Review of Qatar Airways flight Istanbul Doha in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR240
Class Economy
Seat 16K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 04:10
Take-off 14 Jul 20, 18:40
Arrival at 14 Jul 20, 22:50
QR   #3 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 566 reviews
By GOLD 1324
Published on 19th July 2020

Report No: 2020-701E

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this very new post-COVID series and after 4 months, I am flying long-haul again and a new series is starting. As I would head to the USA, with the quarantine for passengers coming from and transiting at some countries I didn't have that many choices and my options were Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Emirates. When it comes to price, Emirates was the most expensive one so I directly eliminated that option.

When it came between Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways, at the time I bought the ticket, TK still hadn't adjusted their post-COVID schedule and the full pre-COVID schedule was available for sale and they were known for their last-minute ( T72-T108 ) cancellations and Qatar Airways was $500 cheaper than TK so I didn't hesitate and booked with QR. In addition, after I booked the ticket, QR started a status match challenge and I matched my Turkish Airlines Elite Plus status to Qatar Privilege Club Platinum.

The first leg of this series would be a flight onboard the Qatar Airways 777-300ER from Istanbul Airport to Doha Hamad Airport. In this report I would also cover the iGA Lounge in Istanbul.

Here is the routing

Enter text here…

Loads for this flight

Business Class: %10-15
Economy Class: %30-35 

There were 98 passengers onboard this flight 


Normally I start my reports with online check-in but this time I would like to mention about the upgrade offers that I received. The first offer was $629 for IST-DOH and $749.

photo ekran-resmi-2020-07-07-204326

There was also a $165 discount if I upgraded both flights at the same time.

photo ekran-resmi-2020-07-10-130941

48 hours before departure, I checked if OLCI is available but it was not as for flights to the USA, online check-in opens 24 hours before the Doha-USA leg. At that time the upgrade offer was renewed.

photo img_2589

Despite the upgrade offers being fluctuated all the time, I wouldn't take any offer as during these days flights are not overbooked and it's easy to get a free extra legroom seat in Economy.


24 hours before the Doha-USA leg, I tried to check-in online and I received the error that I would be considered as a no-show. Later on, I called the QR hotline and they told me that it should be a website error.

photo ekran-resmi-2020-07-14-084043

About 2 hours later, I was able to check-in successfully.

photo img_2598

However a mobile boarding pass wasn't issued, I guess that this is related to the extra security measures for flights to the USA which is quite understandable.

photo img_2599

And I kept my seats that were already selected.

photo img_2600

The morning of my flight, I received the notification my gate number from the Istanbul Airport app,

photo img_2606

A few hours later, I received the notification about the check-in counters dedicated for our flight.

photo img_2606a

And tracking the incoming flight

photo img_2607photo img_2608

The first glimpse of IST before entering the airport

photo img_2611

And the airport entrance

photo img_2612

Istanbul Airport - IST

As the designated check-in counters for my flight was in check-in island B, I used door #1 which is the closest door to the check-in counters.

photo img_2613

At the entrance, the security guards were checking tickets as only passengers are permitted inside the terminal. A thermal temperature screening is followed right after entering from the sliding door below.

photo img_2614

The massive terminal in IST

photo img_2615-30335

Here are the check-in counters for QR which was empty at the time I visited.

photo img_2616

After handing my bags to the agent and the agent checking my documents, I was all set. Also a reminder that the Turkish SHGM ( Civil Aviation Directorate ) does not allow cabin bags that could not fit under the seat and those bags should be checked-in at the counter. This only applies for flights to/from Turkey and not to be confused with other QR flights.

photo img_2617

Boarding passes

photo img_2618


photo img_2621

As July 15th, Democracy and National Unity day was coming, a car damaged by a coup soldier in July 15, 2016 was being demonstrated in IST.

photo img_2623

And now, it's time to clear passport control and security. They were both like a breeze as there were multiple lanes open and there were no wait.

photo img_2624

After passing security, you would realize that some of the stores are open and some of them are closed. This also apply for food outlets.

photo img_2625

The Turkish Airlines Business Lounge is closed and the East Duty Free area is closed. As there are not many flights only the West Duty Free area and the A&B concourse is being used at the moment.

photo img_2626-min

Although the Miles&Smiles Lounge is open

photo img_2628

It's time to head up to the lounge

photo img_2629

Floor markings are visible at escalators

photo img_2630

The SkyTeam Lounge was closed.

photo img_2631

But the iGA Lounge was open, Qatar Airways contracts the iGA Lounge in Istanbul Airport.

