Review of easyJet flight Toulouse Paris in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight EC3964
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 04 Sep 20, 19:25
Arrival at 04 Sep 20, 20:55
U2   #11 out of 19 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 749 reviews
By GOLD 380
Published on 8th November 2020

Welcome on board this new report, first flight for me since the beginning of the covid-19 crisis. After 6 months on ground, I'm pretty excited to fly and travel again even if it's a short & random flight!


Like every passengers the covid outbreak cut my wings and most of my travel plans.
For this trip a short flight on the British low-cost carrier to reach the french capital, initially schedule in April this week-end in my girlfriend's family was disrupted due to the french territory lock-down last spring. Easyjet has canceled the flight in April and offer the opportunity for all the passenger to change their flight for free. We choose to postpone it on early September. We still suffered of a departure time change (3 hours early) notified one month before the flight.

The routing as performed: 


  • EC3964 - Economy - Toulouse => Paris CDG - Airbus A320 You are here
  • EC4031 - Economy - Paris Orly => Toulouse - Airbus A320 Not available

The line between Paris and Toulouse is very famous and it's one of the busiest in Europe. There is two majors actors on the market Air France and Easyjet, both of them operate flights from Paris CDG and Paris Orly with most of the traffic on Orly. This summer Easyjet has operated 1 daily flight to CDG instead of 2 daily's. For Air France the schedule was 4 operated instead of 5…

This winter there is 4 daily flights on CDG operated by Air France and just 1 weekly ! by the orange low cost carrier.
I've already write a report on this line with Easyjet in January 2019, it was on board an A320neo. Now the flight is operated by Easyjet Austrian subsidiary on A320 ceo.

Back to Blagnac airport … finally!

After 6 months without going to Toulouse airport we get back to our usual path to the airport via the tram, not really quick but really cheap with ticket price at 1,60€ for 1 hour on the public transport system. A quicker bus is available for 5€ but on the busy traffic hours he's submit to traffic jam.

photo p2

For a Friday evening it's not really busy in front of the terminal doors, with just few taxi's waiting for customers. Usually this place is crowded with passengers and relatives…

photo p1

Inside it's even worse with just few passengers and registration counters opened.

photo p3

You can easily understand why when you have a look on the FIDS, with less than half of the flights operated tonight. And it's currently not improving with the cancellation of all the Ryanair flights for the winter season and the closure of Easyjet base as well (4x A320).

photo p5

With such a low passenger number, security controls are completed quickly with friendly operators. After the control area you can still buy a half liter water bottle for just 1€, it's a self service stand.

photo p6

Like many modern airport you should cross the duty free shop before reaching the gates, There is also a small mall with few shops, due to the lack of passengers most of them are temporally closed.

photo p7

Our boarding took place on the C hall, gate 34. We are 45 minutes before the estimated time of departure and the boarding as already started. It' a boarding area by area. There is a good respect of barrier gesture by most of the passengers. With this new way of boarding, the process is longer but passenger don't spend time too close to each over.

photo p8

Boarding pass on the easyjet App

photo p70

On board easyjet A320

It' time for me and my girlfriend to get on board, our bird tonight is OE-INQ a less than 5 year old Airbus A320. He spend all is career with the orange low-cost airline starting with a British registration and now with an Austrian one.

photo p9

As you can see our aircraft is wearing a special livery celebrating the Easyjet 20 years of service. A good addition to my flightlog for an avgeek like me ^^.

photo p10photo p11

If you look on detail the sticker is composed of passengers pics taken during there holidays. A nice idea.

photo p12

We are getting on board by the rear stairs, we are welcomed on board by one friendly cabin crew. We are getting to our seats on row 23. The cabine is the usual one on Easyjet A320 fleet, with the Recaro SL 3510 seats. They are pretty slim but more comfortable than the seat that you can find on older A319.

photo p13photo p14

Pitch is not so bad, but I'm not really tall.

photo p15

Boarding is quickly completed, luckily the row 22 is unoccupied, and we're moving to it after requesting to our crew. In this move I get a window seat ! Barely no aircraft on the ramp on a Friday evening, what a depressing landscape.

photo p16

However an Hop Crj-1000 will soon come from Lyon.

photo p17photo p18

As we are starting to push back we can have a look on this big Airbus Beluga who's taxiing to the Airbus facility after a flight from Saint Nazaire Airbus plant.

photo p19

We are release by the pusher 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time. No delays because of the traffic tonight.

photo p20

The only aircraft that we saw during our way to runway 14L is this Air Dolomiti Embraer 195 who's flying to Munich for Lufthansa. It's the only flight of the day operated by the German airline on Toulouse airport. Before the pandemic there was 4 flights to FRA and 3 to MUC every day and most of them operated on Airbus A320… Now there is just one daily flight to Munich on a small Embraer.

photo p21

We are lining on runway, on the other side of the airport, the Airbus factory with some aircraft waiting their delivery like this Delta A330neo and this British Airways A350-1000. Here also there was a big cutoff on production rates…

photo p22

After this worrying aviation market preview, let's try to forget it and get threw the air once again. Engines are set to take off thrust, what a pleasure to hear our two CFM 56 engines roaring ! Here we go !

photo p23photo p24photo p25

Friday evening, not a surprise to see the Airbus factory car-park mostly empty.

