Review of Vueling Airlines flight Malaga Bilbao in Economy

Airline Vueling Airlines
Flight VY2612
Class Economy
Seat 15A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 21 Oct 19, 16:45
Arrival at 21 Oct 19, 18:15
VY   #12 out of 20 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 115 reviews
By 372
Published on 31st October 2020

Hello and welcome to the second and last part of a series of flights I took during a weekend trip to Malaga late last year, The first trip can be seen at the following link below: 

Allí Abajo

After a lovely weekend stay in Malaga to refresh my mind (and soul, one could say) it was time to head back up to the bitter cold up north. On the day of my departure and after checking out of my hotel of choice - the Ibis Budget Malaga Centre - I headed down to the nearest Cercanias station to catch a surburban train over to the airport.

photo img_20191021_120729-44376photo img_20191021_121408-71979

And here we are - Malaga Airport. Vueling flights depart out of the lovely Terminal 3, most specifically from the newest addition to the airport, Pier D:

photo img_20191021_122329photo dscn7321-21812

Having already checked in beforehand I decided to do some airport exploring before making my way past security. (And boy am I glad I had checked in before - those VY desks were packed!)

photo dscn7323

And by exploring I mostly mean (the departures side of) Terminal 2 AKA the Picasso terminal. Despite having never been here it was always the first thing that came to my mind when I thought of the airport so why not.

(Pay close attention to that cafe over there - it'll become relevant in a few moments.) 

photo dscn7325

Looking up I spotted a balloon stuck in one of those huge fans above us - wonder how long it's been up there? 

photo dscn7326photo dscn7328

Thomas Cook had gone under a month ago and the signs of its disappearance were still quite visible:

photo dscn7330photo dscn7331

With not much else to do I headed past a packed security and into airside. Half of the terminal was under renovation and cut off from passengers.

Walk-through duty free shop, as is usual. 

photo img_20191021_131959

Looking for somewhere to eat (and this is where the previously mentioned cafe comes to play) I try to find a "Pans and Company" - a chain of sandwich shops I used to have close by but alas, they had closed down a while back. Thing is, there were still a thing in the rest of the country, including Malaga. The cafe I mentioned earlier was a Pans but it had a more reduced offering than the Pans airside, so I opted to wait.

Thing is… I couldn't find it! No matter how much I looked around the part of the pier that wasn't boarded up for renovations I wasn't able to see jack. Tired and hungry, I asked the info counter only to be told not only that there not only wasn't a Pans airside, it had never even existed… huh? We'll see about that in a bit…

In the end I opted for a sandwich in the Italian restaurant upstairs (it was dreadful); 

photo dscn7337

Then I spent some time at those desks you may have seen in the previous trip-report on my phone:

photo img_20191021_150542

…before heading down to my gate: D47.

photo dscn7339-46146

And it was at my gate…

photo dscn7344-54784

…that I discovered to my shock and horror that there was indeed a Pans, right at the very end of the pier. Too bad I couldn't grab something to bit anymore… as almost immediately we began boarding:

photo dscn7345-11280

Ah well, que sera, sera…

photo img_20191021_161328

Mr. Anderson

A bus ride away to our plane for today…:

photo img_20191021_161430-88997

…the month-old EC-NEA, my very first flight on an A320 NEO!

photo img_20191021_162341_burst2photo img_20191021_162344_burst10

Inside - still had that new plane smell:

photo img_20191021_162737

Rows next to me (sadly soon occupied after this picture was taken):

photo img_20191021_163839-13154

Legroom space: pretty good!

photo img_20191021_163744-27970

And they come with (functioning) USB chargers:

photo img_20191021_173633

The last busload arrives in the meantime…

photo img_20191021_163958

…and by 4:30 we had begun pushback.

photo dscn7346photo img_20191021_165821

Lining up on the runway:

photo img_20191021_170745

And… takeoff!

Bye-bye Malaga! Hope we meet again soon once this whole Covid thing's over!

photo img_20191021_171117

Not long after takeoff BOB service began. I opted for a "natural" lemonade for 2 euros - not very tasty IMO…

photo img_20191021_173110

And as I put on my headphones for the rest of the flight it was time to enjoy what would ultimately be a smooth, uneventful flight:

photo img_20191021_171052photo dscn7349

Allí Arriba

By 6pm we were beginning our descent onto a cloudy BIO:

photo img_20191021_180712

Ooh, spooky.

photo img_20191021_180757photo img_20191021_180816


And just like that, my trip to Malaga has come to an end: 

photo img_20191021_181440photo img_20191021_181455

One final look at NEA from the finger:

photo dscn7351

And I'm off to catch the (slightly battered) bus back to San Sebastian:

photo dscn7355

Thanks for reading!

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Vueling Airlines

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu6.5

Malaga - AGP


Bilbao - BIO



Vueling: despite its negative press I've never really had any bad flights with them. Crew were splendid, cabin was clean (expected from a new plane though) and the BoB, while not cheap wasn't necessarily horribly expensive either. Would definitely fly with them again (not like there's much to choose from out of BIO)

Malaga Airport: My first impressions from when I arrived for the first time took a slight downturn once it was time to depart from there. (Seriously, how does someone at the info counter not know if a restaurant exist or not?) That being said, access to the airport is excellent from Malaga centre and it was clean. Shame most of the restaurants weren't that great (and it truly shows if you check those Google reviews...)

Bilbao Airport: Not much to add from what I've said in previous trip reports, smooth transition from plane to arrival, an overall decent regional airport through and through.



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    Chibcha 436 Comments

    What a crappy service fro the information people in Malaga. I found Spanish airports to be lacking in the restaurants department in any case.

    I could feel your sense of betrayal when finding the Pans...

    Thanks for sharing!

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