Review of Egyptair flight Budapest Cairo in Economy

Airline Egyptair
Flight MS752
Class Economy
Seat 41H
Aircraft Airbus A220-300
Flight time 03:15
Take-off 28 Dec 19, 14:55
Arrival at 28 Dec 19, 19:10
MS   #71 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 61 reviews
By GOLD 2940
Published on 6th January 2020
I went to South Africa with my family for the New Year holidays. I had little flexibility in the dates and this is not the period for great discounts. The only reasonable business class rate I had was with EgyptAir. Yes, EgyptAir does not have a great reputation for punctuality, customer service or onboard service and Cairo Airport is certainly not considered to be the best airport in the world yet I was looking forward to my trip.

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While my booking was in business class the first segment from Budapest to Cairo could only be booked in economy class.

Budapest Airport used to be a very pleasant mid-sized airport only a couple of years ago where one was able to get from check-in to the gate quickly. However, the number of direct flights has increased a lot in the past few years. While it’s good for those travelling from Budapest, the airport is now synonymous to a crowded terminal and long queues both at check-in and security.

Budapest Airport has two working terminals, 2A and 2B (Terminal 1 has been closed for many years for scheduled flights). EgyptAir uses Terminal 2A. There was no business class counter, only one showing Gold/Silver/EgyptAir Plus. The agent was very far from smiling; moreover, she didn’t know if there was a business class on the flight or If my booking allowed lounge access.

photo 02x

Waiting time for security was about 10 minutes; I found it very positive that electronics didn’t need to be removed from the luggage.

I was admitted to the SkyCourt lounge (in the Schengen area) with no problem – the agent working there was polite and professional.

photo 03x

The lounge itself was a disaster. It was crowded to the point that it was almost impossible to find a seat (the crowd became more acceptable only about half an hour later). These photos show the rare moments where many seats were available for a short time.

photo 04xphoto 05

I arrived at 13.30 and most of the food was what Hungarians normally have for breakfast: bread, ham, salami, cheese and yoghurts.

photo 06photo 07

There were also some cakes.

photo 08

The only hot meal was celery soup.

photo 09

Coffee machine and another machine that was out of service.

photo 10

Soda fountain.

photo 11

Wine was available from the tap – a shame in a country that produces a large choice of quality wines.

photo 12

A small selection of liquors.

photo 13

Scheduled flight departure was at 14.55. A delay of one hour (15.55) was shown on the screens, although flight radar expected a departure at 16.30. This flight is very often delayed.

photo 14x

I went to the gate at 15.45. Passport control between the Schengen and non-Schengen area took only two minutes. Boarding started at 16.00 by bridge. The cabin crew was standing at the door but was not welcoming boarding passengers.

The last passengers were just sitting down when push-back started at 16.20.

The aircraft was a new A220-300, registration number SU-GEY, and was in very good condition.

Configuration is 2+3 both in business and economy class with a movable divider.

Economy class seats on the left side.

photo 15x

You can charge your phone at your seat.

photo 27x

Merry Christmas by EgyptAir.

photo 16x

The overall view of the cabin.

photo 17x

I had seat 41H, the aisle seat on the right side with three seats next to each other.

The plane was about 80% full. About two-thirds of the passengers seemed to be Hungarian tourists but there were also quite a few Egyptian tourists returning from Hungary.

An expected flight time of three hours was announced.

We took off at 16.27 during sunset.

photo 18xphoto 19x

Immigration forms were distributed by the crew without asking the passengers if their final destination was Egypt or if they had a connecting flight to a third country.

Dinner was offered exactly one hour after take-off. There was a choice of beef or chicken.

Beef was good.

photo 20xphoto 21x

Chicken wasn’t.

photo 22xphoto 23x

Coffee and tea were offered after dinner. I had some tea.

photo 24x

The on-board magazine.

photo 25x

EgyptAir’s fleet.

photo 26x

I spent the remaining time reading,

We landed at 20.15 local time for a scheduled arrival time of 19.10. We reached our parking position 15 minutes later. During taxi, several passengers were already standing, walking up and down the aisle and opening the overhead luggage compartments.

Thank you for reading my flight report. Please feel free to comment.
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Cabin crew4.0

Sky Court Lounge


Budapest - BUD


Cairo - CAI



The airport experience in Budapest was not good with unfriendly and incompetent check-in staff and a lounge that was overcrowded and had a poor choice of food and drinks. The flight was late and the cabin crew was not very friendly. Food was plentiful; some of it was good but some not. The best part of the trip was the very modern aircraft.



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  • Comment 536529 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5963 Comments

    Hi David, thanks for another lovely and exotic report as always! It's great to see a report on the brand new MS A220! The cabin looks really nice--I love how A220 cabins are so spacious and bright, which is great for Y pax...though for C pax, it's the same config, so not really an upgrade except for a little more legroom. The meal does seem to have generous portions for a 3h flight, too bad the cabin crew were unfriendly--I would not have expected that from a Middle Eastern carrier.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 537118 by
    airlineflyer 21 Comments

    Great review! Did you by any chance happen to notice if the aircraft had Wi-Fi internet or streaming video available?

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