Review of American Airlines flight Chicago Washington in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2499
Class Economy
Seat 09F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:59
Take-off 27 Aug 20, 17:01
Arrival at 27 Aug 20, 20:00
AA   #34 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 507 reviews
By GOLD 545
Published on 20th September 2020

Report No: 2020-806

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the last Flight-Report of this series. After flying Qatar Airways to the USA, I had a domestic American Airlines connecting flight to Washington-DCA.

This report would cover the flight on the American Airlines A319-100 from Chicago O'Hare Airport to Washington Reagan Airport in the Main Cabin Extra cabin. It would also cover a detailed review of the American Airlines Admirals Club in Chicago.

Here is the routing

Loads for this flight

Domestic First: 100%
Main Cabin: 60-65%


After arriving at Terminal 5 from my Qatar Airways flight, it was time to follow the signs for the inter-terminal shuttle bus. In normal conditions, there is a people-mover but it's under maintenance.

photo img_3909

We were only 10 people in the bus so there was enough space for everyone to maintain their social distance.

photo img_3910

Here is my boarding pass that did not mark my oneworld status and actual group number. The agent at the transfer counter told me that my FFP number is within the system but it didn't print on boarding pass.

photo img_3911

After arriving at Terminal 3, it's time to head inside.

photo img_3912-49027

The check-in hall was deserted that Thursday afternoon.

photo img_3913

So, as you could imagine, the TSA security check had almost no wait and I was in the airside within 5 minutes.

photo img_3914-75926

And, it's now time to head to the Admirals Club located in the H/K connector. The American Airlines Flagship Lounge and the other two Admirals Clubs within the terminal are closed.

photo img_3915

Terminal 3 is the home of American Airlines in Chicago, although it hosts a few other airlines as well.

photo img_3916


When I entered the club, the agent asked me to see my physical status card as my FFP number was not marked on my boarding pass, however, after a few research on her system, she was able to see that I was Emerald. After that, I was welcomed and asked to head to the third level for the club.

photo img_3918

The lounge has a great view of the apron, the Qatar Airways aircraft that brought me to Chicago was parked at Terminal 5.

photo img_3919

The club was empty with a handsome of people at that time.

photo img_3920-35858

Although most seating areas were open, only one of the bars were open. As you could see, this one was closed.

photo img_3921

Menu QR codes were available throughout the lounge.

photo img_3922

For those who like old school, there were also displayed versions available.

photo img_3926

This club also offers food-for-purchase, but I didn't order anything from that menu.

photo img_3923

The free options were mac n'cheese and soup served by a chef.

photo img_3925-57730


photo img_3924

And a snack box, that you could get from the open bar. Alcoholic beverages other than house beer and house wine are available for purchase. House beer and house wine are complimentary.

photo img_3927

Here is my selection for the day.

photo img_3928

Here is the snack box content.

photo img_3929-56728

While I was enjoying my macaroni, this Air France aircraft had arrived from Paris-CDG

photo img_3931

As well as this Silkway Cargo 747-8F

photo img_3932

Later on, I've headed again to take another cup of mac n'cheese and took some sweets for the flight.

photo img_3933

D-ABYA which I've flown before was heading to the runway for its flight to Frankfurt

photo img_3934


About a few minutes before boarding, I've headed to the gate. I just wanted to double-check if my FFP number is on the system and the gate agent said no and she inserted my FFP number one more time and I received a new boarding pass with my status and actual group number being reflected.

photo img_3937

N821AW would be the aircraft taking me to Washington-DCA.

photo img_3935

The gate area was not that crowded.

photo img_3936-83045

Boarding had started on time with the respect of priorities and I boarded with Group 2. Unlike some other US based carriers, American Airlines does not enforce back-to-front boarding but maintained priority boarding instead.

photo img_3938-85239


After being welcomed by the crew, I've headed to my seat 9F. Today's aircraft was equipped with Pinnacle seats.

photo img_3939

The seat area looked very clean and the legroom in Main Cabin Extra seats are decent.

photo img_3940

Seats also had power outlets.

photo img_3941

And the seat pocket had the American Way magazine alongside with the safety card.

photo img_3942

Our route from the magazine and airports nearby

photo img_3943

ORD and DCA Terminal Maps

photo img_3944

Some information about our Airbus A319

photo img_3945

Wireless Entertainment was available throughout this flight, however, Apple Music was not.

photo img_3946

Wi-Fi was also available

photo img_3947

The overhead panel

photo img_3948

Boarding had completed a few minutes earlier than our scheduled departure time, however, the captain had announced that the airport staff were doing something with the taxiway lights so that we could not push back early and wait for our original departure time.

photo img_3949

And when our scheduled departure time had arrived, we had started our push-back.

photo img_3950

We passed by an American Eagle jet

photo img_3951

As well as a yellow Spirit jet

photo img_3952

Terminal 3

photo img_3953

And after a short taxi, we were taking off.

photo img_3954

The airport tower

photo img_3955

Terminal 2

photo img_3956

And we're in the air

photo img_3957

There was some construction going on at this part of the airport

photo img_3958photo img_3959

As our departure routing was perfect, I had the opportunity to take beautiful photos of ORD from the air

There was a rainbow shortly visible after takeoff

photo img_3965

After take-off, it was time to explore the mobile IFE system.

photo img_3968

Movies and TV shows were available to stream.

photo img_3969

Today, Wi-Fi was $15 for the flight. T-Mobile customers had free Wi-Fi access.

