Review of Sundair flight Palma De Mallorca Bremen in Economy

Airline Sundair
Flight SR2889
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 05 Aug 20, 09:30
Arrival at 05 Aug 20, 12:15
SR 2 reviews
Published on 24th August 2020

After 3 days in Palma it was time for us to go back to Hamburg. As mentioned in the first leg, we opted to fly on a new airline for us, Sundair, which does not fly regularly to Hamburg but to Bremen, not too far from Hamburg though. We took a bus from Bremen to Hamburg.
We booked the flight directly on Sundair's website for 70 EUR which includes a 20 kg baggage. 


We were not able to do the online check in with Sundair. There is no mention of it on their website. However the website states that we can book a seat. I tried to book a seat, but it seems like this option was not available on my flight (or any Sundair flight?).

I contacted Sundair 2 days before the flight in order to ask if the pre order meals (vegetarian, gluten free…) were available to book due to possible Covid-19 restrictions. They gave me the green light to book.
25 hours before the flight I booked a vegetarian meal for my flight. I proceeded to payment and received a confirmation per email.

photo zsundair-meal-option

We were staying not far from the airport in El Arenal and took again the airport bus A2 which dropped us at the departures level. 

photo p1650235

Roughly 2:15 hours before departure we proceeded to check in. I requested a window seat at the counter since I was not able to do so online.

photo 20200805_074554

My boarding pass states “VGML” which indicates that my meal was taken into account in my booking.

photo z20200805_072349

We went through security check point which was quite fast and mandatory walk through the shops.

photo p1650239

Part of concourse D is closed.

photo p1650240

Our plane just landed and arrived at the gate. Unfortunately it is the only aircraft in the Sundair fleet which does not support the own airline livery! Instead it still has the colors of its former operator, Air Berlin. 
This aircraft is D-ASGK, 14 years old, previous operators were Air Berlin, Niki and OLT Express Poland. 

photo zimg_0752

Fortunately for you, as I am sure you are curious to see a Sundair plane with its corporate livery, there was another Sundair flight to Kassel, Germany. Here it is, or part of it!

photo zimg_7793photo p1650257

Our gate is C72. Boarding was not done in a special order or if there was an announcement we couldn't hear it from where we were waiting. Besides, there was a flight to Hamburg starting boarding at the same time, which made the area quite busy at that time.

photo 20200805_081043

We had an airbridge to reach our plane.

photo 20200805_091602-28587

The seats

photo 20200805_091627photo 20200805_120427

Some seats are damaged.

photo 20200805_091742

Boarding completed and seats 17D/E/F remained empty. Thus my boyfriend seated at 17F and me at 17A which allowed us to cover both side for the outside views.

 Seat pitch is quite small.

photo 20200805_091923

The literature pocket contains a safety card and a sickness bag.

photo 20200805_095756

We left the gate on time and taxied to the runway. 

photo 20200805_092813

Take off towards the sea, leaving Can Pastilla behind.

photo p1650286

Palma and its harbour.

photo p1650290photo p1650291


photo p1650294

Cabrera and Illa des Conills islands.

photo p1650304

Palma city and Palma bay.

photo img_7798

PMI airport.

photo img_7799

Leaving Palma de Mallorca behind.

photo 20200805_095222

The flight attendants came to distribute menus for passenger requesting them. Firstly they brought meals and sandwiches to buy, afterwards they came back with drinks.

photo 20200805_095427photo 20200805_095441

After that I was expecting to receive my pre order meal. But nobody came to me.

An announcement was made in order to fill a German information form, mainly details to contact us.
Thus I used this opportunity to ask for my meal. The flight attendant said she didn't have any information about my meal being loaded on the plane. I showed my boarding pass with the VGML code. She went to ask her colleagues about it and came back afterwards with the bad news confirming that my meal was indeed not loaded on board.

When I got back home I wrote again an email to Sundair to request a refund and I got the refund for the meal within a few days after the flight. 

Signs of former operator Niki are still there.

photo p1650300

The rest of the flight was uneventful. Here entering the French territory near Marseille.

photo 20200805_102725photo img_7805

The aircraft is equipped with red wingtips.

photo img_7802

La Durance river near Manosque city.

photo 20200805_103203

Montfort to Dignes-les-Bains.

photo 20200805_103322

French Alps

photo 20200805_104334photo img_7808

Lake Geneva

photo 20200805_105356photo img_7810

City of Nyon.

photo img_7813

Cologne and its airport (bottom left).

photo 20200805_113007photo img_7815

Biggetalsperre, north of Olpe.

photo p1650352

Bremen city on the top right and Weser river.

photo 20200805_114953

On the other side.

photo p1650366

Weser river and Hemelingen

photo p1650381

Landing earlier than planned.

photo 20200805_115651

Last views of the cabin during deboarding.

photo 20200805_120433photo 20200805_120542

Deboarding via air bridge.

photo img_0754

A fancy Basler BT-67, which is a modified DC-3.

photo zimg_7854

I was the last one to arrive in the baggage claim area where there was also a voluntary stand to be tested for Covid-19.

We left the baggage claim area and were welcomed by these satellites. 

photo p1650406

We went to the observation deck which was open. Our plane was still there.

photo p1650411

We left the terminal on foot to go to the city centre.

photo 20200805_131845

The flight path according to Flightradar24.  

photo zsr2889-1
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Cabin crew7.5

Palma De Mallorca - PMI


Bremen - BRE



This flight fulfilled my expectations except for the pre ordered meal error that was not loaded on the flight. It was still possible to book a meal 25 hours before departure (some airlines allow up to 24 hours to the flight to book a meal, e.g. Austrian Airlines). However the airline didn't manage to get my meal loaded on time for my flight and I didn't find any information on their website stating the deadline to book a meal. I was disappointed that it didn't work this time. My interactions with the flight attendants were good. She apologised many times about the error.
Sundair offers fares with 20kg included which is interesting when going on holidays for a few days. The cabin is decent but at least a seat next to me was in bad shape. The flight offered some nice views and after all I was happy to add a new airline in my flight log.
Palma airport was quite busy compared to Bremen airport which was very quiet.



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    ThomasDutch SILVER 520 Comments

    It's a bit of a bummer that they did not board your pre-ordered meal and only allowing it 25 hours in advance is a bit short, though it seems that they'd handled your refund quite neatly without much of a hassle. The flight itself seems decent and the BoB menu seems to be limited with a few good options to eat if you're craving food. Thanks for sharing this report of a little unknown airline.

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