Review of Viva Air Peru flight Iquitos Lima in Economy

Airline Viva Air Peru
Flight VV403
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 12 Jul 19, 21:20
Arrival at 12 Jul 19, 23:25
VV 8 reviews
Published on 2nd April 2020

Hi everyone!

I came to Iquitos this morning on Viva Air Peru flight VV400. It was a fantastic flight, with the best legroom I have ever seen, a great BOB service, and the most amazing views of the exact point where the Amazon river is born!

But now it's time to fly back to Lima after a surreal day in this city in the middle of the jungle.

By the way, this flight is the fourth leg of this trip around Peru. Here are the links to the other legs:

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But before we head for the airport, let's float a little - they all float down here! (on the river, I mean ) - and visit a special wasi (house)

pre-flight bonus — a house for pilpintus

Iquitos lies at the point where river Nanay meets river Amazon. We'll visit a refuge for… pilpintus. Have you ever seen one? :D

photo img_20190712_115001

To get to the refuge I have to take a boat like the one in this photo along river Nanay to a little place called Padre Cocha.

photo img_0434

The ride lasts about 30 minutes.

photo img_0439

Rivers are the highways of the Amazon.

photo img_0442photo img_0445

Just like in normal highways, you can stop for a snack here and there…

photo img_0446

…though these stops are usually out of reach for the locals. Wages in Peru are extremely low.

photo img_0447

I forgot to ask about piranhas. Are there piranhas in this river? I hope there aren't, because I'm keeping my hand in the water!

photo img_0450

And here we are at Padre Cocha.

photo img_0453

It's a very little town…

photo img_0454

…with narrow paths instead of streets.

photo img_0455photo img_20190712_123358

I walk happily for some minutes… until I realize I'm lost! Luckily, a motokar comes my way and offers to take me to Pilpintuwasi. This path is the entrance.

photo img_20190712_124939

Pilpintuwasi was born when the owner of this property, grew interested in local butterflies…

photo img_20190712_124955

…and started doing research about them. She has found, for example, that many endangered species depend on one single, particular kind of plant to eat and lay their eggs. This has helped to understand how local ecosystems work.

photo img_20190712_125111

Here's one of her babies. There are many of them around her, actually. In fact, pilpintu wasi is Quechua for butterfly house! A house full of pilpintus!

photo img_20190712_130547

You can see them here in several stages of development. All of these are real, living baby butterflies…

photo img_20190712_130600

…and the plants they depend on.

photo img_20190712_131614photo img_20190712_131643

In time, Pilpintuwasi has welcomed other creatures that also needed a home.

photo img_20190712_133822

A tapir.

photo img_20190712_134512

A sloth.

photo img_20190712_135054

This is the only decent photo I was able to take of a pilpintu. They are incredibly active!! Besides, there was a group of visitors at the moment, so the butterflies were always flying around or away. This butterfly is brown on the outside, but blue on the inside.

photo img_0459

You can see the owner of Pilpintuwasi showing her work, and explaining the same things I learned when I was there:

It was a beautiful experience but it's getting late. It's time to go back to Iquitos for a late lunch.

photo img_0474

As you see here, you can also traverse the Amazon in style.

photo img_0476

I wonder how much longer will the pristine jungle around Iquitos last.

photo img_0479

I wish the city were as pristine as the jungle!

photo img_0482photo img_0483

I understand that Iquitos is an isolated place, but it's also a tourist spot! The Bellavista Nanay area (from where the boats to nearby towns depart) could really use some investment!

photo img_20190712_143910

We engage warp speed from Bellavista Nanay to downtown Iquitos along La Marina Avenue, but a sudden shower forces the driver to stop and deploy this innovative high-tech rain shield. And this is also where I almost broke my spine because of a pot hole. It hurt!

photo img_20190712_144305

I found this plastic cockade in the mud around the dock. I think that Peru is awarding it to me for my reporting services. I'll wear it proudly.

photo img_20190712_144311

Upon arriving downtown I ask the motokar driver if he knows some place where I can try the local cuisine. At that very moment we are passing by a well-kept old building. He stops and says: That seems to be a restaurant!

The atmosphere inside is relaxed. The furniture is of good, heavy wood. There's low, calm music playing, and some affluent-looking people are talking in an affected way around a table at the other end of the room. "Should I stay or should I go?" I think to myself. But the menu is very convincing. They specialize in local food, which is precisely what I'm looking for.

