Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul İzmir in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK2336
Class Economy
Seat 12A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 14 Aug 20, 19:30
Arrival at 14 Aug 20, 20:35
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By SILVER 2218
Published on 6th September 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The domestic series would end with the last report in this series with this short 45-minute hop from Istanbul to Izmir onboard the Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER. On this occasion, I had the chance to visit the Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge in Istanbul Airport after the pandemic.

Here is the routing for this trip


Loads for this flight

Business Class: 40-45%
Economy Class: 95-100%


After arriving from my previous flight and heading up from the escalators at the domestic-domestic transfer boarding pass control, I was in the domestic departures hall.

photo img_3557-29132

As the Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge in IST was open, I decided to directly head over there.

photo img_3558

After using the elevators down to the lounge, I was in the domestic lounge

photo img_3559

Boarding pass for this flight

photo img_3477

Turkish Airlines DOMESTIC LOUNGE - Istanbul Airport

During my visit, the Elite Plus & Business section of the lounge was closed and all passengers were directed to the Classic Plus & Elite section. Despite one section being closed, the open section was 50% full and it was easy to find a seat.

photo img_3560-84216

Due to COVID-19, only olive thymes, veggie sandwiches and vanilla&chocolate cakes were available as food. Nothing else was available to eat.

photo img_3561

The only drinks available in the lounge were water, soda, peach juice, cherry juice, tea and coffee. For coffee, milk was available at the bar.

photo img_3563-81613

My selection for the day

photo img_3562

For those who wish to see a report of the lounge pre-COVID, you could visit this Flight-Report where I visited the lounge in the opening day.


As you might know, Turkish Airlines offers direct bus transfers for passengers eligible for the lounge. There are 10 different bus gates at the lounge where passengers are bussed to the jetbridge or remote stand. Here is the FIDS from the domestic lounge

photo img_3564

About 30-35 minutes before scheduled departure time, lounge boarding had started from gate 3.

photo img_3567-73295

As there were about 20-25 people boarding the flight from the lounge, a larger Cobus was dedicated for our flight. When there is fewer passengers, a small minibus is allocated for lounge eligible passengers.

photo img_3565

After a 10 minute bus ride, we were at gate B15 in the international terminal where our aircraft was parked.

photo img_3568

TC-JJO named Istanbul would be the aircraft taking me to Izmir. This would be my second time on this specific aircraft. For boarding, door 2L was utilized and all other doors were closed.

photo img_3569

Fuselage shot

photo img_3570

TK 2336 Istanbul Airport TO IZMIR Adnan Menderes Airport

photo img_3577

After being welcomed by the crew and being handed my hygiene kit, I took my seat 12A which is the second row in the Economy cabin.

photo img_3593

The seats were the Weber seats which are equipped with the Panasonic ex2 IFE system.

photo img_3571

The legroom was decent for a Boeing 777-300ER and the seat was comfortable

photo img_3572

In domestic flights, the IFE system has limited content due to copyright reasons so live TV and international movies are not offered.

photo img_3573

Today's route

photo img_3574

Our neighbor was this Turkish Airlines A321-200 in the special livery Discover the Potential: Turkey

photo img_3575

Boarding was completed on time and after the ground staff left the aircraft, we were all set for pushing back.

photo img_3576

At that time the safety video was monitored

photo img_3578

Shortly later, we started our taxi which took less than 5 minutes.

photo img_3579

And we took off from runway 35R

photo img_3581

The massive IST tower

photo img_3582

Shortly after our takeoff, we made a sharp leftwards turn and IST was visible

photo img_3585

Another shot of IST from the air

photo img_3586

At that time, an informative video about the COVID-19 virus was monitored from the personal screens.

photo img_3588

This aircraft was equipped with Wi-Fi but as usual, Wi-Fi does not work on Turkish Airlines domestic flights.

