Review of Lufthansa flight Munich Sofia in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH1702
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 27 Oct 19, 10:15
Arrival at 27 Oct 19, 13:05
LH   #43 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1370 reviews
By GOLD 438
Published on 27th April 2020


Welcome to yet another Flight-Report series concerning a brief trip to Sofia, Bulgaria that I took back in Fall 2019! Perhaps the one good thing that's come from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is the fact that we Flight-Reporters can take advantage of being locked-down and publish some older reports. But I do hope that everyone reading this is healthy and doing well in these difficult times. We'll get through it. With that out of the way, let's get into the report!

trip information

The routing for this series will be announced with each new installment. All I can tell you is that this trip included 3 flights on 2 different airlines with 2 types of aircraft, and all flights were flown in Economy Class. Here's where the routing stands in part 1:

Here's how final routing looks like on a map, courtesy of the Great Circle Mapper:

photo annotation-2020-05-04-174722

The booking will also be revealed in the final sector, as the trip was booked under one itinerary.

the morning of departure

The morning began in Innsbruck at a way-too-early 4 AM which was followed by a drive through the Alps. Instead of driving through Kufstein and the Inn Valley, which is the fastest way to Munich from Innsbruck, I opted to drive via E533, also known in Austria as the Seefelder Straße. Route 533 links Munich and Innsbruck, but goes via the mountain towns of Scharnitz, Mittenwald, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I was treated the a gorgeous sunrise and an empty Autobahn. While I wasn't able to safely grab any pictures of the mountain passes, I did manage to take one picture of the Allianz Arena, beautifully lit in the dawn light.

photo screen-shot-2020-02-13-at-103524-pm

munich franz josef strauss airport (muc)

I dropped off my rental car at the Sixt facility and from there it was a quick walk to Terminal 2, Lufthansa's home in Munich.

photo screen-shot-2020-02-13-at-103543-pm

At check-in, I was informed that there had been an aircraft change, and that I had been moved back to seat 6F instead of 4A, the seat that I chose online. It wasn't much of a problem for me, as I was still in a window seat towards the front of the aircraft. I headed to the priority security lane and was soon airside. I was hoping to first head to Lufthansa's Senator Cafe, which is located in the Schengen part of the terminal. Unfortunately, I was travelling on a Sunday, and apparently the Senator Cafe is only open on weekdays. I decided to then head upstairs to the non-Schengen part of the terminal, where my flight to Sofia would be departing from. Before heading to the lounge there, I went to see if there was any action on the tarmac. I saw a Croatia Airlines Dash 8 which had just arrived from Rijeka…

photo screen-shot-2020-02-13-at-103555-pm

…and a Helvetic Airways E190 operating a SWISS flight to Zurich.

photo screen-shot-2020-02-13-at-103603-pm

lufthansa senator lounge non-schengen munich

I headed to my usual hideout at Munich Airport, the non-Schengen Lufthansa Senator Lounge, which is located near Gate H24. The lounge dragon welcomed me and pointed me in the direction of the Senator-section of the lounge, which was absolutely packed. So much so that I was unable to take pictures. I thought that most LH intercontinental flights from Munich leave in the afternoon, but it turns out I was wrong. Regardless, here are some photos from my previous visit, back in July 2019.

photo senmuc1photo senmuc2

Unfortunately, my favorite Lufthansa Waffles (which I've had in FRA and in the same lounge at MUC) seemed to be an afternoon dish, so I only ate some cold cuts. While eating breakfast, I checked to see if I could find out anything about the aircraft swap. The night before the flight, the Lufthansa app reported the tail number as D-AIWB, a new A320WL in the high-density configuration, with 180 seats. On the Lufthansa app, high density A320s are listed as A320neos, and regular density A320s with 168 seats are listed as A320-200s. The Lufthansa app showed the latter type for my flight, but didn't give me a tail number. I'd find out soon enough. For anyone who's interested, higher density LH A320s don't have WiFi and are coded by Lufthansa as 32Vs. The tail numbers for those birds are D-AIUQ to D-AIUZ and D-AIWA to D-AIWK. After a pleasant stay despite the crowded lounge, I headed to my departure gate, H41, located towards the south end of the terminal.

