Review of American Airlines flight Miami Los Angeles in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA1061
Class Economy
Seat 18L
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 05:07
Take-off 26 Jul 20, 20:05
Arrival at 26 Jul 20, 22:12
AA   #28 out of 69 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 516 reviews
By GOLD 1721
Published on 2nd August 2020

Report No: 2020-704E

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This report would contain a flight review of one of American's Flagship domestic routes, Miami to Los Angeles, onboard the 777-300ER in Main Cabin Extra. In this flight, I was lucky to get a Premium Economy seat for free and I was able to experience the Admirals Club in Miami as well.

During my travel date, American had 5 daily MIA-LAX flights, one of them was the Flagship service with the 777-300ER and the 4 others with a mixture of 737-800 & A321's.

Here is the routing

Loads for this flight

Flagship First: %10-15
Flagship Business: %70-75
Main Cabin: %40-45


This alert was available before I started checking-in online.

photo img_0445

Thanks to my Expertflyer membership, I have created a seat alert for Premium Economy window-aisle seats and as soon a double of them got empty, I selected 18J and 18K. Also an anecdote that, American had blocked row 16 and other emergency exit rows to protect their crew as there are crew jumpseats in front of those rows.

photo img_0446

And here is the confirmation of OLCI

photo img_0447

Boarding pass

photo img_0448

The next morning, I've spotted our aircraft which over Europe at that time.

photo img_2953photo img_2954


About 2 hours before the flight, me and my travel companion were driving to the rental car drop off point.

photo img_2957

At that time, some AA aircraft were visible from the road

photo img_2958

After dropping the car, we both used the MiaMover to access the terminal as the rental car center is not near the terminal

photo img_2959-10859

Here is an idea about the operation of the MiaMover

photo img_2960

The MiaMover was empty and we were the only one in our car during the 5 minute ride to the terminal.

photo img_2961

And I was able to spot some AA aircraft during the ride

photo img_2962photo img_2963

Low D gates

photo img_2964

After arriving to the terminal, I've walked to the Priority check-in desks to drop bags and I realized that the Flagship First counters were closed. In normal circumstances, non-AA oneworld Emerald members could use the Flagship First check-in desks.

photo img_2966

However, the priority desks were open with a couple of agents serving passengers. The wait over there was about 5 minutes and after then we were served.

photo img_2967photo img_2968-63718

Later on, we've headed to the regular security checkpoint as the priority checkpoint was closed during our visit at MIA.

photo img_2969-96449

And after a wait of 5 minutes at security, it was time to head to the lounge.

photo img_2970-45092

Most of the airport vendors were closed, however, some were open.

photo img_2971photo img_2972photo img_2973

Luckily the lounge was across our gate so we had 10-15 minutes to spend there.

photo img_2985

However, the bad news was that the signs of the Flagship Lounge was covered with black tape so this meant that we would be using the Admirals Club.

photo img_2982

After entering the lounge, we were welcomed by the front desk downstairs and after taking up the elevator, we were greeted by another AA staff that told us that we are not allowed to leave our seats during our visit except for visiting the restrooms. In my previous report, at DCA, the system was different as passengers were allowed to take a walk within the club but they could only sat at the same place as they did previously.

photo img_2977-22403

Shortly after we took our seats, one of the lounge staff took our drink orders and handed in our food bags. As you might know from my previous report, AA temporarily suspended the premium drink allowance of non-AA oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members so only soft drinks, house beer and house wine was free of charge.

photo img_2978

For all other premium drinks in this menu, you would need to present a credit card to the server.

photo img_2980-95977

And here is the food box: Chips & Guac, a lemon cookie and some sweets.

photo img_2979

And here is a view of our aircraft which was visible from the club. N726AN would be the aircraft that would take me to LA.

photo img_2976

While leaving the lounge, I have realized that the children's area was closed to service, however, there were magazines that were still available to read.

photo img_2981


The gate area was crowded before boarding

photo img_2974

Another shot of N726AN

photo img_2984

FIDS - As you might realize from the FIDS, AA is the only carrier operating direct service from Miami to Los Angeles

photo img_2983

While I was boarding the aircraft, all passengers up to Group 4 were invited to board. American Airlines is one of the rare carriers that does not board from back to front during post-COVID, instead they are maintaining their original boarding process.

photo img_2986-98215


After being welcomed by the crew at the aircraft door, I've headed to my seat 18L which was the last row of the Premium Economy cabin.

photo img_2987-12156

The American Airlines Premium Economy seat has great legroom compared to the Main Cabin seats and the seats are obviously wider. Unlike Delta and United, American does not market these seats as a separate class so passengers eligible for Main Cabin Extra could select these seats for free.

photo img_2988

The seat has an IFE screen

photo img_2989

As well as a remote

photo img_2990

A power outlet and a USB port

photo img_2991

And in the seat pocket there was something rare that you could see, besides the safety card, there was the American Way magazine available at every seat; though, the Spanish version of the magazine, Nexus was not available.

photo img_2992-40974

And it was time to wander around the pages of the magazine, starting with the fleet page

photo img_2993-98371

Maps of MIA & LAX

photo img_2996-68476photo img_2998

It was my first time seeing this ad as this was my first oneworld flight after COVID that had an inflight-magazine

photo img_2999

American destinations within the US

photo img_3001-68531

And here is the IFE screen

photo img_3002

For the majority of the flight that the air flight time was 4h28mins, the route map was open in my screen.