On today's flight I've used the T-Mobile free Wi-Fi option.

photo img_3970

FlightRadar24 screenshot from the Wi-Fi

photo img_3971

After takeoff, I have visited one of the rear lavatories which was clean at that time.

photo img_3972photo img_3975-94104

After enjoying the web and listening to some music onboard the flight, we were already approaching DCA

photo img_3976

Arlington, VA

photo img_3977

Rosslyn area

photo img_3978

The Pentagon

photo img_3979

And we had landed on time.

photo img_3980

Terminal A, which hosts Southwest Airlines, Air Canada and Frontier Airlines

photo img_3981

The Washington Monument

photo img_3982

After a short taxi we were already near Terminal C, some construction was going on at that time.

photo img_3983

And, we were going to park at gate 40.

photo img_3984photo img_3985


After saying goodbye to the crew, I have left the aircraft. Here is a last shot of our A319.

photo img_3986

Later on, it was time to walk to the baggage claim hall.

photo img_3987

After a short walk, I was in the baggage claim hall. Bags arrived with priority tags being respected within 5 minutes.

photo img_3988

Later on, I've headed to the metro station and left the airport.

photo img_3989

And this journey and this series had come to an end.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

American Airlines Admirals Club (Concourses H/K) - 3


Chicago - ORD


Washington - DCA



To conclude this report, I could tell you that ORD was empty during Thursday and the flight was not crowded at all. The ground experience at ORD and the club experience was smooth and the AA staff did their best to solve the FFP number issue that occurred. It was also nice to see that American Airlines had started re-introducing hot food back in their clubs, however, still it wouldn't take the place of a pre-COVID Flagship Lounge experience. Onboard the flight, I was really satisfied with the comfort and the legroom of the seat, plus the fact that the seat was clean; the lavatories were also clean during the flight. I also enjoy the entertainment options of American Airlines that offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows at their mobile IFE system and a pretty decent Wi-Fi service, however, for one-time purchasers, $15 is a bit too much for a 1 hour-ish flight. DCA was efficient as usual, however, it wasn't nice to wait for the metro as the municipality has reduced the frequency of metro's and trains arrive every 20-25 minutes after 20:00.

(+) Almost no wait at security
(+) Priorities respected throughout boarding
AA Admirals Club ORD H/K
(+) Comfortable seating throughout the lounge
(+) The availability of power outlets and USB ports
(+) Friendly lounge staff
(+-) Meal options, although they were nice, it could be improved
AA 2499
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom in MCE
(+) Mobile IFE and Wi-Fi options throughout the flight
(+) Power outlets available at each seat
(+) Toilets were kept clean throughout the flight
(-) No service, however, water and soft drinks are available on request
(-) $15 is expensive for Wi-Fi for a short flight
(+) Bags arrived with the respect of priority tags
(+) Reasonable wait for baggage
(-) Metro to/from the airport is working with a reduced frequency

Information on the route Chicago (ORD) Washington (DCA)


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  • Comment 563561 by
    lagentsecret GOLD 12455 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this FR

    "Here is my boarding pass that did not mark my oneworld status and actual group number"
    Weird !

    "the agent asked me to see my physical status card "
    Did you receive your QR card ?

    "Here is the snack box content."
    Typical American junk food

    " the gate agent said no and she inserted my FFP number one more time"
    AA seems to have issues with its IT system

    Rather light load in economy class

    Gorgeous pictures at take-off and at landing

    See you soon for naother report

    • Comment 563565 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 365 Comments

      Thanks for your comment lagentsecret,

      Did you receive your QR card ?

      - Not yet, I was going to show the agent my digital card, but she was faster than me finding my actual status.
      Typical American junk food

      - Yes, American's love junk food for a reason I don't know why
      AA seems to have issues with its IT system

      - I guess the problem was that the QR and AA system does not work together in a correct way.
      Rather light load in economy class

      - At least, it was the case. Some people had the opportunity have a 3-seat block for themselves, however, I wasn't lucky enough.
      Gorgeous pictures at take-off and at landing

      - Thank you for the compliment.
      See you soon for naother report

      - Same, :)

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