Review of Air Europa flight Palma De Mallorca Paris in Economy

Airline Air Europa
Flight UX1297
Class Economy
Seat 3F
Aircraft Embraer E-195
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 06 Sep 13, 14:40
Arrival at 06 Sep 13, 16:40
UX   #72 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 162 reviews
By 3760
Published on 17th September 2013
Here is my first FR in English.

Vacation time is now over, and to quote Britney Spears in her new song Now get to work b*tch!

During this vacation, we wanted to get away to a close and sunny destination, with nice beaches and if possible some cultural interest.
Well, that pretty much meant Italy, Spain, Portugal or Malta.

We also had a constraint of being gone for less than a week, as I had a special event to go to on september 6th.
We first looked at Malta, being the more exotic of the four. But as Air Malta is the only airline flying from Paris to Malta, they charge pretty much what they want, and the airfares on the dates we wanted were far above 300€ (are you f*cking kidding me?!)
Portugal and Italy were expensive too.

That left Spain, though I wanted to avoid the infamous Costa Brava and its trash scattered around, half drunk under the sun ;-)

I then thought of Mallorca, we had seen a nice documentary about it on TV, and clearly this island has much more to offer than beaches, with some great landscapes, a couple f historical sights and pretty old villages.

As a bonus, we could fly with AirEuropa at convenient times (versus Vueling or EZY) and gain some FlyingBlue segments.

The routing was:

ORY-MAD: 738 (No FR)
MAD-PMI: 738 (No FR either)
PMI-ORY: E195 Here it is!

First, let's start with some pics I took during our stay.

This is the northeastern part of the island (a natural park where our hotel was) which by coincidence happens to be one of the most beautiful part on it according to tourist guides.

photo DSCF5949

The very nice village of Pollença

photo DSCF5952

A castle on the opposite mountain

photo DSCF5955

A view of Bay of Alcudia

photo DSCF5951


photo DSCF5941

Cala d'Or and its cristal clear water

photo DSCF5947photo DSCF5946

We really enjoyed our stay, Mallorca is really beautiful, very clean, roads are easy to drive on and the people we met were friendly. Also, I forgot my camera when visited the city of Palma and that's a shame, because there are numerous beautiful old buildings with mauresque influence and of course the cathedral. I really recommend to sightsee it.

Back to the FR

We were sort of late at the airport, so no lounge time!

By the way, PMI is much bigger than I expected, and depending where you gate is, you may need some time to reach it.

We proceeded directly to the gate where bording started on time.

Unsurprisingly the jetbridge is sponsored by AB, our E195 is EC-LKM

photo DSCF5956

At the door a friendly looking FA was greeting the passengers in Spanish and French

The first 3 rows hada red headrest, as opposed to a grey one in the rest of the cabin, and there is a curtain behind row 3.

For a moment I wondered if I had been upgraded.

The seats

photo DSCF5958

Window view with 2 Germanwings A319, a LH Airbus and another one of AB taxiing

photo DSCF5957

There really are a lot of germans in Mallorca!

We push back on time and the pilot announces a flight time of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

We taxied past this military aircraft, a CASA I think and this DC9 which is in a sad state

photo DSCF5959photo DSCF5960

I had chosen a seat on the right side as it enables a view of the city of Palma when taking off in a southerly direction.

photo DSCF5961photo DSCF5962

The Palma cathedral

photo DSCF5963photo DSCF5964

Another nice spot of this gorgeous island

photo DSCF5970

I kinda like this shot

photo DSCF5971

Leaving PMI behind

photo DSCF5972

And leaving the whole island behind

photo DSCF5973

A ferry on its way to the Spanish mainland

photo DSCF5974

The winglet

photo DSCF5975

The captain made another PA explaining we departed to the north west and would enter the continent near Barcelona before banking on the right and flying straight to Paris.

Shortly after this PA we were treated to a nice view of BCN airport

photo DSCF5976

Then it got cloudy

AirEuropa is BoB airline on its Euopean Y class, though I saw some passengers getting a glass of water for free.

It turned out I didn't get any upgrade as the is no C Class on the PMI-ORY flight.

