Review of Thai Vietjet Air flight Taichung City Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Vietjet Air
Flight VZ561
Class Economy
Seat 11D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 08 Jan 20, 14:30
Arrival at 08 Jan 20, 17:15
VZ 10 reviews
By 1018
Published on 15th January 2020

Hello my lovely readers! 

This is my third flight report here. Today I'll bring you travel with me on Thai Vietjet Air (VZ), a Thai low cost carrier with subsidiary of Vietjet Air from Vietnam (VJ). My flight is VZ561 Taichung Airport (RMQ) to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK). So if you're ready, Please follow me ! :)


photo s__12165191

It was my first time for visiting Taichung, another popular city not so far from Taipei much. My flight will depart from here, Taichung Internation Airport (RMQ). So around 12.00 I arrived the airport to head back Thailand.

photo s__12165134

Check-in Processes
When I arrived Vietjet Air's check-in counter I have received a bad news. The check in system got some problems. So all ground staffs (from Far Eastern Air Transport) need to check-in manually. They listed all passenger names on the flight and tick on namelist who has shown at the counter already. Then tick on the seatmap paper. Write passenger's name on Boarding pass. And also checked luggage also receive manual bag tag. OMG this is my first experience!

photo s__12165137-69137

My boarding pass. As you can see I blurred my name. It was written by handwriting of check-in staff.  

photo s__12165136

While I was waiting in queue, the ground staff went to precheck hand carry. And gave me this bag tag.

photo s__12165138

Alright! After I finished security check and immigration processes. The aircraft for my flight today is parking at the gate G5 already. It is A320-200 HS-VKB just landed from Bangkok Suvarnabhimi (BKK) on flight VZ560.

Here's some informations of my flight :)
Airline company : Thai Vietjet Air
Flight number : VZ561
Departure Station : Taichung International Airport (RMQ)
Arrival Station : Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)
Aircraft Type : A320-200
Aircraft Registration : HS-VKB
Boarding Gate : G5
Boarding Time : 14:00 Local Time
Schedule Departure Time : 14:30 Local Time
Schedule Arrival Time : 17:15 Local Time
Flight Duration : 3.45 hours
Seat : 11D >>> then I changed to 12A

photo s__12165139-56667

Boarding a bit delay due to late arrival. 

photo s__12165140

When I am boarding to the aircraft. There're some seat rows with some of red seats in the front (may be more expensive seat selection or skyboss priority?)

photo s__12165141-53112

My Seat
View from my seat, 11D as an aisle. Load factor today quite low but mostly passengers seated on the rear part of the cabin.

photo s__12165142

Seat pitches almost no more space for me even I am 170 cm tall only.

photo s__12165143

Seat Pocket
In front seat pocket contains 4 things inside. Safety Instruction Card, Airline's Magazine, Catering Menu (for sale), and Air Sickness Bag.

photo s__12165144

Safety Instruction shows HS-VKB is Airbus 320-200.

photo s__12165148

Next is Airline's Magazine onboard, I found this page is about Thai Vietjet Air (VZ) and Vietjet Air (VJ) route map.
Thai Vietjet Air (VZ) mostly are domestic and some International routes between Thailand and Vietnam. Only Taichung is Taiwan and it is the longest of the airline.

photo s__12165147

Catering Menu, They provide hot meals on board, Snacks, Beverages and airline's merchandises. I wonder they only accept Thai Baht (THB) and US Dollar (USD) Currencies only. And impossible to pay by credit card also.

photo s__12165145

Red Hot Air Sickness Bag is also inserted inside seat pocket.

photo s__12165151-93926

After aircraft took off and seat belt sign is off. I changed my seat to 12A which is emergency exit seat. And also has more leg room for me.

photo s__12165153

Longer leg room. You can compare with normal seat. It is so much different!

photo s__12165150

In front of you has nothing much. Just tray table and seat pocket. No PTV, no remote control, no charging port, also no coat hanger… as others low cost airlines.

photo s__12165152

Cabin crews start selling foods, beverages and duty free items onboard. I ordered only mineral water. It been served with iced in paper cup, straw and tissue paper.

photo s__12165156

View from my window. Seat 12A.

photo s__12165157photo s__12165160

Let's check aircraft lavatory. Nothing special, just a small restroom as others A320 low cost carrier.

photo s__12165155

Load factor of the flight. I took this photo from the last seat row in front of lavatory. Approximately by my eyes may be 40-50 PAX only.

photo s__12165154

Another side of Emergency exit seats. You can make an easy comparison of the leg room gap between simple seat rows and emergency exit seat rows.

photo s__12165161

Let's skip to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). After Landing, the aircraft parks in the domestic concord due to the next flight is domestic. So I need to get on bus to International Arrival.

photo s__12165163

Thank you HS-VKB for a nice journey from Taiwan back home :)

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Thai Vietjet Air

Cabin crew8.5
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Taichung City - RMQ


Bangkok - BKK



Thai Vietjet Air is one of an OK choice connects Thailand and Taiwan. Espacially if you're planning to travel in Taichung as the first or last city of the trip. And if you're looking for a cheap flight ticket too.

My personal oppinions
- Only one airline operate flight Between Taichung and Bangkok.
- Due to it is a low cost carrier, so air ticket price is cheap and often launch promotion.
- Helpful and friendly cabin crews.

- No online check-in for International routes.
- Very narrow seat pitch (same standard as other low cost carriers), except you'll sit in an emergency exit seats.
- Selling onboard not available for cradit card. Only accept in cash THB and USD currency.



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    ThomasDutch BRONZE 600 Comments
    Compared to any other airline (including LCC), Thai Vietjet is probably the worst airline within Thailand to fly with. Even Thai Lion offers better legroom. Took a flight with VZ about a year ago and with my height of 1.83m I can barely fit.... Huge delays also seem to be very common with them, but thanks for sharing your report!

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