Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Karachi in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG507
Class Economy
Seat 34A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 05:00
Take-off 29 Jul 18, 14:10
Arrival at 29 Jul 18, 17:10
TG 373 reviews
Published on 2nd July 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to another flight report. This time its onboard the Thai National carrier , Thai Airways, onboard a flight from Bangkok to Karachi. A video version of this flight report is available on my YouTube channel. For those interested it is linked above. Now coming to this flight report, , my journey actually started in Hanoi and  Bangkok was only a transit  point for me. The flight report of that flight  is available here:

Anyways i will start the flight report directly from onboard the A330. The reason for that is that my earlier flight from Hanoi was already delayed by 1 hour due to which i only had 30 minutes to connect to my next flight, so apologies for no terminal shots in Suvarnabhumi Airport as my transit was just me running from one gate to the other. The aircraft flying me to Karachi  is a 10.3 year old Airbus A330-300 with the registration HS-TEU. The A350 parked next to us would head over to Singapore. 

photo img-3287

Present on my seat were  a comfortable pillow and blanket. Along with it  present was also a headset to enjoy the IFE system.

photo img-7436photo img-7441

The seat pocket contents consisted of the "Sawasdee" inflight magazine, Airbus A330-300 safety card and the inflight duty catalogue.

photo img-7434-68376photo img-7433-95076photo img-7656-65701

Shortly a safety video was shown on the IFE screens. Also the legroom was quiet adequate for the 5 hour afternoon flight.

photo img-7437photo img-7438

The view of the cabin from my seat. It was neat and tidy something that i have experienced on most of my flights onboard TG.

photo img-7444photo img-7445

We shortly commenced our pushback from the gate on time. And because i was sitting right besides the engines i could feel those RR Trent 700s buzzing up to life.

photo img-3298

We then commenced our taxi to the active runway for takeoff. During the longish taxi spotted quiet a few interesting birds.

photo img-3303photo img-3306photo img-3311

A quick line up on Runway and we blast of on our way to Karachi. Bangkok is a city i always love visiting. Friendly people, delicious food and prices not to heavy  on the wallet.

photo img-7439photo img-3312photo img-7440

For those interested , the departure out of Suvarnabhumi Airport is attached below.

We slowly climb to our cruising  altitude of 38000 feet over the Andaman Sea on our way to Karachi.

photo img_7702

Shortly after reaching cruising altitude, the cabin crew commenced the inflight service. Before the main meal service , a  serving of roasted cashew nuts and a choice of drink was done for which i opted for a glass of orange juice. Always like it when airline serve small snacks like these whether it be crackers or nuts, i find it to be a nice touch.

photo img-3317-12479photo img-7442

After some time the lunch service commenced.For the main meal there was a choice of chicken or prawns , i decided to to go for the latter option. The meal consisted of fried prawns accompanied with stir fry beans and rice. Along  with it was a small salad , strawberry moose, a bread roll and a bottle of water. The meal overall was really tasty and fresh. I was surprised  by the size of the prawns that were served that to in an airplane meal. 

photo img-3322-76758photo img-3323

The IFE system installed on this A330 was quite good with a decent number of movies , tv shows etc to choose from. Although the screen was sort of old fashioned and small but thats not to worry now  as all the older Thai A330s have been retrofitted with new economy and business class seats. Because my journey began early morning in Hanoi , i didn't watch much on the IFE and spent most of the flight taking a nap.

photo img-7443photo img-7446

Meanwhile a quick view outside the window and we are cruising  at 38000 feet over India with clear blue skies ahead.

photo img_7628

Me being an aircraft model collector, i decided to get this Thai Airbus A380 model from the inflight duty free for 41USD.The model is made of metal and is of good quality and i most definitely  recommend  purchasing it as a memorabilia  of your flight.

photo img-3341-12470

After awakening from my nap due to slight turbulence, had a quick look  at the map and we were close to Ahmedabad means Pakistani Airspace is near and it would be shortly time to start our descent into Karachi.

photo img-7447

We shortly commenced our descent  into Jinnah  International Airport.It was quite cloudy our approach  into Karachi, due to which there was slight turbulence on our descent.

photo img-3357photo img_7781

The approach and arrival into Jinnah International Airport is linked below for those interested.

On finals for Runway 25L overflying the Model Colony area. This area was  sadly was in the news last month due to the tragic crash of PK8303 in this  very same area :(

photo img-3365

We touched  down on Runway 25L  on time. Good job by the pilots with the smooth touchdown.

photo screen-shot-2020-06-25-at-104040-pm

After vacating the Runway, we commenced our short taxi to the international satilitte terminal.

photo screen-shot-2020-06-25-at-104158-pmphoto screen-shot-2020-06-25-at-105103-pm

We parked at Gate 24. A PIA Boeing 777-300ER besides us getting loaded up for its flight to Jeddah.This brings us to the end of this flight report.

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Overall this was another fantastic flight onboard Thai Airways for me. The seat overall was comfortable , due to my travel starting early morning i could take a good nap on the flight.The IFE was quiet good with good selection of movies , tv shows etc. The meal served on this flight was both tasty and good in quantity.I usually don't opt for seafood on a flight but on this flight is was different as the prawns tasted really delicious.The crew were cheerful like on all my other flights with TG. In my opinion Thai Airways are probably one of the best airlines in Asia and i most definitely recommend travelling with them.



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