photo img_2632


After a temperature check at the entrance I was admitted inside, the lounge was super empty and there were only 5-10 passengers inside the lounge.

photo img_2633photo img_2634photo img_2636

The food bar had items that were packed in single-use boxes.

photo img_2637

This included fruits, desserts, sandwiches, yogurt, and mezzes.

photo img_2638photo img_2640

And cookies

photo img_2639

Hot meals were also available. Today's choices were chicken döner, yellow rice, and börek

photo img_2641

There was also a soup available. Despite the signs that meals are served by an attendant, the buffet was 100% self-service.

photo img_2642

The cutlery was plastic

photo img_2643

Alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, and soft drinks were available.

photo img_2646

My selection for the day. Both the döner and the börek were both delicious.

photo img_2647

And my dessert menu, the mini-muffins are for the flight

photo img_2648


photo img_2649

The food court visible from the lounge, some food outlets were open but the majority of them were closed.

photo img_2635

The child zone in the lounge was also closed.

photo img_2650

Same thing for the pool table and the bar

photo img_2651

The lavatories were kept clean. Both a male and female attendant were present in the hallway and each cabin was being cleaned after single-use. Showers were also available for use but I didn't use them.

photo img_2652

And it's time to head to the gate. While exiting the lounge, I've realized that the Istanbul Airport Museum would be opened soon in the mezzanine level across the iGA Lounge. The museum opened 3 days after my flight on 17 July 2020.

photo img_2653


The mini-duty free stores at the concourses were kept closed, however, some food outlets were open. Also, there was a mini-exposition of July 15 when entering concourses A&B.

photo img_2654photo img_2656

I've arrived at the gate 1h5min before scheduled departure time, as the flight wasn't full, there were enough seats in the waiting lounge.

photo img_2657

A7-BAC would be the one taking me to Doha.

photo img_2655photo img_2658

Another photo from the waiting lounge

photo img_2659

Before boarding has started, the ground staff has distributed each passenger a face shield which is mandatory to wear on QR flight.

photo img_2662

And our neighbor at the gate

photo img_2665

At 17:50, 50 minutes before scheduled departure time boarding has started with the respect of the zone numbers. Priority boarding was only offered for Business Class passengers.

photo img_2664

During the boarding process, there were some passengers not observing social distancing measures, however, the majority of them did observe them. I've boarded with Zone 4.

photo img_2666

QR 240 Istanbul Airport TO DOHA HAMAD AIRPORT

After being by the crew at the aircraft door and seeing these wonderful QSuites, I've headed to my seat.

photo img_2667

A cabin crew member greeted me at my seat and helped me to stow my items to the overhead lockers.

photo img_2668

As I was seated in the bulkhead row, the legroom is extremely generous.

photo img_2669

A few minutes later than I boarded, boarding was completed and doors were closed. At that time the cabin supervisor came to me and introduced herself, she asked me to call her whenever I need something.

photo img_2671

A Turkish Airlines A321-200 was our neighbor.

photo img_2670

Before starting our pushback, the cabin crew handed refreshing towels and a hygiene amenity kit.

photo img_2672

The hygiene amenity kit had a replacement mask, gloves, and a mini hand sanitizer.

photo img_2673photo img_2674

Headsets were also distributed

photo img_2675

At that time we started our push back.

photo img_2676photo img_2677

The terminal is filled up with TK aircraft

photo img_2678

And more of them

photo img_2679

The 17/35 runway sets are closed so we are heading to the 16/34 runway sets.

photo img_2680photo img_2681

And some more

photo img_2683photo img_2684

And a 8Q A320, Onurair and Turkish Airlines are the only two carriers that operate domestic flights from IST at the moment

photo img_2685

Some more TK aircraft

photo img_2686photo img_2687

And finally, we have arrived on runway 34L.

photo img_2689

The magnificent tower of IST

photo img_2690

Getting ready for takeoff

photo img_2691

And we're in the air

photo img_2693

An apron that has TK and 8Q aircraft that were grounded because of COVID.

photo img_2694

After takeoff, interestingly we have turned left rather than right

photo img_2695


photo img_2696

Beylikdüzü and Büyükçekmece area

photo img_2697

Bağcılar area

photo img_2698

Atatürk Airport

photo img_2699

Bayrampaşa and Esenler areas

photo img_2700

The Golden Horn

photo img_2701photo img_2702

Üsküdar district

photo img_2703

Ataşehir district and the construction of the new Finance Center

photo img_2704

Maltepe district

photo img_2705


photo img_2706

After the seatbelt signs have been turned off, I've opened the IFE screen but it was not working.

