Review of Saudia flight Manchester Jeddah in Economy

Airline Saudia
Flight SV124
Class Economy
Seat 61B
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 05:55
Take-off 31 Aug 19, 17:00
Arrival at 01 Sep 19, 00:55
SV   #11 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 103 reviews
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Published on 31st October 2020


Well Hallo my friends !

Firstly let me say hi and as you may notice, I have a new author name and logo. Bye bye TheWindowSeat and say hallo to livingthejetlife !

This report is for my first ever flight on Saudia on 31st August 2019 from Manchester to Jeddah enroute to Kuala Lumpur for my 40th birthday !
This and the next few reports from 2019 are all being done now as I have had a lot going on in my personal life. But I am back and ready to take you sky high with my visually appealing blogs. I promise not to dissappoint !


Saudia was founded in September 1945 in Riyadh. The airline's number 1 market are global Pilgrimage visitors visiting the Holy sites for Hajj and Umrah.

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) the national carrier in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrates its diamond jubilee in 2021, as it was 75 years since the company was established, which has become one of the largest international airline companies and a distinctive brand in the world.

Airports where I have seen Saudia aircraft are Manchester,London Heathrow,Jeddah,Lahore,Casablanca,Istanbul and Amsterdam (freighter 74F).

The airline reverted to its abbreviated English brand name "Saudia" on 29th May 2012 (originally used from 1972 to 1996) .
Saudi Arabian Airlines (1997-2012) was changed to celebrate the company's entry into the SkyTeam Alliance on that day. 

In 2016, Saudia launched AlLBAIRAQ flights. Provided by Saudia and affiliated with Saudia Private Aviation, Saudia ALBAYRAQ is a new business air bridge between Jeddah and Riyadh, an exclusive scheduled service for VIPs with 6 daily flights offering a unique travel experience through private terminals and lounges and on board the Airbus A319 with 50 VIP seats in a one-class configuration. The AlBayraq livery is basically the Saudia livery with some enhancements .

photo ab

In 2017, Saudia openly launched an onboard dress code. “Saudia is requesting from their guests to abide by a dress code whereby they are clothed in a manner that is in line with public taste or not offensive to other passengers".
Whilst seemingly controversial to some at the time, other airlines have began following suit ( for want of a better phrase" ! ) 

In 2019, Saudia launched a set of collectable edition Economy Class amenity kits under the brand “Fly Through Our Heritage.”
The new comfort kits provide a mosaic of colors and images that represent the features and cultural elements of five regions of Saudi Arabia: Southern region (Al-Qatt Al-Asiri decorative art), Eastern region (Al-Ahsa pattern decorative art), Western region (Hejazi rowshan wooden windows), Central region (Najdi doors with unique pattern and decorative art), and Northern region (Sadou fabric craft).

photo kitlife


Whilst at Stockport Bus Station, I saw the inbound SV123 fly directly over me on finals into MAN ! Not quick enough to get a photo so here is a photo of my TRIPP suitcases at the bus station instead !  

photo 20190831_124144

I arrived in MAN at 1310pm, after a short bus ride from Stockport. I made my way to Manchester Airport Terminal 2.
Nice visual for Arto Water !

photo 20190831_1321580

The terminal was heaving and extremely busy. I would later on find out this was due to baggage belts breaking down which means bags cannot be sent down the baggage belts to be loaded into canister for loading onto the aircraft.

photo 20190831_132638


photo 20190831_132731photo 20190831_1328550photo 20190831_134050

I Joined checkin and by 1350pm checkin was complete. I got told the next flight is literally empty and that I have 3 seats to myself ! And that the next seat on the MANJED flight was also free !
Bye bye suitcases and see you in Kuala Lumpur………………..

photo 20190831_133932photo 20190831_134408

My Boarding Passes photographed the wrong way around but hey !

photo 20190831_135015

Kathryn the SV MAN Airport Manager was on hand to efficiently help the staff of the handling agent Swissport.

Sheryl from Swissport provided a very efficient and friendly checkin however do see my next review as to why I might have been a teensy bit annoyed ! .
After checkin was completed, I headed upstairs to security.

