Review of United flight Los Angeles Newark in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA1165
Class Economy
Seat 23E
Flight time 04:54
Take-off 25 Sep 20, 23:30
Arrival at 26 Sep 20, 07:24
UA   #71 out of 101 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 324 reviews
By GOLD 1123
Published on 19th October 2020

Report No: 2020-902

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to another US domestic series, this time I'll be reviewing United as they were offering the cheapest fare alongside Southwest Airlines for the date I preferred to travel. 

Originally I was booked for LAX-ORD-BWI, however, as the LAX-ORD flight was more than 70% full, according to United policy, I had a free change option ( including flights to/from other airports within 150 miles ) so I have originally changed my flight to LAX-ORD-DCA; however, as there was a shorter connection option via EWR, I opted to change to that flight and my final itinerary was LAX-EWR-DCA.

On this report, I would cover the United Economy cabin onboard their premium transcontinental route from Los Angeles to Newark on a red-eye flight onboard their Boeing 767-300ER ( 76A configuration ).

Here is the routing for this short series


Loads for this flight

Polaris Business: 100%
Economy: 100% 

The flight was fully booked 


About 1h40 minutes before my originally booked LAX-ORD flight, I have arrived at Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 7.

photo img_4519

At the check-in counter, I've asked the agent if I could do a same day change to the current flight as the app wasn't permitting me to do the change. After 2-3 minutes, she was able to reserve the last seat onboard this flight and I had checked my bags. The friendly agent asked my seat choices but unfortunately for this flight, there were no other seats than middle seats but she told me to try my luck at the gate with the gate agent.

photo img_4520

Here are the boarding passes for this trip

photo img_4521

FIDS - Could you believe that United only had 3 flights that night. Our flight to EWR, a flight to ORD with a 77E and a flight to IAH with the 737-900ER.

photo img_4522

As you might imagine the lines at security was not that bad, with Premier Access I didn't wait for the boarding pass and ID check but there was a small wait for security.

photo img_4523

For reference, the TSA Pre lane was closed at that time. Only two lanes were open and they were both serving as regular checkpoint lanes.

photo img_4524

As the United Club was closed at that time due to the late hour, I have directly headed to the gate. Until further notice, the club is only open till 18:30.

photo img_4525

You might not believe me but the only open merchant and concession at that time was Hudson's. All other stores, cafés, restaurants both in Terminal 7 and 8 were closed.

photo img_4526


The gate area was not that crowded while I arrived at the gate, although it was going to be a full flight.

photo img_4527-89930

At the gate, I tried my luck for a window or aisle seat but the gate agent told me that unfortunately no other seats were available.

photo img_4528-43724

At that time, on the app, I have spotted that seat 23E was empty, so I decided to move a couple of rows forward. Here is my mobile boarding pass.

photo img_4530

Here is the standby list. I have heard that there were passengers on this list being called to the podium but I am not sure if they cleared for the flight.

photo img_4534

Before boarding, the gate agents has made announcements that they were asking volunteers to gate check their carry-ons and they explained the boarding process.

photo img_4529-44500

Although the boarding process was being made from the back to the front, some passengers were exempt from this. Alongside passengers with disabilities and families with small children; United Global Services members, active US military, United Premier 1K members were invited to pre-board. Before starting boarding row by rows, passengers seated in Polaris were also invited the board. Then, general boarding started with 5 rows at a time.

Just a warning that currently passengers who have purchased PremierAccess are only allowed to benefit from the expedited security checkpoint, dedicated check-in and priority baggage perks. Priority boarding is not offered for passengers who have purchased PremierAccess. Also, Star Alliance Gold members on other carriers, United MileagePlus Premier Silver, Premier Gold and Premier Platinum do not have priority boarding any more.

photo img_4533

Here is the only photo of N643UA that I could take in LAX.

photo img_4535


At the aircraft door, the cabin crew greeted passengers and handed hand sanitizing wipes for the flight. Here is my seat for today's flight. 

photo img_4536

As this aircraft type is usually assigned for international flights, the legroom was quite good and the seat was comfortable.

photo img_4538

Each seat had a PTV equipped, alongside with a power outlet under the seat.

photo img_4537

The IFE system onboard was the Panasonic ex3 IFE system.

photo img_4539

Here is the hand sanitizing wipe that was given during boarding.

photo img_4540

And here is the safety card which was located in the seat pocket. United does not offer any literature onboard their flights as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

photo img_4541

And the overhead panel

After boarding ended, the captain had announced that we needed to wait a bit for some baggage to be loaded on the flight. Later on, the cabin crew came to collect trash of the antiseptic wipes and made an announcement which was a congratulations announcement for a passenger who had recently reach the 2 million miler milestone on United MileagePlus.

