Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Frankfurt Feldkirchen bei Graz in Economy

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH1260
Class Economy
Seat 14F
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 14 Mar 20, 08:10
Arrival at 14 Mar 20, 09:25
CL   #88 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 239 reviews
Published on 11th April 2020

Report No: 2020-302E

Ladies and Gentleman,

Welcome to this very interesting and thrilling Flight-Report series as the COVID-19 situation in the world affected my travel plans, however, not this time as I was able to return back to Europe as planned with some minor changes. This series would contain 2 parts, with 5 flights all on Economy Class, covering 3 different airlines, 6 different airports, 5 different lounges and 5 different aircraft types.

As I was heading to Graz, Austria for a day event, I have decided to use an open-jaw United ticket, which I was unable to use in the last few months which led me to fly IAD-FRA on United and FRA-GRZ on Lufthansa CityLine. As I paid change and service fees around $250 + fare difference to reactivate this Economy Discount ticket, I stuck with traveling on Economy Class for this occasion. ( Changes were made early January ).

The second part of the report would contain a small review of the Schengen Lufthansa Senator Lounge in FRA Terminal 1A and a flight overview of a small intra-European Lufthansa Cityline flight onboard their Embraer ERJ-190.

The first part of the routing would be revealed at the moment, but unfortunately, you would need to stay tuned with Flight-Report for the second part.

Pax for this flight

Business Class: No idea
Economy Class: %60-70 


After arriving from my United flight which parked at gate Z20, I followed the signs for A gates. No security was required for this transfer, however, a passport check was required and as the non-EU lane was empty, I was in the Schengen area within 3 minutes. There is a mandatory duty free passage after passport control.

photo img_1409

Boarding pass for this flight

photo img_0430


As I headed to the lounge, my boarding pass beeped red as there was a physical card control required. After swiping my physical card to the machine, I was admitted into the Senator Lounge.

The lounge was emptier than usual, but a reminder that it was a Saturday morning.

photo img_1410-43517

The offerings in the Schengen Lounge is the same as the exact same offerings as the Non Schengen Lounges. Here are the hot plates

photo img_1413


photo img_1414

Yoghurt, granola and some cakes

photo img_1412

Drinks available today

photo img_1411

As I needed a shower, I headed to the shower just after leaving my stuff to my seating area and learned that I would need to wait a bit and I was handed a pager. After 10 minutes, one of the shower cabins were available. For those who are not familiar with FRA, generally, the waits here are much longer than 10 minutes.

photo img_1415-62620

The shower which had L'Occitane products.

photo img_1416


After having a shower, I left the lounge to head to my gate as boarding was still going to start. Our flight was going to depart from gate A52.

photo img_1418

No aircraft connected to the jet bridges and a Mercedes Citaro waiting for us at the ground level. We were going to have a bus journey before our flight.

photo img_1420

25 minutes before scheduled departure time, boarding has begun with the respect of group numbers, however, all passengers would have been transported to the aircraft with the same bus.

photo img_1419

While descending to the ground level, to board the bus, I have noticed that the UA 777-200ER who brought me from IAD was still there.

photo img_1421

From the bus

photo img_1422-86010

And my plane spotting adventure has started just after the bus left the gate.

photo img_1423

Lufthansa jumbo-jets

photo img_1424

LH Boeing 747-400

photo img_1425

Lufthansa dominates Terminal 1A+ gates

photo img_1426

A Lufthansa A320 passing by

photo img_1427

Is LSG Sky Chefs still active?

photo img_1428

D-AIGO which took me from BOS to MUC, 9 years before.

photo img_1429

D-ABYI is also one of the Lufthi aircrafts that I took before back in 2016 when it had the Fanhansa livery

photo img_1430

D-ABYL, also someone familiar, which also has it's own Flight-Report

photo img_1431

Some LH aircraft parked due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation

photo img_1432

Lufthansa A340-600

photo img_1433

Another LH 747-8I

photo img_1434

Lufthansa Cargo 777F

photo img_1435

Some more wide-body aircraft parked at remote stands

photo img_1436

And here's our aircraft: D-AECG

photo img_1437photo img_1438

Boarding was made through the front door.

photo img_1439photo img_1440


My original seat for this flight was 14D so I first sat there. The seat was comfortable. I always find these Recaro seats super-comfortable and ideal for short or medium haul journeys.

photo img_1441

And had decent legroom.

photo img_1442

As soon as boarding finished and bags were loaded, the passenger in seat 14F wanted to move to an empty block, so I took the window seat and the aisle seat left empty.

photo img_1443

Here is the seat pocket content. Nothing surprising

photo img_1444

Hmmmm, some ads from Turkish companies in the Lufthansa Magazin

photo img_1445

Information about our aircraft

photo img_1446photo img_1447

Route map. It's super interesting that FRA-GRZ is not marked on the route map. This route was operated by Austrian in the past but then shifted to Lufthansa early this year.

photo img_1448

Map of FRA

photo img_1449

A LH Cargo 777F was heading to the runway

photo img_1450

And as we were parked close to the runway, after a short taxi.

photo img_1451

We were departing towards Graz.

