Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Kuala Lumpur Singapore in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH609
Class Economy
Seat 5F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 27 Mar 13, 22:50
Arrival at 27 Mar 13, 23:45
MH 207 reviews
Published on 7th September 2013
I reach the terminal : it's 5:30am and activity is limited
Directions to the MH transit counter are poorly signaled

I issue my boarding pass and I head to the MH lounge
photo 201303TYO_0312photo 201303TYO_0314

At the lounge there is a misunderstanding because looking at my boarding pass the hostess told me I am in the wrong place.
and I have to catch the train to another terminal.

Not knowing where I am I think I was in the secondary terminal and follow her instructions
Upon reaching, all I can find is a regional lounge :(
photo 201303TYO_0315

I return to the main lounge and explain to them that this is where I want to stay !
They let me in, I go towards the showers but no staff around.

After fifteen minutes a stewardess arrives and gives me a towel and shower amenities
5 showers are available all showers and toilets , I mean that there is no wc only

Everything is old in this area although it does not really show on the pictures.
There is no bath mat , shower door does not close properly so floor is flooded when I step out of the shower.

Before taking my shower I asked to have a rest room and so I found the key on the door lock .
I met a staff who asked me my boarding card : he will keep it as long as I will be in the room

Again this is much more quaint than the pictures are showing
photo 201303TYO_0321photo 201303TYO_0323photo 201303TYO_0324

The worst is the non adjustable air conditionning, making the room a refrigerator
Fortunately because there is nobody else in the lounge I rest several hours despite the door is glazed

When I wake up I get my boarding pass back and head to have a lunch at the restaurant
photo 201303TYO_0332photo 201303TYO_0331

photo 201303TYO_0328photo 201303TYO_0329

I ask for champagne to be poured
photo 201303TYO_0330

an unknown brand but it is light and good , only not chilled enough

Views from the lounge : it is pleasantly situated with a great view of the tarmac :) I like it
photo 201303TYO_0334photo 201303TYO_0327

Cream of wild mushroom
photo 201303TYO_0333

this is very average : it looks like a Knorr soup (wink to Number_2 )

When talking about food , now is leading a smurf
photo 201303TYO_0335photo 201303TYO_0340

He just parked in front of my table
photo 201303TYO_0341

on the left there is a QR
photo 201303TYO_0343

While waiting for my main I have a look at the buffet

It's far from the quality of the CX HKG's buffet
my choices
photo 201303TYO_0356

then comes my main
Lamb leg
photo 201303TYO_0357

This is deception : the meat is fat and jelly : (
photo 201303TYO_0359

Meanwhile the ballet of arrivals and departures takes place
photo 201303TYO_0360photo 201303TYO_0361

a MH airplane in OW livery
photo 201303TYO_0366photo 201303TYO_0368

QR push back
photo 201303TYO_0369photo 201303TYO_0372

Having finished my dining experience I chose a chair to rest while spotiing

I continue to watch the smurf
photo 201303TYO_0383

Yum to be loaded with anise chicken ;)
photo 201303TYO_0384

a company reported by marathon( )
photo 201303TYO_0386

Inter terminal train already presented by DURIAN ( )
photo 201303TYO_0388

The fast track voucher distributed during my former CX flight and that I find now
photo 201303TYO_0389

Note the spotter comfortable position ;)
photo 201303TYO_0390

The smurf push back : its stay was about an hour
photo 201303TYO_0391photo 201303TYO_0397photo 201303TYO_0398

a MH
photo 201303TYO_0399

then a Silk Air
photo 201303TYO_0400

an Ethiopian
photo 201303TYO_0401

a SQ is just parking in front of me
photo 201303TYO_0402photo 201303TYO_0408

Corporate picture : a CDG-SXB by Denzee ( )
photo 201303TYO_0409

Ah, but here comes a fellow flyingjapans' airplane
photo 201303TYO_0411photo 201303TYO_0412

The cigar room
photo 201303TYO_0414photo 201303TYO_0415photo 201303TYO_0417

RJ is coming
photo 201303TYO_0420photo 201303TYO_0421

it parks next to the SQ
photo 201303TYO_0423

A MH with a retro livery it seems ?
photo 201303TYO_0424photo 201303TYO_0425

SQ push back
photo 201303TYO_0426

Ah but which one? Nan allo but what ;)
photo 201303TYO_0431

What a weird livery !
photo 201303TYO_0432

The buffet is set up for dinner time
photo 201303TYO_0435photo 201303TYO_0436

This is part of what was served to me for Lamb Leg dish :(
photo 201303TYO_0433photo 201303TYO_0434

