Review of Emirates flight Nice Dubai in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK078
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 777-300
Flight time 06:20
Take-off 14 Aug 13, 16:05
Arrival at 15 Aug 13, 00:25
EK   #4 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 592 reviews
By 8569
Published on 24th August 2013
Welcome aboard this 3rd Flight Report from Etienne16. Before we take-off, please relax, seat back and make sure you enjoy the flight!

(By the way, the reason I am writing this flight report in English is because I feel more comfortable with this language as it is my native language) Now, on with the FR ;)

After my summer holidays spent in London, Paris and Cannes, it was time for me to go back to Doha, my home town. Unfortunately, Qatar Airways had removed its flight from Nice to Doha via Milan, so my family decided to take Emirates.

On Wednesday 14th of August, we were heading to Nice airport from Mandelieu, via the A8 highway with cloudy weather:

photo Vacances 2013 France 302

Arriving in the check-in counter, not much queue:

photo Vacances 2013 France 303

Departures before security:

photo Vacances 2013 France 304

My plane that has just landed 15 minutes before scheduled time, with SAS 737-500 in the foregroud:

photo Vacances 2013 France 308photo Vacances 2013 France 307

Norwegian 737-800:

photo Vacances 2013 France 309

Boeing 747… is it like a private plane from Bahrain?

photo Vacances 2013 France 310

My plane taxiing:

photo Vacances 2013 France 311photo Vacances 2013 France 313photo Vacances 2013 France 314

I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what airline this is? Thanks in advance.

photo Vacances 2013 France 312photo Vacances 2013 France 315

Norwegian 738 ready for taxi:

photo Vacances 2013 France 316

Boarding will be done through gate B39:

photo Vacances 2013 France 317

The aircraft's tail hidden behind all those gates:

photo Vacances 2013 France 318

Boarding with views of the aircraft:

Passing through the business class:

photo Vacances 2013 France 329

Economy class:

photo Vacances 2013 France 330

The PTV, old version of ICE, not the digital widescreen. Pretty good size, but not very responsive with the touch There was a disappointing selection of movies on this flight.

photo Vacances 2013 France 331

Views from my seat, 43K:

photo Vacances 2013 France 332

(BA A319 taking off in the background:)

photo Vacances 2013 France 335

Cargo doors still open:

photo Vacances 2013 France 336

Leg-room: Very good, but then I please note that I measure 1.63 m.

photo Vacances 2013 France 338

My row:

photo Vacances 2013 France 337

Transavia 737-800 parked next to us:

photo Vacances 2013 France 341

Oh, so we are allowed to smoke ;P.

photo Vacances 2013 France 342

That's what I do:

photo Vacances 2013 France 345

Norwegian 737-800 taxing to gate, followed by an EasyJet A319:

The PTV handheld controller:

photo Vacances 2013 France 350

Power Supply:

photo Vacances 2013 France 351

Push-back at 16:06, 1 minute late.

photo Vacances 2013 France 352

Rain drops starting to collect on my window:

photo Vacances 2013 France 353photo Vacances 2013 France 354

Flaps out:

photo Vacances 2013 France 355photo Vacances 2013 France 357

Safety video playing:

photo Vacances 2013 France 356

Shots while taxiing:

Misty, dark weather over Antibes, St. Laurent du Var, etc:

photo Vacances 2013 France 364photo Vacances 2013 France 365

Lining up runway 04R:

Cabin crew please prepare for take-off:

View of the airport:

photo Vacances 2013 France 376

Climbing up to 38,000 feet:

photo Vacances 2013 France 377photo Vacances 2013 France 379 - copia

PTV next to me with a … how to say … green aspect:

photo Vacances 2013 France 378

A random pic:

photo Vacances 2013 France 382

Appetizer: Salted biscuits and choice of beverage, apple juice for me :

photo Vacances 2013 France 384

A slight turn to the left:

photo Vacances 2013 France 385

Our location:

photo Vacances 2013 France 386

Some mountains:

photo Vacances 2013 France 387 - copia

Wing view - again - :

photo Vacances 2013 France 388

Dinner served: This is what the menu says:

Appetizer: Tuna Salad; marinated tuna salad mixed with potatoes and beans, served with boiled egg, tomato and black olive.

Main Course: Grilled chicken breast served with a creamy red pepper sauce, accompanied by sauteed spinach and chunky mashed

Lamb biryani; lamb marinated in Arabic spices and cooked with basmati rice, accompanied by vegetable masala.

Dessert; Pear and chocolate delice; a bartlett pear compote, topped with a moist chocolate fudge brownie, encased in a rich
chocolate sauce.

Cheese and biscuits.

Tea or coffee


I took the lamb option:

photo Vacances 2013 France 391photo Vacances 2013 France 392

It was excellent! One of the best main courses I've ever had on economy class!

