Review of American Airlines flight Charlotte Raleigh in Domestic First

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA1818
Seat 02F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 07 Oct 20, 12:59
Arrival at 07 Oct 20, 13:54
AA   #55 out of 116 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 471 reviews
By GOLD 119
Published on 31st October 2020

Report No: 2020-1003

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this long, 18 flight series of US domestic mileage runs that I took in October 2020. After COVID-19, the demand for premium travel within the USA has decreased for short distances so on some occasions Domestic First tickets in the USA could be really cheap if you book in advance. American Airlines had a deal of DCA-RDU r/t for $227 which would have given me 240 British Airways Executive Club Tier Points so I decided to take 3 of these runs to achieve Gold status in British Airways Executive Club.

Although I am a Qatar Airways Privilege Club Platinum member at the moment, unless things change, I am pretty sure that I would lose it in mid-2022 so I have started working on a back-up plan as oneworld Emerald status is a really valuable status for a frequent traveler.

The third report of this series would contain a short American Airlines flight from Charlotte to Raleigh Durham onboard the Airbus A319. This time, as I had a longer layover, I was able to visit the American Airlines Admirals Club at Charlotte Concourse C/D.

Here is the routing
Part 1 

Part 2


  • AA 2115 Washington Reagan to New York La Guardia ( Domestic First ), Airbus A319 Coming soon
  • AA 1782 New York La Guardia to Charlotte ( Domestic First ), Boeing 737-800, AA Admirals Club LGA D Gates Coming soon
  • AA 1818 Charlotte to Raleigh Durham ( Domestic First ), Airbus A319, AA Admirals Club CLT C/D Coming soon
  • AA 508 Raleigh Durham to Charlotte ( Domestic First ), Boeing 737-800 Coming soon
  • AA 423 Charlotte to Philadelphia ( Domestic First ), Airbus A320, AA Admirals Club CLT C/D Coming soon
  • AA 4515 Philadelphia to Washington Reagan ( Domestic First ), Embraer E-175 Coming soon

Part 3


  • AA 4404 Washington Reagan to Philadelphia ( Domestic First ), Embraer E-175 Coming soon
  • AA 847 Philadelphia to Charlotte ( Domestic First ), Boeing 737-800, AA Admirals Club PHL B/C Coming soon
  • AA 1818 Charlotte to Raleigh Durham ( Domestic First ), Airbus A319 Coming soon
  • AA 508 Raleigh Durham to Charlotte ( Domestic First ), Airbus A319 Coming soon
  • AA 423 Charlotte to Philadelphia ( Domestic First ), Airbus A319, AA Admirals Club CLT C/D Coming soon
  • AA 4515 Philadelphia to Washington Reagan ( Domestic First ), Embraer E-175, AA Admirals Club PHL B/C Coming soon

Loads for this flight

Domestic First: 100
Main Cabin: 95-100%  


After arriving at concourse D from my previous flight, it was time to head to the American Airlines Admirals Club for my layover which was close to 3 hours.

photo img_4729


As my flight was going to depart from Concourse C, I have used the C/D club for the day. Both clubs in Charlotte are open at the moment.

photo img_4737

The club was not that empty when I have entered, although, it was easy to find a seat.

photo img_4736-98439

During the morning, the American Airlines Citi MasterCard, offers free avocado toasts for passengers visiting the club.

photo img_4734

Here is how a avocado toast looks like

photo img_4735-49065

There was also a breakfast bar, which had cereals, granola and instant oatmeal. There was another breakfast bar but it wasn't pictured this day, a photo of it would be available in report #9 of this series.

photo img_4731

Food for purchase and the bar service was still available.

photo img_4732

Such as the coke machine and the espresso machine; although for black coffee, you would need to visit a bar attendant.

photo img_4733


About 45 minutes before scheduled departure I have headed to the gate and spotted N738US, it would be my second time on this airframe and you could find the Flight-Report of my first flight on this specific aircraft here. That flight was on my previous mileage run.

photo img_4738

The gate area was crowded and there was an announcement seeking volunteers to gate-check their carry-ons as the flight was going to be full today. Then, 30 minutes before departure, boarding had started with the respect of priorities.

photo img_4739-33115


After a welcome from the crew at the aircraft door, I have headed to my seat

As you would expect on an AA A319, today's aircraft was equipped with the Oasis seats.

photo img_4740

The legroom was decent as always, such as the seat pocket content.

photo img_4741

Hand sanitizing wipes were available on the mid-seat console.

photo img_4743-43244

Such as a power outlet under the armrest.

photo img_4744

Our neighbor was this American Eagle E-175 heading to Columbus, Ohio.

photo img_4742

We had started our push-back on time and at that moment, the crew performed the safety demo.

photo img_4745

During our pushback, it was possible to spot numerous American Airlines aircraft.

photo img_4746

Shortly later, we were passing through the cargo terminal.

photo img_4747

Some vehicle parking

photo img_4748

And a UPS MD11.

photo img_4750

Shortly later, it was our turn to take-off and we were in the air.

photo img_4751

US military aircraft

photo img_4752

Downtown Charlotte

photo img_4753photo img_4754

Last few shots of CLT

photo img_4755photo img_4756

After takeoff, I have slept for a while and when I woke up, it was time to discover the mobile IFE system.

photo img_4757

Weather information for RDU

photo img_4758

Expensive Wi-Fi for this short flight

photo img_4759

And the menu for the movie & TV show options.

photo img_4760

By the way, I had two neighbors on this flight. Here is the second one.

photo img_4762

RDU before arrival

photo img_4763photo img_4764

Before landing, I have hit the call button to ask for a cup of water which was promptly served. By the way, a trash run was made by the crew before arrival.

photo img_4765

Shortly later, we had landed at Raleigh Durham Airport.

photo img_4766

An American Airlines A319-100 at gate C11.

photo img_4769

And gate C15, where we are going to park at.

photo img_4770


After saying goodbye to the crew, I have left the aircraft and took this photo of N738US.

photo img_4771

Now, it was time to spend about 2h15mins in the terminal before my next flight to Charlotte.

The journey would continue in the next report.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

American Airlines Admirals Club Concourse C


Charlotte - CLT


Raleigh - RDU



A brief conclusion would be available at the 18th ( last ) report of this series.



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