Review of Japan Airlines flight Tokyo Paris in Business

Airline Japan Airlines
Flight JL405
Class Business
Seat 8K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:35
Take-off 31 Aug 13, 11:10
Arrival at 31 Aug 13, 16:45
JL   #6 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 152 reviews
By 23128
Published on 10th September 2013
Note : this FR has been originally published in french (FR4712)


I'm pleased to share with you with this flight operated by Japan Airlines. Already had the opportunity to flew with them but today the flight is special. Indeed, JAL is a good company in term of catering and services but so far they were only offering lie flat seats. But, at the beginning of this year, JAL has introduced a novel concept called Sky suite on their 777s with a novel business and first cabin class with real lie-flat seats. Since July, JAL is operating a flight between Paris and Tokyo (JL 405 / JL406) with a retrofitted 777 so it was the opportunity for me to discover and to share with you the experience in this new business class.

The routing for this journey :

- Amsterdam (AMS) - Paris (CDG), Air France, AF5376, Premium Eco., A321, FR4696 in french
- Paris (CDG) - Tokyo (NRT), Air France, AF278, Premium Eco, B777-300ER, FR4699 in french
- Tokyo (NRT) - Paris (CDG), JAL, JL405, Business, B777-300ER, right now

Early in the morning, I woke up for taking my bus for Narita
photo IMG_8307

After a 1H30 journey with a shuttle bus (pretty convenient as it's connecting directly my hotel to the airport), I'm standing in front of the terminal 2.

photo IMG_8340

I'm going to business counter for getting my boarding pass. The check-in made by a nice lady has been fast and efficient. She took also her time for explaining me the location of the various JAL lounges in the terminal.

photo IMG_8350

Flights timetable, my flight for Paris is announced on time.

photo IMG_8347

Thanks to a priority lane for business passengers and frequent flyers, the security check was done quickly.

photo IMG_8356

Let's go to the Sakura lounge !

photo IMG_8359

This L-shape lounge is pretty big and bright and also equipped with design furnitures.

photo IMG_8365
photo IMG_8369

Really surprised by this poor foods and drinks selection and I got the impression of being in a UA lounge :-)

photo IMG_8361
photo IMG_8363

In fact, there is a catering area and you must go upstairs for finding it.

photo IMG_8373

Once upstairs, it's really a different lounge with a consequent offers of cold and hot dishes : eggs, sausages, noodles…

photo IMG_8371
photo IMG_8379
photo IMG_8375
photo IMG_8376

Annoyed by the noise of this crowded lounge, I moved toward the other part of terminal by using a small automated shuttle.

photo IMG_8380

Spotting session :

- B787 bound for Boston

photo IMG_8384

- A330 China Airlines

photo IMG_8388

- 767 JAL pushback

photo IMG_8390

- A330 CX bound for Hong-Kong

photo IMG_8426

- a second Dreamliner bound for Helsinski

photo IMG_8428

I'm not a big fan of spotting so it's time for me to go the Sakura lounge located close to my departure gate. As usual, I got a warm welcome but simultaneously by 5 cute JAL girls…. waaaoww

photo IMG_8392

Getting to the lower level dedicated to the business passengers as the ground level is for first class passenger only. No surprise with a lounge similar to the one I visited 1 hour ago but it's smaller and less crowded.

photo IMG_8405
photo IMG_8399
photo IMG_8397

There is also a relaxing zone and also you can enjoy a massage in massage armchairs.

photo IMG_8413
photo IMG_8415

The foods and drinks offers is more restricted compare to the main lounge but we can also find here sushis and sandwiches.

photo IMG_8407
photo IMG_8401

My small selection

photo IMG_8403

Here we can have a nice view on the tarmac but unfortunately it's exclusively JAL aircrafts.

photo IMG_8410
photo IMG_8416

My plane for France

photo IMG_8394

It's time now to join my gate.

