Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Los Angeles in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK009
Class Business
Seat 2K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:55
Take-off 04 Jan 13, 12:50
Arrival at 04 Jan 13, 16:45
TK   #13 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 779 reviews
By 19572
Published on 7th September 2013
It took me one hour at the Hotel Transit desk and then a minibus drove me to the Hilton Garden Golden Horn.

It was the first time I saw a Turkish driver that respected speed limits: without doubt he should know that the warnings
for radar checks were not fictitious ;)

The room was very nice but the buffet breakfast was less good than the Ramada's.
In addition, a large group of Chinese tourists had filled the breakfast room which was not very large.

Very positive : free wifi was available

At 10 o'clock the next morning a van picked me up, then went to another hotel before it dropped all passengers off at the airport after a 50 minutes drive.

After a first security check to enter the airport, I headed to security and immigration checks dedicated to TK's lounge

As the day before there is only one person ahead of me and the astonishment of the immigration officer at my boarding pass already quite buffered, that made him to take a little longer (but he did not ask any questions, he will only write the time of my first entry).
photo 201301LAS_0148 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0149 (Copier)

I was not really hungry but didn't want to disappoint the Do & Co cooks, so I ate a little bit of Apfel strudel and cheesecake.
photo 201301LAS_0150 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0151 (Copier)

The lounge was still great even though I noticed increased attendance: anyway, yet I've never had a problem finding a place
photo 201301LAS_0152 (Copier)

Corporate picture
photo 201301LAS_0153 (Copier)

It changed a few minutes later so here also the last one
photo 201301LAS_0154 (Copier)

It was already time to go at the gate because there were additional checks for flights to U.S. destinations.
On the way I was still on time to spotter slightly

Sun facing, it made difficult to recognize this Air Azerbaijan
photo 201301LAS_0155 (Copier)

This MH
photo 201301LAS_0157 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0159 (Copier)

or this Air Jordan that I'd have the luck to review later
photo 201301LAS_0160 (Copier)

By the other side it is easier to recognize the MS
photo 201301LAS_0163 (Copier)

and A320 Air Scone ;)
photo 201301LAS_0164 (Copier)

Here was a brother of my 77W which will fly me to the City of Angels
photo 201301LAS_0165 (Copier)

Scone Air forced its way among the Turkish tails
photo 201301LAS_0166 (Copier)

I arrived in the boarding area where there is first an examination on the contents of hand luggage
and check of visa / ESTA

I was not able to spot my 77W at the gate : I had to wait the boarding and to take a picture from the jetbridge

Boarding began almost immediately by calling families and business class but there was a big rush
and everyone was rushing in the jetbridge

This was my 77W: Rumeli's first flight on 24/11/2010
Disappointment because there was no wifi on board: (
photo 201301LAS_0168 (Copier)

Unfortunately I wasn't able to have a better picture

I managed to slip (yes it is possible) in the crowd and I get the first in the Business cabin

My seat 2K : full flat bed
photo 201301LAS_0174 (Copier)

Pitch (sorry my legs were not long enough)
photo 201301LAS_0175 (Copier)

View from my seat
photo 201301LAS_0176 (Copier)

Here came the Air Jordan on its way to leave !
photo 201301LAS_0178 (Copier)

The remote control and the outlet
photo 201301LAS_0179 (Copier)

The Ottoman (what could be more natural for TK) with locations for storage and slippers
photo 201301LAS_0180 (Copier)

The seat main control
photo 201301LAS_0181 (Copier)

The table
photo 201301LAS_0182 (Copier)

Our neighbor
photo 201301LAS_0183 (Copier)

Headphone in its storage
photo 201301LAS_0185 (Copier)

Welcome beverage : another one of those delicious juice lemon / mint leaves
photo 201301LAS_0186 (Copier)

Push back

Safety screen
photo 201301LAS_0191 (Copier)

Long haulage

The TK A340 in Star Alliance livery
photo 201301LAS_0196 (Copier)