photo img_3003photo img_3004photo img_3005

And, it was interesting to see personal AC units at the top as most airlines do not install these on their wide-bodies.

photo img_3007

A view from the window

photo img_3008

And after boarding was completed, there was an announcement made that the flight was delayed for 15 minutes because of the delay of paperwork arriving at the cockpit. At that time a cabin crew was verifying if passengers seated in the Premium Economy seats did not upgrade themselves as there was an issue with another passenger that was solved quickly.

photo img_3009

And later on, single-use earphones were distributed

photo img_3011-15618

And it was time to push-back

photo img_3012photo img_3014

At that time, the safety video was playing in English and then it was repeated in Spanish as well.

photo img_3013photo img_3015

And we took off about 15-20 minutes later than our scheduled departure time.

photo img_3016photo img_3017

Some photos from our takeoff

photo img_3018photo img_3019

A last shot of MIA

photo img_3020

And a gallery of some other photos that was taken after takeoff

And after taking off the usual welcome announcement video was played from the personal screens.

photo img_3027

The flight also had Wi-Fi supported by Panasonic, and here were the prices for our flight. During this flight, personal mobile entertainment did not work and passengers who were willing to watch a movie or TV show should have done it via the IFE screens.

photo img_3028

Shortly later, the beverage service had started with a full selection of soft drinks, coffee and tea. I've opted for an apple juice which was served with pretzels and Biscoff cookies. This was the only service made throughout the flight

photo img_3029

Shortly later, I visited one of the lavatories which were clean at the time I visited

photo img_3030-12821photo img_3031-87725

And flight information at that time

photo img_3032photo img_3033photo img_3034

Shortly later, I took a nap and when I woke up I had enjoyed the chips&guac that were handed to me at the club. Also, the cabin crew was constantly touring the cabin to collect trash.

photo img_3035

And flight information

photo img_3037photo img_3038photo img_3040

A photo over eastern California

photo img_3041

And the seatbelt signs were turned on and the cabin crew did a final run of trash collection.

photo img_3042

A photo before landing

photo img_3043

The new SoFi stadium

photo img_3044

And we've landed at one of the southern runways at LAX

photo img_3046

TBIT which mostly had Asian carriers at that time including Asiana, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines and Philippines Airlines aircraft

photo img_3047

And AA aircraft was present at T4

photo img_3048

An AA A321

photo img_3049

And another one with a special livery

photo img_3050

More AA aircraft

photo img_3051

The closed Flagship Lounge at LAX. We were going to park at gate 41 that day.

photo img_3052

And interestingly the TV's in the closed Flagship Lounge were open.

photo img_3053

And we were parking next to this A321.

photo img_3054

And a final glimpse at aircraft at TBIT

photo img_3055


After saying goodbye to the crew, I left the aircraft and headed to the baggage carousel and after a wait of 20 minutes at the carousel bags arrived with the respect of priority tags.

Also for those who wonder, there was no row by row deboarding at this flight and deboarding the aircraft was done in the usual pre-COVID way.

photo img_3056-92186

And later on, it was time to leave LAX

photo img_3057

This report has come to an end.
This series would continue with the next report.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

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American Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

AA Admirals Club D30


Miami - MIA


Los Angeles - LAX



Overall, it was nice to try the American Airlines Premium Economy seats that I was supposed to try in April in the LHR-JFK route. The Premium Economy seat product is superior to the regular MCE product and I enjoyed flying on them. The rest of the flight experience was similar to pre-COVID, no Buy-On-Board, no free alcohol for MCE and that are all. The usual beverage service ( including coffee and tea ) was done with pretzels and biscoff cookies, no hand sanitizers or disinfectant wipes were distributed, the in-flight magazine still available. The IFE system onboard was working pretty fast, however, the personal entertainment option was not available for this flight and Wi-Fi was not that cheap for this flight. Toilets were surprisingly clean throughout my visit as usually when flying AA, I am used to dirty lavatories. The experience in MIA was standard with the option of checking through an agent, however, the priority lane was closed so I had waited in the regular lane for about 10 minutes. The club in MIA was a standard post-COVID AA Club experience, although still no premium drinks are served for free for oneworld elites and in the club in MIA, passengers are not allowed to leave their seats unless they are leaving the club or going to the restrooms. Boarding was made in the usual sequence with group numbers and priorities being respected. The experience in LAX was not that great as waiting for baggage 15-20 minutes is not the greatest experience, however, LAX was empty as I have never seen before.

More American Airlines reports would come within the remainder of this year.

(+) Reasonable wait for check-in and security
(+) Boarding was made in respect to the group numbers and priorities
(-) No priority checkpoint available for security
AA Admirals Club D30
(+) Comfortable seating
(+) Friendly server at the club
(-) The offering bag could be improved
(-) The removal of the premium drinks for non-AA OWS and OWE passengers
AA 1061
(+) Comfortable seats, great width, and great recline compared to a domestic MCE seat
(+) IFE options although the mobile personal entertainment system was not working.
(+) Crew was friendly towards passengers
(+) The lavatory was clean during my visit
(+) Trash was collected during the flight by the crew
(-) No food available except snacks
(+) Surprisingly no traffic within the terminal roads
(-) Long wait for baggage

Information on the route Miami (MIA) Los Angeles (LAX)


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