Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha Chicago in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR725
Class Economy
Seat 16K
Aircraft Airbus A350-1000
Flight time 14:00
Take-off 27 Aug 20, 07:45
Arrival at 27 Aug 20, 13:45
QR   #1 out of 98 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 552 reviews
By GOLD 5127
Published on 16th September 2020

Report No: 2020-805

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this brand new post-COVID series that I would fly transatlantic again. As I was satisfied with Qatar Airways the last time and their prices were reasonable, I decided to fly Qatar Airways again. In this series, you would realize that the experience is pretty similar to my last transatlantic series, however, I always find it useful to share FR's on repetitive routes for reference.

The second flight of this journey would be a flight from Doha to Chicago onboard the Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1000. Similar to my journey in the previous month, I was lucky to be able to visit the Al Mourjan Lounge in Doha when flying in Economy Class.

Here is the routing

Loads for this flight

Business Class: 60-65%
Economy Class: 45-50%


After arriving from my previous flight, I have stopped by the transfer counter as the agent at SAW was not able to assign myself a bulkhead seat as it was under DOH airport control. The agent at the transfer counter unblocked and assigned me seat 16K immediately after he realized that I was Platinum and he handed my new boarding pass.

photo img_3797

Later on, I headed towards security. The priority lane was a bit crowded so the agent over there has redirected me to an empty lane in the regular security lane. Shortly later, I was in the airside. For those who don't know from the West Security Checkpoint, you could take the elevators upstairs to the Al Mourjan Lounge without going down to the duty-free hall.

photo img_3798


After arriving at level 3 at the elevator an agent scanned my boarding pass and welcomed me to the Al Mourjan Lounge. At the front desk, I asked about a quiet room cubicle; the agent told me that I would need to wait 30 minutes for a one with a couch, so he offered me another one with only a chair and TV for the first 30 minutes; I agreed for that. However, when I arrived at the quiet area, my cubicle with a sofa was already ready.

photo img_3799

Usually, during long layovers, I spend most of my time here in the quiet room cubicles. By the way, the sofas are really comfortable to sleep.

photo img_3800

By the way, here is my boarding pass.

photo img_3801

Shortly later, I've headed to the dining resort to have a sandwich. When I seated at a table, the lounge attendants asked me if I would like still or sparkling water. I've opted for the still option which was served with a bottle and I was asked if I wanted water to be put into my glass. I assume that this is because of COVID. Last time in July, they served water from 1,5L bottles to glasses.

photo img_3803

I've opted for a champagne and the falafel sandwich which I really enjoyed last time. The sandwich was delicious.

photo img_3804photo img_3805

As a dessert, I've opted for a panna cotta.

photo img_3806

During the night, the lounge was kind of empty, but it was not as emptier compared to my visits in July.

photo img_3807

As always, I have gone to the duty-free area to do some shopping as I find Qatar Duty Free cheap, especially compared to the duty-frees in North America and Turkey. However, duty-free's in European hubs like Frankfurt and London are a bit cheaper than Doha. With some good deals, I've bought some gifts for friends that I would visit in the USA, plus some clothing items for myself as there were 60-75% sale in clothing boutiques.

Also, the chocolate, sweet and alcohol store that was closed during my last visit was open at this time.

photo img_3808

The famous teddy-bear located in the center of the duty-free area.

photo img_3809

A shot of the northern part of the duty-free area.

photo img_3810

And, it's time to head back to the lounge. The cleaning staff in the toilets were disinfecting toilet cabins before each use which is a nice touch during COVID.

photo img_3811

After a nap, I have headed to the showers in the quiet room area, to refreshen a bit. Here are the FIDS at that time.

photo img_3814

There was no wait for a shower that morning, while entering my shower cabin, the attendant offered me if I would like a dental kit, a shave kit, or a hair-dryer.

photo img_3812

As you could see, the shower cabin was clean before my use.

photo img_3813

After showering, I've headed to the restaurant to have breakfast. While I visited the restaurant, it was empty; however, it got crowded while I was enjoying my breakfast over there.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at the buffet, the chefs are the ones that put the food into your plate.

photo img_3816

Here is my selection for today. I've also asked for a glass of water and some fresh mint tea which was promptly served by one of the servers.

photo img_3815


About 1 hour before scheduled departure time, I have left the lounge and headed to my gate which was C4 for today.

photo img_3817

Before entering the gate, an aviation security agent checks documents of passengers, which is followed by a security check where liquids and larger electronic devices are thoroughly checked with swab detectors.

photo img_3819-62775

Later on, the process follows with the regular boarding pass scan by one of the ground staff. After scanning my boarding pass, the ground staff asked me to seat at the priority seating area at the seating area.

photo img_3822-68716

After seating for 5-10 minutes at the gate seating area, boarding started with passengers requiring assistance which was followed by Business Class and status eligible passengers.