photo img_4543

And here is the IFE system, there were many language options available

photo img_4544

And the IFE main menu

photo img_4545

And here is the route map. Today's flight is scheduled to due 4 hours and 34 minutes.

photo img_4546photo img_4547

While we were waiting doors to close, the cabin crew handed blankets to passengers who wished to have one for the red-eye flight.

photo img_4548

They have also provided headphones for the flight

photo img_4549-89664

And, 5-10 minutes later than our scheduled departure time, we had started our pushback and the safety video was monitored.

photo img_4551

Which was followed by a video that showed United's hygiene precautions.

photo img_4552

Shortly after takeoff, I have opened the personal IFE system.

photo img_4553

Passengers have the choice to watch a movie/TV show on their personal device or on the IFE screens.

photo img_4557

There is also a route map on the mobile IFE system

photo img_4558photo img_4559

Wi-Fi options for this flight, which are expensive IMO.

photo img_4560

Shortly after the seatbelt signs have turned off, the crew appeared to distribute snack bags.

photo img_4561

The bag had a package of pretzels, Biscoff cookies, Dasani water and an antiseptic wipe. By the way, the offerings at the EconomyPlus cabin is the same as Economy. Before COVID, United offered hot meals for EconomyPlus passengers on this route.

photo img_4562-83631

The crew was also offering canned beverages and tea/coffee upon request. Ice was also offered for those who wish. For this flight, I have opted for a Bloody Mary mix, although no alcohol is served in the Economy and EconomyPlus cabin.

photo img_4563

Then I have slipped for the rest of the flight and woke up while we were above New Jersey airspace.

photo img_4564photo img_4565

After landing, deboarding was being made row-by-row. Although there were announcements made, as people were slow during deboarding, passengers were still waiting at their seats even when their row was announced.

Newark LIBERTY Airport - EWR

After saying goodbye to the crew, I have took this fuselage shot and headed to the terminal.

photo img_4566

And, I took this photo of N643UA.

photo img_4567

After my first flight onboard the United 767-300ER which was uneventful, it was time to head to the United Club before my connecting flight to DCA.

The journey would continue in the next report.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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Cabin crew7.5

Los Angeles - LAX


Newark - EWR



To conclude this report, I could tell you that it was an uneventful flight. The experience was a simple post-COVID transcontinental experience onboard United with snack bags and canned drinks. A passenger asked if there was anything other to eat, but the crew was only able to provide another snack bag. It was a nice touch to serve blankets on this flight as many airlines have removed blankets due to COVID-19. Onboard the flight, Wi-Fi was expensive although the IFE offerings were generous so passengers who didn't sleep could get themselves entertained. The experience in LAX was smooth, however, I didn't get the point where Global Services and Premier 1K passengers get to have priority boarding while other status passengers don't, it's a huge downgrade for other status passengers as the overhead lockers have been filled pretty fast on this flight. Plus, it's not nice for a world-class airport like LAX to only have Hudson's open during the late evening. It's expectable that a general US-based traveler would eat something before coming to a red-eye flight but for those who don't, no other option than packaged food is a bit harsh. Also, it was interesting that the United Club closed before the last-departure; however, I would like to tell you that the efficient check-in process and security wait times were the positive parts of the LAX experience.

(+) Efficient check-in process and reasonable wait for security
(+-) Boarding was done efficiently although not all priorities were respected
(-) The club in the evening and almost all concessions were closed.
UA 1165
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom
(+) IFE offerings
(+) Blankets were provided
(-) Service onboard could be improved
(-) Expensive Wi-Fi
Nothing special to mention

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  • Comment 565536 by
    KL651 TEAM 4507 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Wow, only middle seats left on this flight? Guess load factors aren't too bad on red eye transcons.
    Better service that in thought with that snack bag and blanket.

    • Comment 565569 by
      ISTFlyer GOLD AUTHOR 321 Comments

      Hi KL651 and welcome to this FR,

      Wow, only middle seats left on this flight? Guess load factors aren't too bad on red eye transcons.

      - The New York state had lifted the self-isolation requirement for travelers arriving from California so this flight was fully booked. Also, there were many leisure travelers on this route as it was Friday night.
      Better service that in thought with that snack bag and blanket.

      - Same, I didn't expect a blanket on this flight; although the snack bag and the drink didn't surprise me. By the way, I think that only offering a snack basket is harsh and at least a decent selection of food should be available for sale or available at the airport.

      Once again thanks for stopping by, take care.

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