Review of Austrian Airlines flight Vienna Sofia in Business

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS797
Class Business
Seat 1DF
Aircraft Embraer E-195
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 12 Aug 20, 12:45
Arrival at 12 Aug 20, 15:15
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By GOLD 852
Published on 25th August 2020


A very warm welcome part 2 of my current series covering my first flights after lockdown, ladies and gentlemen! After 178 days of being on the ground, I finally had the pleasure of taking to the skies again, for a month-long trip to my usual destination of Sofia, Bulgaria. I had originally planned to fly to Sofia in mid-July, but just a few days before that Austrian government banned all flights to and from Bulgaria and a handful of other Eastern European countries, due to the poor handling of the pandemic in those countries. Thanks to Lufthansa's very generous rebooking policy, I was able to not only move my flights to be about a month later than originally planned, but I was also able to change my originating airport from Vienna to Innsbruck, though you can read about that in part 1.

Originally, I was meant to fly a simple roundtrip from Vienna to Sofia and back. At the time of booking, the itinerary looked like this:

Though instead, flight OS799 was cancelled, and the return flight was operated by a Dash 8.

Note that when I rebooked the flights, OS797 was meant to be operated by an A319, and the return OS800 was meant to be operated by an Embraer 195, so the equipment on the return might still change.

photo anmerkung-2020-08-14-133314

I initially booked this trip as a VIE-SOF roundtrip ticket for €480, and for no extra cost I was able to add the Innsbruck sectors of the trip when my travel plans changed due to the pandemic.

sky lounge schengen vienna airport

After a short bus ride from the Dash 8 that flew me from Innsbruck, I found myself at Terminal 3's Pier North, the newest addition of Vienna Airport, and home of most Star Alliance flights. However, due to the drop in demand, all flights, regardless of airline, are currently operating from Pier North. An escalator ride later, I emerged right near the duty-free shop.

photo screenshot-96-86379

I wasn't expecting anything to be open, so naturally I was surprised to see that both the duty-free shop and the Jamie Oliver restaurant were open.

photo screenshot-97

After surveying the duty-free shop, I headed to the SKY Lounge Schengen, which is the only lounge open in the entire airport.

photo screenshot-98photo screenshot-99photo screenshot-100-44382

Due to the closure of all Austrian Lounges, passengers flying in a premium cabin of a Lufthansa Group airline, as well as Miles & More Senators and HON Circle have access to the lounge. However, all other Business Class passengers and Priority Pass members also have access to the lounge, so as you can imagine the lounge can get quite busy. When I arrived, though, I was one of around 7 other people in the lounge, which gave me the chance to take some pictures.

photo screenshot-101-53745photo screenshot-102-25481photo screenshot-104

Behind the makeshift wall was a construction zone, which wasn't an issue…at first.

photo screenshot-103

I made myself comfortable on a high sofa.

photo screenshot-105

My choice of food consisted of just some cold cuts and a glass of milk, as I was still satisfied from my breakfast on OS913.

photo screenshot-106

Speaking of food, the buffet was already pretty empty, despite the early hour.

photo screenshot-107photo screenshot-109photo screenshot-110

The alcoholic section, however, was mostly untouched.

photo screenshot-108

I spent some time taking a nap on my high sofa, but was woken up by loud drilling from the construction site. When I woke up, I also saw that the lounge had filled up quite a bit, so I decided to leave and explore the terminal instead.

vienna schwechat international airport (vie)

After I passed immigration (Bulgaria still isn't a Schengen country, but hopes to join as soon as possible, along with Romania), I emerged into the G Gates, where there was only one small duty-free shop open.

photo screenshot-112

For the most part, the G Gates were much emptier than the F Gates.

photo screenshot-111photo screenshot-113

There were two restaurants open, but I didn't check them out.

photo screenshot-114-57904

Peeking out the window, I snapped a picture of the tarmac, and also saw OS65 roaring down Runway 29 on its way to O'Hare.

photo screenshot-115photo screenshot-116

Not a lot of social distancing at the gate of the AnadoluJet flight to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen.

