Review of American Airlines flight Washington Dallas/Fort Worth in Domestic First

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2101
Seat 3A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:22
Take-off 03 Oct 20, 09:00
Arrival at 03 Oct 20, 11:22
AA   #47 out of 99 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 489 reviews
By GOLD 810
Published on 11th October 2020

Greetings and welcome to another flight report! Today I will be flying in first class on American Airlines to Dallas/Fort Worth. I will be traveling on American’s ‘Project Kodiak’ configuration on the 737, a revision of their much hated ‘Project Oasis’ cabin. I arrived at DCA around 7am for my 9am flight. I quickly dropped my bags at the priority bag drop and headed to the Terminal B/C security checkpoint. 

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Unfortunately, the Terminal B Admirals Club was closed due to the pandemic so I had to take the transfer bus between the B and C terminals to get to the Terminal C Admirals Club, which was open. The whole terminal transfer process took about 10 minutes, making the whole process reasonably efficient and simple. I was greeted by the friendly staff upon entrance to the club, which was a former US Airways Club, sporting the old decor. The club had a surprisingly large buffet selection given the pandemic circumstances, with fruit, yogurt, and bagels among other things on offer. In addition to that was an avocado toast station, which I partook in. 

The aforementioned toast tasted pretty okay, though certainly nothing to shout about. I spent about 15 minutes in the club before heading back to Terminal B to get to my gate. 10 minutes later boarding commenced and soon, I was the second person on the plane.

photo 49f60cd3-3dac-41a9-a62d-02dd5e269db3_1_105_cphoto 92b9b2fa-8f85-468e-b13a-944907820324_1_105_c

 I was greeted by the recently retrofitted plane (in the TWA heritage livery!). The cabin looked quite sleek, equipped with he updated divider between main cabin and first class. The seats had pretty good legroom and comfy seats. 

There were two drink holders, a storage compartment hosing a power outlet, and an okay sized tray table. 

On the setback was a personal device holder along with a USB port. 

photo 3a4005b8-c971-45ad-9db3-1b0ea2193314_1_105_c

The cabin had the large Boeing Space Bins and mood lighting. The boarding process was fast with flight attendants handing out snack packs to economy passengers as they walked by. Before long, the boarding door was closed and we pushed back. 

photo fcf444b5-0f4a-445b-9d1b-85033babb4e7_1_105_cphoto b288a6c2-2b44-4cf0-9d94-ba2d4661c140_1_105_c

One thing to note is that one of the flight attendants took off her face mask for a period of five minutes, which is unacceptable. After a short taxi, we were airborne. 

The takeoff was surprisingly steep but smooth nonetheless. 

photo 7fcfcc37-1e72-4d74-a22f-723f64d4304b_1_105_c

After leveling off the flight attendants begun the inflight service which consisted of offering first class passengers either a sandwich or granola for breakfast. 

photo 11dfde48-f606-4c85-8215-800da344410e_1_105_c

This is in start contrast from when I flew this route a year back with a full meal service served on proper plates. After the ‘meal’ service, flight attendants passed through the aisle to offer the first class cabin drinks. I ordered a sprite and a coffee. Both were served promptly after and in disposable cups. 

photo 63108b23-5541-4afe-916a-ed775d0940f3_1_105_cphoto 3b9d65b6-dc56-4113-98af-4a0d52a0fffa_1_105_c

The flight attendants did a couple passes for trash after that but no offers of any more drinks. 

photo e8127366-7110-4094-b38a-a473cc3ce41a_1_105_cphoto ac0322bc-e102-4ad1-a012-e3250862b57a_1_105_c

Soon we were defending into Dallas. We had great views of Downtown Dallas and the suburbs.

photo fe2b46a1-ae39-4c0a-998f-795509ddd1a0_1_105_cphoto ffdd3390-a34f-473e-9ce5-befaf61f1969_1_105_cphoto fadc82c0-72a7-43f1-a0d7-4227cc194b19_1_105_c

Before long we had arrived and parked at the gate. 

photo d0ee693c-444c-41c4-ad8b-7e2552838ebe_1_105_c

The flight was very acceptable due to the amenities given, especially considering the times. The flight attendants weren’t the most proactive but they were courteous enough. There was one concerning moment where a flight attendant forgot to wear a mask and just laughed at the fact that people were concerned about it, which isn’t okay. Other than that, all very good and I wouldn’t hesitate to fly American again.

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A pretty decent flight due to pretty good amenities and okay service. Overall pretty average and well rounded.

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