous delivery to this one. Add that with GA's unclear fleet expansion program, and the fact that a new plane type actually being delivered became one to look after. The delivery of this plane was nothing short of sensational either, with smuggled vehicles scandal that managed to oust GA's CEO and later on even spread to sexual harassment scandal that became a national sensation. That being said, GA's new plane immediately got into my to-fly list and I decided to fly on their business class.

Thanks to GA's promotion for upgrade with miles, I decided to buy an economy class ticket before upgrading it at GA's ticket office. Overall, the ticket cost me Rp2.035.247 (~US$145) after OTA discount for the economy class ticket, plus 8.640 GarudaMiles award miles after GA's promotions for the ticket class upgrade.

photo ga612_20191130_receipt

Trip to CGK and check-in

As I departed on Friday afternoon and given that Jakarta's traffic isn't known to be the best around, I went to the airport by the airport train. I also took remote work arrangement for this trip, so the space also worked for me to work during the 45 mins ride to the airport.

photo 20191129_155848

The ticket was nowhere near cheap at Rp70.000/pax for purchases at the station, though still cheaper than taking a ride using ride-hailing service.

photo 20191129_152656

The people mover was another thing, though: not only were they notoriously slow, they were also jam-packed.

photo 20191129_165010

After much agony, I reached the terminal with only 50 minutes to scheduled departure time. Therefore, I simply asked to have my boarding pass printed, and one was issued immediately.

photo 20191129_170415

GA had launched their new boarding pass design the month before, which now boasted a batik pattern for their business or first class boarding pass.

photo 20191129_172652photo 20191129_172657

It was time to proceed through security. Despite the crowded-looking area, there was barely any queue inside.

photo 20191129_170531

Lounge test #1: garuda indonesia Domestic Lounge

As a domestic business class passenger, I received complimentary access to GA's domestic business class lounge. Alternatively, I could also get complimentary access as a GarudaMiles Platinum member.

I reached the front reception area, and after a scan of my boarding pass was let in.

photo 20191129_171012

There wasn't much change from before in terms of the seating, so I won't touch that much here.

photo 20191129_171042

You'd expect some reading materials in the lounge, which the lounge had a decent amount of.

photo 20191129_171124

The only improvement in the lounge was the coworking area.

photo 20191129_171046

GA offered a couple of private rooms for its paid frequent flyer membership tier, which was launched with little fanfare.

photo 20191129_171104

As I was on a tight schedule, the first order of business was shower; on the domestic business class lounge shower area consisted of cubicles in the lavatory proper, more akin to showers on a swimming pool (though with amenities). Naturally, I needed to store my bags outside the cubicle.

photo 20191129_171410

Snacks were still offered on the original business class lounge proper, however ….

photo 20191129_171137

More substantial meals were only offered on the open air part of the lounge, which was formerly used for GarudaMiles Gold members, which was warm to say the least. Apparently, this was also the only way to get people to that section, as it was previously really empty.

photo 20191129_172434

The hot buffet was a huge downgrade from what was previously offered with all starchy items, which tasted only mediocre.

photo 20191129_172604photo 20191129_172618

The closest thing to real meat was self-serve chicken noodle, which didn't look appetizing either.

photo 20191129_172814

Lounge test verdict and departure

Despite having roughly the same hard product, the experience in the lounge itself was a huge letdown. Not only were the foods low quality, the shower itself was basic for a flagship lounge and the lounge just felt crowded (it's not like US domestic lounge-crowded, but still ….) In retrospect, it was almost right for me not to maintain my GarudaMiles Platinum for the following year.

After I had some nibbles, I went straight to the gate as it was time for boarding. The queue was pretty disorderly and boarding priority wasn't enforced.

photo 20191129_173049

As we were boarding from the remote stand, however, a dedicated minibus was provided for business class passengers.

photo 20191129_173557

The plane for the day was PK-GHE, a 1 month old 339. In fact, this flight would be her third commercial flight.

photo 20191129_174009

We were asked to wait for a while, and afterwards invited to board through the front staircase.

photo 20191129_174219

It was time to board the aircraft, where I was welcomed by the flight attendant.

photo 20191129_174243

On board

Flight: GA612
Plane: PK-GHE
STD/ATD: 20:25/20:25
STA/ATA: 21:30/21:38
Load factor: 33% J (8/24), 100% Y
Seat type: Staggered business class (window seat)