Security was horrendous – I had Fastlane but still waited around 15 minutes to be allowed through. I felt for those in the long snaking queues.  


photo 20190831_142548photo 20190831_143243

Singapore Airlines Silverkris magazines….oh the memories of the year before when I flew to Houston !

photo 20190831_143350

The Lounge was not very busy . Justine advised that for the evening Oman Air flight,the lounge gets a halal menu . There is a small non Halal sign on certain dishes during the day. I recommended this to be enlarged.
And this advice was very timely as I saw a Muslim couple going for the pasta ( with chorizo ). I felt as a duty of care to go and tell them this meal is not Halal and they were very grateful for me telling them this.

photo 20190831_144750

As my phone was on charge I went to get a juice. The glass I picked up was filthy. I politely alerted one of the staff ; he did not look too happy at being told this. Mind you he looked no different when I walked in as his face was bright red. Charming.

After a short stay, where I finished charging my phone and caught up on some work,I left the lounge.
I didn’t want to walk to the new pier but then I had to upon seeing my flight was departing from gate A12 !

photo 20190831_151002

Another water ad !

photo 20190831_151103

Just like at Schiphol, there are now timeline guides at Manchester Airport advising on the walking distance

photo 20190831_151212

You don't mind a slight walk if you get nice views ……

like these ! There is my ride to Jeddah !

photo 20190831_151452


photo 20190831_151623


Annnnnnnnnd here is my first ever visit into the new pier at Manchester Airport Terminal 2 !
Eventually I hope the whole of MAN will be brought up to date like this.
Hallo to high standards and not before time.

photo 20190831_151824


photo 20190831_1519480

Saudia returned to Manchester in 2014, having last operated into Manchester in 2009 .
Those short lived but very popular flights were operated by twice weekly 747-400s via Geneva. The new service from 2014 on the 777 then 787 Dreamliner,is ideal for those travelling to perform their religious pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah. It also supports the many Saudi students who choose the North of England to further their studies in one of the region's many educational establishments.

Just as I was approaching gate A12….

photo 20190831_152133

An announcement was made for me and I walked over to the gate. I made myself known to the lovely Supervisor Nawzi and she was so happy for my first flight on Saudia and told me the food is great !

I had just enough time to get this shot of my ride to Jeddah before being told I would be preboarded ! OMG !! What a wonderful birthday treat !
HZ-ARC,my ride to Jeddah,was 3.5 years old at the time of flying and her previous flight had been to Guangzhou.
This is the same 787 from 2017 which was performing flight SV123 from Jeddah to Manchester,which while on approach to Manchester,the crew reported problems with the flaps and entered a hold for about 4 hours. 

photo 20190831_152148


Time to board SV124 ! At 1530pm Ms Nawzi personally escorted me to the aircraft to introduce me to the Inflight Manager.
I must really appreciate these transparent airbridges with large windows…at last MAN is up to date with the world !

When I boarded,the crew were just about ready for "Showtime" aka boarding !

photo 20190831_152347

Wow…what a chique looking cabin with excellent cabin presentation to match !

photo 20190831_152436


photo 20190831_152550


A unique feature of Saudia is the onboard Prayer Room - so let's take a quick look before everyone else starts boarding..apologies for slight blurriness as I wanted to get the shots and get settled in !

photo 20190831_152607


photo 20190831_152613photo 20190831_182743

Time to stow away my hand luggage - nice Prayer mats inside the overhead locker.

photo 20190831_152822

Ms Anjelica from the Philippines welcomed me onboard with a genuine smile and took my jacket to hang up. I liked that my jacket was proactively taken and hung up – a small but impactful touch.