photo screenshot-124-40602-28230

Unfortunately, the Aida cart was closed, so I couldn't enjoy one last Sachertorte before heading to Bulgaria ?

photo screenshot-120

I walked to the very end of the pier, and it was completely empty, and without construction noises, too!

photo screenshot-117

Combined with the view, I'd say that my new position was better than the lounge ?

photo screenshot-118photo screenshot-119

After watching a ton of flights landing on Runway 16, I headed back towards my gate.

photo screenshot-123photo screenshot-122

Flying me down to Sofia was OE-LWE, a 2011-built Embraer 195, which had previously flown for Lufthansa CityLine as D-AEBG. It transferred to Austrian in March 2017.

photo screenshot-121

boarding + initial impressions

Boarding was called on time and began with people who require assistance, as well as families with small children, then Priority Boarding. Call me old school, but I firmly believe that families with small children should board after Business and Priority Boarding, not before. As expected, boarding was contact-free, was done through automated boarding gates.

photo screenshot-125photo screenshot-126

Walking down the jetbridge.

photo screenshot-127photo screenshot-128

Blurred fuselage shot.

photo screenshot-129

Confirmation of the type.

photo screenshot-130

I was greeting by a very friendly purser who was holding a box of sanitizing wipes for us to take and took my seat, 1F.

photo screenshot-131

Fantastic legroom at the bulkhead.

photo screenshot-132

Just like on the previous flight, nothing but the safety instruction card and an airsickness bag were in the seatback pocket.

photo screenshot-133

Typical Embraer PSU.

photo screenshot-136

An abundance of Austrian arrows on the bulkhead.

photo screenshot-138

The entry area of the aircraft.

photo screenshot-137

Very nice view of the wing and engine.

photo screenshot-134

At the gate next door was Austrian's A319 named Sofia, which instead of flying to its namesake city was off to Hamburg as OS173.

photo screenshot-135

austrian 797 - vienna to sofia

With only 49 passengers, boarding ended very shortly after it began, and once everyone was onboard, Captain Jens added his welcome aboard and announced excellent flying conditions on our 1h10m flight.

photo screenshot-139

As we pushed back, the flight attendants performed the safety briefing.

photo screenshot-140

Passing the Dash Farm on our way to Runway 16.

photo screenshot-141

Lufthansa CityLine CRJ900 'Torgau' preparing for its short flight to Munich.

photo screenshot-142

Passing OE-LGI, the Dash 8 that brought me from Innsbruck earlier in the morning, which had already completed a rotation to Geneva.

photo screenshot-143

People's E170 preparing for its flight to St. Gallen-Altenrhein.

photo screenshot-144

departure from vienna

Lining up.

photo screenshot-145


photo screenshot-146photo screenshot-147photo screenshot-148


photo screenshot-149photo screenshot-150photo screenshot-151

Climbing past Schwachdorf bei Wien.

photo screenshot-152

Slats up.

photo screenshot-153

Right turn near Mannersdorf am Leithagebirge.

photo screenshot-154

Takeoff video:

Leaving Austria behind for the first time since early March.

photo screenshot-155photo screenshot-156

The Hungarian part of Neusiedlersee, or as it's known in Hungarian, Fertő tó.

photo screenshot-157

A look back at the empty cabin. Apart from me, there were two other passengers in Business Class, seated in 1A and 2A.

photo screenshot-159

As soon as we reached our initial cruising altitude of 37,000 feet, the flight attendants passed out Health Declaration forms for all passengers to fill out.

photo screenshot-158photo screenshot-160

Lake Balaton.

photo screenshot-163

In addition to the legroom, another perk of sitting in Row 1 is that the table folds, so if you really need to get out of your seat during the meal service, you don't have to open the tray table of the adjacent seat.

photo screenshot-162photo screenshot-161

lunch service

In the past, I've been a bit critical of Austrian Airlines, but all my hard feelings went away when the purser served lunch.

photo screenshot-164

On the short 70-minute flight (in the middle of a pandemic, mind you), Austrian provided a full hot meal. The meal consisted of Gnocchi with Cream Sauce and Tomatoes…

photo screenshot-165

…and a sinfully delicious chocolate cake.

