Review of Ryanair flight Tours Marseille in Economy

Airline Ryanair
Flight FR7709
Class Economy
Seat 33F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 30 Nov 19, 15:00
Arrival at 30 Nov 19, 16:20
FR   #21 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 265 reviews
Published on 19th February 2020

Hi everybody

Needing to attend a meeting in the morning in Tours and needing to go to a party in Aix en Provence in the evening, I decided to take the plane for some reasons :
- I wanted to try the airport of Tours(TUF)
-The airport is located at 5min by walking from my meeting (accesible with the tramway from the city-center)
-I never took FR and I wanted to try their so famous model.

I booked the fly one month ago for 23€ (with two cabin luggage and a priority acces)

I arrive in TUF one hour before the flight

photo img_0614

The FIDS (one flight for Marrakech and an other one for Porto took off in the morning) :

photo img_0615

Despite the airport is very small, it has a restaurant :

photo img_0616

Before passing the security check, someone from RYR staff checked our boarding pass and the good respect of our luggage creating a small queue

photo img_0617

Two luggage carpets in TUF. Enough for the traffic of this airport

photo img_0619-36909

The security checks would be passed in less than 2 minutes with a very nice staff.
I arrive in one of the two boarding gates : one for the priorities and one for the other
The way to show the destination doesn't look very professionnal

photo img_0620-44206

We understand who is the master of the place

photo img_0621

When I arrived at the gate, our plane was about too land

photo img_0622

Our plane arrived and parked so he doesn't need anyone for the pushback

The boarding is launched on time with the respect of the priority

photo img_0635

It's always a pleasure to be so near of an airplane by accessing the aircraft thanks to the tarmac

photo img_0636photo img_0634

Doar instant for the fans :

photo img_0640

The seat given by FR : 26E

photo img_0641

At the opposite of what I was expecting, the pitch is very ok

photo img_0642

However, I noticed our flight was operated by MaltaAir and not bt Ryanair

photo img_0644

After boarding, I changed my seat for the 33F with 3 seats only for me.

photo img_0646photo img_0648

We leave on time

photo img_0649

mood-lightning is activated

photo img_0652

I was surprised not to see any add on the racks at the opposite of what I saw on your reports about Ryanair.

photo img_0650

We take off.
Then, a turn to the left.
We oversee the Loire and the city center of Tours.

photo img_06611

Then, Saint Pierre des Corps

photo img_0664

The Cher

photo img_0667

Then, we overpassed the coutryside of Tours.

photo img_0668

Yhen, we will get 10min of heavy turbulences while the crew will continue to make the service. It was strange for me to see that despite the heavy turbulences, Ryanair keeps the service continuing while other airlines won't.
The crew was very professionnal and nice. Despite their French was not so good, they tried to answer all the demands the passengers had.
They would make 3 turns of BOB and made announcements to announce the special deals. It really looked like I was watching adds on TV.

However, I will buy an airplan model.
For 10€, I will receive a model of a B737Max8 FR.

photo img_0669

Surprising, as even in the BoB magazine, it is also a B737-800 classic.

photo img_0670-26592

I think FR anticipated the arrival of their new airplane before Boeing had issues with it.
We start our descent with the Mediterranean sea for landscape.

photo img_0673

Half-turn over the calanques.

photo img_0677

Then, over Marseille

photo img_0678

The Vélodrome stadium

photo img_0679

Notre Dame de la Garde

photo img_0680

The old port

photo img_0683

We are well flying over Marseille

photo img_0685

Then, landing 20min before time at MRS under a very nice sun. 
B757 DHL 

photo img_0687

Embraer 135 Hop!

photo img_0692

A320 family AZ and AF

photo img_0694

Then, big surprise
Ethiopian with B787

photo img_0695

AH in B737

photo img_0696

We would park next to an other FR in Mp 2

photo img_0697

An other picture of the surprisng B787  

photo img_0700

Finally, thanks to our B737-800

photo img_0703-35259

I would be out of the airport in 5min and will take an express coach (L40) for 7€, that will take me in 30min in the city-center of Aix en Provence.  

photo img_0704

Thanks for reading
See you soon
Papa Sierra Golf 91 

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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Tours - TUF


Marseille - MRS



An OK flight with FR. A very professionnal crew with a wonderful CC. Happily, for Tours, this flight is very cheap and convinient.
TUF is a small airport, wchich is convenient and easily accessible from the city-center by a tramway (1.70€) with wonderful facilities compared with the traffic the airport gets.
MRS is a convinient airport, whic purpose numerous lines to join all the Region of Marseille.

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