In the cabin, a beautiful boarding video played with upbeat music and showed all destinations of Saudia as per August 2019.

photo 20190831_152934

Enjoy for yourself !! I promise you will be addicted !!! I even have the video downloaded ot my mobile phone to keep my wanderlust alive !

photo 20190831_155918photo 20190831_160445photo 20190831_160027

Cuteness alert ! I am not alone on this trip ! Logie and Lottie are with me too ! They are gifts I won from Loganair and the airline wanted to see them enjoying this trip !!

photo 20190831_152832photo 20190831_160132

Just before boarding got into full swing, the lovely Ms Rajae, the Economy Supervisor who hails from Morrocco,chatted to me about the time she stayed in Lahore enjoyed Pakistani food ! Similarly I told her of my lovely trip to Morrocco the year before. An Extension seatbelt was brought with a smile by Ms Anjelica. The Inflight Inspector came to my seat and welcomed me onboard – He gave me Mabrook( Congratulations) but for what ?! Keep reading this series of reports !
Wrapped blanket and pillow at every seat. I love the design detail on the pillowcase as well as the Royal Blue blanket with Golden edged stitching. Nice to see Saudia's corporate brand and colours so strong and present.


Passenger Service Unit

photo 20190831_155330

My first time seeing Arabic graffiti ! How awful that soneone took the time to do this on a leather seat. Definately someone contending for Instagram's @passengershaming page

photo 20190831_180221

Coat Hook

photo 20190831_161133

Missed a bit during cleaning !

photo 20190831_172401

As it wasn’t a busy flight, the seat next to me had been blocked for my extra comfort – I gave a blanket to a passing Airhostess who needed one for a passenger and she said thank you with a lovely smile
2 Airhostesses brought a Prayer Mat for a young man wanting to pray. Boarding continued at a swift pace and passengers were seated efficiently whilst I noticed some people getting up after being seated, namely females. Inside the Prayer room area, people were standing around randomly. I noted a lot of reseating going on by female passengers who did not want to sit next to men. I felt for the crew as it was constant. Saudia maybe need some "lady friendly" rows like fellow Saudi airline flyadeal. I guess it is a cultural thing but my God is it time consuming for the crew. We were fully boarded by 1600pm.

photo 20190831_160231

I saw kids packs being distributed to children – a green rucksack with goodies ! I didn’t feel too good so asked for some water which was brought with a smile by Ms Anjelica. She said if there is anything else to let her know.

photo 20190831_160728

There was a Welcome announcement at 1625pm with a special mention for Alfursan Elite members.

Spearmint scented Towels were distributed 1623pm.

I asked for another towel ( for a picture as I had forgotten to take a photo ) and another was swiftly brought without making me feel like a nuisance. Super Service !     
A smiling Senior crewmember walked by and patiently waited for a passenger to pass by just as the safety video began.

photo 20190831_162425

The Safety video began at 1626pm in Arabic then English.

photo 20190831_162521photo 20190831_162619photo 20190831_162958

No we haven't taken off yet !

photo 20190831_161800


The Pre Travel; Arabic Prayer video ( Dua E Safar) began playing throughout the cabin at 1633pm.

photo 20190831_163231


photo 20190831_163247photo 20190831_163241


photo 20190831_163256


photo 20190831_163305


photo 20190831_163308


photo 20190831_163311


photo 20190831_163313


photo 20190831_163318


photo 20190831_163321photo 20190831_163530

Pushback was at 1638pm and engines started up at 1644pm. I asked a Senior crew member if I may have both meal options and was told yes. The crew seemed really happy when talking to passengers and each other.
Menus and destination branded earphones were handed out at 1635pm and the Captain advised a departure slot time in 25mins.          

photo 20190831_163658photo 20190831_163626photo 20190831_164128


photo 20190831_164621


photo 20190831_164920photo 20190831_164931photo 20190831_164937


photo 20190831_165211

Taxying past Manchester Airport's Terminal 3 - normally the terminal is filled with flybe aircraft.
 Just 6 months later flybe would go bust ending 40 years of Regional Connectivity in the UK.
There are talks to resurrect flybe in 2021 however. 

photo 20190831_165439


At 1700pm we turned onto Runway 1 and my first ever Dreamliner flight from Manchester began ! A beautiful take off on a nice sunny day saw us take off from Manchester's Runway 1 and bank left which is most unusual as aircraft usually bank right and fly over my neighbourhood when flying to the East.

photo 20190831_170149


photo 20190831_170504photo 20190831_170643photo 20190831_173240

20 minutes after take off, cute individual mini water bottles were handed out to all passengers.

photo 20190831_172929

There was a rush for the Prayer Room not logn after take off. One guy and his entire family occupied the room. It is perfectly acceptable to pray at one's seat too.

photo 20190831_171948


photo 20190831_181150photo 20190831_181449


photo 20190831_181618


The IFE magazines were not recent and upon asking for a new one, a crewmember was unsure when a new one would be published ? The Ahlan Wasahlan inflight magazine was up to date and had a beautiful fleet page and route maps.
 A young guy asked if he can sit next to me but I advised I have two seats.

