Review of Shanghai Airlines flight Shanghai Taipei City in Economy

Airline Shanghai Airlines
Flight FM801
Class Economy
Seat 36L
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 13 Nov 11, 09:35
Arrival at 13 Nov 11, 11:15
FM 30 reviews
By GOLD 3658
Published on 11th September 2013
This is the final leg of my vacation:

Taipei TSA – Shanghai Pudong PVG (Shanghai Airlines 802) in French here, in English there
Shanghai Hongqiao SHA - Xiamen XMN (China Eastern 5661) in French here , in English there
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Shanghai Pudong PVG - Taipei TSA (Shanghai Airlines 801) in French there , in English here

I arrived very early at the airport – why linger once ready to go since the traffic will be worse later, even though it is a Sunday.

photo P1170893a

Hong-Kong and Macau have been returned to China, with highly special status which makes them similar to a foreign country with regards to immigration and customs controls. Taiwan is de facto an independent country, even though China keeps claiming that it is part of China. For that reason, I shall board from the international and Hong-Kong, Macau and Taiwan flights sector (this is a reminder for those who did not read my previous FRs)

photo P1170905a

This is PVG's Terminal 2.

photo P1170895a

There are also many international (and HK, Macau, Taiwan ;) flights at Terminal 2: the list which is displayed here is a reminder that Shanghai is with Beijing and Hong-Kong one of China's three major gateways to the outside world. We'll see that later during the plane spotting phase of this FR.

photo P1170896a

Two and a half hours before take-off, there is nobody at check-in, but it has opened and I'll have Boarding Pass Number 1: zero waiting, and the staff that you can see standing will check me in immediately. FM is now part of Skyteam, and I gave my FB number (I had left my FB membership at home). The staff calls a colleague, then confers at length with another. I understand nothing of what they say for the simple reason that they all use Shanghainese, a Chinese language which is very different from Mandarin. The entire vacation was actually in regions of China where the mother tongue of the local is not Mandarin and therefore totally unintelligible to me: they use Shanghainese in Shanghai, Hokkien in Xiamen and Quanzhou, Cantonese in Guangzhou, Hakka in Yongding. And they talk Taiwanese in Kinmen, which I could not avoid visiting from Xiamen. But all the people I met spoke more or less fluently Mandarin, with sometimes a strong accent.

Anyway, all this chatting is about what my FB Gold card entitles me to, and it does provide me access to FM's lounge. It may be the first time that in three years in China that it is of any marginal use to me.

photo P1170902a

Note the way that in pinyin (the transcription in Latin letters of Chinese, which is now official in both Mainland China and Taiwan), Taipei is actually spelt Taibei, which is much closer to its pronunciation in Mandarin. I masked my name, but there was an inversion of letters in my name due to an error of the travel agency, which did not generate any difficult in any of my flight inside China, and to/from Taiwan during that trip. From my experience, if the passport number is correct, and if the last name + first name is reasonably nearly the same, there is no problem in China. In the US, it is another story; I know something about it.

photo P1170955a

PVG is one of the major airports in the world whose configuration is easiest to grasp to a first time visitor: two straight and parallel terminals, connected in the middle by a pedestrian corridor, the whole thing being forming the letter H. At the center of the H, parallel to both terminals, there are two hotels which can see here in front of Terminal 1 in the background.

photo P1170903a

Both terminals are very wide and uncluttered; I never saw them clogged with passengers. A children playground is on the left. The panoramic assembly of several pictures with Autostitch distorted the floor which is flat, of course.

photo P1170914%252520pano%252520a

Free access to the internet, at these open access computers or by wifi, but like anywhere else in Mainland China, Flight Report is considered as a subversive website, and therefore blocked by the Great Firewall, the nickname of the Chinese internet censorship.

photo P1170913aphoto P1170937a

The end of the terminal was then curiously unused, but it is nevertheless beautiful. Since then, I saw in the FR posted by another traveler that this area is now being used.

photo P1170927%252520pano%252520a

The windows provide an ideal view on the plans pier side, which come from all over the world. The only problem is the sun's direction: in the morning, you either can see the right side with poor lighting against the sun, or the left side which is partially hidden by the jetbridge. Ideally, one should board at Terminal 2 for a morning flight and at Terminal 1 for an afternoon flight. No matter which terminal, the natural haze together with the pollution severely reduces the view on planes parked away from the terminal.