A photo of A7-AND, it would be my first time on this specific airframe.

photo img_3820


After being welcomed by the crew, I've headed to my seat 16K which is located in the first row of the Economy cabin.

photo img_3824

Here is the legroom for the seat which is quite generous.

photo img_3825

This aircraft was fitted the newer version of the Thales IFE system which I think is the best IFE equipment within the Qatar Airways fleet.

photo img_3826

There is also a USB port under the monitor, plus a power port under the seat.

photo img_3870

The IFE system also features a touchscreen remote.

photo img_3869

Here is the main menu of the IFE system.

photo img_3828

While I was exploring the IFE system, boarding was completed, and at that time I spotted our neighbor which was another QR A350-1000 but heading to Los Angeles.

photo img_3827

Shortly later, aircraft doors were closed and the cabin crew distributed refreshing towels

photo img_3829

Travel with Confidence protective kits

photo img_3830


photo img_3832

And amenity kits for this flight

photo img_3833

And we had started our push back

photo img_3834

At that time the safety video started to play from the personal screens.

photo img_3835

To start our taxi, we have waited this A350 to finish its pushback process

photo img_3837

This aircraft was going to head to Amsterdam.

photo img_3838

Shortly later, I have realized that a Boeing 777-300ER was being pushed back as well. At this time in the morning, there are lot of QR flights to Europe and North America departing at closer times.

photo img_3839

Some QR aircraft at remote stands

photo img_3840

The western set of runway was still under construction

photo img_3841

The terminal would be expanded with new gates. The construction is planned to be finished by the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

photo img_3842

Passing through QR aircraft

photo img_3843

And some more, it's really hard to spot a non-QR aircraft here in Doha.

photo img_3844

Some construction was going on at some remote stands.

photo img_3845

And some more in the southeastern part of the airport

photo img_3846

The Emiri terminal

photo img_3847

After a taxi of 10 minutes, we took off from runway 34R towards the north.

photo img_3848

We were over the Gulf straight after our takeoff.

photo img_3849

Some islands

photo img_3851

And a shot of Doha and Hamad Airport from the air

photo img_3852

After takeoff, a video about the charity program was monitored from personal screens.

photo img_3856

At that time, the Wi-Fi was turned on for the flight. This aircraft was equipped with Super Wifi which meant that the internet speed is fast.

photo img_3857

All passengers could benefit from the internet service for free for 1 hour.

photo img_3858

Or purchase a full-flight package for $10 which I did.

photo img_3859

Unlike my previous LAX-DOH flight, this time, I was not targeted for the $8 pre-purchase promo; however, $10 is also a good price for a 14h flight.

photo img_3860

At that time, the cabin crew serving my area came to me and introduced himself and asked my choice for the brunch service. From the options, I've understood that the catering was the same as my DOH-IAD flight the previous month. As I've enjoyed the beef stew last time, I've opted for that option. The other options were a vegetable frittata or an omelette.

By the way, I generally do not like repetitive options but as I know that QR changes their menus every 60 days ( for this case all flights from July 1 to August 31 have the same menu ), so I wouldn't mind having the same options for this case.

Route map at that time

photo img_3866photo img_3867photo img_3868


The tray had the main course, a fruit plate, yoghurt with honey, milk, bread, a bottle of water, and a Godiva chocolate. I've asked butter which was promptly served.

photo img_3871

As a drink, I've opted for a cup of mango juice and a cup of tea.

photo img_3872

Here is the main course, which tasted delicious.

Beef Minced Stew, Mash Potato Marrow, Carrots Blch

photo img_3873

After I finished my meal, the crew offered another set of tea/coffee. I've opted for another cup of tea.

photo img_3874

And after I finished my cup of tea, I've slept until the mid-flight snack service.


Interestingly, this service wasn't repetitive and the sandwiches were different compared to my previous DOH-IAD flight. The options were still chicken or vegetarian, however, today's chicken option was a "Fajita Chicken Pastry" rather than the barbecue chicken sandwich.

photo img_3875

The pastry itself was delicious.

photo img_3876

At the same time, the crew offered drinks and pretzels as well.

photo img_3877


As I mentioned before, this aircraft had the Thales IFE system and Super-Wifi equipped. I haven't taken screenshots of internet websites this time, however, the internet was fast ( speed about 15mbps ); however, the signal got lost few times during the flight, which was not a big deal but it was a bit annoying when seeing the "Service is not available at the moment" error.