photo img_2707

I tried the one in 16J but the moving map was not working

photo img_2708

At that time videos related to the charity program and onboard Wi-Fi were screened.

photo img_2709photo img_2711

After these videos, I have called the cabin crew and they have successfully reset the IFE system in my row and the problem was solved. Then I decided to watch a movie for this flight.

photo img_2714

And shortly, the meal service has started. There were no printed menus available but the options were chicken, beef, and pasta. The meals were served with a starter, a dessert, a bottle of water, and bread. For a drink, I've opted for a mango juice.

photo img_2715

Despite the food being cooked and prepared in Qatar, it was delicious and one of the best aircraft meals that I have ever had.

Penne Pasta, Tomato Salsa Sauce
Cheddar Cheese Grated, Green Peas, Parsley 

photo img_2716

At that time, the view from the window

photo img_2717

Shortly later, after finishing my meal, I've opted for a coffee with Bailey's which was promptly served.

photo img_2718

Flying over Southeastern Turkey

photo img_2719

While watching a movie, the cabin crew came to my seat and offered me pretzels as a movie snack. This was a nice gesture from them and I didn't decline this offer.

photo img_2720

Flying over Iran

photo img_2721photo img_2723

After my movie has finished, I decided to use the complimentary 30 minute Wi-Fi plan

photo img_2712

The paid version is $10 for the entire flight, which isn't that bad.

photo img_2713

Unfortunately, Qatar Airways does not offer free unlimited Wi-Fi for their elite customers but as most airlines need extra revenue at the moment, this is understandable.

photo img_2724 had opened perfectly.

photo img_2726

And a shot from Flightradar24

photo img_2728

Before we arrived at DOH, I decided to visit one of the lavatories, it was kept clean. 

photo img_2729photo img_2730

After heading to my seat, the cabin supervisor came one more time and asked if I enjoyed the flight. Both she and the other cabin attendant that helped my area did a perfect job that day and they were above my expectations.

photo img_2731photo img_2732

And we've landed at DOH far ahead of schedule.

photo img_2735

The cargo hangar

photo img_2737

And within two minutes, we parked at remote stand E17. The reason why we've parked at a remote stand was that the aircraft's next flight was a cargo-only flight to Singapore.

photo img_2738photo img_2740

After the seatbelt signs have been turned off, we have waited 5 minutes for the buses to arrive. First Business Class passengers left the aircraft, which was followed by Economy Class passengers.

At the bottom of the stairs, an Al Maha stewardess greeted me by a name board and asked me to board the regular Economy Class bus.

photo img_2741-10444

After the first bus was filled %50, we've headed to the transfer security area. The Al Maha hostess has escorted me towards a dedicated lane and I was in the airside of Hamad Airport.

photo img_2742-33629

The journey would continue in the next report.
Hope to see all you there. 

Thanks for reading and stay in touch with Flight-Report for my upcoming reports.

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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew10.0

IGA Lounge (International)


Istanbul - IST


Doha - DOH



This was my first international trip after COVID and I was really amazed that Qatar Airways maintained a close-to-normal service and their service was excellent. The journey at IST was smooth and nice with the checkpoints and the counters being almost empty. Shops were also empty, however, almost no sale was going on in most outlets except the duty-free store. The iGA Lounge seemed much better than the current TK Lounge offerings as there were hot meals, tea/coffee, and alcohol available. The seating at the lounge was comfortable, however, I would also like to tell you that the children's area, the pool table, and the bar area was closed due to COVID. The boarding process was smooth and zone boarding was exactly followed. Priority boarding for passengers requiring assistance and Business Class passengers were available, however, not for elites seating in Economy Class. During the current circumstances, this is understandable. Once I stepped into the aircraft, I was greeted by a cabin crew member at my seat. The seat was comfortable and the bulkhead row had enormous legroom. That day I was going to enjoy the entire block of seats. After boarding was completed, the cabin supervisor introduced herself and asked me if I need anything. After takeoff, I have realized that my IFE screen was malfunctioning and I notified the cabin crew; the crew has rebooted the system immediately and they apologized for the issue which was solved within 2 minutes. The meal service was done about 30-45 minutes after our takeoff, the tray was similar to what I've received pre-COVID, however, no menu cards were distributed, the bread was packaged and butter was available on request. Otherwise, the tray was similar to pre-COVID and the meals were delicious. After the meal service, tea/coffee service was offered, plus until while enjoying my movie the crew offered me pretzels and drinks which made the flight more enjoyable. The Wi-Fi was also working perfectly and the $10 price for a full flight and the 30-minute free package was a generous offer from QR, however, in this case, I really enjoy TK's free Wi-Fi for their elites, but this is also acceptable. Also during my visit to the lavatory, it was clean and while I left the lavatory, the cabin crew offered me a hand sanitizer which was also a nice gesture. Before landing, the cabin crew came and thanked me for choosing QR and asked if I was satisfied with the flight. After landing in Doha, we have arrived at a remote stand and I was greeted by an Al Maha stewardess at the stairs, however, with a private welcome, it was strange that I was asked to board the regular Economy Class bus to the terminal. Although social distancing was observed in the bus with reduced capacity.