Still 10 minutes before the boarding as mentioned on the boarding pass but everything is quite calm at the gate.

photo IMG_8433

The boarding is delayed at 10H45 and the team in charge of it start to prepare everything.

photo IMG_8437
photo IMG_8439

photo IMG_8440

After the usual greetings from the staff and first class passenger boarding, it's my turn to board.

photo IMG_8442

I can now discover this Sky suite. My first feeling is that it's pretty crowded with a configuration a la BA. The major difference is that the configuration is 2-3-2 ( stagerred seat with a slight gap between the seat position) implying that there is much more room than with the BA's configuration (2-4-2).

The cabin colors are warm with a common motif found on the headrests, pillows and on the mattress that can be put on the seat. The mattress is currently stored in the luggage compartment (blue bag on the picture).

photo IMG_8468
photo IMG_8445
photo IMG_8472

Focus on the seat, the pillow is a high quality ergonomic pillow.

photo IMG_8462

The ottoman seems to be in leather and you can have an idea of the pitch which seems to be infinite.

photo IMG_8457

The screen is pretty big and on the next picture you can observe the shifted position of my neighbor's seat.

photo IMG_8446

The privacy is absolute and I can say that I have a suite a la EK but much more smaller :-)

photo IMG_8473

Seat remote control.

photo IMG_8454

and the IFE's one which is tactile.

photo IMG_8452

Active noise canceling headset Panasonic.

photo IMG_8697

In my point of view, the only drawback is the seat accessibility for seats located either at the window or in the middle of the cabin. Indeed for accessing them, you should better be slim otherwise you must select an aisle one !!!

photo IMG_8469

There is no welcome drink but FAs are giving us a bottle of water.

photo IMG_8477

FAs are also offering newspapers in japanese, english or french.

photo IMG_8475

Pushback almost on time (10 minutes delay).

photo IMG_8483

Security announcement

photo IMG_8485
photo IMG_8488

During the taxi, I can see aircrafts that are not belonging to JAL or Oneworld

photo IMG_8489
photo IMG_8493

and especially our famous french grouper-fish in the distance.

photo IMG_8496

Take-off for a 11H40 hours flight which is pretty short today with an expected landing 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo IMG_8501
photo IMG_8511

Once the Pacific cost reached, the plane makes a U-turn.

photo IMG_8515
photo IMG_8519

Mount Fuji, somewhere on the picture :-)

photo IMG_8517

Narita just below us

photo IMG_8523

and we are following our journey to Paris. Please also note the quality and resolution of the IFE screen.

photo IMG_8537

As said previously, the IFE remote is tactile and the Magic 5 system is the next generation of JAL's IFE. The number of movies available is OK but far away from what we can find on SQ or EK.

photo IMG_8531
photo IMG_8541

Once the cruising altitude reached, a first drink was proposed by the FA with a very simple choice : orange juice or champagne. Cheers !!!

photo IMG_8545

and a second FA is coming with a hot towel.

photo IMG_8549

The menu is then distributed and I'm really surprised by the diversity, the richness and the quality of all dishes offered for a business class. The JAL service menu is pretty simple. Indeed after a classical service for lunch where you can choose between a japanese and a western style menu, you can order anything you want up to 1H30 before landing.

photo IMG_8554
photo IMG_8565
photo IMG_8568
photo IMG_8569
photo IMG_8571
photo IMG_8575
photo IMG_8579
photo IMG_8581
photo IMG_8585

The lunch started with tasty amuse bouche (AJililo garlic prawns and sweet corn mousse with sea urchin & consomme jelly) and a glass of excellent riesling made in a small alsatian village where my parents are living !!

photo IMG_8592

The starter is a selection of nine seasonal colorful delicacies in Kobachi bowls (don't be afraid I'm writing a FR and not poetry). Really speechless with the outstanding qualities of fishes and vegetables used to prepare theses small starters.

