Review of Aerolineas Argentinas flight El Calafate Buenos Aires in Economy

Flight AR1825
Class Economy
Seat 27A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:55
Take-off 06 May 19, 19:05
Arrival at 06 May 19, 22:00
AR 34 reviews
Published on 20th March 2020

Hello everyone!

I am back for my second flight report in English, after some 20 others written in French.

It is a quite simple domestic flight during my trip last year in Argentina, but from the other end of the world for me.

Please also check the bonus at the end of the flight. 

After spending 4 days in the gorgeous region of Patagonia (I know, 4 days are too short by we don't have that much time), and the last day taking picture at Perito Moreno glacier under a very nice sunny weather, we arrive at the airport after a relatively short taxi ride, 700 Pesos (14 euros that time, less than 10 euros today). The terminal is quite small and calm.

photo img_7952

I have some time to finish my empanada for dinner:

photo img_7953

It's time to enter the building:

photo img_7954

Only four daily flights, I imagine in summer there are more. Ours is naturally the last. Notice there is one flight for Bariloche:

photo img_7951

There some people at the check-in counters. However we only have cabine luggages, and already have mobile boarding passes so no need to stand in line:

photo img_7955

The safety check was quite fast:

photo img_7956

There are already some people waiting here, the boarding zone is nice with some natural light:

photo img_7957

The view over Lago Argentino is really nice! Our aircraft has just landed, after a flight from Buenos Aires AEP:

The jetbridge is deployed and the colors of the sky are becoming really beautiful:

photo img_7963

The boarding starts:

photo img_7964

Nice colors and the terminal building on the left:

photo img_7965

Gate time:

photo img_7966-24209

After getting to my seat 27A, I have this view of the terminal building and the air traffic control tower:

photo img_7967

The seat is that same as for the outbound flight from AEP, quite thick and comfortable but the pitch is a little bit reduced, especially for my 193cm:

photo img_7978

The flight is again quite full:

photo img_7968

Time to take off, on time:

photo img_7969

We fly over Lago Argentino, in the meantime it's getting dark outside:

The service begins, just a not too small pack of cereals for everyone, with a cold drink and I took Coca Cola. There is still no hot drink like coffee or tea.

photo img_7974

There is some light down there, but I could identify the city:

photo img_7975

After a flight of 2h30, we are approaching Buenos Aires:

photo img_7976

The roads are really… straight, remind my of the US:

photo img_7979

Quite impressive:

photo img_7980

Landing on time, no PAXbus for us this time:

photo img_7982

No need to wait for baggage:

photo img_7983-56682

The city center is quite close, the taxi (remises) is quite cheap, we need to get a ticket with the amount to pay from the numerous machines in the arrival area, it is quite easy.

photo img_7984

There is a little bit traffic during the night, we arrive at our hotel not far from Obelisco after 25 minutes:

photo img_7985

Thank you for reading this (short) flight report!

Please check the bonus which should be more interesting: 

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Aerolineas Argentinas

Cabin crew7.0

El Calafate - FTE


Buenos Aires - AEP



FTE: Good for a small regional airport.
AEP: Close to city center, taxi and bus are available.
AR: The catering is too simple for a 3 hour flight. Otherwise it is a correct flight.



  • Comment 547278 by
    Christian Gerber 2 452 Comments

    There is some light down there, but I could identify the city:

    Puerto Madryn

  • Comment 547522 by
    KL651 TEAM 4509 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Beautiful bonus.
    Are domestic flights expensive in Argentina?

    • Comment 547523 by
      NKGflyer SILVER AUTHOR 162 Comments

      Thanks for the comment!
      For Patagonia, the flights are expensive. I paid 260 euros for my round trip (more than half of the price paid for my round trip from Paris to Buenos Aires!!!) Maybe because it was weekend and also for that season AR has monopoly on this route, the flights were quite full.
      Otherwise for Iguazu or Salta, it's not hard to find one way tickets at around 50 euros. (Norwegian, Latam and also AR)

  • Comment 547566 by
    Pilpintu 732 Comments

    Hi, NKGFlyer

    Thanks for this beautiful FR that brings back so many nice memories! I visited the area some time ago, but I made it to El Calafate by land, so I didn’t have the chance to see the airport.

    The terminal is quite small and calm.

    A cute little airport, indeed.

    my empanada for dinner

    There are so many kinds of empanadas and “empanad-ish” pastries around the world! Also in my country. But my favorites are Bolivian salteñas, more specifically the Cochabamba version. Unbeatable!

    It's time to enter the building

    Fun fact: Curiously, London Supply has nothing to do with England. It’s an Argentine firm. They built and operate the airport.

    Notice there is one flight for Bariloche

    Hm! I could try that one some day. I live close to Bariloche.

    the boarding zone is nice with some natural light

    I love that! I was at an airport once, in the middle of the desert, where they had to keep the lights on all day. Terrible design. (Read this, Copiapó airport!)

    There is still no hot drink like coffee or tea.

    I can’t believe it!

    There is some light down there, but I could identify the city:

    What you see there seems to be Puerto Madryn, a popular destination among whale watchers.,-65.0282073,10616m/data=!3m1!1e3

    Quite impressive

    I couldn’t agree more. Bs As is huge!

    The city center is quite close

    It’s incredibly close. One day I walked from the Japanese Park, which is just meters from the airport, to the obelisk. It was a beautiful stroll.

    Colors of sunset at Lago Argentino

    Patagonia is a wonderful place.


    Er... I have to point out that they are guanacos. They belong to the same family, though. :) Guanacos are well known around here because they spit at you if you bother them. That’s why water cannons are called guanacos in Chile. In a demonstration: “Corran! Ahí viene el guanaco!” “Run! Here comes the water cannon!”

    View on Ruta 40

    Absolutely breathtaking.

    Thank you very much!! :)

    • Comment 547657 by
      NKGflyer SILVER AUTHOR 162 Comments

      Thank you very much for the comment and also those interesting facts!

      But my favorites are Bolivian salteñas, more specifically the Cochabamba version. Unbeatable!

      I should go there try that some day!
      Er... I have to point out that they are guanacos.

      Thank you for letting me know. I have also seen some in the region of Salta, not sure if they are llamas or guanacos or something else^^
      It’s incredibly close.

      Yes for me it's one of the most accessible airports of the world! But Ezeiza it's a different story. When arriving there we did a bus trip of 2 hour and half! We should have taken the direct bus to Retiro, but the bus trip itself was nice and it's a good introduction to the city and the country!

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