photo img_1452

And we're in the air

photo img_1453photo img_1456

Shortly after the seat belt signs have been switched off, the meal service has begun. Today's meal was a freshly packed veggie sandwich which was delicious.

photo img_1457

And as a drink, I've opted for a tomato juice.

photo img_1458

Some mountains

photo img_1459

And we're descending

photo img_1460photo img_1461photo img_1462

And we've landed to GRZ

photo img_1463

Some private jets and education aircraft

photo img_1464

The terminal

photo img_1465photo img_1466

An Austrian Dash-8

photo img_1467

And we have parked next to that bird

photo img_1468


After saying goodbye to the crew, I have left the aircraft from the front door.

photo img_1469

A last photo of D-AECG

photo img_1470

And after a short walk, we were inside the terminal of Thalerhof Airport.

photo img_1471

Bags have arrived within 5-10 minutes without the respect of priority tags, however, as most passengers did not have checked baggage, both of my bags were within the first 20 bags.

photo img_1472

GRZ does not have that much traffic. Mostly to Germany.

photo img_1473

And after checking the train schedule, I have headed to the check-in counter to recheck by bags to my final destination at my second ticket later in the day.

photo img_1474

After checking my bags through XXX, I have left the airport

photo img_1479

And after a short walk of 350 meters, I have arrived at the train station

photo img_1480

A S-Bahn train going to the opposite direction which I would go.

photo img_1481

I was the only one waiting for the train.

photo img_1482photo img_1483

And, now it's time to end this report.
The series would continue at the next report.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you on another report. 

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Cabin crew8.5

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Frankfurt - FRA


Feldkirchen bei Graz - GRZ



The short hop from Frankfurt to Graz was a decent experience and an overall expected Lufthansa experience. Frankfurt Airport was less crowded than usual being a Saturday and was super efficient in terms of passport control, even for non-EU citizens. The lounge in FRA was emptier than usual, however, it had the usual amenities, with delicious breakfast food. The shower waits were shorter than usual and after a 5-10 minute wait, I was assigned a shower room. Despite being known for its inefficiency, today's experience was much better and within a 1h layover, I had the opportunity to have breakfast and a shower without any time constraint. Boarding was made a bit later than scheduled, however, it was organized and we departed nearly on schedule. I wasn't able to select a seat due to UA not allowing seat selection on other airlines and I didn't want to pay a seat fee to LH in advance, however, a regular aisle seat was pretty fine to me, after the pax next to me re-seated himself to another row, I had the opportunity to enjoy the whole row. The meal service for this flight was pretty decent and the cold sandwich was pretty delicious. We had arrived at GRZ, 9 minutes before our scheduled arrival time and the baggage wait time was reasonable, however, priorities were not observed during the baggage claim process. Although I was out of the baggage claim hall within 10 minutes after our aircraft has reached its parking position. Although GRZ is a small airport, the transportation options were superbly organized and I have arrived at my destination on schedule without issues, however, waiting for a train 30+ minutes could be bothering. However, I'm glad that I chose UA+LH for this trip as I didn't have any issues in the first part of the trip.

(+) Reasonable passport control wait
(+) Priorities respected during the boarding process
LH SEN Lounge T1A
(+) Reasonable shower wait time & shower amenities
(+) Food & beverage offered at the lounge
LH 1260
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom
(+) Decent meal in terms of flight time
(+) Transportation options to/from the airport
(-) Bags arrived without the respect of priorities



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  • Comment 550512 by
    NewYorker 194 Comments
    Thanks for another great Flight-Report, ISTFlyer! I really like LH's Embraers - they are very comfortable, especially because of that 2-2 configuration. Looks like a normal intra-European LH flight. Nice that they provided a sandwich for such a short flight. Lufthansa has taken over all FRA-Austria flights that OS operated, as part of OS's new strategy of only having flights pass through VIE. Interestingly enough, OS is still operating INN-FRA with their Q400s. I hope that LH takes over that route soon, as they provide better service and their aircraft are nicer, as well. Thanks again, and looking forward to the next installment!
    • Comment 550513 by
      ISTFlyer SILVER AUTHOR 399 Comments
      Hi NewYorker,

      I really like LH's Embraers - they are very comfortable, especially because of that 2-2 configuration.

      - Yes, they are comfortable, especially because of the 2-2 configuration that you have mentioned.
      Looks like a normal intra-European LH flight. Nice that they provided a sandwich for such a short flight.

      - Indeed I was surprised; a friend who has taken this flight before ( with OS presumably ) told me that they gave him a chocolate bar ( KitKat to be specific ) when he flew this route in the past.
      Lufthansa has taken over all FRA-Austria flights that OS operated, as part of OS's new strategy of only having flights pass through VIE. Interestingly enough, OS is still operating INN-FRA with their Q400s. I hope that LH takes over that route soon, as they provide better service and their aircraft are nicer, as well.

      - I have also realized that when I was looking for flights, I have never flown OS yet so it would be nice trying them, however, yes, LH has a slightly better service than Austrian. For the INN-FRA route, I can't say anything as currently, I have no idea about the loads and the aircraft logistics of OS.

      Thanks again, and looking forward to the next installment!

      - Hope to see you there; thanks for stopping by, take care. :)

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