boarding + initial impressions

Boarding was underway when I arrived at the gate, and to add to the mystery of the A320 that would fly me to Sofia, there wasn't an aircraft at the gate. So everyone went down to the ground level and piled on to a bus that would bring us to the aircraft. Great news for me, as I love bus boardings! We were shortly underway, and I spotted a few aircraft, including a Lufthansa A350 'Karlsruhe' to Osaka…

photo screen-shot-2020-02-13-at-103851-pm

…a Lufthansa A340-600 'Wiesbaden' from Boston…

photo screen-shot-2020-02-13-at-103911-pm

…and the best for last, a United 787-9 to San Francisco.

photo screen-shot-2020-02-13-at-103925-pm

After driving for quite some time, we finally arrived at my A320!

photo screen-shot-2020-02-13-at-103941-pm

I was happy to see that my ride was one of Lufthansa's oldest A320s: D-AIQA, built and delivered to Lufthansa in April 1991, making it 28 years old at the time of my flight!

photo screen-shot-2020-02-13-at-104000-pm

We were let off the bus as soon as we arrived at the aircraft, and boarding was a bit of a free-for-all. I didn't care though, as I was up close and personal with the bird. Unfortunately, the airstairs were covered, meaning that I could only snag one shot of the fuselage.

photo screen-shot-2020-02-13-at-104018-pm-12218

I was greeted with a "Guten Morgen!" by 2 friendly flight attendants and made my way to my seat via the small Business Class cabin, which I thin remained mostly empty.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74439-pm

The middle and aisle of my row were already taken, so I squeezed my way into the window seat. The downside of switching to an aircraft with less seats than originally planned meant that there were no empty seats (as far as I could see). The good news: more legroom!

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74456-pm

The literature pocket contained the safety instructions, the Lufthansa Magazin, the Lufthansa WorldShop Catalog, and a FlyNet® information card.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74511-pm

Good wing view from my seat.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74527-pm

Lufthansa CityLine A319 'Heide' to Toulouse.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74539-pm

Lufthansa CityLine A319 'Tübingen' from Bremen.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74605-pm

Cabin before departure. Gotta love the darker colors of older A320s!

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74551-pm

lufthansa 1702 - munich to sofia

Once everyone was onboard, Captain Thomas came on the PA to announce a flight time of 1h40m and that we'd be taking off from Runway 26L toward the west. Shortly thereafter, we pushed back, and the crew performed the safety briefing.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74619-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74631-pm

Lufthansa A320 'Gotha' to Madrid.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74646-pm

Taxiing past some hangars on the way to the runway.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74707-pm

SAS 737-800 'Frida Viking' to Oslo.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74722-pm

Lufthansa A320 to Sarajevo.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74741-pm

Aegean A320 to Thessaloniki.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74754-pm

Lufthansa A320 'Schwäbisch Gmünd' to Malaga.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74810-pm

Lufthansa A380 'Tokio 東京' to Miami

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74826-pm

Lufthansa A320 to Porto.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74848-pm

Lufthansa A340-600 to Los Angeles.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74905-pm

Air Dolomiti E195 'Madama Butterfly Giacomo Puccini' from Bologna

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74921-pm

departure from munich

Rolling takeoff.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74934-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-74946-pm


photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75001-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75018-pm

Climbing out.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75034-pm

Left turn after departure.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75044-pm

Flaps up.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75104-pm

Takeoff video:

Munich City Center in the distance.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75117-pm

Our reflection on the engine.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75252-pm

Turning south.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75303-pm

Chiemsee, Germany.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75314-pm

Over Austrian airspace.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75347-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75358-pm

Enn Valley, Austria.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75408-pm

snack service

Shorter after we reached our cruising altitude of 33,000 feet, the service began. I had a glass of water.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75419-pm

There was a choice between a vegetarian and a turkey sandwich, and as usual, I went for the vegetarian. It was with pesto and cheese, and was actually one of Lufthansa's better sandwiches.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75324-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75337-pm


Overflying Graz, Austria.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75429-pm

As we crossed into Hungarian airspace, the captain came back on the PA to announce that we were flying west of Lake Balaton and that we'd fly past Pécs, Novi Sad, and Belgrade before commencing our descent near Niš.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75451-pm


photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75506-pm


photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75524-pm

For entertainment, I read the Lufthansa Magazin and saw something that I can't unsee. Really Lufthansa? Boeing A350-900?!?!