However, the tuna salad was more disappointing. There was no vinaigrette and it lacked freshness, but oh well.

photo Vacances 2013 France 389

I have read many Fr's saying the dessert is very industrialist and not good. However, I found it very good, probably because I am a child and still love sugary things! :D

photo Vacances 2013 France 394 - copia

Once the meal finished, we are approaching Istanbul:

photo Vacances 2013 France 395

Beautiful sunset:

The 'TV' section in the entertainment part of ICE:

photo Vacances 2013 France 401

Nothing's better than a bit of Big Bang Theory on a 5 hour 43 minute flight! :D

photo Vacances 2013 France 410

The Airshow map:

photo Vacances 2013 France 420

Cup holder:

photo Vacances 2013 France 425

Another random pic:

photo Vacances 2013 France 423

We slowly begin pour descent into Dubai. We enter a holding pattern due to dense traffic landing at Dubai. However, we were way ahead of schedule and we would still be arriving before 00:25. 10 minutes pass and finally, after circling over Dubai, we line up ahead of the runway. I quickly switch over to the front camera:

photo Vacances 2013 France 429

Views from my window. Sorry for the bad quality of these photos:

photo Vacances 2013 France 431


photo Vacances 2013 France 433

After a long taxi, we park at gate C22 at 00:09, 16 minutes before scheduled time; next to Air France 777-200 aircraft:

photo Vacances 2013 France 438

De-boarding, walk, security, walk again and I am then in front of gate C23 for my next flight to Doha. It was delayed 15 minutes for some unknown reason. I apologize for not making a flight report on that flight but it was 2:30 am and I was exhausted.

Anyways, I hope you have enjoyed this FR. Please feel free to comment and feedback. I do thank you for your attention and time you have devoted reading my FR.

My next FR will be when I travel to South-East Asia with my school.

Good-bye and great flight to all of you! :)
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Cabin crew9.5

Nice - NCE


Dubai - DXB



I was very surprised by Emirates this time! They seemed to have fixed some of the problems, especially regarding the distribution of meals. There was an empty seat next to me which also helped maximize space and comfort. It is true nevertheless that if if the seat(s) next you are taken, the 3-4-3 configuration makes it feel a bit cramped. (But the legroom is very good.)

On previous Emirates flights, the crew are a bit cold and distant. But on this flight, they were truly helpful and nice, always passing down the aisles with drinks to offer. I then went to the galley and had a discussion with them about the English and UK accents.

The meal was very good. Although the tuna salad was disappointing, the main meal and dessert made up for it. However, -1 because we had no snack before arrival, unlike Qatar Airways.

The ICE entertainment system had a very slow and not very responsive touch-screen. However, the film selection was poor and not up to the standards it claims.

On time performance: Departed 1 minute behind schedule, arrived 16 minutes before schedule so nothing to say.

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The average flight time is 6 hours and 9 minutes.

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  • Comment 85753 by
    nteflyjin 673 Comments

    Thanks for this nice report with a bunch of pictures. I still wonder how EK can fill up a 773 from NCE? Was the flight full?

  • Comment 85755 by
    Kottok 371 Comments

    Thanks for this interesting and complete FR :-) The unknown airline is Rossya, a russian one that is based at St Petersburg :-)
    @Nteflyjin : EK don't suffer of any other challenger in direction of the middle-east, it's, therefore, easier to fill a 773.

  • Comment 85758 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9297 Comments

    Thanks for this report. I love the apron views with the different airlines and aircrafts. The meal tray is very nice and I love the design of the different plates . it shows how you can improve the economy experience at no added cost, but just a little imagination ! The meal itself looks very tasty, are you sure there was no dressing ? maybe you you have asked FA for it. Too bad for the old ice version and the restricted moovie choice , it used to be a great plus on EK. Nice also to read that the crew did great and not just it's job.

  • Comment 85761 by
    Leadership TEAM BRONZE 5374 Comments

    Thanks for this report, I really enjoyed reading it, meals looks indeed good, pity for the IFE though, I gueess the 773 are getting old.

  • Comment 85772 by
    natibo777 1027 Comments

    thanks for this great and complete FR

  • Comment 85774 by
    Jejez03 34 Comments

    Thanks for sharing !

  • Comment 85776 by
    KL651 TEAM 4526 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    I bet this flight with EK was cheaper than the direct one with QR.
    The meal definitely looks good.

  • Comment 85780 by
    Valentin.R 5 Comments

    Great report :-)

    The unknown airline is Rossiya as it has been said. For the Bahrain 747, it is indeed a private jet, they also own a 747SP which come from times to times, as well as the 747-400 of the Saudian Royal Family and some 340/330 from Qatar, all private of course.

    Speaking of Qatar and QR, KL651, they don't fly to Nice anymore, they stopped in June :-) and the flight was not direct as you said, there was a stopover at Milan :)

  • Comment 85794 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Thanks for this comprehensive ans well-written report. I'm surprised to hear about the ICE system being disappointing considering so many people sing its praises but then again even the great ICE system is starting to get old. Being that you are 1m63 and had an empty seat next to you I get why the comfort grade is so high. Normally I avoid 777s in 3-4-3 configuration. The one time I did it, my back hurt for days.

  • Comment 87103 by
    cloud_rider 827 Comments

    I got the very same tray 2 years back on a flight to Mauritius and guess what i got on my last flight in May this year? Lamb bryani again, but well since i love that dish, i am certainly not going to complain . As for the chocolate pear cake, i must admit that it is not that bad but still, the chocolate does not taste like chocolate but as a whole, emirates meal trays are among the best, not to say the best i had inflight ;)
    Nice FR in general, thanks for the share, keep it up, cheers ;)

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