Review of Interjet flight Acapulco Toluca in Economy

Airline Interjet
Flight 4O4702
Class Economy
Seat 20C
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 21 Sep 18, 15:35
Arrival at 21 Sep 18, 16:25
4O 10 reviews
Published on 4th May 2020

Welcome to this flight report.
I have to say that ACA is a very modern airport; you can see the check-in counter assigned to AM and Interjet. The check-in agents were not courteous at all and they just were doing their job. The BP was printed and handed in less than five minutes.

photo 1

After obtaining the BP you must walk to the left where the boarding gates and security check points are located. I really liked this airport because it’s not crowded and the whole process is hassle-free and is trendy actually, not what I expected from ACA.

photo 2

Airside now and as you can see looks fresh and well lighted and I think the carpet adds a premium and never felt hot inside. There were some cafés around where most of people were hanging at.

photo 3

The toilettes located behind that AC system.

photo 4

The aircraft that arrived from TLC getting ready for its super short flight back.
The registration is XA-MTO and what I liked of this airport is that you are actually able to see the aircraft from the main terminal building.
The boarding process was chaotic because the passengers were already forming the queue and the priorities were not respected at all, the flight was at 50% of its capacity so no problem. I have to say that I really liked this jetbridge.

photo 6

A closer view of the aircraft and let me tell you that was one of the few commercial aircrafts at the moment either arriving or getting prepared for departure. 

photo 7

After a regular welcome I made my way to my assigned seat and for the first time there was not people struggling with their carryons in the aisle.

photo 8

The last rows of seats were free and you can see the rear galley.

photo 9

The push back in progress.

photo 10

Take off was powerful and without any inconvenient and the first sight you get is the Pacific Ocean.

photo 11

After we reached the cruising altitude the beverage service was offered and this was my choice: two cans of Mexican beer and cheesy chips. What I like about 4O is that you never get a evil look when request multiple drinks, compared with AM for example and that is a very positive
impression I get from the cabin crew because they do not act like if they were giving you something from their propertie.

photo 12

The remainder of the flight was uneventful and soon the aircraft was overflying the State of Mexico in order to align to the runway in TLC that by the way is the first Mexican airport with ILS and at that moment interjet was applying for that certification. In this area a storm was developing and turbulence felt a little hard but nothing to worry about.

photo 13

What a beautiful and relaxing view.

photo 14

Any idea of what happened to this window? It was not the onlyone in this condition.

photo 15

Interjet showing off its well-known seat pitch. In the seat pocket was placed the Interjet magazine, safety card and just one airsickness bag in the middle seat per row.

photo 16

Overflying the Valley of Toluca on final approach.

photo 17

Landing was hard as usual in TLC and we arrived to the remote stand and finally the cabin crew thanked us for flying with Interjet.
TLC has no jetbridges so you must walk from the gate to the aircraft and the airport implemented a covered passage.

photo 18

I took this photograph of the captain getting ready for his next expedition.

photo 19

The fuselage photograph of this aircraft arrived in the highest airport in Mexico.

photo 20

Well after all the A320 is not exactly a small aircraft.

photo 21

The eco-jet as I leave for the terminal building.

photo 22

This is the bus that takes you from the aircraft to the gate. Some touristic sights of Toluca decorating the bus.

photo 23

And this is the area where your baggage is delivered and as you can see is very simple, and empty!

photo 24

This airport is located at 40 kms away from Mexico City or a 30 minutes drive and to the left the check-in counters are located and to the right some expensive souvenir shops. I highly recommend this airport for its flexibility and cleanliness and I thank you for reading this FR have a nice day!

photo 25
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Cabin crew10.0

Acapulco - ACA


Toluca - TLC



This flight proved to be a pleasant one with no delays or inconveniences from the airline and made me reaffirm my preference for Interjet.



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