Review of Austrian Airlines flight Vienna Innsbruck in Business

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS905
Class Business
Seat 2AC
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 11 Sep 20, 13:05
Arrival at 11 Sep 20, 14:05
OS   #33 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 259 reviews
By GOLD 1000
Published on 24th November 2020


A warm welcome back to my current Flight-Report series, ladies and gentlemen! In final installment of this 4-flight series, I'll be flying back to Innsbruck after spending 30 days in Sofia, Bulgaria. This series is regarding my first trip back in the air after being confined in Austria for months. Austria is my favorite country on the planet, so I had no issue being stuck there for a while, but as I'm sure you can imagine I jumped at the chance to fly again, even if it was just for a menial trip to Bulgaria.

trip information

Originally, I was meant to fly a simple roundtrip from Vienna to Sofia and back. At the time of booking, the itinerary looked like this:

OS799 | Vienna - Sofia | Embraer 195
OS800 | Sofia - Vienna | Airbus A320

Though instead, flight OS799 was cancelled, and the return flight was operated by a Dash 8.

After a hassle-free process, I was able to change my flight to the current itinerary, which is as follows:

At the time of booking, OS797 was meant to be operated by an A319, and this flight was meant to be operated by an E195, so it appears that Austrian decided to cut capacity on both of the Sofia legs that I flew.

photo screenshot-2020-11-24-180259

The reason I flew this trip in Business Class was solely for the purpose of social distancing. As United's new CEO Scott Kirby says, there is no way to social distance your self on an airplane. That's true in Economy Class, but not in Business Class, and especially in Euro Business Classes, where the seat next to you is empty. I had no idea how full flights would be, and I didn't want to risk sitting next to a stranger who may or may not have had Covid. Spending miles on such a short flight in Business Class seemed like a sin, so I ended up booking a Business Saver ticket on The VIE-SOF roundtrip cost around €480, and for no extra cost I was able to add the Innsbruck sectors of the trip. To change my flights, I simply called Lufthansa and within 45 minutes my new ticket was confirmed. I was very impressed with the way the whole situation was handled, and it reminded me why I'm loyal to the Lufthansa Group. With all that out of the way, on the the report!

transiting at vienna airport

After arriving from Sofia and parking at a remote stand, all passengers were taken to the Terminal by bus. Once inside the terminal, all passengers were warmly greeted by members of the Austrian Armed Forces who were asking for the health forms that we filled out on the flight, and for a negative Covid test result. I presented my negative result (which I took and received the day before), and the soldier assigned to me discarded the form, as I'm given to understand that the negative test overrides the need for a health form.

After a brief and friendly immigration encounter, I was off to security. The one thing I hate about Vienna Airport is that there is no security checkpoint dedicated for transit passengers, so everyone ends up going through the same checkpoint. Being early in the morning and having a long connection meant I had no reason to stress, but I've had much worse experiences in the past.

sky lounge schengen vienna airport

Security took no more than 7 minutes, and then I made my way to the SKY Lounge, which was the only lounge in the entire airport open at the time, due to the pandemic.

When I got there, the lounge was pretty empty, and I snagged a whole couch for myself.

photo screenshot-295

When I visited the lounge in August, a whole part of the lounge was under renovation, though thankfully that was finished, and I was seated right next to a new buffet.

photo screenshot-296

Unfortunately, the lounge started to fill up quite a bit as the morning went on, so I left the lounge and started roaming the terminal.

vienna schwechat international airport (vie)

Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, there were still quite a few flights passing through VIE.

photo screenshot-299

The F Gates, however, still looked eerily empty.

photo screenshot-298

I headed all the way to the end of the terminal and found an empty gate, which I took over for a bit.

photo screenshot-297

After doing reading the news and chilling for a bit, I got hungry and headed to Jamie's Italian to grab a bite to eat. My table had quite a view!

photo screenshot-301

I ordered a Carbonara Pizza, which was delicious, though I wish that the chef went a bit heavier on the bacon 😛

photo screenshot-300

boarding + Initial impressions

Before I knew it, it was time to board, so I headed to my gate, F15.