Ms Anjelica came by to check if I’m ok and asked if I love flying, on me asking about IFE etc. A really sweet and kind crewmember.

There were Kids running in and out of the prayer room ; for everyone’s reference,no one is allowed to pass in front of a praying person.

photo 20190831_171539photo 20190831_172044photo 20190831_172241


photo 20190831_175814


photo 20190831_175438photo 20190831_175505photo 20190831_175525


photo 20190831_175611photo 20190831_175935photo 20190831_180420

The WIFI which did not work 

photo screenshot_20190831-173056_settingsphoto screenshot_20190831-173108_captiveportallogin


I was very hungry so requested and got a Snack and mango juice delivered to me on a tray.
Serviettes are served with everything ; the attention attention to detail impeccable.
Love this trayliner with multilingual ways to say "Bon Appetite"   

photo 20190831_180818photo 20190831_182038photo 20190831_182122

Arabic Coffee being served before the main meal service .

photo 20190831_180603

Saudia have named their Economy Class dining concept as Bistro. Great concept on any ultra long haul flight but it just did not work on this service.
Meals being served 90 mins after take off on this close to 6 hour service is really unacceptable, as you cannot maximise your rest time.
Plus the cabin lights stayed on for the large part of the flight.
This really is a downside for those with connections,travelling for Pilgrimage whereby you need to be alert and the not so great experience that awaits at Jeddah Airport.
Service began with myself and I had politely asked for my meal as I was really hungry by this time.
The meal options are shown on the menucard shown earlier in this review,but just to remind you there were 3 options ; Chicken, Beef or Ravioli. The Jet loves to eat and I chose both the Chicken option with the supreme Pumpkin Mash and the Ravioli !  Firstly a table cloth is placed on your traytable And then your entire meal (minus the dessert) arrives 1 item at a time until you have what resembles a trayset without a tray.  I have placed the items as they would look on a trayset rather than looking jumbled up.
Excellent taste and very filling meal but the presentation takes forever as each meal item is individually handed to you. Multiply that by almost 300 passengers and you get a hugely elaborate but unnecessary service flow.
I am told the Bistro Service is to make way for the return of the tray and this can not come soon enough in my opinion. I agree to this as the table cover appears bigger but space to put items on is very small and some items may fall behind the traytable as the illusion of the tablecloth makes it seem the traytable is much bigger.
The Dining Experience is very Premium but needs to be tweaked. And soon. 

photo 20190831_183446photo 20190831_183922


photo 20190831_184049photo 20190831_184150

I had to request more of the Starter as it was deeelish !

photo 20190831_194731photo 20190831_191639

Tip your blanket wrapper ? Keep it to collect all trash through the flight and then hand it to the crew at the end of the flight !

photo 20190831_190532

It would be a lot more efficient to have a trayliner made of the material of the tablecloth or such a coloured trayliner and have all items on the tray, meaning only the starter and main course need to be placed on the tray.  This would save valuable time during meal service.

After the meal , Ms Rajae said "I will bring you ice cream" – she asked me how the meal was and I was delighted ! So much so that I had ordered the Salmon starter twice.

The gorgeous Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert and a not so clean seatback :(
( it wasn't me ! ) 

photo 20190831_192555


A quick visit to the Washroom. 1945 - The Origin is the signature brand scent of Saudia and smells divine ! 

photo 20190831_210838photo 20190831_210843

I went for a little walk to the back galley to stretch my legs and meet the lovely crew. Mr Thamer was the Inflight Manager and had a very good work ethic and this reflected in his entire team.  
Airhostess Ms Amreen from India said my future wife was pretty when I showed photos and she said I had a heart of gold when she heard me speak about my fiancé. She also said we make a nice couple which I was deeply touched by.
I Spoke to one of the crew who told me what I already knew – that Saudi women are kept women unlike what the media shows where they have no life of their own !

