Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Amsterdam in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1953
Class Economy
Seat 27A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 03:40
Take-off 21 Aug 18, 15:10
Arrival at 21 Aug 18, 17:50
TK   #15 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 649 reviews
Published on 18th August 2020

Hello everyone an welcome to another flight report. This time onboard a Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 from Istanbul to Amsterdam. For those interested a video version of this flight report is available on my YouTube channel. It is linked above.My journey began from Karachi , the report from that flight is :

Considering Ataturk Airport isn't one of the best airports around i spent most of my transit time either plane spotting on just napping because my earlier flight was very early in the morning. Here are some pictures that i had taken.Having good spots to take pictures is a  positive i can think of this airport , besides that it really was a mess. I am glad Istanbul has a bigger airport now.

photo img-4071photo img-4074photo img-4081

After some time it was time to board the a330 and no surprise considering this  was Ataturk airport we got a bus gate. Apologise for no ramps shots as the boarding process was very rushed . This was the view from my seat,27A, onboard a 2016 built Airbus A330-300 with the registration of TC-LNG.

photo img-6852

The seat consisted of a really  nice size touch IFE screen and some really good legroom.There was a footrest which maybe on this flight didn't really mean much but on a long haul flight would be very handy.

photo img-4088photo img-6819

The seat pocket contents consisted of the a330 safety card, "Skylife" inflight magazine and a waste disposable bag.

photo img-6839-28171photo img-6837-42760photo img-6838-49105

We commenced our taxi from an oddly placed remote stand that didn't require the aircraft to pushback  , seriously the old airport was so congested that  literally any empty space there was a  remote stand.

photo img-4162

After a quick taxi , we lined up on Runway35L and we lift off on our way to Amsterdam.This definitely was the last time i would take off from this airport.

photo img-6823photo img-6822

After departure we flew over  the massive city of  Istanbul. I have been to Turkey before and visiting this beautiful city again is definitely on my list.

photo img-4102

 We then  flew over what is the now the  new Istanbul Airport. From the sky it looked really nice and grand and i would really love to fly out of it one day.

photo img-4110photo img-6824

For those interested, the departure out of Ataturk Airport is linked above.

photo img-4111

Shortly after departure the cabin crew distributed earphones. In terms of quality they are ok not the best but they do there job.

photo img-6840-97569

Then some chocolate was distributed by the flight attendants. Although it was some good  chocolate, but if i wanted chocolate i would fly on an airline like SWISS. I would have loved if they had served Turkish delight rather than chocolate considering they are the Turkish flag carrier.

photo img-4114-44325

Shortly the lunch service commenced.For the main meal there was an option of chicken or pasta for which i opted for the chicken.It consisted of aubergine stuffed with chicken mince and rice. It was accompanied by cumin yoghurt, strawberry pudding , a bread roll and  a cup of water Also got myself a cup of sprite.The meal overall was filling and tasty. Do&Co are known for there awesome inflight catering and that is definitely one of the reason i enjoy flying with Turkish Airlines.

photo img-4118-33186

The  IFE had good number of latest movies, TV shows games etc. For a flight of just 3 hours long this was more than enough.But with the content present on it a 12 hours flight will go by also easily without any boredom.

photo img-6828photo img-6917

Meanwhile we cruise at 36000 feet somewhere over Europe as we cruise toward Amsterdam. It really was really a nice and pleasant day for flying  with clear views.

photo img-6915

Spoiler alert…..  time to start our descent into Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

photo img-6841

Good evening Amsterdam…also windmills are a clear sign that we are in the windy country. And today we are going for the famous "Polderbaan" approach.

photo img-4136

For those interested, the approach and arrival into Schiphol Airport is attached above.

photo img-4137

On short finals for Runway 18R

photo img-8136photo img-8137

And ……. touchdown in Amsterdam on time. Good job by the pilots  with the really  smooth touchdown.

photo img-4164

We then commenced our very long taxi from the runway to the main terminal building. Seriously this runway is quite far off from the main  terminal building as once you land there isn't any sight of airport buildings only empty grass fields.This definitely can become an issue for people connecting on to other flights as 20 minutes on average goes into taxiing to the gate.

photo img-8138photo img-8139

And after quite some time taxing finally some aircrafts around. A TUI Boeing 767 waiting for us to pass over.

photo img-4142

We parked next to a Corendon Airlines Boeing 737-800 that probably also arrived from Istanbul also but i may be wrong. And this brings us to the end of this flight report.

photo img-8141
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Istanbul - ISL


Amsterdam - AMS



Overall a very pleasant flight onboard Turkish Airlines The seat was really comfortable for the 3 hour flight with some good legroom.The meal served was really tasty and filling and definitely more in quantity as to what to would get on a 3 hour flight with any other European airline.The IFE system was also amazing , jam packed with movies,TV shows and what not to keep you busy.Another feature that other European carriers miss pot on considering they usually deploy narrow body aircrafts on there intra-European flights.My only improvement i would like is a little more engaged cabin crew as after the meal service they completely vanished into the galley.But besides that i think Turkish Airlines are a really good airline and they can

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    ISTFlyer GOLD 368 Comments

    Hi Triple7Lover and thanks for sharing this report,

    I already missed flying from Atatürk Airport, however, you are right that the new airport is much better than Atatürk.

    We commenced our taxi from an oddly placed remote stand that didn't require the aircraft to pushback , seriously the old airport was so congested that literally any empty space there was a remote stand.

    - Hahahaha, once I remember that we parked next to the aviation academy jets as there was no other parking space available. The 45-minute domestic flight had a 20-minute taxi over there, plus a 20-25 minute bus ride to the terminal as we needed to cross the runway set that is currently out of service.
    Then some chocolate was distributed by the flight attendants.

    - These chocolates have "Happy Eid" written on the package. You were flying on Eid Al-Adha religious holiday in 2018 and that's why they gave this chocolate. So, if you have flown on a regular date, you would have not received any chocolate.
    We parked next to a Corendon Airlines Boeing 737-800 that probably also arrived from Istanbul also but i may be wrong.

    - Corendon does not fly to Istanbul, that aircraft probably came from the Aegean region or Mediterranean region of Turkey.

    Once again, thanks for sharing. ?

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