GA filled the entire front cabin with 24 staggered business class seats. Just like their 77W, this plane was also configured with the middle seats alternating between both close to the aisle or both close to each other.

photo 20191129_174306

I took the seat 9K, one of the 6 true window seats. As expected on such a new aircraft, the new plane smell was evident.

photo 20191129_174316

The luggage bin was spacious, though it's not like I bring anything other than my backpack into the cabin.

photo 20191129_174503

As soon as I settled, I was addressed by name and was offered welcome drink, for which I opted for orange juice. Towel was also brought soon afterwards - I may be nitpicking over here, but the towel's tag shouldn't be visible when the towel was presented.

photo 20191129_174612

Legroom was just okay - I especially hated the seat structure right in front of my feet, as I could only either stretch a bit or put my foot flat on the foot cubby.

photo 20191129_174742

The foot cubby was also pretty deep, though on the plus side it was larger than what I found on the 333 with Super Diamond seats. The table was stored above the cubby, while the literature pocket was on its side.

photo 20191129_174827

The literature pocket contained the usual suspects.

photo 20191129_175311photo 20191129_175351

Magazines were also distributed for business class passengers, so I opted to get one.

photo 20191129_175548

The headrest was only slightly adjustable upward. Like other staggered seats, a 3-point seatbelt was provided.

photo 20191129_180101

Seat control was located beside the side table, so during upright position I managed to accidentally recline the seat a couple of times.

photo 20191129_180302

Just like most respectable seats, AC and USB plugs were provided, this time beside the seat.

photo 20191129_180621

Noise-cancelling earphones were available on each seat, though they weren't pleasant to use.

photo 20191129_180519

Safety video was played as we pushed back.

photo 20191129_181550

As we started our taxi, the ground staffs bid us farewell.

photo 20191129_181954

There was a bit of a queue for the runway, though it quickly cleared up and we soon flew above Tangerang.

photo 20191129_183424

While waiting for my dinner I took my laptop to catch some work. Even for a 12" laptop, the table weren't that much wider than those on economy class. If anything, the table was so deep I could put my coffee and nuts behind later on.

photo 20191129_184005

Wi-Fi was offered to this plan, and they have complimentary plan on offer for all passengers, which I used. As claimed, though, they're good for almost nothing except sending WhatsApp text messages.

photo 20191129_185215

Enter text here…

photo 20191129_194318

Dinner service was offered on this flight. Before takeoff I was offered with the choice of either beef and chicken with rice or dry noodle with seafood, and I picked the earlier one. Drinks were also offered to pair the meal, for which I opted for orange

photo 20191129_190111

The dinner menu for this flight consisted of:

Appetizer: Cucumber salad
Main course: Dry noodle with seafood soup or beef rendang and roasted chicken with rice, cassava leaves, potato cake, and green chili sauce
Dessert: Traditional snack
Drink (default): Mineral water
Drink: Coffee (Toraja ground coffee/Java ground coffee/standard Nescafe) / tea / fruit juices / mineral water

To start, the chilled cucumber salad tasted okay - nothing particularly special. In terms of the main course, they were generally on the oily side though apart that tasted good and just like on another regional carrier was also accompanied with fish crackers. I couldn't figure out what the dessert was, but that was also decent. On overall, this was a pretty decent meal for a short-haul service.

After the dinner service ended I was offered another round of drink, for which I opted for Toraja ground coffee. The coffee was also accompanied with mixed nuts, which was a nice touch.

photo 20191129_191550

I checked the selections on the IFE, which were pretty dismal. Had the IFE remained like this, I could think of people complaining as a couple of weeks later the plane was also used for flights as far as to LHR.

photo 20191129_194117

The same could also be said about the moving map, which weren't that interactive.

photo 20191129_191051

I checked the lavatory, which was still immaculate.

photo 20191129_195142

Airbus fortunately still had some decency not to fit the lavatories with the minuscule basin like what's offered on Boeing's 7M8.

photo 20191129_195145photo 20191129_195928

I went around and tried the bulkhead seat. The sole difference compared with the non-bulkhead seats are the slightly different sized footwell - no additional storage was offered.

photo 20191129_201155

After I worked for a while, it was finally time to land at UPG.

photo 20191129_201955

I then also realized that a rather large adjustable partition was provided for the center seats - not that they were useful for this flight.