(+) Efficient check-in process
(+) Passport control and security wait times
(+) Zone numbers respected during boarding
iGA Lounge
(+) Hot food and beverage options
(+) Comfortable seating areas
QR 240
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom in the bulkhead row
(+) Delicious meals
(+) Amazing crew
(+) Free Wi-Fi for 30 minutes
(+) Lavatories were kept clean throughout the flight
(-) IFE screen issues
(+) Free Al Maha greeting at the aircraft door for QRPC Platinum members
(-) Passengers who even purchase an Al Maha package would have ended up boarding the regular Economy bus to the terminal



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  • Comment 558878 by
    Leadership TEAM GOLD 5306 Comments

    Thanks a lot for sharing this great experience with us, great narrative and comprehensive photos.
    Your report is probably one of the most "normal" with lounge open and a regular service on board.
    It remains to be seen if QR is right by providing the same (high) level of service which does involve a lot of interaction with the cabin crew. It's in a far contrast to Air Canada where cabin crews don't even say a single world and where the service is limited to a snack box with a bottled water only. I feel like very unionized airlines are the ones offering the worst service nowadays as this is the perfect excuse...
    How it feels to wear a Face shield the whole flight?
    Looking forward to your transit at Hamad and your next flight!

    • Comment 558879 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 368 Comments

      Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire,

      Your report is probably one of the most "normal" with lounge open and a regular service on board.

      - Indeed yes, that was one of the main reasons I chose to fly Qatar Airways. Everything was close to normal.
      It remains to be seen if QR is right by providing the same (high) level of service which does involve a lot of interaction with the cabin crew.

      -I was also pretty happy when flying QR to see crew interacting with the passengers for their needs which even makes the journey more comfortable rather than depressing during COVID.
      It's in a far contrast to Air Canada where cabin crews don't even say a single world and where the service is limited to a snack box with a bottled water only. I feel like very unionized airlines are the ones offering the worst service nowadays as this is the perfect excuse...

      - It's also strange to see a lot of airlines cost-cutting for this reason, especially AC, BA, and TK. They think that they would lose customers in the long run if they continue this cost-cutting norm and I also think that these unionized airlines are the worse carriers to fly at this time. This perfect excuse may not work in the near future when more people would consider traveling by air.
      How it feels to wear a Face shield the whole flight?

      - The face shields that QR distributed were actually comfortable and not a big issue, I was able to sleep with them easily onboard.
      Looking forward to your transit at Hamad and your next flight!

      - Hope to see you there. :)

  • Comment 558994 by
    KL651 TEAM 4518 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    It's nice to notice that not much has changed in terms of meal service.
    Is the face shield mandatory and the mask as well or only the face shield.
    I must say that the way QR dresses their crew with the ER like suit is pretty scary.
    98 passengers, wow they could have sent an A320 to cover that flight.

    • Comment 559003 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 368 Comments

      Thank you KL651 for stopping by,

      It's nice to notice that not much has changed in terms of meal service.

      - It was really a nice feeling to fly like pre-COVID rather than the depressing post-COVID experience of some other airlines.
      Is the face shield mandatory and the mask as well or only the face shield.

      - Both are mandatory throughout the flight but as there was enough space to social distance, the crew didn't say anything to those that removed their face shield while they were seating and sleeping.
      I must say that the way QR dresses their crew with the ER like suit is pretty scary.

      - Actually, it was not that scary when the crew was polite to everyone and trying everyone to have a great experience.
      98 passengers, wow they could have sent an A320 to cover that flight.

      - If I'm not wrong, due to the blockade of Qatar, IST is a cargo-heavy destination, that might be the reason that a 777-300ER is flying twice to IST every day. Otherwise, all other QR destinations in Turkey are currently served with A320's.

      Once again thanks for your comment.

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