The FAs were smiling and all spoke French, which was surprising.

I didn't order anything, but a lot of passenger actually did.

Here are some shots of the menu, I found the prices to be reasonable

The flight passed by uneventfully.

It was cloudy when we started our descent to ORY

photo DSCF5977

Sitting on the right side when landing in ORY in a westerly direction also enables a view of Paris.

Some famous towers in a kind of mist

photo DSCF5981

We stumbled upon this Beech 1900D, about to depart for a long haul flight to Caen or La Rochelle lol

photo DSCF5984

Before we parked, this SS A333 taxied for take off

photo DSCF5985

15 min early, we docked at the gate, next to this A319 bound for Montpellier

photo DSCF5986

I exited the aircraft and spotted this 77W pushing back before its flight to FDF

photo DSCF5987

A last view of our aircraft

photo DSCF5988

On the next day KevinDC and his friend arrived in Paris.
On the same evening we went to this special event I had to be back for, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

photo 2013-09-07 21.26.37photo 2013-09-07 22.18.43

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Air Europa

Cabin crew8.0

Palma De Mallorca - PMI


Paris - ORY



AirEuropa was a nice surprise, on each flight we took the crew was friendly and smiling, even if you don't have much interraction with them if you don't buy anything onboard.
There was a newspaper selection at the entrance of the plane for everyone which explains the Entertainment grade.
The front E195 is very quiet and those huge windows a big plus. My friend who's not an avgeek told me how confortable he found the plane.

PMI is an average airport, there is no fast track lane, it's a bit crowded, some parts of it have a fast food stench and I don't like having to pass through a duty free to reach my gate.
ORY was a pain, there was only one belt for our flight and one from Madrid, our bags took 25 to arrive in spite of the priority tag.

Information on the route Palma De Mallorca (PMI) Paris (ORY)


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  • Comment 87624 by
    marathon 9830 Comments

    Two runways at PMI, that tells something about the traffic potential there. Congratulations for your first FR in English !
    PS : do you need to speak German in Mallorca, or can you manage in Spanish ? :)
    PS2 : do not expect this kind of Paris tourist bonus in my FRs ;)

  • Comment 87630 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    A report that starts with a Britney Spears that's good stuff!!
    Yeah, you also had a special event on the 7th! ME and Mylène Farmer! That's too much DIVA for one room, Woooook...LOL :-P
    Beautiful pics of Mallorca. It really is a beautiful island.
    Late to the airport...MMMM hmmm, you're never on time to anything ;-)
    Definitely a nice touch an surprising that the FAs spoke French!
    The BOB prices seem reasonable but I still think it's super LLC-like and tacky not to offer anything considering that Air Europa is supposed to be a legacy-carrier. Silly Spaniards :-) JK
    Nice view of Paris on arrival.
    Thanks for this first FR in English. Very well written and interesting to read (even if I already had a little preview :-)

  • Comment 87657 by
    KL651 TEAM AUTHOR 4526 Comments

    Thank you all for your comments!
    @Pititom: You don't like Britney or Mylène? That's a surprise!
    Yes I liked this German island.
    UX is sure not a LCC, but on the dates we wanted ton fly on, they were charging the same as Vueling.
    @Marathon: No you don't need to speak German to go to Mallorca, except around Palma, Spanish remains the official language ^^
    @KevinDC: You sure like your little previews huh?

  • Comment 87664 by
    lagentsecret 12308 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Nice pictures of Mallorca

    Anyway I miss the quirky and wry humor of your french FRs ;)

  • Comment 87672 by
    A380B77W 4296 Comments

    Thanks for this good FR :)

  • Comment 87676 by
    momolemomo GOLD 8651 Comments

    Wow ! Same island, different country. I'm glad you escaped from the german part.
    Did you use your german or did you learn spanish ?
    Thanks for this first FR in English :)

  • Comment 87999 by
    Jetisfaction 4 Comments

    Hi KL651 and thank you for your report. It's nice to see a positive review of AirEuropa. Normally I don't hear many flattering things about them. Nice pictures from Mallorca too. Never been there myself but it looks like it's worth a visit.

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