Review of Finnair flight Helsinki Paris in Economy

Airline Finnair
Flight AY1577
Class Economy
Seat 27D
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 03:05
Take-off 20 Jan 19, 16:05
Arrival at 20 Jan 19, 18:10
AY   #44 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 163 reviews
By GOLD 588
Published on 18th December 2019

Hi again!

Another translation to have some AY European flights in the English database :)

We flew to HEL with my parents and some friends, Sky Team offered the best price, 180€ with a return on AY codeshare AF.

We also took advantage of an upgrade offer for 80€ for the AMS/HEL leg. As three of my friends did not have access to the lounge, this would grant them lounge access in Amsterdam and priority for security and boarding. Furthermore, there is a hotmeal service in J on that flight…

That would then be the routing:


We came back to the airport by taxi, see the snow on the road, in Finland this is perfectly fine. In France it would have been another story.

photo img_5615_resultatphoto img_5616_resultat

Helsinki signage:

photo img_5613_resultatphoto img_5614_resultat

AY is home in T2

photo img_5612_resultatphoto img_5618_resultat

Snow and more snow :)

photo img_5617_resultat

We used the self ticketing machines:

photo img_5619_resultatphoto img_5620_resultat-87

Inside views:

photo img_5621_resultatphoto img_5622_resultat

Security was a bit of a pain. The staff was nice but they were over picky. No lighters in the cabin, phones must be out of the bag and so on. Everyone in my party is smocking apart from me and all their lighters had to be thrown away. The funny thing is that they could buy some again at the duty free.

photo img_5623_resultatphoto img_5625_resultatphoto img_5626_resultat

The FIDS showed our flight on time and it would stay on time.

photo img_5624_resultat

Terminal view:

photo img_5627_resultat-71

I really liked those info boards:

photo img_5628_resultat

Also the design of the desks is really nice:

photo img_5629_resultat

CR9 SAS ops by CityJet:

photo img_5631_resultat

Â350 AY:

photo img_5634_resultat

Our plane arrived. The A321 is a very elegant aircraft, specially with sharklets:


photo img_5641_resultat

ATR 72 NORRA + 737-300 Smart Wings:

photo img_5643_resultatphoto img_5644_resultat

Another A321 but with wingtips:

photo img_5646_resultat

the flight

Boarding was launched on time. Being in Group 3 we had to wait a bit but not a big deal.

photo img_5647_resultat

The last time I saw this was in Alaska:

photo img_5649_resultat

The aircraft door:

photo img_5650_resultat

Fuselage shoot:

photo img_5651_resultat

Smiling welcome at the door. This is the Eurobusiness J:

photo img_5652_resultatphoto img_5653_resultat

Door 2L:

photo img_5654_resultatphoto img_5656_resultat

Door 3RL:

photo img_5657_resultat

Our seats are good looking but on the hard side. The recline is good, though:

photo img_5658_resultat

Safety Card:

photo img_5659_resultatphoto img_5660_resultat

Outside view:

photo img_5661_resultat

Front view:

photo img_5663_resultat


photo img_5664_resultat


photo img_5666_resultat

The BOB. There isn't a lot of things but you can pre-order (but not if you have a code share ticket.). It is pretty pricey. At least AY has some free options like juices (apple, orange and blueberry, plus water and coffee/tea).

The flight is almost fully booked:

photo img_5674_resultat

Onboard magazine:

photo img_5675_resultat

I really liked this info page:

photo img_5677_resultatphoto img_5678_resultat

The fleet:

photo img_5679_resultat

On time push back:

photo img_5680_resultatphoto img_5681_resultat


photo img_5683_resultat

And we head to our runway:

photo img_5685_resultat

22R today:

photo img_5690_resultat

Line up:

photo img_5694_resultat

And take off:

photo img_5697_resultatphoto img_5699_resultat

It is just wonderful:

photo img_5700_resultatphoto img_5702_resultatphoto img_5704_resultat


photo img_5705_resultatphoto img_5710_resultat

The sun already set here:

photo img_5717_resultatphoto img_5723_resultat

I hope to see Finland soon again:

photo img_5725_resultatphoto img_5727_resultat

Toilet visit:

photo img_5730_resultatphoto img_5731_resultat

Back to my seat:

photo img_5733_resultat

The light is just beautiful:

photo img_5735_resultat

WIFI is available for 7€ and I wanted to try it. Access is super easy and connection is really fast. 

photo img_5736_resultat

No troubles to connect to Flight-Report:

photo img_5737_resultat-1

As we are flying south, the sun begins to rise again:

photo img_5742_resultatphoto img_5743_resultat

Juice and coffee are free of charge and we added salmon sandwiches plus some raspberry / licorice chocolates:

photo img_5744_resultatphoto img_5745_resultat

The sandwich in detail:

photo img_5746_resultat

Very good but expensive :(
We are here:

photo img_5747_resultat-1

And caught back the day :)

photo img_5755_resultatphoto img_5756_resultat1

More pictures:

photo img_5759_resultat

Exit is no more written on the new signs:

photo img_5774_resultat

There are I-pad holders on each seat:

photo img_5775_resultat

The flight is pretty smooth and went quickly, thanks to the internet but the seats are not comfortable after a while. AY sends its 321 to DXB also. I would not like to be seated like that for 06H30+

We started our descend with some cloud surfing: 

photo img_5777_resultatphoto img_5778_resultat

An landed. Sorry no pictures it was pitch dark outside.

photo img_5781_resultat-4

La view of the cabin:

photo img_5782_resultat

We left the aircraft via jet bridge in terminal 2D:

photo img_5784_resultat

But then had to go downstairs. WTH ?

photo img_5785_resultat

OK Paxbus but what for? 

photo img_5786_resultatphoto img_5787_resultat

We were driven … 50 meters away to another door where we had to climb back to a … police control. Finland is Schengen, we were not supposed to have any controls. But OK why not.

photo 1

So we had a passport control and then a new security control and had to go back inside 2D … Just where we came from …. Non sense.

photo img_5788_resultat

We need to go to 2G but 2G is nowhere stated on the info board…

photo img_5789_resultat

At least, I am familiar with CDG and knew we had to go this way even if not written on the board. But how will "normal" passengers do?? 

photo img_5790_resultat

2G isn't directly connected via bus to 2D. You need to make a connection in 2F

photo img_5791_resultat

Where you can take the bus to 2G:

photo img_5792_resultatphoto img_5793_resultat

And then the fun part begins again, a new passport control and a new security control…

photo img_5794_resultat

At least we didn't have a short connection, all in all this took almost 90 minutes! 

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Cabin crew8.0

Helsinki - HEL


Paris - CDG



I like the grey tones of the cabin but the seats are not that much comfortable. After the three hours flight, my bum wasn't that happy :)

The crew was nice and smiling, I liked the inexpensive WIFI that helps the time to fly by.

The on board bistro was of high quality but the prices on the expensive side. At least, they still offer some complementary drinks.

HEL was very easy and I liked the airport design.

CDG was messy with double controls that make no sense.

As usual, a big thank you for reading!

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