This is their statement hanging on the wall. The name Iquitos is based on the name of the local original inhabitants, the Ikíitu (ee - KEE - ee - two) people, and this is what the restaurant was called because they want to promote the local cuisine.

photo img_20190712_151016_1

So, what does the Amazon have to lure my empty, yet flabby belly? I love trying new foods and flavors, so I choose the weirdest name in the menu. I order ungurahui juice. And it's heavenly!! Later, I learn that it's the fruit of a palm! Here's a photo.

photo img_20190712_150512

Then comes a big glass of arazá juice (I'm terribly thirsty!) along with the main course, which consists of yucca and other wonderful vegetables, aaaand these nuggets… that are not chicken… nor fish… nor pork… nor anything I have tried before. They are a huge revelation! The meat is a bit like chicken, but much better. Can you guess?

photo img_20190712_151751

It's lagarto, which is Spanish for alligator or lizard. What kind of alligator? No idea! I only know that it was de - li - cious!
That's how coronaviruses start spreading among people. I feel guilty now! XD

photo img_20190712_155139

This video shows how lagarto meat is sold  at a local market.


After dining on the maneater and going for one more stroll around the city, I hail my last motokar of the day…

photo img_20190712_172329

…and gladly surrender one more percentage point of my hearing capabilities…

photo img_20190712_172334

…for a final ride in this noisy but unforgettable means of transport. 12 Soles (4 USD) to the airport. Una ganga!

photo img_20190712_172348

For your information, IQT is not any airport.

photo img_20190712_172356

It's the largest airport in the Amazon. Show some respect.

photo img_20190712_172406

It's located 7km from downtown Iquitos…

photo img_20190712_172412

…and serves about 1 million people every year.

photo img_20190712_172420

A (blurry) sight of the main hall…

photo img_20190712_172601

…to the right…

photo img_20190712_172605

…and to the left.

photo img_20190712_172608

A bit further left you find some services…

photo img_20190712_172611

…souvenir shops (exceptionally good prices for an airport!)…

photo img_20190712_172635

…ATMs, cafeteria…

photo img_20190712_173814photo img_20190712_173840

…even bank offices!

photo img_20190712_173822

…and an assortment of shops. Here on the right you see the access…

photo img_20190712_173903

…to the boarding room.

photo img_20190712_173921

Bottom left is the arrivals area that we saw in my previous report.

photo img_20190712_174001

People are enjoying the warm tropical evening outside. Not me. 25°C is already too much for me, let alone 30 with this level of humidity.

photo img_20190712_174025

It's supposed to be cooler inside…

photo img_20190712_173729

…but they keep the doors open all evening. There only air conditioning system…

photo img_20190712_184940

…are those fans!! What's the point of blowing hot air to an already languishing passenger? I'm soooo tired…. it's so hot in here….

photo img_20190712_184911

…and nobody seems to care!!!! I think I'm gonna die here. Steamed like a dumpling.

photo img_20190712_184915

At long last! They open the counter at 7:23.

photo img_20190712_192533_1

That short-haired lady is determined to prove that her bag complies with the airline's baggage size policy. She forces the bag into the measuring bin savagely… and it gets stuck! And it gets stuck FOREVER!! When it's my time to go to the counter, she and that airline lady are still pulling and huffing and sweating… in vain. Where are men when you need one?! XD

photo img_20190712_192910

Boarding pass.

photo img_20190712_194006

Can you hurry, please? I really want to get into that plane.

photo img_20190712_194103

The boarding room is spacious…

photo img_20190712_195148

…and it's divided into at least two different areas…

photo img_20190712_195209

…with all the amenities you might expect…

photo img_20190712_195200

…including a cafeteria that sells home-made food.

photo img_20190712_195203

This reminds me that I will arrive at my Arbnb after midnight, and I'll be hungry. So I buy these two examples of a local delicatessen called juanes. At first I thought it was one juan, two juanes, but it turned out to be one juane, two juanes. These banana leaf packets look interesting, but they are filled with simple chicken and rice. I had been told they were wonderful, but I didn't like this airport version very much.

photo img_20190712_203800

Peruvian Airlines will be late, as usual, but at least it's confirmed.

photo img_20190712_195342

Enter text here…


Oh, God. Thanks for this view! I'm so tired.

photo img_20190712_210823

The apron is lit with an ugly yellow light. I wonder if there's some practical reason for using yellow light.