photo img_3589photo img_3590

Shortly after the seatbelt signs were turned off, the water service had begun. As I also mentioned in the previous report, unfortunately, TK removed their food service on all domestic flights and all international flights under 2 hours in both Economy and Business; and the only thing that would be served onboard would be water.

photo img_3591-78914

After listening some music we were already over Izmir and the cabin crew made a trash collection run and we have started our descend.

photo img_3596

City of Izmir

photo img_3597photo img_3598

Gulf of Izmir

photo img_3599

FuarIzmir Expo area

photo img_3600

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport from the air

photo img_3601

We were going to land at runway 34R

photo img_3602photo img_3604

And we've touched down at ADB on time

photo img_3606

After a short taxi, we have parked at gate 242 in the domestic terminal.

photo img_3608photo img_3609


While deboarding the crew made the announcement that deboarding was going to be made row-by-row, however, as expected, passengers did stand up after the seatbelt signs have been turned off and people rushed through the curtain to the door, there were no row-by-row boarding in practice.

After saying goodbye to the crew, I have left the aircraft and here is the last shot of TC-JJO.

photo img_3610

While I was at the carousel, my bags were already at the belt as bags arrived with the respect with priority tags.

photo img_3611

After that I left the airport and this report and series have come to an end.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Turkish Airlines Lounge (Domestic)


Istanbul - IST


İzmir - ADB



The flight was a usual Turkish Airlines domestic flight, however, the Boeing 777-300ER makes the journey more comfortable with its seats, power outlets, and USB ports. However, I still find it strange that Wi-Fi is not turned on on domestic flights whereas, in mainland Europe and the USA, passengers have gate-to-gate Wi-Fi access even in shorter flights. However, the IFE offerings are generous for domestic flights including the free Pressreader access that TK provides for their passengers. I still find it strange that TK does not serve anything else than water on these short flights; although starting from 26 August, they started not doing water runs so this means that passengers would need to request water via the call button. The airport experiences were also smooth; especially at ADB, my bag was at the carousel because of the priority tag. If we return back to IST, the lounge was a bit kind of strange with limited offerings; however, it's still a nice touch that TK has opened back their lounges.

So, indeed, it was an average journey with Turkish Airlines, however, I would like to tell that at the moment, if I didn't have extra baggage allowance, free seat selection and lounge access due to my status, they have no difference than Pegasus Airlines which is not a good sign at all. Some people are predicting that TK would have a similar model compared to BA on shorter flights which would be a huge downgrade, but I hope that TK would revert back to their old normal with a decent service.

Nothing special to mention
Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge IST
(+) Comfortable seats and availability of power outlets, USB ports
(-) Reduced meal and drink offerings
TK 2336
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom
(+) IFE system and the presence of the Pressreader app
(-) Wi-Fi not available on domestic flights although the aircraft is equipped
(-) Only water being served
(+) Bags arrived with the respect of priorities

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  • Comment 562859 by
    lagentsecret 12184 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Very poor (quality and choice) lounge spread
    I barely can believe it's a TK lounge

    With a widebody an one hour flight is always pleasant

    Still not enough to make a good flight because of the limited catering offer

    See you soon for another QR serie
    • Comment 562860 by
      ISTFlyer SILVER AUTHOR 399 Comments
      Hi lagentsecret and thanks for your comment,

      Very poor (quality and choice) lounge spread I barely can believe it's a TK lounge

      - Indeed yes, TK was famous for their lounges and when they moved to the new airport, they scaled up their domestic lounge offerings, however, unfortunately, now they are down at the bottom.
      With a widebody an one hour flight is always pleasant

      - Obviously yes, it's more pleasant than a domestic configured 737.
      Still not enough to make a good flight because of the limited catering offer

      - Yes, TK's hygiene based marketing strategy isn't tempting for me and what made TK a superior airline was the catering and the onboard service. However, for a domestic flight, I wouldn't expect much but still no catering at the moment is ridiculous.
      See you soon for another QR serie

      - Hope to see you there, it's almost ready and would be published soon.

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