Here is the route map at that time

photo img_3879photo img_3880photo img_3882

For today's flight, I've only watched one movie as I spend most of my time on the internet. My choice today was the movie Gemini Man, which was a nice movie to watch.

photo img_3883

The cabin crew was kind to do drink runs and serve movie snacks while I was enjoying my movie.

photo img_3884


About 2h-2h30 before landing, lunch was offered. This time the cabin crew did not ask my preference in advance, however, he had reserved me all the 3 choices when my turn has come. As you might know from my previous reports, in second meal services onboard QR flights, to be fair to the passengers seated in the rear of the cabin; the trolley starts the service from the back and goes towards the front.

Today's tray had a salad, a caramel pudding, milk, a Godiva chocolate, bread, and a bottle of water. I've requested butter and for a drink, I've opted for a mango juice.

photo img_3885photo img_3886

This time as the main course, I've decided to take the beef option; the other options were chicken and vegetarian. I'm glad that I took the beef option as both the meatballs and the spinach was delicious and I really enjoyed it.

Beef Meat Balls/Tomato Sauce, Spinach Spaetzle

photo img_3887-51662

After the trays were collected, a run of coffee/tea service was made. I've opted for a coffee with Bailey's which was served with a small Godiva chocolate.

photo img_3888

Before landing, I've visited the lavatories, which was clean at that time. Also during my visits throughout the flight, toilets were regularly being cleaned by the cabin crew and they were usually clean.

photo img_3889photo img_3890

A shot just after I opened my window blind.

At that time, the cabin crew prepared the cabin for landing and the cabin service director came to me and asked me how was the flight and thanked me for my loyalty with Qatar Airways.

photo img_3891

While landing, the city of Chicago was visible

photo img_3892photo img_3893

At the same time, I have opened the tail camera.

photo img_3894

Suburbs of Chicago

photo img_3895

We're continuing our descent

photo img_3896

O'Hare airport is visible

photo img_3897

Terminal 5 which hosts most international carriers, Sun Country Airlines and Frontier Airlines. Qatar Airways also utilizes Terminal 5 in Chicago.

photo img_3898

A photo from the tail cam

photo img_3899

And we've landed ahead of schedule

photo img_3900

While taxiing to the gate, this United Express jet was visible

photo img_3901

Aeromexico 737-800

photo img_3902

And another Aeromexico 737-800

photo img_3903

That day, we were going to park at gate M10.

photo img_3904photo img_3905

After a short wait, one of the jet bridges were connected to door 1L and after saying goodbye to the crew, I have left the aircraft.

photo img_3906


After arriving at the immigration hall, I needed to fill out the immigration forms as in ORD it's required to fill one. The cabin crew did not distribute immigration forms onboard the flight so I've headed to the form filling desk, filled it and without wait I was sent to one of the available officers. As we were the only arrival at that time, the immigration hall was empty so I was in the baggage hall within 5 minutes. In addition, priority tagged bags were already waiting in a designated area so I quickly got my bags and head to the AA transfer counter for my next flight. I have dropped my bags over there, however, there was a small issue. My frequent flyer number was not marked on my boarding pass so I asked the agent to put it in; interestingly he saw my Emerald status in the system as well as my FFP number, however, the machine still printed a boarding pass with Group 7 and without my FFP number. He told me that there would be no issues at the club as they would be able to see the same thing on their screens.

photo img_3907

Later on, I've headed to door 5E to take the shuttle bus to Terminal 3.

photo img_3908

The journey would continue in the next report.
This report has come to an end.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge


Doha - DOH


Chicago - ORD



It was another enjoyable QR transatlantic flight where I had the bulkhead seat and the meals were perfect and delicious ( especially the main dishes in the first and last service + the sandwich ), the service by the crew, and the attention was satisfactory. When flying long-haul, it's also a nice touch to see lavatories clean during all my visits. The IFE system was also satisfactory with a decent amount of content; in addition to that QR's Super Wi-Fi was really useful to make the flight enjoyable and I find $10 very reasonable for a flight in this length, however, this time there were signal problems, although Wi-Fi worked perfectly for 80% of the flight. I would also like to mention that the power outlets were charging my computer really fast whereas, on some other airlines, I experienced that the power outlets could not efficiently charge a MacBook Pro with a 61W charger when the computer is in use. If I talk about Chicago, this time my experience was perfect which I was surprised about as my previous experience in ORD T5 was horrible. This time, I cleared immigration within 5 minutes and my bags were already there waiting for me. When I return to Doha, I could tell that the whole experience was perfect, security was efficient, the lounge staff was really nice and helpful, the quiet room offering allowed me to have rest and the lounge offerings were great. Having no wait for a shower room and the sale going downstairs at duty-free stores was also great. Also during boarding at DOH, priorities were respected and there was almost no wait for the extra security check at the gate which was efficiently done with respect to the social distance.

