Review of Egyptair flight Johannesburg Cairo in Business

Airline Egyptair
Flight MS840
Class Business
Seat 9C
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 07:55
Take-off 05 Jan 20, 21:45
Arrival at 06 Jan 20, 05:40
MS   #83 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 67 reviews
By GOLD 2564
Published on 11th January 2020
I went to South Africa with my family for the New Year holidays. I had little flexibility in the dates and this is not the period for great discounts. The only reasonable business class rate I had was with EgyptAir. Yes, EgyptAir does not have a great reputation for punctuality, customer service or onboard service and Cairo Airport is certainly not considered to be the best airport in the world yet I was looking forward to my trip.

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We arrived from Durban. Leaving the plane and getting landside was quick. Johannesburg airport is large but nice, modern and easy to use.

photo x02

The check-in area for Egyptair was B1.

photo x03

Check-in was quick and efficiant. Free luggage wrapping was offered, although a tip was expected.

Security was also quick. Only laptops needed to be removed from the bags, not other electronics and no belts or shoes.

Passport control was also quick. Be careful if you travel with kids, especially if only one parent travels with kid(s): a birth certificate is sometimes necessary, sometimes not.

I was asked at check-in if I wanted a smoking or a non-smoking lounge – rather surprising. I went for the non-smoking of course which was the South African Airlines Premium Lounge near gate A7.

photo x04

Staff was friendly. The lounge is huge and offers plenty of seating, although some of the furniture look old and need to be replaced.

photo x05photo x06

Toilets are inside the lounge and so are showers.

photo x07

There’s a good choice of reasonable quality of hot food. I had some lentil soup and beef with rice and both of them were good.

photo x08

There’s a salad bar.

photo x09photo x10

A small choice of desserts.

photo x11photo x12

There’s a serviced bar. The South African chardonnay I had was good. The coffee machine:

photo x13

The view from the lounge.

photo x14

Priority boarding was available and was quick.

A towel and some fruit juices as welcome drink were offered before take-off.

photo x15

Water was waiting at the seat.

photo x16

The amenity kit was the same as on the previous flight.

Push-back was at 21.40 for a scheduled departure time of 21.45. An EgyptAir flight leaving on time! An expected flight time of 7 hours and 50 minutes was announced. Take-off was at 21.55.

Flight information and map some time after take-off.

photo x17photo x18photo x19

The cabin at night.

photo x20

Dinner was served about 50 minutes after take-off. There was no printed menu. Appetizer, salad and cheese were served on a plate. Both of the two small pieces of cheese were basic cheese from the supermarket.

photo x21photo x22

A short time later a choice of three mains was offered from a cart: chicken, fish or beef. I had the fish which was OK but not very good. It would have been a good meal in economy but below standards for business.

photo x23

Dessert was forgotten.

The movie selection seems to be renewed with a very good choice of recent movies.

A pax was listening to loud music when I was trying to sleep after dinner. I had to ask him to stop it which he did. I fell asleep somewhere around Lilongwe.

photo x31

Despite the seat being very uncomfortable for sleeping I slept for several hours as I was quite exhausted. I woke up somewhere near the Sudan-Egypt border.

photo x32

Breakfast was served one hour before landing. There was only cold breakfast which was fine for me. While breakfast was nothing exceptional, it was still better than dinner. Orange juice was served only after I asked for it. Why isn't it automatically offered with breakfast?

photo x33

The cabin crew was fairly efficient on this flight but otherwise only did the minimum, and smiling did not seem to be part of the job.

We landed in Cairo at 05.10 for a scheduled arrival time of 05.45. We reached our parking position at 05.20.
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Cabin crew4.0

South African Airways Premium Lounge


Johannesburg - JNB


Cairo - CAI



Why this flight had some positive characteristics such as an easy check-in, the South African Airlines lounge at JNB and an improved in-flight entertainment, EgyptAir’s business class is behind competition in what’s the most important for many travellers: seats, catering and cabin crew.



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    Aigle_voyageur 793 Comments
    Thank you for this FR.

    A very bad point indeed that menus haven't been given out and even more for the forgotten dessert. Wasn't it possible to ask the crew to change for one of the other choices?

    It would have been a good meal in economy but below standards for business.

    Although I agree with you, I think this is could rather be a "Premium Economy" meal though Egyptair doesn't have a Premium Economy Class.

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