photo img_0487

Somebody help that lady!

photo img_0489

Our turn.

photo img_0490photo img_0491

Goodbye Iquitos. You're interesting, but one day of you is enough for me.

photo img_0492

If I'm coming back? Mmm… maybe. For some more lagarto, perhaps!

photo img_0493

The seats in this cabin are much closer to what I've seen in other cabins. In my deep ignorance, I just fail to understand what that square in front of me is for, and the purpose of that space with the sign "Do not remove." Whatever was in there seems to have been removed already!

photo img_0494

And, boo hoo, no trace of the great legroom in my inbound flight.

photo img_0496

The tray table is larger, at least…

photo img_0499

…and decorated by a local artist.

photo img_0501

Safety card.

photo img_0502photo img_0503

The armrest is showing signs of wear.

photo img_0504

Not squeaky clean. But, exhausted as I am, I deeply appreciate the possibility to recline my cushioned, non-ironing-table seat.

photo img_0505

While waiting for takeoff, I see this phenomenon for the first time ever. Lots of steam coming out of the air conditioning vents!

photo img_0506

It's not just "a little" steam!

I guess it's due to the high humidity and the heat outside. The air moisture condenses into steam in the cooler cabin. And I'm right. Here's the scientific explanation

no empanadas

We take off in the middle of the night. Not much to see outside. Shortly after takeoff the FAs hand out the menus. The alligator is long gone by now, so a little snack will be welcome. What about some Peruvian empanadas?

photo img_0510

Or the veggie that I tried this morning and was so good? I think I'll go for it.

photo img_0511

Aaaand… there you are, little friend!

photo img_0512photo img_0513

Veggie? "No hay, señor." Empanadas? "No hay, señor." I'll have to make do with a lame cheese sandwich, the only thing that "sí hay, señor." :(

photo img_0514

Nothing special, this coffee. LATAM's Colombian Juan Valdez is much better.

photo img_0515

Cecilio thinks the size is not bad.

photo img_0519

Let's see this beauty!

photo img_0516

Isn't it lovely?!

photo img_0517

Needless to say, I quickly fall asleep after this unforgettable day. I just can't believe the things I've seen, the people I've met… and the food I've eaten!!

The landing announcement wakes me up. LIM is as yellow as IQT.

photo img_0522photo img_0524

We're welcomed at a remote position.

photo img_0528

Straight to the exit…

photo img_20190712_235613

…and I call an Uber with my last 4% of battery!!! I couldn't charge it at IQT because I forgot my adapter. :(

photo img_20190713_001047

Only one last piece of advice if you're planning to visit LIM. Carefull with the traffic. I can never repeat that enough when it comes to Lima!!

photo img_20190713_001055

Gracias for reading! :D

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Viva Air Peru

Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Iquitos - IQT


Lima - LIM



Viva Air Perú
It seems like you get either good legroom or cushy seats. Not both. Great menu on the inbound flight. Leftovers in the outbound one. In a nutshell, the experience varies wildly. They don't have a standard cabin.

Surprisingly good. But please, install cellphone chargers!!! And air conditioning!!

Just make sure not to get run over as you cross the street!

Information on the route Iquitos (IQT) Lima (LIM)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 4 reviews of 2 airlines on the route Iquitos (IQT) → Lima (LIM).


The airline with the best average rating is Sky Airline with 7.1/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 52 minutes.

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  • Comment 549377 by
    NKGflyer 162 Comments

    Hi Alvarez,
    Thank you for this report and the bonus at the beginning of the report!
    The sandwich they served was really... basic!
    I didn't know that LATAM serves Juan Valdez coffee on there flight! The only time I took LATAM was from Salta to Buenos Aires and I don't have any memory of there coffee.
    And for Iquitos, I would like to visit, but I would stay 2 days minimum ;-)

    • Comment 549398 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 902 Comments

      Hi NKGflyer

      Thank you for this report and the bonus at the beginning of the report!

      Glad you liked it! Iquitos can be an enjoyable destination, indeed, especially if you're a lover of nature. The Amazon jungle in Peru is very different from the scattered depressing patches of jungle that I have seen in Argentina and Brazil. And if the heat and mosquitos are not a serious inconvenience for you, I think that a ride in one of those elegant, well-equipped boats in one of the photos is a great idea to get immersed in the forest, away from the "civilized" polluted world.

