Review of Volotea flight Bilbao Malaga in Economy

Airline Volotea
Flight V73512
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Boeing 717-200
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 18 Oct 19, 17:55
Arrival at 18 Oct 19, 19:00
V7   #5 out of 12 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 161 reviews
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Published on 29th September 2020

Hello and welcome to Part 1 of a 2-parter from a short weekend trip to Malaga late last year in October. 

Second part can be found here:



Mentally recovering from a very tragic occurrence (at the time) I thought about giving myself a quick breather in fall, just a month before a major trip overseas. Believe it or not, despite having been to places as far and wide as the US or Japan I had yet to travel down south in my very own country - guess it was the time to fix that!

I'd also wanted to fly at least one plane that year that was on the brink of disappearance - and lucky me, Volotea had (and as of the writing of this report, still has) a 717 based at BIO. Now, I had been on Mad Dogs before, as up until the mid 00's they were a common sight at EAS for the Madrid route, and many a fond memory of returning back to Madrid (and then hopping on a 747-200 back to JFK) on one of these had been had. But I'd never been on their Boeing cousin, and the time was ticking to ride one of McDonnell's finest (granted, not a Mad Dog per se, but…) for the final time, so… why not?

Checking which routes Volotea served with the 717 out of BIO, I noticed AGP was on that list - great. Halfway through September I booked my flight via V7's website, which was easy to navigate and slightly less annoying with ancillaries than some other airlines… (coughafcough). After booking my room at the Ibis Budget in central(-ish) Malaga, it was time to choose the flight back. While Volotea did have a flight back to BIO on the 20th, it arrived way too late for me (around midnight, 5 minutes after the last bus back to San Sebastian had left), so that particular flight would be with the V7's biggest competitor on the same route, Vueling (unknowingly on one of their brand-new A320NEOs - I'm covering that on the next trip report).

Arrival at BIO

We begin on a drizzly, gray Friday morning at Irun's main station on the regional narrow-gauge network, waiting to catch a train to San Sebastian:

photo img_20191018_113414-66656

From there it's a 7 minute walk to the city's bus station…

photo dscn7131-97863

…where we'll take a slightly (OK, very) expensive bus to BIO:

photo dscn7132photo dscn7133

Having already checked in back home there wasn't much reason to stay landside, so I headed in (but not before looking up my flight on the big LED board, of course…)

photo dscn7135

Despite being a comparatively small low-cost carrier Volotea has quite the presence in BIO (and indeed all around the city):

photo dscn7134

Alright, made it past security…

photo dscn7136

…guess it's time for lunch (caesar salad from BK, the only restaurant that wasn't swarming with people at that time):

photo img_20191018_152907

After the salad I took refuge in one of those business-y tables they had airside at one end of the terminal and caught up with some YT videos:

photo dscn7149photo dscn7150

I also took the time to check where my plane was. It had just departed Seville, on it's way to BIlbao:

photo screenshot_2019-10-18-16-23-08-161_comflightradar24pro

Something I've always loved about this part of the terminal (yet never have shown in previous trip-reports… as far as I know) is this model diorama of the terminal, made around the time it was built. 

photo dscn7146

The diorama presents the terminal in exquisite detail… the same, however, cannot be said for the planes on display. I don't particularly remember neither Lufthansa nor Iberia bringing in DC-10s into BIO…

photo dscn7148

And could you imagine the excruciating pain Western Pacific passengers would have had to suffer on a more than 10h flight from Las Vegas to BIO?

photo dscn7147

Perhaps it's time to take a look at the airlines that do fly to BIO by doing some planespotting. Here's Eurowings for Stuttgart:

photo dscn7138

And a Madrid-bound Air Europa Express Embraer E195:

photo dscn7141

Some more Air Europa action - this Star Alliance 737's headed to Lanzarote: 

photo dscn7143

An Easyjet for MXP: 

photo dscn7145

And finally some Irish magic with this Aer Lingus in the new Eurowhite livery, having just arrived from DUB:

photo dscn7153

While all of this was happening, my flight was already over La Rioja and was just about to land in BIO. It was time to head to the gate.

photo screenshot_2019-10-18-16-59-16-571_comflightradar24pro

Bet you won't see airports this crowded in a while!

photo dscn7156-96282

And at around 5:15 pm, our plane for today, EI-FCU, landed into BIO. FCU is a relatively young 717 - first delivered to Midwest in 2005, she was then passed over to Mexicana's low cost carrier, Click, in 2009. However, when Mexicana went under in 2011, she'd stay for a little while under Boeing's ownership in VCV before getting swooped up by Volotea in 2013. She's the only V7 plane based in BIO and as of the writing of this tripreport (September 2020), still soars the skies pending retirement.

