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Airline Emirates
Flight EK184
Class First
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 06:10
Take-off 06 Oct 19, 15:30
Arrival at 06 Oct 19, 23:40
EK   #1 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 572 reviews
Published on 5th April 2020
photo ek184-cover


Talk about high anticipation! This trip originally was planned to take KLM’s 787-10 back from Europe. While it was scheduled when I secured the reservation, a few months later the schedule was changed to an A330. Now the search was on. And the crazy idea to return to the US from Europe going east was born! It’s now my favorite route to fly.

Emirates doesn’t open first class award space on their new cabin in advance. (There are some reports that say if it’s not sold out then seats are opened a day or two before.) While searching for options I ran across and retail fare from Amsterdam to Shanghai that was reasonable, about $3,500. But it was on the A380. Knowing that Emirates flew the new B777 out of Brussels I tried that, $3,400. This was a combination of B777/A380. Then I found out they flew the new jet to Haneda. That fare was now down to $3,100! Which is still a lot of money, but for 15 or so hours of Emirates first class in the new suite it was too much to resist. I used AMEX pay with points and it was booked and credited the points to Alaska.

What made this easy is Brussels is only a couple hour train ride from Amsterdam. With a 3PM BRU departure there was plenty of time to sleep in, have a nice breakfast and take the train down to Brussels. 

photo ek184-boarding-1

Once I arrived at Brussels midi train station the Emirates limo picked me up and drove me to the airport. 

photo ek184-boarding-2

Forget the lounge, to the gate. 

photo ek184-plane-1

As you can see there would not be any special first class boarding. 

photo ek184-plane-2

Boarding commenced through door 2. A look at business class. 

photo ek184-cabin-j-1photo ek184-cabin-j-2

From door one first class entrance. 

photo ek184-cabin-1photo ek184-cabin-cockpit

I had reserved Seat 2A for the first flight. To Haneda I would be in the center virtual suite.   

photo ek184-suite-1photo ek184-suite-2

The suite is truly breathtaking. 

photo ek184-suite-4photo ek184-suite-3

The large leather seat can be sat in comfortably for the longest flight you could imagine. 

photo ek184-suite-5photo ek184-suite-6photo ek184-suite-7


photo ek184-suite-8photo ek184-suite-9


photo ek184-suite-10photo ek184-suite-11photo ek184-suite-12

Electronic shades, controlled from the master seat panel. 

photo ek184-suite-13photo ek184-suite-14

Dual mini-bars on each side of the monitor. Soft drinks, water and snacks.

photo ek184-suite-15photo ek184-suite-16

This is a closet for your carry on. 

photo ek184-suite-17photo ek184-suite-18photo ek184-suite-19

Lighting and air vents above the seat. 

photo ek184-suite-20photo ek184-suite-21

And a storage place for your bedding. (No offer of turn down services was made on this trip.)

photo ek184-suite-22

A large closet with useful mirrors. Clothes don’t get stuffed into these closets. 

photo ek184-suite-23

The inside door panel acts as a easy to access place for reading materials, items you may want to store and the headphones. 

photo ek184-suite-24photo ek184-suite-25photo ek184-suite-26

A curious amount of open space next to the chair. 

photo ek184-suite-27

Armrest controller for ICE entertainment system. 

photo ek184-suite-28photo ek184-suite-29

Or the much improved tablet that is not only much lighter than the old A380 tablets, it’s also significantly faster as well.

photo ek184-suite-30photo ek184-suite-31

Quick press buttons for window shades, calling for attendant, etc. A little bling still exists.   

photo ek184-suite-32

The power outlets next to the tray table. 

photo ek184-suite-33

Touch screen panel for lighting, color, heat and flight info. 

The spectrum of suite mood lighting. 

Binoculars are given to window seat occupants. Too bad the sun set shortly after departure. 

photo ek184-amenity-1

Other Emirates amenities including their pajamas. Their pj bottoms are really nice. I’ve worn them to the airport a couple times. 

photo ek184-amenity-2photo ek184-amenity-3photo ek184-amenity-4

And Bowers & Wilkins headphones

photo ek184-amenity-5photo ek184-amenity-6

Perfect, airshow and a movie. 

photo ek184-ife-dual-monitor

The monitor is huge, great clarity even given a dismal day. Plus onboard camera on a 777!

photo ek184-ife-2photo ek184-ife-3

Too fast! I’m enjoying this flight.

photo ek184-ife-4

The lavs are good size, especially for a Boeing aircraft.

photo ek184-cabin-lav-1photo ek184-cabin-lav-2photo ek184-cabin-lave-3

This evenings menu to Dubai. 

photo ek184-menu-0photo ek184-menu-b1photo ek184-menu-b2


photo ek184-menu-b3photo ek184-menu-b4photo ek184-menu-b5

Hannah was my flight attendant. It was her first time on this aircraft and she was as excited as me. In the end however there were a few mistakes that are not expected given the reputation of Emirates FAs. Pouring Dom was not one of those.

photo ek184-food-1photo ek184-food-2

Dining menu

photo ek184-menu-f2photo ek184-menu-f3photo ek184-menu-f4

Mistake #1 was not serving the Canapé. For me this was the second time out of 3 first class Emirates flights this part of the meal was skipped. It’s not that I was dying to have it, but why put it on the menu if you aren’t going to serve it?

photo ek184-food-3photo ek184-food-4photo ek184-food-5

Awesome presentation on the predictable appetizer. I wish all airlines would serve more than 3 billinis. Is that a worldwide standard? 

photo ek184-food-7

Hannah insisted I try the Dom Rosé. I didn’t care for it. 

photo ek184-food-6photo ek184-food-8

Possibly because I had my eye on this.

photo ek184-food-9photo ek184-food-10

I had the cauliflower soup. It had no taste. 

photo ek184-food-11photo ek184-food-12

The menu wasn’t very inspiring, and I wasn’t going to order beef so chicken it was. 

photo ek184-food-13

Negative. Chicken overcooked, vegetables wilted and potatoes as dry could be. I know, you say it doesn’t look bad. Trust me, it was. 

photo ek184-food-14photo ek184-food-15

The cheese plate was next. Okay, 2 winners. Caviar and cheese. 

photo ek184-food-16photo ek184-food-17photo ek184-food-18

Then the biggest failure of all, inedible. 

photo ek184-food-19photo ek184-food-20

After a less than satisfying meal the cabin turned to starlight. 

photo ek184-cabin-moodligt

It does not get any more private than this. 

photo ek184-suite-privacyphoto ek184-flight-path
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Cabin crew7.5

Brussels - BRU


Dubai - DXB



The best word I can use to describe this suite is : WOW

I have no luck with Emirates meals. Sure the champagne and wines were great. The caviar is great. The cheese was great. The rest, not so much.

Awesome IFE monitor, large, great clarity. Dual tablet airshow capability. Great overall content.

My Fligth Attendant Hannah was certainly enthusiastic about this flight and was great showing me around the first class cabin as well as explaining things in the suite. She was pleasant and fun. But how do you not serve the first course, and if it’s not loaded, fine, inform the customer? Also, while not horrible, the service was slow. Dinner took 2 hours.

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