Are we there yet ?! 

photo 20190831_211734photo 20190831_212015

Finally, 4hrs 45 mins after take off lights were dimmed – service really took forever, on this 6 hour flight. 

photo 20190831_205129


45 mins to landing final drinks and a light snack were served. Passengers were still praying in the Prayer Room. Take your pick from Orange,Guava,Apple or Mango !

photo 20190831_220520


photo 20190831_220607

There was a Funny prelanding video / announcement asking pax to open window shades (on a 787 ?! )

photo 20190831_220851photo 20190831_222749


photo 20190831_222952


photo 20190831_225006photo 20190831_204414


photo 20190831_222716


photo 20190831_225021


photo 20190831_225029


After a nice approach, we landed 2255pm UK time / 0055pm Saudi time.

photo 20190831_225656


photo 20190831_230857photo 20190831_231243photo 20190831_231320

Remote gate disembarkation allows lovely views like these !

photo 20190831_2321220photo 20190831_232401

After a 15 minute ( but feels like an eternity) bus ride to the terminal. During my 15 minute journey to the Terminal, I saw a saw Bulgarian 737 BusinessJet but looked like it had an Alitalia style livery ? Anyone know the airline ?
I arrived to begin my transit to Kuala Lumpur

photo 20190831_231416


photo 20190831_232905


photo 20190831_233138


photo 20190831_233140


photo 20190831_233154photo 20190831_233249

I went up to go into the Transit Lounge thinking I will have a luxurious experience. A Security guy was really rude and asked me if I had a problem when I asked if I need to remove my shoes, in the absence of no sign stating so. Rude Dude.
At the Saudia Information Counter, the guy was unhelpful when I was asking why my flight for Kuala Lumpur was not showing but others are showing thereafter. He said gate 10 or 100 ?? Very helpful. Not.

The Departure "lounge" was hellish – difficult to find a seat and a nightmare to navigate due to the swelling numbers of passengers. Thank God for the new Airport which will hopefully make transiting much more pleasurable.

I met a Malaysian guy for Kuala Lumpur in national dress – We exchanged terima kasih / sama sama ( Thanks/You are welcome ! ) after he told me which gate the KL flight will likely leave from.

Several Urdu language announcements were made for various SV flights flying to Europe – very odd and also the lady making the announcement kept pausing on every announcement for some reason. Weird as these are prerecorded.

No transit visa is needed if the transit is less than 12 hours, but you will not be able to leave airport.

photo 20190831_233514


photo 20190831_234143


photo 20190831_234145


photo 20190831_234240photo 20190831_234837photo 20190831_235409


photo 20190901_000042


photo 20190901_001635


photo 20190901_003948

Thank You for reading my review and do like and comment ! See you onboard my flight to Kuala Lumpur !

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Cabin crew10.0

Aspire Lounge - 2


Manchester - MAN


Jeddah - JED



An absolutely divine flying experience !
Saudia have all the hallmarks of an airline that is serious about becoming a global player .
The seats,meals,IFE and above all amazing cabin crew all helped make this a superb first flight.
Sure there are tweaks needed like cabin cleanliness and to finetune the Bistro meal concept which for a flight of this length just did not work.
The new Jeddah Airport will be a major compliment to Saudia's inflight service as the ground experience will be hugely improved.



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    The_Muslim_Passenger 10 Comments
    That meal service seems really demanding for the crew to serve, I can imagine their relief when they said the tray service will be returning.
    Earlier in the review, I noticed you did not let a guy sit next to you and had advised the guy you had 2 seats, I am curious to know, did you buy 2 seats on this flight? Was the second seat the same price as the first?
  • Comment 567988 by
    thejetflyer AUTHOR 124 Comments
    Yes the Bistro service is not suitable for flights under 8 hours in my opinion as rest cannot be maximised. I later found that the seat had been blocked as a birthday surprise.

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