photo screenshot-302photo screenshot-303

Down the jetbridge…

photo screenshot-304

…and to the bus that would carry us to our Dash.

photo screenshot-305

OE-LGL 'Altenrhein' preparing for its flight to Warsaw…

photo screenshot-306

…and OE-LGK 'Burgenland', soon off to Sarajevo.

photo screenshot-308

Arriving at our mighty Q400.

photo screenshot-309

My ride to Innsbruck was OE-LGN, named Gmunden. It was first delivered to Austrian Arrows in 2010 and transferred to Austrian mainline in 2012. Manufactured in September 2010, Gmunden was exactly 10 years old at the time of my flight. This would be my second flight with this aircraft, having flown it before in March 2019 from Innsbruck to Frankfurt.

photo screenshot-311photo screenshot-312

View of the prop…

photo screenshot-313

…the nose…

photo screenshot-314-50465photo screenshot-316

…and the fuselage.

photo screenshot-315

I was greeted with a "Servus!" and a smile by the purser, handed a sanitary wipe, and quickly found my seat, 2A, where the legroom was exactly the same as on 2 of the previous 3 flights of this series.

photo screenshot-317photo screenshot-318

In the seatback pocket was just the safety card.

photo screenshot-319

View of the prop from my seat.

photo screenshot-320

More modern PSU than on OE-LGI.

photo screenshot-321

austrian 905 - vienna to innsbruck

Unlike my 3 previous which had an average load of 43%, this flight was close to 100% full, which meant boarding took a little bit longer. Once everyone was onboard, Captain Marco, the same captain I had on the first segment of this trip (and who turns out is the fleet chief for OS's Q400s), welcomed us on board and announced that our scenic flight would take 45 minutes.

photo screenshot-323

Soon after, our engines were fired up and we began our taxi to Runway 29.

photo screenshot-324photo screenshot-325

departure from vienna

Lining up.

photo screenshot-326


photo screenshot-327photo screenshot-328


photo screenshot-329photo screenshot-330photo screenshot-331

Left turn immediately after departure.

photo screenshot-332photo screenshot-333photo screenshot-334

Not much to see after takeoff.

photo screenshot-335photo screenshot-336

Takeoff video:

Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

photo screenshot-337

lunch service

Before we even reached the mountains, the flight attendants sprung into action with the meal service. Like on all 3 previous flights, a beautiful tray was served.

photo screenshot-338

The meal consisted of 3 sandwiches: 1 cheddar and caramelized onion, 1 tuna, and 1 cream cheese and salmon…

photo screenshot-339

…and chocolate mousse.

photo screenshot-340


photo screenshot-341

Lunch with a view 😍

photo screenshot-342

The meal was delightful, and just the right amount for the short flight.

photo screenshot-343


Mountains and clouds below.

photo screenshot-344

Hallstätter See and the famous village of Hallstatt.

photo screenshot-345

arrival into innsbruck

As we flew over the Steinernes Meer, the captain came back over the PA to announce that we had already commenced our descent to Innsbruck, and only 12 minutes of flight were remaining.

photo screenshot-346

Descending through the mountains.

photo screenshot-347photo screenshot-348

Established on approach.

photo screenshot-349

Gear down.

photo screenshot-350

Over the city limits.

photo screenshot-351

Super scenic short final over Innsbruck.

photo screenshot-352photo screenshot-353photo screenshot-354

Over the airport.

photo screenshot-355photo screenshot-356

Ultra-smooth landing (in Innsbruck?!?! 😆) on Runway 26 at 2:02 PM, 3 minutes early, after a flight time of 52 minutes.

photo screenshot-357

Hard braking.

photo screenshot-358photo screenshot-359photo screenshot-360

Vacating the runway.

photo screenshot-361

Landing video:

Pulling into our stand.

photo screenshot-362photo screenshot-363photo screenshot-364-50476

Deplaning. Just look at those mountains!

photo screenshot-365photo screenshot-366photo screenshot-367-61122-84947

Last photos of my chariot.

photo screenshot-368photo screenshot-370

routing of os905

photo screenshot-2020-09-13-134104

Not much to say here, we literally flew directly from Vienna to Innsbruck at a cruising altitude of 24,000 feet.

