Review of Delta Air Lines flight New York London in Business

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL001
Class Business
Seat 9A
Flight time 07:00
Take-off 06 Dec 12, 19:30
Arrival at 07 Dec 12, 07:30
DL   #42 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 780 reviews
By SILVER 13151
Published on 16th September 2013
Hi all,

Although I am generally loyal to SkyTeam (DL and AF mostly), I had some BA Avios to burn from some OpenSkies flights I had taken back when EC served Washington. I therefore decided to route my flights via London-LHR to use my Avios for my next trip home to the Southwest of France for the 2012 Holidays.

These reports were originally published in French and you can find them here:

Routing in English:

JFK-LHR, Delta Air Lines, B767-300ER, BusinessElite [YOU ARE HERE]
LHR-TLS, British Airways, A319-100, Economy - CLICK HERE
TLS-LHR, British Airways, A319-100, Economy - CLICK HERE
LHR-JFK, Delta Air Lines, B767-400ER, BusinessElite - CLICK HERE

Early morning departure from Washington Reagan National. DCA decorated for the Holidays.

photo IMG_0367

I arrived from DC on this CRJ900. I like the fact that Delta has First Class on all larger RJs. I especially like the solo seats on the A side when travelling alone. I didn't do a FR on this flight, but I have some on this route in French that I will translate at some point.

photo 100_4855

It's a beautiful and sunny but cold winter day. I have a long layover and originally wanted to satisfy my AvGeek tendencies by going to a nearby park to do some plane-spotting but the 25F outside temperature quickly dissuaded me from doing that. Instead I'll just do some lounge-hopping! There are lots of opportunities to do some spotting from the Terminals at JFK anyway.

Since Delta Regional flights are mostly at the Old and nasty T2, my first stop will be the T2 Sky Club.

photo 100_4865

A warm welcome from the lounge dragon who prints my BP for my LHR flight because for some reason it wouldn't print out from the kiosk at DCA.

A rare sight…and empty Sky Club! I had a whole room to myself for about two hours!

photo 100_4860

My HQ for the next few hours.

photo 100_4864

Mornings are the only time of the day that Sky Clubs have real food on offer (bagels, mini muffins, and toast), the rest of the day it's pretty much just carrot and celery sticks and crackers/cookies.

photo 100_4863

View from the T2 Sky Club. The Sky Club has a view above the terminal and you can see the tarmac, but if you're a plane-spotter it's not ideal since no windows directly overlook the tarmac.

photo 100_4857photo IMG_0368

AF A330-200 arriving at T1 accross the way.

photo IMG_0370photo IMG_0371

Slowly the Sky Club was starting to fill up so I decided to take a walk over to T1 to see if I could do some spotting there where the traffic is more interesting.

TK 77W in FC Barcelona special livery parked next to the AF 332.

Without going through security you can see some aircraft movements from the windows of the upstairs food court but it's mostly blocked by the roof.

photo IMG_0377photo IMG_0378photo IMG_0379

Delta's Terminal 3 (Former Pan Am World Port) as seen from T1. Sadly less than a year later, T3 has been torn down. Yes, it was a run-down terminal, but I believe that it has as much historical value as the TWA terminal that was preserved.

photo IMG_0380photo IMG_0381

A view of the aircraft from the AirTrain on the way to T5.

Arik Air A340-500, not a very common airline or aircraft.

photo IMG_0382

Air India 77W and Carribean Airlines (Air Jamaica) 738

photo IMG_0383photo IMG_0384photo IMG_0394

Brussels Airlines A333 on the Taxiway

photo IMG_0395

I had planned on visiting the TWA Flight Center but found out that the public does not have access and that it is only open for special events. Oh well too bad. I did take a few pics of the outside.

The old and the new: TWA Flight Center with an SQ A380 in the background.

photo IMG_0390

After my little visit of T5 I headed to T4 continue my lounge-hopping.

photo IMG_0398

The Oasis Lounge. The exterior is a bit tacky but it's a pretty good lounge, at least compared to Sky Clubs.

photo IMG_0399

Although at the time the new Delta T4 Concourse was not open yet, DL did have some flights departing from T4 and the Oasis lounge accepted DL pax travelling International Business Class. I've heard some say that SkyTeam Elite+ travelling in Y could get in as well but have never tried.

Another empty lounge! It's my lucky day!

My VIP section just for me :-)

photo IMG_0400photo IMG_0404

Yay! Real food….you won't find that in the Sky Club :-P

photo IMG_0402

One of the great things about this lounge IMO is the great view of the tarmac. For an aviation dork like me, sipping wine while watching the parade of aircraft roll by is a great way to spend the afternoon.
If you're not a big fan of plane-spotting I invite you to scrooooooll :-)

An Emirates A380 landing, nice!

photo IMG_0407

And here it comes!

