Review of Etihad Airways flight Abu Dhabi Karachi in Economy

Airline Etihad Airways
Flight EY221
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 08 Sep 19, 23:30
Arrival at 09 Sep 19, 02:55
EY   #36 out of 99 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 235 reviews
By SILVER 3051
Published on 26th December 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to another flight report. This time it is going to be on Etihad Airways on a flight from Abu Dhabi to Karachi on an Airbus A320. Firstly a video version of this flight report is available on my channel, for those interested it is linked above.

Anyways my journey didn't start from here rather this is  my transit point from my earlier flight from Karachi onboard a KLM Airbus A330-200 from Amsterdam.  This flight report of  that flight is here:
After getting of my previous flight and  a quick walk   made it to the gate from my next flight. Like many Etihad narrow bodies my gate was bus gate.

photo img-6351photo img-6646photo img-4481

After some time it was time for boarding. While getting off the bus got a good view of the A320 that would be flying me to Karachi that night.A 2008 built Airbus A320-200 with the registration of A6-EII.

photo img-4484

Made my way to seat 21A for the flight. Meanwhile here is the view from my window seat.

photo img-4486

The seat features included a decent sized ife screen, a coat hook.The seat also has some really good legroom, probably one of the better ones i have seen on a320s

photo img-6353photo img-6354

The seat pocket contents consisted of the a320 safety card, wifi connectivity card, "ATLAS" flight magazine and the "Boutique" inflight duty free catalogue.

photo img-4513

Present on the seat were also a comfortable pillow and blanket. For a short flight like this one its nice that Etihad provides  them as most people would want to take a nap on a flight departing at such a late hour like this one.

photo img-6355-99374

The interior  cabin  was overall ok , nothing to fancy.

photo img-4534

Shortly after all passengers had boarded the aircraft the cabin crew distributed a cup of water and refreshing towel.

photo img-6356-70261

We commenced our pushback from our remote stand around 30 minutes behind scheduled departure time. The pilots  was kind enough to inform us that due to airspace restriction around Oman they had to pushback late.

photo img-6648

A quick taxi to Runway 31L and we lift off out of Abu Dhabi on our way to Karachi.

photo img-4495photo img-4498photo img-4505

Shortly after takeoff the cabin  crew distributed earphones to all the passengers.The earphones were not the best but i guess for the short flight they did their job.

photo img-4508

Meanwhile a quick look out my window and its complete darkness, that is definitely a huge negative while flying red eye night flights , you are deprived of some good views.

photo img-4535

Very shortly the inflight service commenced. For this short flight a snack bag was distributed to all the passengers.It consisted of a spinach and cheese ciabatta, a chicken wrap , some kind of sweets , a soft cookie and a bottle of water. Overall i feel that for a flight departing at such a late hour, this has to be the perfect food option rather than a heavy rice meal. The snacks overall were tasty and fresh. 

photo img-4517photo img-4518-87616

The IFE overall was pretty decent as it had a good number of movies, tv shows etc. Although the screen was a little slow and laggy.But as far as  i read Etihad would be scrapping out ife screens from all their narrow bodies  , if that is true than its really sad if the screens are no more.

photo img-6436photo img-6437

For the remainder of the flight watched a few episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine  which has now turned into my favourite sitcoms ever. Are there any Nine-Nine fans out there? With which got myself a cup of coffee to enjoy my show.

photo img-6696photo img-4522

And just like that we started our descent into Jinnah International Airport. Time really went by really quick on this flight.Flying over the huge city of Karachi that houses roughly 19 million people. It is also referred to the city of lights.

photo img-4541

On finals for Runway 25L.

photo img-4548

And we touchdown in Jinnah International Airport on time.Good job my the pilots with the touchdown. Also the pilots were all able to make up of the lost time in the air.

photo img-6705

A quick taxi from the runway to the international concourse  to our gate brings to the end of this flight report. The PIA a320 next to our gate had just returned from Dubai as"Pakistan 214".

photo img-6706photo img-4551
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Etihad Airways

Cabin crew7.0

Abu Dhabi - AUH


Karachi - KHI



Overall i enjoyed my first Etihad experience. This seat probably was one of the most comfortable seats i have sat on an a320 .The snack service was much appreciated rather than a big meal considering the very late time of our flight. The IFE system was pretty good with good movies , TV shows etc although the it was quiet slowly and laggy.Also if i compare this IFE system to the likes of the other two big middle eastern airlines then this is sadly the weaker one. The cabin crew on my flight were overall ok nothing too outstanding but they did a good job on this short flight.To conclude Etihad have a solid economy product an wold love to fly with them again especially



  • Comment 569077 by
    fiftytwo GOLD 962 Comments


    thanks for report . Etihad seems not to bad for middle haul flights

    Etihad would be scrapping out ife screens from all their narrow bodies

    Yes i guess it makes sense , as they are chasing costs and update/maintain IFE costs a lot of money

  • Comment 569184 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5399 Comments

    Hi Triple7Lover, thanks for sharing this report on an EY A320. It's always interesting to see reviews on the ME carrier narrowbodies as they're more rare than reviews on widebodies. Overall a very nice Economy experience for an A320 and yes, it is definitely a shame that they're ripping out the IFE on narrowbodies in favour of streaming IFE, but that seems to be the trend these days to save weight and money on equipment and maintenance. Not surprising when AA and UA do it, but more unexpected from a premium ME carrier. Of course, EY have had so many financial issues these past years that it's understandable.

    I will say the new EY colours look great on the A320!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 569736 by
    Pilpintu 733 Comments

    I see why etihad's economy class is ranked so high on! Great report. Thanks for sharing!!

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