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75440-pm

Disgusted, I closed the magazine and turned to the outside views for entertainment. Here's where the Danube meets the Drava, on the Serbian-Croatian border.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75537-pm

It's easy to tell when you start flying over Eastern Europe, as the pollution is very visible from the air.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75555-pm

Wingtip fence.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75624-pm

Niš, Serbia.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75611-pm

arrival into sofia

Over the Balkans, it became hard to tell what was smoke and what was pollution, as there were quite a few fires at the time.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75636-pm

Mt. Vitosha, Bulgaria.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75648-pm

Sofia, Bulgaria.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75701-pm

Our destination.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75718-pm

Flying downwind.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75741-pm

Turning final.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75752-pm

On approach.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75808-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75825-pm

Over the airport.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75843-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75855-pm

Touchdown on Runway 27 at 1:03 PM, 2 minutes ahead of schedule, after a flight time of 1h34m.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75903-pm

Vacating the runway.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75915-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75928-pm

Landing video:

Austrian A320 to Vienna

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75938-pm

Into the terminal.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-07-at-75948-pm

routing of lh1702

photo annotation-2020-04-12-143013

We made a 180-degree left after our departure from Munich and initially headed towards Austria, north of Salzburg. From there it was direct to the Hungarian-Serbian border, Niš, and Sofia Airport. We cruised at an altitude of 33,000 feet.

Immigration was relatively quick, and after a short cab ride I was in Sofia City Center. Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment, and see you in the next report!

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Cabin crew8.0

Lufthansa Senator Lounge non-Schengen - H


Munich - MUC


Sofia - SOF



This was a very ordinary Lufthansa intra-Europe flight.

+ Efficient Munich Airport
+ Friendly crew
+ Sandwich service
+ Nice views
- Overcrowded Senator Lounge

I've never had any bad experiences on Lufthansa, and I've flown them a lot. While Aegean is my favorite European airline, Lufthansa will always be my airline of choice, because it's the most convenient for me, being Innsbruck/Munich-based.

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The average flight time is 1 hours and 51 minutes.

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  • Comment 553046 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5758 Comments

    I was finally booked to fly LH for the first time last month on a intra-European flight in J, but of course Covid happened, so I still haven't got to fly LH. Though honestly it doesn't look like I missed out on much. The NEK seats look so thin and uncomfortable, and it's a shame they don't put a drinks table in the middle seat in J like some other EU carriers.

    The downside of switching to an aircraft with less seats than originally planned meant that there were no empty seats (as far as I could see). The good news: more legroom!

    Yes, especially since you got seats towards the front that can be converted to Business, where the pitch is 32-33" vs 29-30" in the back!

    I will say that I definitely appreciate that LH still offer a free sandwich on short-haul in Y! That was the case on most EU carriers a few years ago. We'll see if that continues post-Covid ...probably not ?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 553077 by
      NewYorker GOLD AUTHOR 175 Comments

      Thanks for commenting, Kévin! I can't believe you've flown so much and never stepped foot on LH! Like most other intra-European J products, there is of course a bit to be desired on LH, though I'd take the NEK seats any day over BA's new coach seats, which appear to be very similar to what Wizz offers. The food up front usually isn't that great on LH's European flights, though I had a good meal on my SOF-FRA flight in J back in 2018. We'll see what happens to LH's service in a few months, but I really hope that they don't start offering a BoB menu... Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you fly on a Star flight soon! While I don't always agree with Skytrax, I totally understand Star being the best alliance ?

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