Review of Firefly flight Singapore Subang in Economy

Airline Firefly
Flight FY 3510
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft ATR 72-500
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 15 Nov 10, 16:20
Arrival at 15 Nov 10, 17:25
FY 19 reviews
By 2875
Published on 30th September 2013
As I had 2 free nights of hotel stay in KL to be used, I took a quick trip up to KL during the Hari Raya Haji holidays just for the fun of it. The fare was S$70+ all in on Firefly up to Subang and just a mere RM35 all-in back on Air Asia!! As the short sector to KL has been reported countless times, I would just let my photos and videos to do most of the talking. Sadly, my videos on Air Asia apparently were not captured due to some problem with my camera.

15 November 2010
FY 3510
Singapore (SIN) - Subang (SZB)
Economy Class

My ATR72, 9M-FYC just arrived from SZB.
photo 5208699795_4a2b1b1e20_b

One of the many Tigers A320 at Budget Terminal.
photo 5209297912_5578cab818_b

Some more interesting planes spotted. First up, Vietnam Airlines's A330-200.
photo 5209297470_67b617bd43_b

Followed by Thai's A340-600. The plane was so long that I have difficulty capturing it!
photo 5208700383_659d01c537_b

Boarded, at the aircraft stand.
photo 5209298100_0166b24c34_b

Cabin view. Total about 50+ pax out of 72.
photo 5208700889_12d318e6d6_b

Seat pitch was just bearable for the short flight. Ads on tray tables too!
photo 5208701311_382f70aac8_b

Stuff in seat pocket. Safety card, promotional material and MH airsick bag.
photo 5209298460_d7725beca5_b


We had a long taxi to Rwy02C as there were 7 aircraft ahead of us queuing for takeoff!

Sri Lankan A330-200 preparing for takeoff.
photo 5208701473_3db2a9b700_b

Finally we are next for takeoff after almost 20min of taxi! And there are still at least 5 planes behind us! Changi felt like JFK now!
photo 5209299064_b0ae746c68_b

Myanmar Airways A321 behind us to Bangkok and Yangon.
photo 5208701931_bc92b8e024_b

And a Qatar B777-200LR after it to Denpasar.
photo 5208702291_27112303e0_b

We have lift off! Very short takeoff roll. 2 grounded A380s are also visible upon liftoff.

Banking towards KL.
photo 5208702915_0a0f718bdc_b

Overview of Changi
photo 5208702499_28779596ef_b

Singapore-JB Causeway
photo 5209300568_b95cfac8fd_b

Climbing to 18,000 feet with a promotional announcement.

Cruising at 18,000ft. The entire flight was very smooth despite the prop plane.
photo 5208704413_a4ced502b1_b

Free refreshments are served! For snacks, there is a choice of peanuts or a chocolate muffin. The packet of peanuts is quite big and the muffin is moist and rich, much better than the muffin I got when I last flew with them. For drinks, there was a choice of orange or guava juice. The drinks were also chilled with ice! The 2 crew members were very friendly during the service.
photo 5208703851_4e84d26c16_b

After refreshment service, a run with sales of Firefly merchandises was conducted. Bought a ATR72 plastic model (recommended by the crew, who also commented that it looks better than the metal model). Also on sale were Firefly caps, tees, keychains and even frisbees!
photo 5209301464_fd0c7decc6_b

Pilot announcement shortly before we started our descend.

We started our descent into the bad weather around KL area. How would our small firefly fare in the fearsome looking clouds?
photo 5208704607_a18491d246_b


Landing at Subang in rainy weather. I was expecting a very bumpy ride down due to the low clouds and bad weather but surprisingly the plane handled the turbulence pretty well, no worse than a 737 or A320.

Disembarkation. The crew stood in the middle of the plane to stop pax seated at the front to move backwards towards the rear exit till the rear pax has deplaned. Possibly to prevent the plane from tilting down at the back if all pax rush to the rear?
photo 5209302190_b5d02a9266_b

Just deplaned.
photo 5209302420_58fbba37bc_b

Last look at 9M-FYC on the wet Subang tarmac.
photo 5208705179_1bdd80ab1c_b

Subang Skypark Terminal. Looks so much better than Changi's Budget Terminal or KL's LCCT.
photo 5209302962_2a72672145_b

Cool feature to see the real-time path of Firefly flights!
photo 5208705777_2f81867670_b

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Cabin crew8.5

Singapore - SIN


Subang - SZB



I really enjoyed my flight with Firefly even though it was only just a very short flight. With the airline using Subang airport which is much nearer to the city and providing good service and refreshments, it is no wonder that more business travellers are gradually flocking to Firefly for their travels to KL. In fact, Firefly is adding 2 more daily flights from SIN-SZB next year (making a total of 7x daily), including a late arrival and an early departure from SIN where the crew will do a night stopover. It would definitely be much more appealing to S'pore based travellers who wants to catch an early flight up to KL.

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