I am not going to list all the aircraft and airlines; no doubt that you will have no problem to identify them. They all are long haul aircraft, because Shanghai' geographical position is such that most destinations are remote.

This CX aircraft ends my plane spotting. FM's lounge is called D77: it may not be very poetic, but it makes it easy to find next to gate D77. EK's lounge F75 is evidently in the immediate vicinity.

photo P1170938a

A welcoming smile when arriving by the escalator or the elevator.

photo P1170940a

Maybe I should not show the lounge's wifi code, but it is of little use because both wifi networks of the lounge (SALAP1 and SALAP2) provides zero signal, whereas the free wifi coverage of the terminal, accessible to anybody from anywhere is working correctly.

photo P1170941a

At first sight, the location of FM's lounge is not very good for audio comfort, in an open mezzanine in the terminal, but the terminal is actually very quiet: there are quite few flight announcements, at a muted sound level, and the loud speakers must be highly directional, because I do not remember hearing them in the lounge. The PA system of the terminal is actually excellent, which is unusual. On the other hand, low quality loudspeakers in the lounge send too loud boarding announcements to the passengers who are there.

photo P1170942a

A general view of the terminal from above.

photo P1170949a

There is little choice in the food section, but at least there is one. There are maki in the Japanese food section, of low quality as usual in China. The few Chinese and European dishes are OK.

photo P1170944aphoto P1170945a

The big white box with blue labels is a chopsticks sterilizer/dispenser. If you never saw one before, you may look for chopsticks for quite a while, especially if you are in a company restaurant where there has never been forks and knives.

photo P1170946a

I do not remember seeing alcoholic beverages stronger that these brands of beer. There is also tea, coca-cola, water… I did not draw a complete list.

photo P1170947a

… and also a decent coffee machine.

photo P1170948a

Actually, the only advantage of this lounge is the modest food and drink offering, because everything else is available to any traveler in the terminal: quietness, space to sit without being next to each other, wifi access, power plugs to recharge your favorite toy.

The other marginal advantage of my FB Elite status is this VIP bus instead of the ordinary passenger bus, because my plane is not parked pier-side. It is really very comfortable, and I continued my FR there, with my laptop on one of these tables.

photo P1170956aphoto P1170957a

The plane's parking position was quite remote, next to three other identical ones.

photo P1170962aphoto P1170966aphoto P1170964a

Aircraft door closing, pushback for a hundred feet or so, and waves of the ground staff after displaying the front wheel locking pin marker.

photo P1170971a

A tiny sign of FB Elite+ status: a glass of fresh water. OK, this is only water, and I do not really need it.

photo P1170972a

The seat pitch is ordinary: this is the result for a standard sized passenger, my size is as most people know adapted to economy and low cost travel conditions :-)

photo P1170974a

I do not know if it is a consequence of the load ratio (80% or so), or of a deliberate strategy to provide added comfort to Elite passengers flying economy (something that CZ does officially), but the middle seats of the first economy seats are all empty, although they could be used if the plane was full. Seat 36L is indeed located in the sixth row of the economy section, whose numbering starts at row 31, behind two rows of business seats, like with CZ.

The flight attendant does not give me a choice and serves me the omelet breakfast (announcing the name in Mandarin), whereas my Asian neighbor is given the choice and chooses the Chinese version. I do not like Chinese breakfast very much, so I do not need to complain, even less so that my breakfast is actually delicious, way above the standard fare in economy in Chinese domestic flights (the price per km is also much higher…). The coffee, on the other hand, is again quite strange, and has an evident burnt after-taste.

photo P1170975a

The flight is mostly over the ocean, and the weather is quite cloudy.

photo P1170977a

When approaching Taiwan, the ceiling is very low, so much so that the tip of the 500m tall Taipei 101 tower is in the clouds. The advantage is that since I land roughly at noon solar time, on runway 09 as always, I have a very good view of Taipei, which would have been in a dramatic contre-jour by fair weather.

