Review of United flight Seattle San Francisco in Premium Eco

Airline United
Flight UA2398
Class Premium Eco
Seat 8A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 27 Dec 19, 12:05
Arrival at 27 Dec 19, 14:26
UA   #34 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 345 reviews
By GOLD 518
Published on 24th March 2020

Welcome to part 4 of my recent trip back home to the United States! After one evening, one full day, and one morning, it was time to leave Seattle, which is always hard to do.

trip information

I experienced 5 new products in a total of 7 flights. I'll be keeping you in suspense by announcing each new segment as it comes. Here's where the routing stands at this report:

Here's how the entire trip looked like on a map, thanks to the Great Circle Mapper, now that it's all done:

photo annotation-2020-04-24-184801

the morning of departure

I had some errands to run on the morning of departure, so I left my hotel plenty early, at 6:55 AM. Once I finished them, I headed to the Rental Car facility at SeaTac, which isn't actually located on the airport's property. Regardless of that, it's still quite easy to access the terminal, as there are free shuttles that leave very frequently. I managed to catch one right as it left.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70230-pm

seattle-tacoma international airport - ksea/sea

After a short five minute drive, the shuttle dropped us off curbside at the south end of the terminal, where the international airlines' check-in is found.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70248-pm-46367

United's check-in is in the same section of the terminal, between Air Canada and JetBlue.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70306-pm

The Premier Access lane was empty.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70318-pm-49718photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70329-pm-11378

I was helped by a wonderful Filipino check-in agent who regretfully told me that First Class was already full, and that I was number 6 on the Upgrade list. As it was a short flight, I was perfectly content in Economy Plus. She also helped me use PlusPoints for upgrading my next flight, and that upgrade cleared immediately. With my boarding passes in hand, I headed to security, which, as I find to always be the case at SeaTac, was a breeze. Shortly afterwards, I was airside.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70349-pm-25049

United flights depart from the A gates at the southern end of the main terminal, which is where I headed.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70409-pm

On my way to the gate, I spotted United's awesome Star Wars 737, which was off to Houston.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70501-pm

united club seattle

United operates its own lounge at SEA, and that's where I waited for my flight. The lounge is located across from gate A10.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70435-pm

Apparently, the only photo I took from the lounge was of my food… Sorry! I was impressed that there was some real food this time, and not just cheese cubes and hummus.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70609-pm

boarding + initial impressions

My flight was departing from gate A14, at the very end of the terminal.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70633-pm

Unfortunately, I couldn't get any good views of my A319, N808UA, which was built and delivered to United in March 1998. It's fleet number is 4008.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70649-pm

Down the jetbridge.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70707-pm

Fortunately, I was able to snag a good fuselage shot.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70719-pm

I was greeted by two mediocre Denver-based FAs who looked really tired. In my experience, UA's Denver-based crews are the worst. I'm not saying that they are bad, but in comparison to other crews, they are just meh. Anyways, I quickly found my seat, 8A, in the second row of Economy Plus.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70810-pm

As is the norm with Economy Plus, the pitch was a generous 34".

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70819-pm

All Economy Plus seats also have universal power outlets, which is a big plus (pun intended).

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70832-pm

Literature pocket.

photo annotation-2020-03-24-153410

The view from my window.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70911-pm

united 2398 - seattle to san francisco

Jetbridge disconnected, ready to push.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-70936-pm


photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71000-pm

United 757-200 to Washington-Dulles.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71030-pm

Beginning our taxi to Runway 16L.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71050-pm

Japan Airlines 787-8 Dreamliner to Tokyo-Narita.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71108-pm

Asiana Star Alliance 777-200ER to Seoul-Incheon.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71127-pm

ANA 787-8 Dreamliner, also off to Tokyo-Narita.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71150-pm

British Airways 777-200ER to London-Heathrow.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71204-pm

While we waited for takeoff, the Captain came on the PA to welcome us onboard, announced our flight time of 1h35m, and told us that we were number 7 for takeoff.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71221-pm

Horizon Dash 8 in the Retro Livery off to Portland.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71238-pm

Quite a line forming behind us, led by an Alaska 737-900 to Los Angeles.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71256-pm

departure from seattle

Lining up.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71317-pm

Rolling past the aforementioned Star Wars 737.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71342-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71354-pm


photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71404-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71413-pm

Climbing past the Main Terminal…

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71423-pm

…and the South Satellite Terminal.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71431-pm

Into the clouds shortly after takeoff.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71441-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71452-pm

Emerging from the clouds.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71501-pm

Takeoff video.

Climbing out. The airfield on the right is Joint Base Lewis-McChord (TCM/KTCM).

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71537-pm

snack service

Economy Plus sticker on the tray table.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-72719-pm

Typical tray table.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71558-pm

During the cruise, the flight attendants performed the service. While the crew wasn't actively bad, they just seemed like they didn't want to be there. They tried their best to be friendly. The service consisted of a drink (water for me) and a Biscoff cookie. The usual offerings for a domestic flight and passable for the short flight time, but still rather disappointing.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71821-pmphoto unnamed


Cruising at 37,000 feet.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71840-pm

View of the cabin.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71907-pm

arrival into san francisco

As we neared San Francisco, the Captain made another announcement saying that we'd be landing on Runway 28L, and that we'd be early despite taking off half an hour late.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71938-pm

Clear Lake, California.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-71953-pm

Row 8 provides a great view of the engine.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-72707-pm

San Pablo Bay, California.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-72735-pm

Great view of San Francisco, this time on a sunny day.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-72750-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-72810-pm

Slats down.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-72843-pm

Turning left towards the airport.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-72900-pm

Stanford University.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-72923-pm

Turning final.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-72947-pm

Final approach.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-72957-pm

Slats full.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73009-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73017-pm

Over the airport.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73028-pm


photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73038-pm

Typical super smooth United landing at 2:08 PM, 18 minutes early, after a flight time of 1h32m.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73047-pm

Slowing down.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73054-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73104-pm

Landing video.

Taxiing off the runway.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73305-pm

Pulling into our gate next to a United 737-900 wearing Special Olympics stickers preparing for its flight to Kona.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73322-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73331-pm

Quick look at my seat. It's basically the same as Lufthansa's narrowbody seat, but it's much better padded and has a headrest, which makes quite a difference. All Y seats have a headrest, not just Economy Plus seats.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73408-pm

Passing through the First cabin.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73445-pm-57359

Into the jetbridge behind the Captain.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73607-pm-50345

One last look at the aircraft.

photo screen-shot-2020-03-12-at-73624-pm

routing of ua2398

photo ua2398

We took off from Runway 16L and flew the ELMAA 3 Departure, which is standard for all flights to San Francisco. Then we flew south at 37,000 feet. We made 2 turns over the Mendochino National Forest, but I don't know why. We commenced our descent north of Santa Rosa.

After we landed, I headed to the United Club and waited for my next flight, which is where we'll see each other next time. Stay tuned!

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Cabin crew6.5

United Club - Main - A Gates


Seattle - SEA


San Francisco - SFO



Of the 4 United flights I took on this trip, this one was the weakest.

+ Friendly ground staff at SEA
+ Comfy Economy Plus seat with great legroom
+ Great views
- Meh service
- Poor food selection

It was a typical domestic flight, though probably one of the worst United crews I have had.

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