Review of Air Canada flight Munich Toronto in Economy

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC847
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 08:55
Take-off 29 Feb 20, 11:50
Arrival at 29 Feb 20, 14:45
AC   #49 out of 107 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 307 reviews
By 1378
Published on 17th April 2020


Welcome to the second flight of this new series covering my late winter getaway to Cuba with stopovers in Munich, Germany and Toronto, Canada. The whole trip consisted of the following 6 flights operated by Lufthansa, Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge:

28.02.2020 - LH1613 - WAW-MUC -
29.02.2020 - AC847 - MUC-YYZ - you are here!
29.02.2020 - AC1876 - YYZ-HAV
14.03.2020 - AC1877 - HAV-YYZ
14.03.2020 - LH471 - YYZ-FRA
15.03.2020 - LH1348 - FRA-WAW

but as the last flight has eventually been cancelled due to covid-19 pandemia and closing of Polish borders on the 15th of March, we've been offered a flight to Berlin instead:

15.03.2020 - LH178 - FRA-TXL


Getting to MUC from the city center is quite easy as you just need to take a train from one of the main S-Bahn stations but it takes quite a long time cause you need approximately 40-45 minutes to get there. There are no direct airport trains that could be very useful.

We went straight to the Terminal 2 to discover that Air Canada check-in desks are located on the ground floor, not on the first floor as it usually is. Despite being checked-in online, we needed to drop the bags that we didn't want to check-in in Warsaw for the whole trip and took with us to the city.

I must say the lady in our bag drop desk was lovely, she informed us about the slight 25 minutes delay, checked our Canadian transit visa and Cuban "tarjeta de turista" and wished us a pleasant trip.
I love this logo and these new AC colours: red and black, it looks so neat and elegant!

photo img_0747

We went upstairs to the main hall and checked the FIDS before heading to security and passport control.

photo img_0749photo img_0750

Our flight will depart from the gate L11 located in the satellite, so we need to take the train

photo img_0752photo img_0753

This part of the terminal offers some decent spotting facilities:
Swiss A220

photo img_0754

Aegean A320 neo in this new livery… I don't know what to think about it honestly. I saw many people being so enthousiastic about it but I find it quite cheap and LCC style. In my opoinion such a drastic change inluding everything but the airline's name is a mistake.

photo img_0755photo img_0756

Here it is, our 777-300, still wearing the old colours unfortunately

photo img_0758photo img_0759photo img_0766

We will board the aircraft by zones to avoid inside traffic jams. It hardly ever works but maybe this time it will, let's see.

photo img_0762photo img_0763photo img_0765

A look from the jetbridge

photo img_0769

My first impression from the cabin: it looks quite old fashioned

photo img_0770photo img_0772

Our seats are located in the tail section when the usual 3-4-3 configuartion changes into 2-4-2. We've been offered these seats by a friendly check-in agent in Warsaw as they were unavailable in online.

photo img_0776

The legroom is very good and we have also some extra space between my seat and the window where I can put my bag, all the pillows and blankets

photo img_0777photo img_0779photo img_0784

The cabin

photo img_0787

And our neighbour in its elegant new colours

photo img_0780

There's a pillow and a very light blanket on every seat, to thin to keep you warm in my opinion
but good enough to cover your legs while eating so you won't get dirty in case of unexpected turbulence

photo img_0792

Safety video

photo img_0788photo img_0790

And our route. I'm so thrilled to be flying across the Atlantic for the first time in my life!

photo img_0793

Menu is available only in the IFE, no printed version

photo img_0782photo img_0783

Our superjumbo neighbour is being pushed back in the meantime

photo img_0794photo img_0795photo img_0797

Some other heavies as we taxi to the runway

photo img_0798photo img_0799

Bye bye MUC!

photo img_0800

Observation place for spotters

photo img_0801

And time to go up for more than 8 hours

After a while we are overflying this part of central Europe that unlike other places this winter is covered with some snow

photo img_0811photo img_0812

Seat pocket with usual stuff

photo img_0817

Safety card

photo img_0818photo img_0819photo img_0820

Fleet facts

photo img_0821

We are also given immigration cards that we won't need being transit passengers

photo img_0824

Somewhere over north Germany and Denmark the main meal is served. I chose chicken that I discover to be a typical child's meal: chicken breast, potato pure nad come carrots. It's not bad just a little bit bland. There's not much on the tray anyway, it's definitely not QR and its level.

photo img_0825photo img_0827photo img_0829

I took Canadian beer as a drink and it was ok, a very decent lager.
A quick visit to the lavatory and cabin view from the very back of the aircraft

photo img_0831photo img_0832

Before tea/coffee service to accompany the cookie served with the meal. It's not bad I must say.

photo img_0834

Until that moment we were flying all the time over a very thick layer of clouds so there was no hope we could see Iceland that passed somewhere under completely unnoticed

photo img_0835photo img_0836

My dream was to see Greenland that everyone flying across the pond says it's a must. Luckily the clouds are slowly disappearing as we get close.

photo img_0838photo img_0839photo img_0843

There it is and it looks splendid! Like a snowy desert!

photo img_0852photo img_0855

This part with islands looks even better. I took some pictures from the door's window attracting other passengers that did the same. A fiendly FA (I must say this AC crew was realy nice!) laughed and said it must be cold down there. She said there was quite a lot of snow in Toronto too and that the next few days (that we will luckily spend in Cuba) would be very cold.

photo img_0871photo img_0872photo img_0873

There's a snack and drink service straight after. A good beer to accompany the movie: first Judy and then Bombshell.

photo img_0876

We need one hour more to reach the north-east part of Canada that looks even more frozen than Greenland.