      I don't have any memory of there coffee

      Juan Valdez is one of the (few) good things about latam. They serve it in domestic flights within Chile, at least. I think I've seen it on international flights, too, but I'm not really sure.

      I would stay 2 days minimum

      Of course! hahaha This was just a crazy getaway because I found the exact timing. I had already booked another activity in Lima for the next day, so there was no way I could stay in Iquitos for longer.

      Thanks for reading!! :D

    • Comment 549399 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 902 Comments

      Oh, by the way, it's "Hi, Nelson", not "Hi, Álvarez". Álvarez is my family name and Nelson is my given name (which I deeply hate, anyway!) But Fernando is my middle name. You can call me that if you like. Cheers!

      • Comment 549416 by
        NKGflyer 162 Comments

        Hi Fernando! ^^ I agree that Fernando sounds better than Nelson ;-D
        I have tried Juan Valdez in Colombia it's good! I also brought back some.

        And if the heat and mosquitos are not a serious inconvenience for you, I think that a ride in one of those elegant, well-equipped boats in one of the photos is a great idea to get immersed in the forest, away from the "civilized" polluted world.

        I am fine with the heat (and the humidity I imagine!) but for the mosquitos I don't know... The place really looks very... original and not two touristic, that's exactly what I am looking for! The food is also a plus, but more generally Peruvian cuisine is so good!

  • Comment 549666 by
    ThomasDutch BRONZE 597 Comments

    Another name change done by Nelson? It's a good thing that you don't change your profile photo that often, so we still recognize it's you, though the profile photo you have now really matches well with that silver lining haha!

    ? ? ? ? ? ? (ARI) ?? ✈️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (SCL) ?? on LATAM ??

    I guess we could expect another report of your favourite airline! :p
    The tray table is larger, at least…

    I still wonder if you ever manage to find a tray table that is untouched and clean... though knowing your luck over the past reports you posted, I guess it's a minimal chance!
    Somebody help that lady!

    So I guess there is no equipment to support handicapped people? Can't imagine what would happen if someone in a wheelchair had to depart from IQT!
    Thanks for your entertaining report as usual!

    • Comment 549672 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 902 Comments


      Another name change done by Nelson?

      Yes, I guess I'm going through an identity crisis. Delayed adolescence, perhaps?? XDD

      I guess we could expect another report of your favourite airline! :p

      I must have been a very bad person in some previous life to deserve this. :'''(

      knowing your luck over the past reports you posted, I guess it's a minimal chance!

      Talking about luck, did you read the last Paris - Tunis report by Flying-Kolia?? It's amazing. Completely the opposite of my rotten luck.

      So I guess there is no equipment to support handicapped people?

      I think they could deploy the slide and push them down... on a wheelchair!! hahahaha... That would save them the transfer home! XDDDD
      Er... I think this explains my bad karma!!

      Thanks for reading! :D

  • Comment 549733 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6063 Comments

    Hola Nelson!

    I must admit, like Pilpintu much better than Shisdu, which made me think of a Shih Tzu ?. Pilpintu, meaning butterfly in some Andean languages fits you perfectly! ?
    Ok, now no more're stuck forever ?

    Yes, I know has a routing tool, too

    Though your routing is very pretty--too bad the flags only show up on mobile devices.

    Peruvian Airlines will be late, as usual, but at least it's confirmed.

    Well...the bright side is they haven't been late since October 2019...since they ceased operations

    I've been intrigued by Viva Air as they've been expanding like crazy the past few years in Colombia and Peru. The market is obviously growing in this area and Viva has ridden a wave to success, but their quick expansion has meant sourcing used aircraft all over the place making for some product disparities--granted it's pretty bare bones regardless of whether it's a newer or older bird with IFE ripped out, like in this report. Your last 2 reviews are a perfect example that slimline seats provide more space. This aircraft with the older cabin has 180 seats but seemingly less legroom than the aircraft you had in the previous report with 188 seats with new cabins. Just a fun thing to note!

    Thanks for sharing! It's nice to be able to travel to South America virtually!

    • Comment 549812 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 902 Comments

      Hm... that's funny. I can see all the icons (including the flags) correctly on Firefox and Chrome on a PC on Linux. I wonder if this is a Windows or Mac problem. Could you tell me what browser and what platform (Windows / Mac) are you using? Thanks.

      Just a fun thing to note!

      An important thing to know! Thanks for the insight! :D

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