photo p26

After gaining a higher altitude we are starting a U turn to take a north heading. Picture isn't too good as I facing the sun at this moment but you can recognize Toulouse Francazal airfield, a former military base now used for aircraft maintenance and storage.

photo p27

This heading change offers opportunity to have a great view on Toulouse city, here the South of the urban area and the Garonne river.

photo p28

We are flying over the city by the west, under the wing you can guess the Blagnac airfield where our flight has started.

photo p29

Another small turn, with a nice sun shining light on the historical center.

photo p30photo p31

See you in few days Toulouse !

photo p32

We are slowly climbing up to our cruise altitude.

photo p33

As usual for Easyjet it's a buy on board service, my girlfriend will buy an appetizer set for 5€.

photo p34

We flew other Brive-la-Gaillarde and is airport.

photo p36photo p37

On board the cabin it's quiet and face mask are correctly worn by almost all the passengers. The load factor is around 80% not so bad, but not really good if you consider that it's friday evening. And usually flight were overbooked…

photo p38

I can literally said that it was a flight without a cloud ! At this time we were around Orléans.

photo p39

Branded sharklet

photo p40

Flightradar24 as tracked our flight, as you can see cruise altitude was 36000ft.

photo p41

Our descent was already started when we are turning around Chartres in order to take a heading to the East.

photo p43photo p44

Sun shining lights are in accordance with easyjet livery !

photo p45

We are approaching Paris with the familiar shape of Versailles Palace "grand canal" ! What an original view on this Unesco world heritage monument.

photo p46photo p47photo p48

This nice view was just a teasing for the wonderful Paris crossing that we have performed few minutes later !

photo p49photo p50

On the right the Eiffel tower, on the middle "les Invalides" next to Seine river.

photo p51

On this large view you can guess the isle of "La Cité" and isle "Saint Louis" there is also Bastille square.

photo p52

After this incredible flyover of the French capital it's time for us to get to Charles de Gaulle airport.

photo p53

Spoiler were used to get to the ground faster.

photo p55

Another U turn near Meaux to be on East approach axis, you can see the Marnes river.

photo p56

On final for South runways of CDG.

photo p57

Landing at Paris cdg airport

And it will be a landing on the 26L on the shining sun.

photo p58photo p59

We are quietly escaping the runway (not to many airplane behind us tonight). and we don't stop before crossing runway 26R during taxi.

photo p60

On the way to our parking stand we can have a look on this Montenegro Airlines Embraer 195 who comes from Podgorica.

photo p63

Or this Air Serbia A319 starting is journey to Belgrade

photo p64

We are in contact tonight, our neighbor is an Air Austral Boeing 787-8 who's coming from Mayotte another French overseas island near Madagascar.

photo p65

The debarkation process will take time, as it's performed row by row to respect social distancing. This new way of flying is well executed by crew and passengers, good point. As you can we only use 1L door with the jet bridge to get out our A320.

photo p66

Another usual aspect of this flight is the terminal used, usually Easyjet operates from terminal 2D but tonight most of the flight use terminal 2C instead. As some other flight are coming from outside Schengen destination we quickly pass threw an ID control. Not a common thing for a domestic flight.

photo p67

There is just a short walk to get to the luggage delivery belts and then ground side, major difficulty is to find an opened door to get outside the terminal !

photo p68

After a chaotic run in the middle of the traffic parked near the terminal due to road work in front of the terminal. We finally reach my girlfriend father and is car. who's driving us home for a short week-end with the family.

photo p69

Here's the end of the report hope you enjoyed it, see you soon for more flight experience review !

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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Toulouse - TLS


Paris - CDG



What a pleasure to be in the air again ! Air travel is currently enduring difficult times, even for a simple travel like this one you are always stressed about flight cancellation, schedule change or new travel restrictions from the government... Easyjet try to do is best in order to save is passenger travel plans and its cash flow.

Cabin : Usual and not so uncomfortable cabin on board these Easy A320's. The seat is sufficient for just more than one hour ride. Hopefully the low load factor give's us the opportunity to keep social distancing and better gives me a window seat !
Crew : Friendly but the new covid protective process reduce the interactions with passenger .
Catering : Not too many changes here, Bob is still the same. The menu is now just available on Easyjet app.
Entertainment: Luckily I get a window seat with a nice view along the trip. Now that the in flight magazine as been removed distractions are reduced.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air France avec 7.5/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 28 minutes.

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  • Comment 566430 by
    Matthevv 163 Comments
    Hey, thanks for this lovely report of easyJet!

    Beautiful livery of this OE-INQ <3
  • Comment 566461 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6359 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this Covid-era report from the short period we had a bit of freedom to move around France before this 2nd Lockdown. It's not surprising that LCCs have continued to open routes within France and Europe, albeit very few frequencies) as legacy carriers are cutting schedules, LCCs see opportunity. Of course, right now with the new lockdown, traffic is once again down a lot, but for those who only need to fly point-to-point, and not connect to long-haul international (rare these days anyway), LCCs are a decent option, especially since there's basically no change in service, which was already slim to non-existent on LCCs (or BOB).

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 566499 by
      scorph GOLD AUTHOR 1978 Comments
      hi Kevin and thanks a lot for the comment and the social network advertise for this report (really appreciate it). You're definitely right the service between low-cost carriers and legacy's is now equivalent especially on short routes like this one. In Toulouse there were some large cutting on LCC network. But some like Volotea will try new route during the Christmas holiday's hoping the best for them...

      Have nice flights !

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