photo img_0877photo img_0878photo img_0885

Approximately one hour before touchdown we are offered either vegetarian or beef hot wrap.

photo img_0888photo img_0889

We are slowly getting closer to more ihabited parts of the country

Descending towards snowy Toronto

Welcome to Canada! Welcome to North America!

photo img_0923photo img_0925

Air Transat 737-800

photo img_0926

The main terminal building with mostly AC aircraft, some in the beutiful new livery

photo img_0927photo img_0929photo img_0930

Avianca A320

photo img_0931

We park next to a 787 in old livery

photo img_0933

The cabin as we disembark

photo img_0934photo img_0935

Premium Economy

photo img_0936

and Business Class

photo img_0937

Last view of the aircraft that brought us to Canada and time for a 4-hour break before the next flight

photo img_0941

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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Air Canada

Cabin crew9.0

Munich - MUC


Toronto - YYZ



My first transatlantic trip happened to be an Air Canada flight - an airline that doesn't have a very good opinion in Europe as far as service and equipment are concerned. I didn't expect much and it was ok. Even if the aircraft was quite old and the main meal could have been better, friendly and relaxed cabin crew members did their job perfectly.

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The average flight time is 8 hours and 47 minutes.

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  • Comment 551448 by
    fiftytwo GOLD 959 Comments


    thanks for the report

    AC product doesnt look bad , iam quite impressed

    i didnt know it was your first transatlantic flight . You are lucky to fly over greenland during the day and with few clouds

    what was the price to this trip to cuba ???

  • Comment 551452 by
    905guy 3 Comments

    I flew MUC to YYZ in October 2018 on their 787. I must admit, the meal you got was very basic compared to that flight, even by AC's standard, though the prelanding snack wrap seems to be the standard option for TATL flights. I try to take non-Canadian airlines for long haul flights, though I never have anything bad to say about them, just that they really lack the frills others offer.

    I'm excited to see what you have to say about Rouge on your flight to HAV and connecting at YYZ.

  • Comment 551455 by
    Pilpintu 731 Comments

    Hi Lukasz!

    This was an amazing flight!

    We went upstairs to the main hall and checked the FIDS before heading to security and passport control.

    Am I drunk, or are there actually some elephants above the FIDS in this photo??? :O

    Aegean A320 neo in this new livery…

    If you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have noticed the change!! ahahha Because I have never flown with them, of course. Do you miss the grey belly and the red line? I'd say the new livery is a bit more "balanced" perhaps? I mean, I like the branded winglets and the blue engines. Hm. I'm not sure which livery I like better, the old or the new. But your right. There seems to be a trend among airlines to paint the tail and leave the rest of the plane mainly white. Not very creative.

    My first impression from the cabin: it looks quite old fashioned

    They look like the seats of an old bus!

    we have also some extra space between my seat and the window where I can put my bag

    There's a lot of space there! Two thumbs up for your travel agent for finding you those seats!

    I chose chicken that I discover to be a typical child's meal

    This meal looks so... LATAM!! :D

    There it is and it looks splendid! Like a snowy desert!

    Absolutely beautiful! I'm as thrilled as you to see Greenland!! I love that on-screen map, too.

    Welcome to North America!

    Welcome to the new world, Lukasz! I'm happy to know that your first trip across the Atlantic was a nice experience! :D

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 551485 by
      loukas AUTHOR 343 Comments

      Hola Nelson! There was a Chinese restaurant up there I suppose - that's where the elephant was from :) Regarding Aegean, I can't forgive them that they abandonned they old logo that was associated with quality for so many years. Anyway, the whole aviation business is now flying into area of severe turbulence, so maybe in the new reality this change means nothing as it will be essential just to survive. Thanks for your visit!

  • Comment 551502 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5377 Comments

    Beautiful report as always Loukas!

    checked our Canadian transit visa and Cuban "tarjeta de turista" and wished us a pleasant trip.

    Transit visa? I had no idea EU citizens needed a transit visa to go through that a new thing? I've transited in Canada without anything before on my French passport, but that was a few years ago. I heard that Canada had a new ESTA type thing for EU, but didn't think it applied for transit.

    Our seats are located in the tail section when the usual 3-4-3 configuartion changes into 2-4-2.

    Yup, the only section that is tolerable on a 3-4-3 777! Nice of the agent in WAW to release those seats for you guys!

    And our neighbour in its elegant new colours

    Whoa...I hadn't seen an A380 in the new colours before! OK, I've changed my mind...I like the new livery after all ? lol

    I'm disappointed with the catering, as it looks pretty meagre. I would have expected better from Air Canada as the best of the large North American carriers.

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the next segments!

    • Comment 551856 by
      loukas AUTHOR 343 Comments

      Hi Kevin, for most EU citizens an ETA is required even for transit. It costs 7 CAD, if I'm not mistaken, and you obtain it online within 5 minutes, so it's just a formality. Sitting in 2-4-2 section makes such a difference on 777! In my opinion a maximum configuration for this type should be 3-3-3 and not 3-4-3 that is ok only for 747 and A380. Thanks for your visit!

  • Comment 551624 by
    aussenrist 224 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report Loukas with those excellent pictures!
    I also love the new AC logo and the new livery. It is elegant and substantial. The new LH livery looks better in real life rather than their design images.

    Menu is available only in the IFE, no printed version

    Glad to know it works for you! Every time I flew on AC 77w with the new IFE system the menu is down lol
    We are also given immigration cards

    It is funny to see the immigration cards because I believe the border control kiosks will do the same purpose
    I find that the pre-arrival snack is better on the westbound than the eastbound flight which is hot haha
    Look forward to next report!

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