A China Airlines B744 pushing back

photo IMG_0418

Swiss International Airlines A333 pushing back

photo IMG_0423photo IMG_0424

Pakistan International Airlines 77L

photo IMG_0426

Virgin America A319

photo IMG_0427

The corporate pic, a Flight-Report tradition.
The headline FR at that moment was an EK flight in First by Leadership, one of the site's founders. So we have EK on the screen and EK in the background outside.

photo IMG_0429photo IMG_0428

A Virgin Atlantic B744 arriving from London-LHR

photo IMG_0431

Around 4PM a Chicken Tikka Massala and a soup are brought out.

photo IMG_0438

It's rush hour at JFK as night begins to fall.

photo IMG_0433photo IMG_0437photo IMG_0443

From the lounge you can also see the control tower and its colored lighting effects.

photo IMG_0440photo IMG_0444

A quick shower before heading back to T3 for departure. The Oasis lounge only has one shower but there was no wait as there weren't many people in the lounge.

photo IMG_0446

A short hop on the SkyTrain and I'm back at T3.

photo IMG_0447

The flight is showing on time.

photo IMG_0448

Security is quick as there are only a few pax ahead of me. Once airside I stop at my gate to check out my plane on the way to the Sky Club. It looks to be a 763ER in SkyTeam livery.

photo IMG_0452

There's about half an hour before boarding and luckily the Sky Club is next to the gate so I stop in for a quick drink or two…or three :-)

photo IMG_0453

My plane in SkyTeam livery seen from the lounge

photo IMG_0454

The Sky Club is pretty full at this time because of all the TATL departures.

photo 100_4866

A DL 744 headed to TLV on the way back to the gate.

photo IMG_0456

Boarding started on time. I had booked my ticket only a few weeks before and was lucky to get one of the last window solo-seats. I prefer the seats in odd-numbered rows because they are against the window and have the large armrest/table between the seat and the aisle so you are more isolated. I find that it's easier to sleep as you don't have anyone knocking into you walking in the aisle.

photo *JFKLHR Seatmap 6DEC

A warm welcome at the L1 door by two FAs. This was my first time in a retrofitted 763ER and I was very impressed by the big difference the new cabin made. Despite its age, the plane looks and smells new.

photo IMG_0457

My seat 9A. Another good thing about this seat is that it is not aligned with the seats next to it and is actually further back which leads to an even greater feeling of privacy. Not to mention that, unlike on the 764s where the restrooms are in the back, the restrooms on the updated 763ERs are in the front so you don't have any foot traffic to deal with.

photo IMG_0458

The cabin from my seat.

photo IMG_0459photo IMG_0461

The Economy Comfort cabin

photo IMG_0460

Upon arriving at my seat there is a comfort kit, a bottle of water, noise-cancelling headphones, a large pillow and blanket already at the seat.

photo 100_4871

The seat in full-flat position

photo 100_4869

seat controls

photo 100_4889

Seat pitch

photo 100_4872

IFE remote in the armrest. Note that the IFE is touchscreen as well but a bit far away.

photo 100_4874

A few minutes after settling in to my seat an FA comes to offer a pre-departure drink with a choice of champagne, orange juice, or water.
Champagne for me :-)

photo 100_4876photo 100_4875

During the boarding process the Chief purser comes to greet each J pax individually and hand out the menus.
Here is tonight's menu

Despite a mostly full flight, boarding is completed about 15 minutes before scheduled departure time. Right before door close the purser returns to take the dinner orders. I like this method better than on some airlines where orders are not taken ahead of time.

The seats next to me stay empty.

photo 100_4877

Ladies and Gentlemen the main cabin door has now been closed. Please ensure that your seatbelts are securely fastened and that all seat backs are in the full upright position.

photo 100_4887

Early pushback while the safety video plays. The new safety video had come out but was not on all aircraft yet at that time.

Surprisingly the taxi time is not as long as I'm used to at JFK, only a little over half an hour.
Some night views of Long Island on climb our of JFK

Hot towels are distributed shortly after take off and before dinner drink orders are taken.

photo 100_4938

More champagne :-) with some warm nuts. Nuts are just better warm.

photo 100_4949

Note that because it is a short TATL flight, the lights are turned out in J. In Y the lights remained on during the diner service. The light from the Y+ cabin could be a little bothersome to some but then again that's what the mask is for in the comfort kit.

First Course: Curried Crab Salad with almonds and canteloupe, cream of vegetable soup, and mixed green salad accompanied by a white Bordeaux
The crab cake/salad is good but a bit dry. The soup is delicious–in my experience soups are always very good in BusinessElite.

photo 100_4953photo 100_4954

Main Course: Beef Tenderloin with Béarnaise sauce, gremolata risotto, and broccolini with garlic accompanied by a Cabernet-Sauvignon
The beef was tender and well cooked with some pink like I like it and the sauce and risotto were delicious.

photo 100_4957

Desert: Crème Brûlée Cheesecake accompanied by a desert wine and a Cognac for after the meal.
The cheesecake was very good. I could have also chosen a cheese course, but I was stuffed from eating so much. There is also the option of an ice-cream sundae but I'm lactose-intolerant so I try not to eat too much dairy although I do eat some (like cheesecake ^^)

photo 100_4958photo 100_4959

An overall excellent meal. Delta sure likes to feed you!