Unknown to me : Tahran Air
photo 201301LAS_0199 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0200 (Copier)

a TK with a funny livery
photo 201301LAS_0201 (Copier)

The TK Star Alliance takes off
photo 201301LAS_0202 (Copier)

Another company that I've never heard of before : Bosphorus European
photo 201301LAS_0203 (Copier)


photo 201301LAS_0204 (Copier)

Ataturk Airport

Distribution of an oshibori
photo 201301LAS_0210 (Copier)

My cute neighbor sitting in 1K, Leadership's terror, will be very nice and even not cry
Note that she was traveling with her mother and her father who was travelling in PE or eco but was able to access the Business cabin throughout the flight
photo 201301LAS_0213 (Copier)

Distribution of the menu, the wine list and the amenity kit

Wine list : not very brilliant except Gosset Brut Grande Reserve which will be my choice
photo 201301LAS_0226 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0227 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0229 (Copier)

The Amenity kit is branded Crabtree & Evelyn (Is it a brand ?) Such as the cosmetics that it contains and can be used as cover for tablet
photo 201301LAS_0379 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0381 (Copier)

photo 201301LAS_0377 (Copier)

Always snowy landscapes
photo 201301LAS_0214 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0230 (Copier)

Orders by the onboard Do & Co chef

photo 201301LAS_0231 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0232 (Copier)

The Amuse Bouche is very good but there is no more nuts?
photo 201301LAS_0234 (Copier)

The table is set, choice of hot breads
photo 201301LAS_0236 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0237 (Copier)

The beautiful arc we'll fly with some night over Greenland
photo 201301LAS_0238 (Copier)

The appetizers trolley
photo 201301LAS_0239 (Copier)

My choice was an excellent hummus and some shrimps
photo 201301LAS_0240 (Copier)

The trolley service offers more choices but the presentation is not as good as a plated appetizer in galley

Then the Wedding soup (Turkish specialty): I would have eaten more ;)
photo 201301LAS_0242 (Copier)

And tournedos: good, not dry, but I would have preferred a little more raw
The stuffed eggplant was exceptionally good
photo 201301LAS_0246 (Copier)

The toilet where I found a diaper belonging probably to my neighbor 1K :)
photo 201301LAS_0248 (Copier)

The onboard chef for desserts
photo 201301LAS_0249 (Copier)

The trolley with cheeses, fruits and desserts
photo 201301LAS_0250 (Copier)

Same comment as for inputs: the presentation is less beautiful than a plate erected in galley
photo 201301LAS_0252 (Copier)

For dessert my ranking: lemon cheesecake and chocolate mousse, profiteroles and ice cream with mango really too trivial

Then pass another trolley with coffee / tea and digestive

Distribution of small bottle of water and the cabin is darkened

I prepared my list of favorite music and I positioned the Panasonic IFE on airshow
photo 201301LAS_0000 (Copier)

This 77W has two cameras that can show outside views

IFE has crashed but it will restart itself
photo 201301LAS_0253 (Copier)

The remote is displaying the time remaining to the destination
photo 201301LAS_0220 (Copier)

I opened my window when peeking over Greenland but it is night
A little later over northern Canada
photo 201301LAS_0254 (Copier)

Two hours before landing lights are on dim mode
Distribution of an oshibori
photo 201301LAS_0255 (Copier)

Choice between water and a very good quality orange juice (with pulp)
photo 201301LAS_0256 (Copier)

photo 201301LAS_0257 (Copier)

I allow myself a quick photo of the GE90 and non winglet before closing the window
photo 201301LAS_0258 (Copier)

The snack tray: always two appetizers, a hot entree with two choices, cheese and dessert
photo 201301LAS_0259 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0262 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0263 (Copier)

Some croutons
photo 201301LAS_0264 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0265 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0266 (Copier)

An error on the menu, this was not a rice cake but a delicious tiramisu
photo 201301LAS_0267 (Copier)
We flow over Salt Lake City ;)
photo 201301LAS_0269 (Copier)