To conclude this report, I could tell that QR had done an amazing job as usual with an enjoyable product both on the ground and the air. With their reasonable prices throughout the year and with the fact that QR offers a great product post-COVID, it's definitely one of my top choices for future travel.

(+) Efficient transfer security process
(+) Priorities respected throughout boarding
(+) Duty-free shopping options and the sales that were going on
QR Al Mourjan Lounge
(+) Very spacious lounge
(+) The attitude and the hospitality of the lounge staff
(+) Food and beverage options at the lounge
(+) The availability of quiet rooms
(+) Shower wait time and amenities
QR 725
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom in exit-row seats
(+) Delicious meals throughout the flight
(+) Movie snacks and drink runs were made by the crew
(+) IFE system content
(+) Availability of Super Wi-Fi and the price
(+) Toilets were kept clean throughout the flight
(-) Super Wi-Fi had issues at some points during the flight
(+) Very efficient immigration process
(+) Priority bags arrived first and they were separated for the convenience of passengers
(+) Bags were already there when passengers arrived at the baggage claim hall



  • Comment 563386 by
    lagentsecret GOLD 12462 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    The Al Mourjan lounge is very quiet and it's pleasant to find easily a free room to rest

    The food offer is proper and rather good even not outstanding

    On board there is a generous legroom as often for a bulkhead seat

    Wifi offer is at a very good fare for a 14 hours flight with a very fast speed but sometimes the signal was lost

    The catering was good as usual, even if it still was the same menu cycle for main meals as the former routing

    And as always an excellent crew, especially for a pax with status

    Another very good QR flight : a product with a remarkable consistency

    See you soon

    • Comment 563397 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 325 Comments

      Hi lagentsecret and thanks for your comment,

      The Al Mourjan lounge is very quiet and it's pleasant to find easily a free room to rest

      - I hope that it stays quiet in the future. I really enjoy using Al Mourjan when flying Economy. However, as far as I heard from employees, every day, the number of passengers in the lounge are slowly going back to the pre-COVID level.
      The food offer is proper and rather good even not outstanding2

      - Although it's not outstanding for a premium Business Class Lounge, it's completely an upgrade compared to the Business/First status lounges. By the way, I've heard that they started table service at the lounge restaurant and I'm eagerly waiting to try it soon.
      On board there is a generous legroom as often for a bulkhead seat

      Wifi offer is at a very good fare for a 14 hours flight with a very fast speed but sometimes the signal was lost

      The catering was good as usual, even if it still was the same menu cycle for main meals as the former routing

      And as always an excellent crew, especially for a pax with status

      - I could agree with you the points that you have stated above.
      Another very good QR flight : a product with a remarkable consistency

      - Indeed yes, until today, I was never disappointed with Qatar's product and I always enjoyed flying them.
      See you soon

      - Same, thanks for stopping by.

  • Comment 563623 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5399 Comments

    Hi ISTFlyer, thanks for sharing another informative report on flying in the Covid-era! It's crazy to see that QR seem to serve comparable or better food in Economy than many carriers are service in Business at the moment (I'm thinking of BA in particular).

    It's also great that QR offer 1h of free Wi-Fi in addition to the IFE!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 563629 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 325 Comments

      Hi Kévin and thanks for your comment,

      It's crazy to see that QR seem to serve comparable or better food in Economy than many carriers are service in Business at the moment (I'm thinking of BA in particular).

      - You are completely right in your assumptions, QR is doing a great job in Economy compared to many other carriers that serve sandwiches in premium cabins. Alex Cruz's and IAG's decision is not customer friendly but they think that they would save a lot of money in the end.
      It's also great that QR offer 1h of free Wi-Fi in addition to the IFE!

      - It's absolutely something perfect to have free Wi-Fi without any data limit, even though if it's for an hour. In the past, they only had 8MB's or 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi ( whichever comes first ), and the current proposal is a huge upgrade. Although, it's also nice to see reasonable prices for full-flight unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi where some airlines are happy to charge $30 for shorter flights.
      Thanks for sharing!

      - You're welcome, :)

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