Review of Austrian Airlines flight Bangkok Vienna in Business

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS26
Class Business
Seat 4A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 10:47
Take-off 11 Mar 20, 00:18
Arrival at 11 Mar 20, 05:05
OS   #40 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 279 reviews
By 4414
Published on 19th April 2020

Hello Dear Reader, 

This is the report of flight OS26 from Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) to Vienna - Schwechat Internacional Airport (VIE) with Austrian Airlines (OS-AUA) member of Star Alliance, in Business class, on Mar/10th 2020. 

AUA was founded in 1957, after the merge of Air Austria and Austrian Airways, and is based at Vienna. Currently has 84 airplanes, with an average age of 15,5, operating regular and seasonal flights to 130 destinations.   

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 Departure airport

Austrian Airlines operates in the main terminal at BKK, and the check-in is located on Row G, together with the rest of Lufthansa Group Airlines. This airport counts with 1 main Terminal, split in Concourse A for Domestic Flights and Concourses B to G for International Flights. It has 2 runways and a third is planed to be built in 2021.

Lufthansa Group check-in counts with 2 desks (G18 and G19) to First Class and 4 desks (G14 to G17) for Business Class.

After check-in, I proceeded to the X-Ray screening and Passport Control.   


I went to the Business Lounges of Singapore Airlines (Concourse D), EVA Air (Concourse F) and THAY (Concourse D).

Firstly, Singapore Airlines Kris Lounge is located opposite to gate D7, has 2 bars and a very complete buffet.       

The EVA Air, Located near Gate F1, is the most modern looking lounge at BKK, with 3 sitting areas with a stoning decoration. The food variety is not that great. 

Finally, I went to the huge Royal Orchid and Silk Lounges of THAY Airways located in Concourse D (Entrance near gates D4 and D1). This lounge has multiple siting areas, several small buffet areas and also a main dining area with A-la-Carte meal.  

My video from the lounges of Oman Air, Singapore, Thai and Eva I have visited on a previous time: 


The boarding gate for this flight was the C6 located in Concourse C.

The airplane from the outbound flight, from Vienna, arrived at 15:00.

The schedule boarding time was at 22:50 but only started at 23:20.

The boarding started with Business Class and Gold Card members followed by Economy Class.

This flight was operated by a Boeing 777-2Z9 Extended Range, Registration OE-LPB, with 21,5 years old and named “Heart of Europe”.

The cabin was divided with the Business Class with 7 rows in the first and one row in the second cabin, 3 rows of Premium Economy located right after the Business followed by 13 rows of Economy Class in the second cabin and 12 in the third cabin.

I was seated at 4A in Business Class.

The airplane was flying at its full capacity, with 38 passengers in Business, 24 in Premium Economy and 244 in Economy Class

The aircraft pushed-back 00:04 and taxied to the runway 19L.

The actual departure time was at 00:18, 23 minutes after scheduled departure (at 23:55 -1d)

50 min after departure, a meal was served.

First they served drinks and Pistachio/Peanuts/Almonds mix.

After that the smoked salmon carpaccio and corn soup.

As main course I had Beef fillet with Madeira jus (a typical Portuguese recipe) which was really delicious and was the best meal I ever had with Austrian Airlines.

After dinner, I slept for 7 hours and I woke up around 3 am (Vienna Time) and 2 hours before landing, when the crew started to turn on the lights. Breakfast was only served 1 hour before arrival due to some turbulence.

I had eggs sunny side up with ham, yogurt and fruits.

Arrival Airport

Vienna Airport has 2 terminals and 2 runways.

The aircraft landed on Runway 29 at 05:05 Airport at Vienna Airport,20 before scheduled arrived (at 05:25)

I taxied to the stand F01 and arrived there 5 minutes there.

 The disembark was made by the airbridge and I access the Terminal 3 where I proceed to Passport Control.

After it I went to luggage carousel and I pick it up at 05h25 (15 minutes after the airplanes arrives at the gate)

Thank you very much for browsing through my flight report,

Fábio Conceição
(Data source:,, Airports and Airline’s Website) 

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Eva Air Lounge


Bangkok - BKK


Vienna - VIE



This trip was in the beginning of the Corona Crisis and all the services were opened but much less passengers compared with previous months. The flight was completely full to bring tourists back to Europe. The Lounges at the Airport were also empty but the great Thai sympathy were always present. As usual the business class of Austrian is in line with the other European airlines but this meal, for me, was of the best I ever had with Austrian! Hope we can travel very soon!

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The airline with the best average rating is EVA Air with 8.1/10.

The average flight time is 11 hours and 0 minutes.

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  • Comment 551659 by
    airberlin GOLD 1630 Comments

    Thanks for the report. I never had the chance so far to fly on board AUA but would like - hopefully this can happen pretty soon. It looks like a great flight. How was the crew, you haven't said any word on them. Also 7 in BC seems "average". You decided to rate the EVA air lounge in BKK. Is it the one you prefer out of the three visited? Thank you again and I'm loonking forward reading you soon again.

    • Comment 551934 by
      FConceicao AUTHOR 24 Comments

      About EVA lounge, I’ve evaluated them because was the first showing up in the list actually, and is not possible to evaluate another one. In terms of design is by far my favourite, but the the food is not that great cuz it is directed to the Chinese market! My favourite is the “big” THAI Silk and Orchid Lounges. I also really like the SIA cuz is cozy and the food is great

  • Comment 551931 by
    FConceicao AUTHOR 24 Comments

    Hey! Thank you for your comment!
    I hope too... AUA extended, again, the grounding until May/18th and really hope it’s the last one! The business class is nice, the seats are the same like in Swiss Int Air Lines and Brussels. For the long haul flights are an onboard chef, which handover you the menu, check your order and prepares the meals. Is a big help for the crew which don’t need to waste time with that. The crew was nice and the service was regular like on the other flights. I also spent most of the time sleeping so I had not much interaction with them.

  • Comment 552123 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5885 Comments

    I really like the look of the Austrian J cabin--the blend of red and grey colours just looks very chic. Though the cabin may not be the most spacious, with a rather dense 2-2-1 configuration, I like the option of having 2 seats by a window when travelling with someone, of getting a solo seat if travelling alone. As always, OS catering does not disappoint--Do&Co living up to their reputation for excellence!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 552868 by
      FConceicao AUTHOR 24 Comments

      Hi Kévin,
      Thank you for your comment!
      Well, to be honest I prefer the configuration when all the passengers have access to the corridor. The flight was full so I got this seat, without access to the corridor and I am always shy to ask my "neighbor" to allow me to exit, specially during cruise when he/she is sleeping. The airlines uses this configuration because allow them to carry more passengers. The configuration they use on the B777 is 1-2-1 on the first row and 2-2-2 on the second an consecutively on the following rows. The onboard catering for the long haul flights has a really good quality but lack of variety along the time.

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