The Do & Co cook to offer tea or coffee
The kofte arrived : a anecdote my neighbor had forgotten that there was still hot food and had already eaten his dessert
photo 201301LAS_0270 (Copier)

We continued our journey over beautiful snowy landscapes

The always faithful GE90s

An airport ONT? SNA?
photo 201301LAS_0287 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0288 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0289 (Copier)

We flow now over a suburb of LA
photo 201301LAS_0290 (Copier)

Downtown LA
photo 201301LAS_0296 (Copier)

Approach to the airport
photo 201301LAS_0297 (Copier)


Rolling near an A345 SQ
photo 201301LAS_0299 (Copier)

AA : I really want to fly them after reading the FRs of Kim II Flav and Damien ;)
photo 201301LAS_0302 (Copier)photo 201301LAS_0305 (Copier)

an UA
photo 201301LAS_0306 (Copier)

A thought for our Tahiti's friends
photo 201301LAS_0307 (Copier)

and of course for our Taiwan's ones
photo 201301LAS_0308 (Copier)

The route we followed
photo TK009
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Turkish Airlines Lounge


Istanbul - ISL


Los Angeles - LAX



Great crew for a great flight with a great Do & Co catering

The only weakness is the 2-3-2 cabin configuration

The TK IST Business lounge is in my opinion the best *Alliance Business Lounge

Information on the route Istanbul (ISL) Los Angeles (LAX)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 6 avis concernant 1 compagnies sur la ligne Istanbul (ISL) → Los Angeles (LAX).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Turkish Airlines avec 8.1/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 13 heures et 53 minutes.

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  • Comment 86698 by
    Papoumada GOLD 7355 Comments
    No photos but the photobucket logo... :-(

    Only the videos work.

    Hope you can fix it soon.
  • Comment 86708 by
    AirCanada881 1616 Comments
    The photos worked yesterday but today indeed the photos are not working, I suppose we can thank Photobucket's greedy paws for this!

    Superb FR as always, having recently flown TK I can definitely say it was one of my best experiences ever. Do you still stand by your opinion that the J product is not good value for money compared to their comfort class product?

    Thanks again!
  • Comment 86783 by
    indianocean SILVER 7574 Comments
    Wonderful report as usual.
    The menu is tantalizing and the food looks absolutely delicious.
    TK utterly deserves its Best European Airline award.
    Thanx for this experience
  • Comment 86840 by
    A380B77W 4295 Comments
    This is an awesome FR !!!!!! Thanks you :D

    Amazing wing view <3 and great service by TK !

    Beautiful spotting at LAX !!

    The airports before Downtown LA are San Bernardino and Ontario.
  • Comment 86843 by
    jam 2001 Comments
    Thank you for this wonderful FR as usual ,

    Very nice pictures ,nice to have had the Azerbaijan 767 ,

    very good catering EK , I love their catering on board,

    À bientôt

  • Comment 86845 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Thanks for this beautiful and comprehensive report! The catering looks very good and is well presented. Beautiful aerial photos! knowing your habits I'm shocked that's all you ate in the lounge :-)
    p.s. the diaper in the lav...EEEEEWWWWWW!!! Even in J people can be disgusting. Seriously...there's a trash bin 2 feet away--use it! YUCK lol
  • Comment 86846 by
    Papoumada GOLD 7355 Comments
    A real 007-like report.

    The grasitude food is gorgeous, the crew does a great job.

    Maybe the red wine list may be improved.

    Scenic views from the sky.

    Thanks for that photobucket-free report.
  • Comment 87429 by
    ROBT760 1 Comments
    Thanks for sharing, nice report.

    The airports you flew over just before landing were:

    Slightly A shaped configuration is SBD (Formerly Norton Air Force Base) San Bernardino, CA
    Mostly Parallel Runways = ONT Ontario, CA
  • Comment 89193 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Wonderful report with amazing pictures. Istanbul is one of my favorite cities and TK's catering is one of the best in the industry.

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