After dinner I put on some music on the IFE and quickly fell asleep….the champagne, wine, and cognac helped :-)
The seat is comfortable in the flat position but some may find it a bit narrow.

photo 100_4962

When I woke up about 4 hours later I found a card to use the Fast-track lane at immigrations and an invitation to the Yotel which Delta uses as an arrivals lounge in London.

photo 100_4971

Breakfast is on the light side but after such a heavy dinner I was totally fine with that as I was not very hungry. Warm croissants are distributed from a basket.

photo 100_4964

Getting closer!

photo 100_4966photo 100_4973photo 100_4980

The lights of London and its suburbs in the very early morning hours.

Early landing and arrival at our gate where we parked next to an Air Mauritius A340

photo 100_5003photo 100_5013photo 100_5016

Our plane in the early morning light. Bye bye N175DZ

photo IMG_0462

Since I have a French passport I opted to take the European Passport holders queue instead of the Fast-Track lane as it was much shorter.
I didn't have any checked bags so I was at the Yotel in just a few minutes where I was able to take a shower and a quick power nap before my next flight.
I really like the choice of the Yotel as a arrivals lounge. I much prefer the privacy and the ability to take a nap and shower in a quiet place than hang out in a lounge with a bunch of groggy people at 6AM.

Thanks for reading!
Let me know what you think–leave a comment :-)
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew9.5

Independent The Oasis


New York - JFK


London - LHR



Flight on-time: early departure and arrival
Comfort: Full-Flat with direct aisle access. The seat is a bit narrow in the shoulder area when in the lie-flat position, however.
Catering: Delicious and generous portions
IFE: Good choice of movies, music, etc, though screen is a bit small.
Crew: Great, very professional and attentive. My glass was never empty which is always a good thing!

Lounges: The Oasis lounge is very good by US standards with real food. The Yotel cabin hotel at LHR is a really great idea. The 2 free hours are just enough time to take a quick power nap and recuperate from a short TATL flight. You also have the option of adding on 4 hours for just 32 pounds (so a total of 6 hours for 32GBP, not bad).

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Virgin Atlantic avec 8.2/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 6 heures et 56 minutes.

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  • Comment 87682 by
    offcm 957 Comments
    hello, beautiful new cabin, the product seems solid from the US (and from US airline). amazing cartering for Delta!
    thank you for your flight report

    see you soon for your next FR... LHR-TLS: Toulouse my city ;)
  • Comment 87685 by
    lagentsecret 12308 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Interesting lounge hoping : I like that ;)

    Comfortable seat with great FAs, good food, what else ;)

    Yotel as arrival lounge is really a great idea

    See you soon

  • Comment 87703 by
    Durian 1170 Comments
    Thanks for this report !
    The chicken tikka in the lounge looks very yummy ! Although a bit surprised to see this meal on the menu in JFK ? Was it on demand or available in the buffet ?
    How much time did you arrive in JFK before your flight.
    « only half an hour of taxiing » ? Did you taxi until Paris ? ;)
    Good flight and product, good job from the crew, great !
  • Comment 87713 by
    Aplane 289 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report!
    Delta has a great business class, I really like this new seat! Much better than Air France businnes class seats for example...
    And this lougne is a REAL to the Delta Skyclub. Very good for a US lounge!
    I should have travel with Delta instead of Air France last summer ;)
    • Comment 281502 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6188 Comments
      Delta Business seats are definitely better than AF's current seats. Once AF has the Cirrus seats they will be in the same league (or a bit better). Yes, the Sky Clubs aren't great--unfortunately mediocre lounges is the norm in the US.
  • Comment 90673 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
    Thanks for this beautifully written and photographed report. When it comes to J cabin, DL is better than UA but needs to catch up to the new AA.

    Your meals look good but in my humble opinion seem to lack a certain refinement that is associated with a cabin in the front. When I fly in J, I expect small touches of luxury that remind me that I am in a premium cabin - whether it is a certain brand of toiletry or an expensive food item like lobster or foie gras.
    • Comment 282962 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6188 Comments
      Thanks! I agree with you, but products like lobster and foie gras are almost unheard of in J on US carriers...In Int'l F sure. Foreign Airlines tend to highlight the meals with these types of high end products, but it is not always successful. Having flown both AF and DL many times in J, I much prefer DL's catering than AF's despite my expensive taste and the fact that AF uses luxury products. AF's catering is often not up to par and poorly presented (mostly due to pre-prepared plates, whereas DL plates the meals in the galley.

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