This wide green area is a former branch of the river Danshui, which serves as a floodable area in case of a flood caused by a typhoon. There are only non-vital installations which are easy and cheap to clean up after being drowned: grass, sport fields, cycling lanes. Together with the mountains which surround Taipei, they are the green lungs of Taipei. They are a typical example of areas of little interest for the temporary visitor, but which provide significant quality of life to Taipei residents. In the bottom, the confluent of the Dahan river on the right and the Xindian river in the background, which become the Danshui downstream on the left.

photo P1170980a

Another view of the confluent

photo P1170985a

The Taipei Bridge in the foreground. In the background, on the right bank of the Danshui, the heart of the city center.

photo P1170989a

The tallest building here is the Shinkong Tower, which was for a long time Taipei's tallest building.

photo P1170993a

In diagonal from bottom left, the viaduct of the subway's Danshui line, which goes underground in the city center. There is a soundproofing cover before the Minquan West Road station in the background.

photo P1170995a

You can't find this ovoid building on Google Earth. No wonder: it was built in 2010 for the World Floral Expo.

photo P1170997a

I never managed to have a satisfying picture of the labyrinth in the Xinsheng park. The World Floral Expo was also held there; it was over six months before that flight.

photo P1170999a

There is nearly nobody at Taipei's premier plane spotting location which I described in my FR of the flight out of Taipei. Small wonder on such a cloudy day.

photo P1180003a

Two corporate jets seen during taxiing

photo P1180006a

I was last to leave the plane in order to take a picture of the economy cabin and the usual to rows of business seats.

photo P1180009aphoto P1180010a

The plane arrived pier-side at the gate furthest away from the immigration control, with a long corridor providing an ideal view of the tarmac, with no obstruction and facing towards the north, therefore with ideal lighting at whatever time of the day, with Yangmingshan National Park in the background. Plane spotters cannot resist, and half a dozen take countless pictures, all the more so that no airport staff pushes us towards the exit: they are cool on such matters in Taiwan.

Two FAT MD-83s

photo P1180014a

Two private jets

photo P1180015a

The 738 which I just left. As far as air purity is concerned, there is no hesitation between Shanghai and Taipei, even when the cloud ceiling is very low.

photo P1180018a

Note the brand new Skyteam sticker: all FM planes in PVG did not have it yet.

photo P1180017a

A China Airlines A330.

photo P1180019a

A JAL 767 with the new logo (see the old one in the FR of the flight to Shanghai).

photo P1180023a

They may not be as much plane spotting to do as in PVG, but here, you can do when you fly out and in, whereas this is possible only when departing from PVG.

Alongside this corridor, information panels retrace TSA's history

photo P1180021a

… and promote Taiwan, which deserves it. As far as professional excellence is concerned, my own experience is mixed, but it is like restaurants: the kitchen is often less clean and tidy than the room where customers are served.

photo P1180024a

Taiwan's natural sites, monuments and other tourist attraction are not world famous, but they have not been damaged by mass tourism.

photo P1180025a

And Taipei is at the top level when it comes to the sincerity and quality of its welcome of visitors.


It was the end of my vacation, but it felt good to be back in a country where they speak Chinese, but where drivers stop in front of pedestrians and where FR is not blocked by the censorship. It was the end of my vacation, but it felt good to meet again my Taiwanese colleagues with whom I could talk freely in public about their country's politics. It was the end of my vacation, but it felt good to resume my Chinese language classes, which made it possible to spend two weeks in China without using English. It was the end of my vacation, but it felt good to feel at home so far away from home.
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Shanghai Airlines confirmed its position as one of the best airlines in the Skyteam alliance, well ahead of some of its more prominent members.

(to the administrators : please reference for PVG the Terminal 2 International Lounge n° 77, that of CX was the only one available in the drop-down menu)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Shanghai Airlines avec 7.5/10.

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    Thank you for the English reboot of your vacations.

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    Thank you for this report, very interesting views before landing in Taipei ? Is Taipei's underground completed ? My hotel and office in Taipei are in Nanjing rd (East if I remember well) and the middle of the road seems to be a perpetual construction site ?
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      Since the opening of its first line in 1996, DORTS (Taipei's Department Of Rapid Transit Systems) has only 4 of the future 13 line network in revenue service. Construction of these lines has a history of being late, like the Songshan-Xindian line which will serve your office. It will take a generation to complete the network, but the existing one is already a key factor in the quality of life in Taipei.
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    Very nice report thanks. As always the Chinese know how to impress with their ultra modern and functional architecture, I love the terminals in Asia, spacious, bright and cozy. the spotting is well done, I'm sad you weren't able to catch a glimpse of any maple leaf birds though :) Catering seems above average for what I'd classify as a short haul flight, ah the coffe... Is it ever possible to have good coffee on board an economy class ticket??

    Thanks for sharing

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