Review of AeroMexico flight Montreal Mexico City in Economy

Airline AeroMexico
Flight AM681
Class Economy
Seat 17D
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 06:14
Take-off 15 Apr 18, 09:01
Arrival at 15 Apr 18, 14:15
AM   #60 out of 116 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 69 reviews
Published on 28th April 2020

Welcome to my flight report back to MEX.

I was packing my travel backpack the previous night after I dropped a friend at YUL that was flying back to
CDG on Air Transat, and suddenly felt tired and decided to sleep for 30 minutes and I even set my alarm. The problem was that I perceived light while still sleeping and heard some people on the street, immediately I opened up my eyes to see bright daylight. To my dismay it was 7 am and my flight was taking off at 9 am! Fortunately I had everything done and ready to just leave the hotel that was located just in front
of the Marché Bonsecours, and the real problem was how to go to the airport that early on Sunday. The 747 bus was a no – no and my only choice was a taxi so I had to walk around the area until I found one that took me directly to the international departures lobby and ran off to the AM counter only to find nothing, no one, nada!
I did OLCI the previous night so no problem with that, and since you can use the free airport wifi I knew what assigned gate I had to walk to.
This photograph was taken on the previous day. 

photo 3

At the assigned gate the aircraft was already there, EI-DRC and the most part of passengers were around the gate.

photo 4

Security was a breeze and I dare to say that it was just like a domestic flight in México; no one asked me questions or even for my passport. Since my arrival to Canada I was very impressed with the inmigration and checks procedures.
Finally at the gate in less than 15 minutes since my arrival, I took a seat to admire EI-DRC getting ready for its long return flight. I was required to proceed to the gate podium to a passport check and I asked to the lady if I could switch my seat to a window seat. The basic fare in AM  always assigns me an aisle or middle seat…Of course this rare and fascinating Airbus from a Mexican point of view, it was like a must to see it.

photo 5

Finally the boarding was announced and the priorities and groups were respected and nobody had a problem. Since the purser was preparing the welcome beverages, just said hello and I continued my way to my seat. I was originally assigned 17D but I was lucky after all because nobody seated next to me.

photo 6-46319

To be honest this seat is comfortable for the first three hours but after that you start to move all over the seat multiple times to find a comfortable spot. I also felt like I was sliding sometimes.

photo 7

This is the view of the real IFE. I always thought the 737 was a small plane but after this flight that idea has gone.

photo 8

This is the seat pitch on this aircraft; it is perfect for me since I´m 175 centimeters height. This photograph was taken while on the aisle seat.

photo 9

The cabin being prepared for the pushback, the flight crew welcomed us and provided the route details which I find very professional and any avgeek loves this detail.

photo 10

The IFE screens that I found reasonable for this aircraft, I think that are the same as on the 787 and they were responsive, clean and full of entertainment actually I enjoyed using them just for the en-route map and music because I´m not a movies guy while flying.

photo 11

The cabin crew distributed headphones from big plastica bags and I asked one pair. They looked cheap but actually worked fine for me.

photo 12

I was in the middle seat now and the aircraft was not clean but I understand that sometimes the turnaround times are not enough to prepare the return flight.

photo 13

The IFE was activated while still on ground so I took advantage and selected the en-route map.

photo 14

Finally we took off and nothing has to be added, I was leaving a beautiful city.

photo 15

It looked better than this photograph, take-off was smooth.

photo 16

This is how the cabin looked like while after the seat belt sign was turned off.

photo 18

The blanket you find placed at the seat and let me tell you that in this row there were only two blankets and no pillows. So making a recap of this flight amenities: earphones, pillow and blanket.

photo 19

The seat pocket contents included the Aire magazine, the safety card and the airsickness bag.

photo 20

Breakfast was served and this is the tray table as handed. While doing OLCI I was not able to select a Vegetarian meal. It was the unique choice for all the passengers.
The breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs with beans and melted cheese, fruit salad, yogurt, and at this moment only soft beverages were offered and this was my selection. The funny thing is that I do not drink milk and I saw the package at the cart and suddenly I wanted to try the Canadian milk. All in all it was a nice and appreciated breakfast. 

photo 21

The meal trays were removed and some people decided to work, others tried to sleep.
The cabin crew offered still water.

photo 22

The beautiful landscape outside without turbulences at this point.

photo 23

I went to check out the lavatory and this is the condition I found it since this aircraft is 14 years old.
 Honestly not looking clean but no problem at all because sometimes we as passengers do not cooperate to keep these services as we should.

photo 24

While overflying the airspace of the country between Mexico and Canada the cabin crew was getting ready for a beverage round and since I was exiting the lavatory I requested a beer and the male FA offered me a couple of peanuts bags.

photo 25

And when the cart reached my row I asked tequila, tomato juice and another beer that came along a bag of peanuts by the nice cabin crew. Now this is my selection on every AM flight.

photo 26

And since this flight was very tranquil, the cabin crew took their time to perform their activities.

photo 1-81655

The cabin while getting closer to Mexico, the ambiance in this flight was very relaxed, seemed like the rest of the passengers and cabin crew were enjoying this flight. It started to feel hotter now.

photo 27

The arrival was imminent and turbulence was felt but nothing to worry about. Montréal was as cold as ice and Mexico was hot as the sun. Cabin crew performing the final preparation for landing.

photo 30-60029

Landed on runway 05L/23R

photo 32

It was time to leave this powerful aircraft behind and this was my window seat by the way. I placed the blankets in the seat pocket.

photo 34

Bye bye EI-DRC et à la prochaine…
Thank you for reading my flight report, have a nice day!

photo 35
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Cabin crew10.0

Montreal - YUL


Mexico City - MEX



This was the first international flight with AM and the service they provided was top notch because this was an experienced cabin crew that knew how to deal with passengers and situations during the flight. The aircraft as seen before was kept on good shape but already showing its age but still comfortable. Really enjoyed this flight.



  • Comment 552879 by
    Aigle_voyageur SILVER 603 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR :)

    A good flight indeed, although I'm a bit skeptical about the comfort, more precisely about the legroom on this kind of aircraft. On the other hand, you had the IFE and that sure is something that changes everything. Especially for a 6-hour flight.

    Have safe flights ;)

  • Comment 553032 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5318 Comments

    The legroom looks very decent, especially for a regular (non-exit/bulkhead) row! AM say they have 31" pitch on their 738s, which I guess is on the more generous side these days when so many carriers are going to 30" and below, even legacy carriers like BA.

    AM's new cabins look really good. EI-DRC being an older 738 (2006 delivery), it's been retrofitted with the new cabin. It's nice that AM has added PTVs in retrofitting planes rather than ripping them out like AA and UA! This is one of the reasons the DL/AM joint venture makes sense--both carriers still care about offering a decent product in Y including PTVs on all a/c.

    Thanks for sharing!

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