photo 20191129_213556

After bidding farewell to the crew I deplaned by the front staircase, which provided me with another chance to admire at the plane.

photo 20191129_214051

This followed by the short bus ride, which I rode instead of the business class-only minibus as I deplaned pretty late.

photo 20191129_214417

Following the ride I found myself at the domestic arrival area.

photo 20191129_214637

Arrival at UPG and post-arrival trip

You'd expect quite a number of people checking bags on a GA flight, which was also true this time.

photo 20191129_214756

Apart from a handful of key airports, instead of arrival lounge they had a dedicated luggage claim area for business class passengers.

photo 20191129_214821

The departure FIDS for the evening. As the main connector between Eastern Indonesia and Western Indonesia, there were a lot of flights to Maluku and Papua islands scheduled on midnight for arrival on the early morning.

photo 20191129_214801

I made my way outside before taking a taxi to downtown Makassar. I initially thought of taking bus, but go figure that the bus only operates roughly during working hours while UPG is in fact a 24 hours airport.

photo 20191129_215152
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This flight was actually the best domestic flight I've ever had. Despite the pretty crap lounge, the product onboard made up for it - the seats were not bad, food more than edible, and service was quite good given the flight time. This flight was also slightly longer than CGK-DPS, which also helped me to get a better feel on the product. If only GA can offer this kind of service on most trunk routes ....

All in all, I'd fly with GA on this route again, but only when better promotions are offered.

Information on the route Jakarta (CGK) Makassar-Celebes Island (UPG)


  • Comment 540236 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5426 Comments

    Hey Eric, thanks for sharing this first report on the notorious GA 339neo! Pretty crazy how this aircraft delivery caused such a scandal! I'd never thought of aircraft deliveries and political corruption at the same time before.

    The Jakarta ground experience never seems too appealing, at least the part from getting to the airport and fighting crowds on the people moved. Airside it seems nice, though and the lounge looks good to me as a European & North's sub-par to you because you have higher standards being spoilt for choice with premium carriers in Asia ?

    The new cabin looks great, though I'm not totally a fan of the colour choices. A solid hard product and very nice catering for a short haul domestic flight.
    Beautiful photos throughout and this report is just about the perfect length and very informative.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 540245 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments

      Hi Kevin,

      Pretty crazy how this aircraft delivery caused such a scandal! I'd never thought of aircraft deliveries and political corruption at the same time before.

      The hotter scandal over here was the harassment rather than the smuggling, though add them up and you've got the entire country watching the issue as if it's some celebrity news.

      Airside it seems nice, though and the lounge looks good to me as a European & North American

      Hard product-wise it's better than other domestic lounges, although I've seen better days on the lounge in terms of the foods and service.

      The new cabin looks great, though I'm not totally a fan of the colour choices.

      Now go figure that GA has a couple of colour schemes across their fleet - grey for their CRJ, beige for their 7M8, dark blue and cyan for this 339, the list goes on.

      Thank you!

  • Comment 540246 by
    Arq 43 Comments

    Thank you for a trip report, once again, a great one.

    I am surprised by the overhead bin. Always imagine that they were changed to a new A350 style pivot bin. Turn out it is the ordinary shelf bin similar to older 330. But the plane looks great and seat seemed comfortable. thanks again!

    • Comment 540247 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments


      Always imagine that they were changed to a new A350 style pivot bin.

      I'm afraid not, though they're still spacious anyway. The bin itself is actually revised from the one on 333/332, so it's not like they got stuck with the old one.

      Thank you!

  • Comment 540283 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5041 Comments

    Thank you for this very comprehensive and well narrated review.
    Nice to see the first report of a Garuda Indonesia A330neo, the airline is also introducing a new seat type that will not help the consistency of the product.
    I guess domestic lounges and flights are 100% dry?

    • Comment 540841 by
      Eric V P AUTHOR 125 Comments


      the airline is also introducing a new seat type that will not help the consistency of the product.

      In GA's defense they've had 10 77W with staggered seats, but that aside they have different seats on every single plane type, so that didn't help.

      I guess domestic lounges and flights are 100% dry?

      I believe so, but in Indonesia most of us aren't too keen on drinking anyway.

      Thank you!

  • Comment 540522 by
    emyrrs 111 Comments

    Nice report Eric!

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