Taxiing to gate 1: 

photo rscn7160photo dscn7161

15 minutes later, it was time for boarding:

photo dscn7157photo img_20191018_173134

Today seat would be 4A, two rows behind the front row seats with extra leg room: 

photo img_20191018_174349-10573

Despite supposedly having 5% more leg room than other low cost carriers, it was still quite tight. The interior was also starting to show signs of age:

photo img_20191018_174330

Sadly no planes parked next to us today.

photo img_20191018_174343

Flying the Baby Doggy

Pushback began with some slight delay 17 minutes later: 

…which was soon followed by a quick and quite steep takeoff:

And we were soon on our way off, over the port of Bilbao…

photo img_20191018_180956

…followed by the entirety of Bilbao:

photo img_20191018_181053

A very quiet cabin, as it would remain for the whole flight.

photo dscn7162

Heading into Central Spain:

photo dscn7165photo dscn7167

Time to check out the toilets. Believe it or not, the toilets were plastered in what might as well now be 10-year-old decals from its former operator, Mexicana Click, that Volotea simply decided not to even bother in removing. (Although I guess it does help that the signage is in Spanish and English anyways… even if it is a slightly different Spanish that what we're used to across the pond!)

photo img_20191018_182215photo img_20191018_182221photo img_20191018_182226

Heading back to my seat, it was time for the meal service… that I didn't make use of because of the salad I had had earlier.

photo dscn7171

Not like I would've known what to choose either because seats onboard V7's 717s have a… Ryanair-esque feeling to them, and as such have no back seat pouch to store pointless mags or BoB menus into.

photo dscn7164

The tray table wasn't particularly clean, and while I did give it a quick wipe I avoided using it as much as possible.

photo dscn7172

I'd spend the rest of the flight listening to a podcast, whilst the plane soon ventured into Andalusia (and passed over towns whose names I wish to forget… or rather, end up forgetting over the course of a year):

photo dscn7168photo dscn7170

Descending into AGP

At around 7:10pm, our plane began its descent into Malaga after an hour long journey - and we did so over some absolutely stunning scenery:

photo dscn7175


photo dscn7177

Campanillas and the Tomillar reservoir:

photo dscn7179

Approach and landing:

Welcome to Malaga!

photo dscn7191

Taxiing to our gate, it's very easy to see which airlines run the show here:

photo dscn7190photo dscn7193

Coming to a stop at gate D60.

photo dscn7195photo img_20191018_192236

And just like that, the flight's over…

photo img_20191018_192410_burst1

So long, FCU! Here's hoping we meet again (although that's looking increasingly unlikely… :( )

photo img_20191018_192437

And after making my way through a busy Terminal 3…

photo dscn7198

…I hop onboard a cercanias train bound for the city centre…

photo dscn7199-62227

…and end up crashing out at the local Ibis Budget.

photo img_20191018_211217

Thanks for reading!

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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Bilbao - BIO


Malaga - AGP



Even with their old age and slightly dilapidated interior the V7 717s never fail to provide an excellent ride, and it'll be a crying shame the day they all get retired. V7, too, provided an excellent service despite its Low-Cost badge, for prices that are almost a steal! Shame they don't fly to more destinations...

BIO hasn't changed much from my last visit, cleanliness is excellent but prices are ridiculous (as is usual with Aena airports). Otherwise it's a great small airport to have nearby.

My first impressions of AGP when I arrived were decent, but it does feel a bit chaotic at times (granted, some of it was under refurbishment) and restaurants leave a LOT to be desired (why so many sandwiches?). Here's hoping the refurbishment (and new restaurants) give its customers a slightly better experience of Spain's 4th biggest airport.



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