Review of Tiger Airways Australia flight Sydney Melbourne in Economy

Flight TT591
Class Economy
Seat 10D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 24 Jun 13, 15:05
Arrival at 24 Jun 13, 16:30
TT 30 reviews
By GOLD 490
Published on 14th April 2020

Trip Report: Tiger Airways VH-VNH TT591 Sydney(SYD) - Melbourne(MEL)


Trip Report: Tiger Airways VH VNH TT591 Sydney to Melbourne

Do watch video to enjoy the flight.


This holiday trip was in June 2013. Tasmania was on my list of places to visit. I had few days holidays and decided to fly to Hobart via Melbourne.

Train Ride

I was working in the city in those days and carried bag to work. After work took train from Wynyard to airport.  View from Circular Quay station.

photo 20130624_125153

City Circle line goes around the city and then to the airport. Below is the train ride video.

After alighting at the Domestic terminal, walked up to the departure terminal for Tiger Airways.

Arriving at the AIRPORT

I was travelling light for the short trip. Check-in was through counter, dropped my check-n bag. Received the boarding card.

photo 20130624_161128

I then went to complete security check. Which was a quick couple of minutes as I was already prepared.

Domestic Terminal

After completing security, I had early dinner as I wasn't planning to buying any food on board.

photo 20130624_141323

Plane Spotting

I had arrived early, with spare time after dinner.view of the terminal

photo 20130624_140535

Jetstar Airways Airbus A320 in view

photo 20130624_140509

International Terminal on the opposite side. Malaysian Airlines lining on runway 16R for departure.

photo 20130624_140938

Spotting VIDEO

Jetstar Airways flight prepared for departure

photo 20130624_140352


I was soon time for boarding. Tiger airways operates on the opposite wing of the terminal. Walk back to gate.

photo 20130624_141430

Upon arriving at the gate, realized this flight will be boarding using bus

photo 20130624_144003

At the boarding gate, boarding card was scanned and directed to head towards the door. Bus was waiting to fill passengers. Being early I got a window seat on the bus.

Boarding the flight

Tiger Airways flight TT591 Sydney(SYD) - Melbourne(MEL)  was to be operated by VH-VNH

photo 20130624_145530

Boarding from both ends of the plane.

photo 20130624_145534

My seat was in the front section and entered through the front door.

photo 20130624_145751


After my boarding pass was checked, was directed towards my seat. Tiger Airways A320 being single aisle has 3-3 seating in all economy configuration. Seat were clothed

photo 20130624_150439

Onboard Video

Having an aisle seat was more comfortable.

photo 20130624_153557


Push-back commenced on time. Since the aircraft was parked in remote gate. Push-back was quick. safety demonstration was conducted manually. Aircraft departed from runway 16R towards the South.

photo 20130624_153549


As the flight departure was late afternoon, most people were resting.

photo 20130624_153614

After attaining cruising height, seat belt sign was turned off. Flight time being short, Cabin crew began the BOB service. Didn't see many people purchasing being late afternoon flight.

photo 20130624_160436

Safety card

photo 20130624_155948

Side view. cabin was bright being a sunny winter day.

photo 20130624_153603

Cabin light and air ducts. There was hardly any activity after BOB service.

photo 20130624_160443

Cabin view with most passengers resting.

photo 20130624_160000

Passengers resting

photo 20130624_160512

Crew announced that flight would be arriving in Melbourne on time and descent would commence shortly.  Cabin crew went around the cabin to collect rubbish.

photo 20130624_160518


After landing, aircraft was parked in remote bay.

photo 20130624_163700

After alighting through the stairs, walked towards Terminal 4.

photo 20130624_163904

ExiTing the TerMinal

Being a domestic flight, my bag arrived at the carousel shortly. Collected my bag and headed to check-in for the next flight to Hobart.
Hope you enjoyed the report.

Thanks for reading. End of trip.


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Tiger Airways Australia

Cabin crew6.5
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Sydney - SYD


Melbourne - MEL



Tiger Airway was airline of choice due to ticket price. Flight departed and arrived on time. Being a short flight on board service and entertainment was not an issue.

Sydney airport was efficient being off-peak time at the terminal. Melbourne Terminal 4 was a LCC building with minimal service, Building has been demolished with new structure in its place.

Information on the route Sydney (SYD) Melbourne (MEL)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 29 avis concernant 5 compagnies sur la ligne Sydney (SYD) → Melbourne (MEL).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Qantas avec 7.8/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 33 minutes.

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    Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE 990 Comments
    Hello Koresh!

    Thanks for a very interesting and detailed report!

    Tasmania was on my list of places to visit

    It is on mine, too! :D

    Below is the train ride video.

    Thanks for the video! It's a very scenic ride! I loved the view of the Opera House and the bridge. It's a pity how some areas of the city are being defaced with graffiti, but that happens everywhere, I guess.

    Malaysian Airlines lining on runway 16R for departure.

    I'm still deciding which livery I hate the most: Malasian Airlines, with those... spikes? (They're supposed to be ribbons, I think), or grey, black and orange Jetstar. Ugh!

    Having an aisle seat was more comfortable.

    It has it's perks. After flying the same route a hundred times I am starting to enjoy the aisle seat, too. I have already seen the landscape, so I don't care much about it.

    Seat were clothed

    Thank goodness planes don't have that kind of upholstery in my country. I have the impression that cloth is the ideal environment for mites, and I'm allergic to mites. Besides, look at that velcro strip on top of every seat back, covered in fluff of all colors!

    Safety card

    "Issue 5"?? For collectors, I suppose?? XD

    Side view. cabin was bright being a sunny winter day.

    That lady with the yellow book has the same problem as me: She reads two pages and falls asleep! XD

    Thanks for sharing!!

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