As if mountains and awesome people aren't enough, yet another awesome thing about Innsbruck is the fact that the airport is so damn close to the city center. I was at my apartment less than 15 minutes after touchdown. Thanks for stopping by this report, which will likely be my last of 2020. I'm all caught up on past reports, and I don't have any flying plans for the holidays for the first time in my life. Maybe I'll fly somewhere, but it's highly unlikely. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy, and here's to lots of flying in 2021!

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

SKY Lounge (Schengen)


Vienna - VIE


Innsbruck - INN



Austrian managed to make an ordinary domestic flight in Austria a nice, pleasant experience.

+ Friendly crew
+ Beautiful views
+ Delicious catering
- Not the best Business Class cabin
- No entertainment other than the views

Austrian's hard product is basically the same as all other European airlines (though the Q400 is arguably the most uncomfortable aircraft in the European skies), but their soft product is where they really shine. If I have to fly Business Class in Europe, I'd definitely choose Austrian.

Information on the route Vienna (VIE) Innsbruck (INN)


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  • Comment 567455 by
    Matthevv GOLD 154 Comments

    Hi NewYorker,

    A very pleasant report to read! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip Austrian, that's an airline that I still have to try and it seems like the scenic route to INN is a good one for trying out OS, thanks to the amazing views on landing.

    The meal looks more than plentiful for such a short hop - since I am a "slow-eater" I doubt I'd be able to finish it all during the flight (hopefully they serve takeaways haha).

    Once again, thanks for this report

    • Comment 567461 by
      NewYorker GOLD AUTHOR 175 Comments

      Hey Mateusz, thanks for stopping by!

      it seems like the scenic route to INN is a good one for trying out OS, thanks to the amazing views on landing.

      Absolutely! I've done a lot of flying in a lot of places, and I think that Innsbruck is definitely the most beautiful airport that I've landed in, though from a service perspective don't expect much on any flight to INN, especially now with their service cuts in Y.
      The meal looks more than plentiful for such a short hop

      It really was, especially being used to domestic US hops, where they only serve junk food on flights up to 2h20m! I hope some folks at UA's service division are reading and taking notes....
      Again, thanks for stopping by. Take care!

  • Comment 567478 by
    alexsajen 11 Comments

    Hi NewYorker,
    Thanks for such an impressively presented FR from VIE to INN, definitely one of my favorites.
    Absolutely loved the manner in which you presented the pictures with the text. I have never been to Austria or tried the airline, so it was a wonderful tour knowing the country and its wonderful scenery.
    Yes, it is really empty these days, but this time will also pass and we will soon hope to be back normal.
    Waiting for your next report, till then, stay safe and thanks a lot once again.

    • Comment 567603 by
      NewYorker GOLD AUTHOR 175 Comments

      Hi Alex, thanks for reading this report of mine!

      Thanks for such an impressively presented FR from VIE to INN, definitely one of my favorites. Absolutely loved the manner in which you presented the pictures with the text.

      Thanks for the kind words!
      I have never been to Austria or tried the airline, so it was a wonderful tour knowing the country and its wonderful scenery.

      Yes, Austria's definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world, and flying above it really makes you appreciate it even more.
      Waiting for your next report, till then, stay safe and thanks a lot once again.

      Thanks again, same to you, and all the best!

  • Comment 567616 by
    KL651 TEAM 4515 Comments

    Thanks for this FR
    Flying to Innsbruck is one of the best scenic flight in Europe, with the defunct ZRH-LUG maybe.
    OS really manages to provide a premium experience, even on such a short flight.

    • Comment 567681 by
      NewYorker GOLD AUTHOR 175 Comments

      Hi KL651, thanks for your comment! I agree that INN is probably one of the most scenic flights in Europe. I never had the chance to fly to LUG, but from what I've seen, it is also a beautiful flight. The approach at LUG seems much more dramatic than the one at INN. Be well!

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