For a convenient association :-)
photo IMG_8565
photo IMG_8607
photo IMG_8609
photo IMG_8611

The main dish came and again it was really good and just want to say that the cutlassfish was outstanding.

photo IMG_8615

While waiting for the dessert, playing a Pac-Man or a Tetris is quite relaxing :-)

photo IMG_8627
photo IMG_8629

and finally, the dessert is served. Excellent like the whole lunch.

photo IMG_8621

We are now flying over Russia.

photo IMG_8635
photo IMG_8633

A coffee is served by the FAs but unfortunately there is no expresso so to get over this, I'm ordering a cognac :-)

photo IMG_8637

Before having a small nap, I want to explore the aircraft.

photo IMG_8648

The economy cabin with a 3-3-3 configuration.

photo IMG_8651

The premium economy section

photo IMG_8653

I'm making my bed but don't you think that something's missing ??

photo IMG_8665

It's obvious, the mattress is missing and very quickly a FA is coming for installing one on the seat.

photo IMG_8670

The seat in bed position is really comfortable and I felt asleep for a 3 hours nap and when I woke up, we were close to the Arctic Ocean.

photo IMG_8674

Small tour around the galley where FAs are preparing foods and drinks for the cabin. I really admire the way they have been hardly working with always a smile. Close to the galley, a dedicated space acting as a bar is available. Quite surprising as you can have everything you want directly at your seat.

photo IMG_8683
photo IMG_8680
photo IMG_8676
photo IMG_8678

It should be possible to order directly with the IFE remote but unfortunately the order function was not active on this flight.

photo IMG_8659

It's now time for a snack and I order the smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel sandwich. It was also really good.

photo IMG_8685

We are still flying over Siberia.

photo IMG_8688
photo IMG_8694

When we went along Sweden, I made a last order and choose the lobster which was really tasty.

photo IMG_8698
photo IMG_8702


photo IMG_8710

Then Netherlands

photo IMG_8716

We are now close to Paris

photo IMG_8725
photo IMG_8728

Landing 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo IMG_8730

After a long taxi, we arrive at the terminal 2E

photo IMG_8743
photo IMG_8748

Before leaving the aircraft, a last view of the business class cabin.

photo IMG_8752

Here we have the first class seat with a similar configuration to the business but with much more space :-)

photo IMG_8756
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Japan Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

JAL Sakura Lounge


Tokyo - NRT


Paris - CDG



had high expectations level before taking this flight and I have absolutely not been disappointed. I read that the seat was awarded by Skytrax as the best business class seat for 2013 and even if I can have doubt about Skytrax impartiality, I can only say that the sky suite concept is excellent. Moreover, the combination of this novel business class cabin with a high quality catering and services by FAs lead to a product that is comparable to SQ, NH and top business class products. The IFE is the only weakness of the product due to a limited number of movies available compared to various companies.

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  • Comment 86872 by
    Planet Earth 880 Comments

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience on the new business product of JAL.
    Great seat, great food, great crew, what else ? ^^
    The JAL lounge is a little bit disappointing for Asia. I found ANA lounges are better.

  • Comment 86880 by
    marathon GOLD 9819 Comments

    Nice to see again this FR that I compared with mine, on a flight the day after on the same route (AF in Y+). The lounges seem marginally better than the Skyteam one, in terms of catering and view. Plane spotting from the lounge seems limited to JAL aircraft, though - this is a usual disadvantage of airline's lounge at its hub; you get more diversity from an Any other airlines lounge if it offers a view on the Any other airlines gates. Thank you for the translation effort !

  • Comment 86956 by
    lagentsecret GOLD 12455 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this flight report

    I got the impression of being in a UA lounge :-) OMG that doesn't sound good ;)

    This new JL Business class is amazing and very impressive, especially the food

  • Comment 90017 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this experience on JL's new J cabin. With JL it's hard to find flaws when it comes to catering and crew. I think this is a cultural thing since you can pretty much expect the same level of attentive service from F to Y. The only negative thing that I have found with JL is the lack of an amenity kit in J. As a matter of fact it seems that this is the only carrier that do not provide one in this cabin. NH did not have one in J either and recently introduced one with L'Occitane toiletries.

  • Comment 377527 by
    flywunala 158 Comments

    Hello Denzee.
    8K is a window seat, isn't it. Does the partition work like BA's , i.e. flight attendants putting it down each time they come to you for meal and service etc... ?
    Also, was the selection of movie comprehensive (such as SQ or EK/EY) including European movies ?

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