photo screenshot-166

The meal was also served with a little packet of butter…

photo screenshot-167

…and a wet towel.

photo screenshot-168

To drink, I stuck with water. As you can in the photo, warm bread was also offered, and the purser came through the cabin with the bread basket multiple times.

photo screenshot-169

I don't think I need to say how much I enjoyed my meal ? Austrian has the best Business Class catering in Europe, hands down.

photo screenshot-170


View of the Sava River in Serbia.

photo screenshot-171

Cruising at 39,000 feet.

photo screenshot-172photo screenshot-173

Couple of Cumulonimbus clouds.

photo screenshot-174

arrival into sofia

As we neared the top of descent, the Captain came over the PA one more time to announce that we'd be landing early in Sofia, and that the weather was slightly rainy and there were light variable winds reported at the airport.

photo screenshot-175

Niš, Serbia.

photo screenshot-176

Left turn towards Sofia.

photo screenshot-177

The southern suburbs of Sofia. Sofia isn't the most beautiful city, and I'm not usually terribly excited about going back, but after being stuck in Innsbruck for close to 5 months, I was thrilled to see the city again!

photo screenshot-178

Slowing down during the downwind leg.

photo screenshot-179photo screenshot-180

Turning left base.

photo screenshot-181

Iskar Reservoir in the distance.

photo screenshot-182

Turning final.

photo screenshot-183photo screenshot-184

Lined up on final.

photo screenshot-185photo screenshot-186photo screenshot-187

Over the perimeter.

photo screenshot-188photo screenshot-189

Long flare.

photo screenshot-190

Very smooth landing on Runway 27 at 3:02 PM, 12 minutes early, after a flight time of 1h11m.

photo screenshot-191


photo screenshot-192

Vacating the runway.

photo screenshot-193photo screenshot-194

Landing video:

Taxiing to the apron.

photo screenshot-195photo screenshot-196

Pulling in to our stand near a Bulgaria Air Embraer 190.

photo screenshot-197

One last look at my seat.

photo screenshot-198

I bid the charming crew goodbye and was the first person to head into the bus to the terminal.

photo screenshot-199

A couple of final shots of OE-LWE.

photo screenshot-200photo screenshot-201photo screenshot-202-93987

On the way to the terminal.

photo screenshot-203

routing of os797

photo os797

Our routing took us more or less directly from Vienna to Sofia via Niš, and we cruised at 37,000 and 39,000 feet.

Only 25 people rode in the bus from the aircraft to the terminal, and the other 24 followed in the next bus. Much to my surprise, our health declaration forms weren't collected, and instead we were just asked from where we originated our journey. Immigration wasn't an issue, and I was curbside around 10 minutes after deplaning the aircraft. Thanks for stopping by this report, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below, and I hope to see you in about a month for the return journey!

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

SKY Lounge (Schengen)


Vienna - VIE


Sofia - SOF



Great service and delicious food made me really enjoy this flight.

+ Friendly crew
+ Comfortable Embraer cabin
+ Lots of legroom and space in Row 1
+ Phenomenal catering
+ Nice views
- Only one open lounge at VIE
- Noisy and crowded SKY Lounge
- No entertainment other than the views

Austrian's hard product is basically the same as all other European airlines (though the E195 is probably the nicest narrowbody in their fleet), but their soft product is where they really shine. If I have to fly Business Class in Europe, I'd definitely choose Austrian.

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    ThomasDutch SILVER 565 Comments

    The bulk seats on the E-Jets are definitely the best ones for J class, however the table I find to be anything but sturdy. Comparing it to my J class with KLM Cityhopper, I guess KLC has got a lot to learn on how to serve a J class meal. Thanks for sharing!

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      NewYorker GOLD AUTHOR 175 Comments

      Thanks for stopping by, Thomas! No doubt that the bulkhead are the best on the E-Jets, though I didn't have much of a problem with the sturdiness of my table. Austrian sure does know how to serve a J class meal! All the best to you, and happy flying!

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