My selection: quiches I ate before and ayam Massak kicap good but very spicy
photo 201303TYO_0437

It is time for me to join my departure terminal
Arriving at the regional terminal I can not resist to take a picture of this wall of Kit Kat
photo 201303TYO_0439

The models already presented by DURIAN
photo 201303TYO_0440

The terminal is large and quite nice although personally I do not like these airports which are IMO too much mall oriented
photo 201303TYO_0441

I go to the regional MH lounge which has no section First inside
photo 201303TYO_0442

The hostess at the entrance takes time to scan my boarding card and typing on her keyboard but forget to mention that my flight was an hour delayed

It's nice but it's faded

I 'm taking a shower
I've been given a towel and shower amenities at the entrance
This time there are only 3 showers / WC and 3 wcs / wcs only
photo 201303TYO_0443photo 201303TYO_0444

The door does not guarantee the privacy of the place but I 'm not shy !
photo 201303TYO_0445

Always the same : there is not a bath mat so the ground is wet and it's difficult to find a dry area to put his feet on when dressing

An unused bar
photo 201303TYO_0446

The restaurant area
photo 201303TYO_0447

the buffet

I really have the feeling that these lounges have been great a long time ago but it's over now
photo 201303TYO_0461photo 201303TYO_0466

The rest of the living room with views of the apron : unfortunately it is dark

Very nice picture of flights' display screen
photo 201303TYO_0467

My selection: grilled spicy chicken way better than any KFC chicken ;)
photo 201303TYO_0468

A lassi apricots for the trip
photo 201303TYO_0469

I head to the gate
photo 201303TYO_0470photo 201303TYO_0471

Here is what that should suit Florent ?
photo 201303TYO_0472

Ah Harrods
photo 201303TYO_0473

Here is Teksi ;)
photo 201303TYO_0474

My flight is definitely on time:(
photo 201303TYO_0475

By the way a French man gets hangry at the gate agent because of the delay
We enter the departure room after security check ( different lanes men / women)
photo 201303TYO_0476photo 201303TYO_0477

This is not my plane : mine is behind , you can see the tail but it is the same 737-800 model
It's 9M-MLG which first flight was on 25/08/2010

Boarding begins on time (new schedule)
The cabin looks older ?
photo 201303TYO_0490

The pitch is great at the forefront because of this cut
photo 201303TYO_0486

But the seat is slightly narrower due to the tablet in the armrest
photo 201303TYO_0489

Safety card
photo 201303TYO_0487

Pouch contents
photo 201303TYO_0488

The cabin
photo 201303TYO_0492

The First Officer (CDB ??) apologizes for this long delay due to late arrival of the aircraft Bali
This is the result when the cabin is lighted unexpectedly ;)
photo 201303TYO_0491

Distribution of salted snack to be chosen in a basket
photo 201303TYO_0493

Two passages of beverages presented on a tray
photo 201303TYO_0494

For 35 minutes of flight announced it is correct

Landing at SIN and disembarking

View the 2+2 Business cabin
photo 201303TYO_0495

Great light show in the jetway
photo 201303TYO_0496

overlooking the carpet SIN ( dedication to pititom ) prelude to a long walk to Skytrain
photo 201303TYO_0497

SIN is definitely the Asian FRA
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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Malaysian Airlines Golden Satelite Lounge - First Class Section


Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Singapore - SIN



Rather quite disappointed with the MH lounges, especially the First lounge and especially for food : Golden Lounges have always had a great reputation

For the flight itself apart from the delay I don't want to penalize a lot because inconsequential for me and the captain apologized

The FAs were smiling and prodessional

An ample snack was given relative to the flight time

Information on the route Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Singapore (SIN)


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  • Comment 87211 by
    offcm 957 Comments

    thx for this FR 007. i'm disappointed by this lounge.

  • Comment 100273 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this report and giving us an accurate picture of MH products.

    Rather disappointing lounges, especially with the decoration of what appears to be grissinis suspended in the air.

    Nice shoes.

    Royal Brunei has a very simple livery and uninspiring livery.

    How can a shower room not have a bolt to lock it? Good thing that you are not shy. You don't happen to be a nudist, are you? ;)

    Wow! glad to see Harrods. That is one BIG bear guarding the entrance. It should deter some shoplifters.

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